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    1. New Testament restrictions upon women stem from the creation and the fall (1

    2. ‘Whatever is wrong?’ he asked as I hiccough frantically, trying to stem the sobs

    3. Through the aircraft windows you have the energy and beauty of nature, and always remember that all your misgivings stem from an understandable anticipation and concern

    4. When, one year, the rhubarb wilted and turned yellow at the stem, only those poor, unfortunate rhubarb plants were ever mentioned again

    5. Tom vaguely remembered that the French called daisies by a woman’s name, and he ran his finger along the plant’s stem while he tried to recall what that name might be

    6. The cups they came in were pretty nice, stemmed glass with pictures in them, the stem made of a ceramic and the base was heavy

    7. and turned yellow at the stem, only those poor, unfortunate rhubarb

    8. stem while he tried to recall what that name might be

    9. was, nonetheless, strong of stem and full of the subtle aromas of

    10. to help stem the waves of panic and nausea rushing

    11. In the confusion that survivalist reptile brain stem ensures that Bex slips her sachet of powder into Leona’s bag

    12. It means she probably hasn't suffered any brain stem injury

    13. a vain attempt to stem the flow of blood

    14. ” Again he was pointing at Harry with his pipe stem in his usual manner, and Harry smiled appreciatively

    15. I tried hard to stem the flow of tears, blowing my nose hard and rubbing at my face with the tissues I found in my pocket

    16. Remember it was a 'given' part of human nature? It follows that the metabolism, brain stem and central nervous system, circulation and respiration all are under its governance

    17. While staggering thru the outer garden she stepped on a kalic, squashing it to uselessness and not helping her foot any on it’s tough stem

    18. managed to stem them as she told her story was further

    19. together and hands desperately trying to stem the

    20. "Something shocking that's yet to be discovered, basically the wind sways the stem too and fro and this builds up a charge in the flower

    21. In my mind, she was an immortal executioner who continuously raked her axe against my brain stem

    22. So instead he pushed the ‘memory button’ on the handlebar stem

    23. It was about 5 inches high and had a thin stem holding it up

    24. I picked a grass stem, stuck it in my mouth and looked closely at her

    25. Why was I crying because someone cared enough about me here to check my room out and make sure it was comfortable enough for me? Well yes it was and it made a difference which I so much appreciated but I managed to stem the flow of tears just as Mabel came back and told me my room was now ready and I could go to bed

    26. glass very delicately, by the stem, and sipped at the contents

    27. It comes to our attention that, in a recent attempt to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn

    28. “Why 7:30hrs Sir why didn’t we go at first light?” The CSM pointed his pipe stem at him and replied

    29. So they were doing their best to protect the innocent and stem the spread of the disease

    30. Thus: „Those who speak out against stem cell research may be rooted in an admirable conviction about the sacredness of life, but so are the parents of a child with juvenile diabetes, who are convinced that their son"s or daughter"s hardships can be relieved

    31. Carl Wilder’s decree would help to stem the spread of revolution; at least, they hoped it would

    32. Each workout in this phase is designed to stimulate the muscles just enough to prompt that MGF response and stimulate the growth of new muscle stem cells, without getting anywhere near training to failure

    33. There was a hole in the stem

    34. Dip each cherry in by its stem, and place on waxed paper lined sheets

    35. Remove the stem from each apple and press a craft stick into the top

    36. " Holding a paw aloft to stem the flow of protests that followed, Grindel smiled broadly

    37. Thinking for one awful moment that the big boar had come back to kill her but quickly realising that this was unlikely, she'd tried to stem her rising panic

    38. Quickly rolling onto his side, he bent double, so that he could see what his leg had become trapped in, and discovered it was a strong, pliable plant stem, which had wrapped itself around his leg just above the hock

    39. The end of this strange looking stem was attached to a stout root buried in the ground, and no matter how hard the young badger pulled at it, he couldn't free himself, only succeeding in drawing the plant stem tighter about his leg until it began to disappear into his flesh

    40. Darkburst tried biting through the stem, but its slippery surface was too hard for his