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    1. [It was at this point that I realised I had entered a Police Station in error]

    2. Never a strong point of mine, I always used to say that I could ask the whereabouts of a station in five different languages - unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the answer in any of them

    3. Oh yes, as a Positive Realist currently waiting for a steam train stood on the platform of Churchston Station

    4. think this conversation is wise?” as I had images of being met by friendly armed police units at the station

    5. He ran and grabbed for the horn hanging off the wall of the guard station and blew

    6. ’ The Inspector asked, indicating the door of the police station

    7. Ever since that moment he was always worried whenever he touched a keyboard, screen or holographic work station

    8. I provide a feeding station for them on another part of the property that I do not mind them being in

    9. He is still less than his usual efficient self when he leaves to go to the police station

    10. ‘Liz, we may have to run the gauntlet of the press or TV outside the police station

    11. ’ He said, ‘Paul Jarvis and I suggested it would be better all round if she kept away from the police station, though he has been keeping her up to date on what is going on

    12. “It is most likely giving me a thirty second delay to enter the proper code to let the computer and the alarm monitoring station know that I have returned home to the house that I live in

    13. ‘No … but it is fishy that the alibi is one of Dan’s employees … strangely enough he went along to the police station himself without being prompted

    14. Don't think I'll watch the damage safe and sound, the probable number of fragments that destroy this station is 6

    15. John switches the station

    16. He switches to another station

    17. ‘Paul and I had the devil of a job stopping her mounting an assault on the police station where they were holding you

    18. ‘Right … well, I’ll call the police station and see what Ditton says

    19. ‘Mrs Wynell, I ought to tell you that I had another anonymous letter here at the police station today

    20. he's lifted evidence from the station, init? Taken home some confiscated drug money

    21. Every penny in confiscated drug money that comes into this station would go to you

    22. "Is that Sergeant Biggs of the Darklow Garda Station?"

    23. Let's say a little money came into the station and somehow got lost

    24. "Just call the station and they'll take care of it

    25. He found the station easily enough

    26. It was a typical small town Garda station; a low squat building with a couple of aged squad cars parked badly outside

    27. The station had been built for the smaller generations of the past

    28. Once the shiny Audi was out of sight he made his heavy way back into the station and fished an old battered phone from his pocket and selected a speed dial number that picked up quickly

    29. Police are refusing to say who the other man is, but a man by the name of Antony Hansard was seen entering the police station yesterday with Inspector Ditton in attendance

    30. The bloody Garda Station

    31. Well, I did have Vic around for awhile because this station was named in her honor and she takes up so much less veron space, but she couldn't take it in here so I had to back her out again

    32. Fifteen minutes later I was presenting myself at Darklow Garda Station

    33. "So do you call this Biology Base still, or the Victoria McReady Station?"

    34. Now either you leave this station right now or I put you in the cells for wasting time

    35. I nodded my head and limped out of the Station and into the morning sunlight

    36. At one point she couldn't manipulate it with the android's limbs but had to call bots in and Ava only had the bare minimum here on the station

    37. They’ve taken him down to the station now but it looks as though there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be declared insane

    38. Ditton was terribly worried about Liz – said that he really needed her to go down to the station with him but that if she wasn’t up to it, he would understand, but she insisted that she was fit

    39. Anyway, I took her down to the police station in my car and sat with her while she made her statement

    40. "This ion storm has washed out the portables down there, but that ex she's running around with has an optical ground station, let me try that

    41. Except Darklow Garda Station of course and Derek Reilly

    42. The terminator reached his home on the ground, Ava waited until she was sure there was enough light for his station to pick up a station in Gengee City before she tried him again

    43. "Not from there originally,” Leonora told her, "but I live right down by the abandoned train station

    44. To do that, we’ll have to hold station closer to the transit point and collide the beams more directly to achieve the same result using less energy

    45. Their pale blue constellation flew across the terminus again and held station there, waiting for the breaching ship and the junks

    46. SCS Arbitrage hung 300 meters out, holding station alongside Hardway with the ships of the combined fleet massed behind her

    47. If it's a secret, then why don't you just speak to my mind?" Antonia again ignores his attempt and turns around, heading back to her station

    48. The young woman smiled and, pulling a chair from a nearby computer station, sat next to Kara

    49. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the theological arguments for and against leaving souls with the biology station

    50. The mortal is a problem for the biology station

    1. Betty’s memories are of her older sister getting dressed up to go out with some of the Poles who were stationed in Bristol and how Betty had to draw dark lines up the back of her sister’s legs as they didn’t have any stockings

    2. Unknown to the others, at first, Oreo stationed herself at the entrance to the hatching grounds

    3. sailor stationed in the Philippines

    4. “The local gossip has it that you were stationed hereabouts during

    5. “Where are they stationed?”

    6. Heather sat down at her mom’s computer, stationed in the computer room

    7. Dan and Reeas are now at the home that they shared in the barracks where Reeas was stationed on Bophious

    8. Though back then, there was a squadron of Death Guards stationed in their place

    9. ‘This is the only route that they can take if they are coming from this village here, where they are currently stationed

    10. at his beginnings, while in the army, stationed in Korea

    11. We came over and were trying to find out where it was stationed, when you two showed up,” she said calmly and convincingly

    12. Their stationed in Montreal and were dropped at Ohiopyle

    13. Nakaya had been one of her roommates when she was stationed in Tokyo

    14. Plus, whoever it was would have to get past Guardians stationed outside his door

    15. The door was open, though Guardians were stationed there

    16. Guardians were stationed at both of the windows in the room, shooting demons

    17. He shed his uniform for the duration of the war to avoid attracting attention from the British government or from the United States diplomats stationed in England and France

    18. “My liege, I am the eldest of my brothers stationed here

    19. By this time, the South had well over five hundred ships in their arsenal, and they were stationed all around the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

    20. In the fields at the roadside Artillery Batteries were stationed everything from howitzers to feildguns and then of course there was the ever present cavalry detachments

    21. Seven Alit’aren were stationed around them now after nearly four months’ training

    22. Though Ozzie’s expression was far less than happy, he’d nonetheless stationed himself between me and the danger zone

    23. Reporter for the New York Times, stationed in Moscow in the early

    24. There were seven males and seven females, stationed on either side of the two Archways

    25. The other lords and ladies and their soldiers were assembled behind those forces, and the Dremelden were stationed to the east

    26. When I was stationed aboard USS Enterprise, I would not have appreciated, nor would have I condoned, a butt to butt encounter with any Chief of a homosexual persuasion on my way to the shower

    27. As soon as darkness fell, piquets were stationed in all directions, guarding every approach

    28. One was that it should never be polished, as the polish would remove the anti-corrosion protection thus causing to box to rust for those lucky enough to be stationed at the coast

    29. There was also this little escapade that happened while I was stationed at Nichols Field

    30. I should tell you about my girl friend while I was stationed at Clark Air Base

    31. ‖ He told me he was also stationed there, told me what squadron he was in, and it was next door to mine

    32. Naturally, this depended very much on where you were stationed for not all of us were equal

    33. While I was stationed at Forbes Air Force Base the non-coms were assigned to separate rooms in the upstairs of the barracks

    34. I was stationed at Barksdale Field for four years, but only spent about eighteen months out of the four years at home

    35. I had always wanted to see New York as I had heard so much about the city from the men I had been stationed with

    36. My sister Ruth did go with our younger sister Mildred and her husband who was also an Air Force Sergeant stationed at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas

    37. This organization was stationed at Charleston, South Carolina

    38. When I entered the department there was some of the guys there that I had been stationed with at Niagara Falls

    39. “Some of the soldiers who have been stationed on the borders must know these mental sciences exist

    40. It was her duty to scout out the situation, to know where the guards had been stationed and to do all she could to help the invasion succeed

    41. Finally reaching the welcome fresh air, he slowed his pace, and after a moment's hesitation to check whether the coast was clear, broke from the air vent at a fast run, hoping to catch any guard stationed there by surprise

    42. A short time later the small band was forced to a halt again as Brokin contemplated the lone guard stationed just off the pathway

    43. My husband, who passed away five years ago, was stationed in Malta before we were married

    44. Every day began with a prayer at the parade ground regardless of where you were stationed or what you believed in

    45. Our unit was stationed in the northeastern part of the city

    46. He stationed them behind the reception counter, rifles leveled in a businesslike manner and pointing out at the front door

    47. “Where are you going to be stationed?” she asked in some concern, and that made me both happy and a little worried

    48. A few television cameras were stationed in the room and their lights were blazing

    49. We also know that Custer's wife had an extremely racist view of Blacks during Custer's time stationed in Texas during Reconstruction, and that Custer failed to protect Black civil rights during his time there

    50. The plane had successfully arrived at Midway Airport around 6:15 that morning and released to an affiliate of the Maryland Aviation Company stationed there

    1. showed up at the polls, including stationing police near the precincts to intimidate minority voters

    2. Not in Vinary Heights - stationing

    3. Stationing himself in the angle between a roof and a chimney atop a house overlooking the alley, he settled himself and waited

    4. Jamal insisted on stationing two of his boys on the porch for the night in case Getman returned even though I felt it wasn’t necessary

    5. Both animals turned abruptly running to George and stationing themselves on either side of him

    6. "Now," he says, stationing himself behind me, "wrap your other hand around the pistol and align both thumbs to point downrange

    7. castle, and, stationing ourselves beside our rafts, we waited to see what would

    8. His naturally dark complexion had assumed a still further shade of brown from the habit the unfortunate man had acquired of stationing himself from morning till eve at the threshold of his door, on the lookout for guests who seldom came, yet there he stood, day after day, exposed to the meridional rays of a burning sun, with no other protection for his head than a red handkerchief twisted around it, after the manner of the Spanish muleteers

    1. People were scrambling all over the room to work at different work stations and conversing with each other in low voices

    2. Some of the instruments Alfred left behind were simple weather and soil chemistry stations in remote areas

    3. It was a large square room with a high ceiling adorned with fancy plasterwork and filled by rows of tables bearing what she knew to be computer stations criss-crossing the room, lit by natural light from the long, floor to ceiling windows let into one wall

    4. also great for balancing one’s health given the kind of eating Most runs have their watering stations at every 5-km mark

    5. few watering stations at all costs and only take a sip or two at the other stations

    6. During the day the young man went off to commit his musical crimes in shopping malls and bus stations, only to find that he had to hand over most of his meagre gains to blustering brokers and flustered financial advisers because Cyberia had scorched their whites

    7. musical crimes in shopping malls and bus stations, only to find that

    8. After retiring from the Air Force, I drove a limousine under contract for Conrail, moving train crews from stations to trains, and anywhere needed

    9. I wrote 5 books, longhand, while waiting in rail stations, State Prison fields at 2 a m, and forlorn rail crossings right out of Stephen King novels with all the demons and terror

    10. I wrote 5 books, longhand, while waiting in rail stations, State Prison fields at 2 A M, and forlorn rail crossings right out of Stephen King novels with all the demons and terror

    11. The signal stations were always manned and a three-man team would

    12. The demonstration having been given, they traded stations with her and set themselves to the task

    13. Not that Andy was overly familiar with the inside of police stations per se, but he sort of expected something shabbier, less up to date

    14. I search through the pages, looking for details of Easter services … Here we are … St Mary’s … Stations of the Cross at 10 a

    15. The train trip of course and its accommodations, Omaha and Chicago stations, the business meetings and the food, the people, the buildings, the shops, stores and sights, all these they read in turn as they leafed through the first series

    16. There were four spotlight stations on their respective sides, and

    17. Stations of the Cross handcrafted on both sides of the interior, the high arching

    18. “We have now confirmed that the flight should originate in Kuala Lumpur then follow Flavio’s route und at a time when the radar stations are not manned

    19. We like to surf the TV stations

    20. I remember the Newman Center had a very famous set Stations of the Cross in the church

    21. Of course the Newman Center couldn't afford his pictures but he had donated about 14 or 15 little paintings of Stations of the Cross in his own beautiful painting style

    22. Stations of the Cross, 262

    23. They looked well fed, and reasonably well contented with their stations

    24. Trains and stations always fascinate me

    25. stations in between! Remember when you

    26. And ya don’t get off at the stations

    27. pockets at stations, and who knows, maybe everywhere!

    28. (Hey, it’s not just us humans who get obsessed about corporal aesthetics!) For that reason and when necessity called—due to there not being any jumbo-sized showers or hippo medical facility specialists available in his domain—he would frequently visit one of the local cleaning stations and call upon the Courageous Cleaners to assist him with his personal care

    29. Galley in fifteen!” Yula and Mim scampered from the bridge while she set the com to reroute activity to the remote and had the other stations set to stations-keeping, also ready for remote monitoring

    30. As everyone headed to stations in a dash, Ravena scowled, “So much for showing off

    31. “Put the bridge on auto; we'll hear it all before leaving the system!” The Elf exclaimed and followed Song from the bridge, trailed by Mim and Yula, then the others as they set their stations for their absence

    32. “I am changing stations,” the Elf replied evenly, “And you are going to assist me

    33. Isin smiled, “With an Enthilesté and an Elhehrim as our vanguard among the Alliance folks on the Gorim stations, a few Lascorii shouldn't even turn a head

    34. “Bounce!” the Elf grinned as the little green and blue jewel that was Tenrith was instantly replaced on the main viewer by the sight of the reassuring girth of the Gorim Stations

    35. Filling her attentions however was what lay beyond the orbiting stations

    36. more of a laboratory and office stations,

    37. TV stations and radio networks saying

    38. To reduce thickness of shrouds of atomic power stations and factories that produce isotopes along with normal weight concrete extra heavy concrete with specific gravity from 2500

    39. capable of building orbiting space stations, defining the

    40. In a civilized society, as the soldiers are maintained altogether by the labour of those who are not soldiers, the number of the former can never exceed what the latter can maintain, over and above maintaining, in a manner suitable to their respective stations, both themselves and the other officers of government and law, whom they are obliged to maintain

    41. It was a much more versatile arrangement but now it seemed to be suffering random interference and two of the stations were often cut off for hours at a time

    42. The only remaining entirely government run operations were the three orbital stations (including this one, known as Callisto Station), the two surface hospitals and a medical transporter, and running the only school

    43. “A massive spike would be recorded on the radio relay stations

    44. This anomaly ended up on the mortals’ news stations

    45. “This station is the best equipped of all the Galilean stations,” replied Efren, “So we should be in luck there

    46. Pamela turned her neck around to take another look at the relief stations

    47. All the television stations were represented and she was overwhelmed

    48. There is no record that any special alerts or notices were sent to any of the American stations in the Pacific that were more than of a routine nature

    49. Some years ago, the DEQ authorities in Boise established a set of roving vans housing emission control inspection stations

    50. sold the franchises and worked out the real estate deals while other people ran the car washes and the gas stations

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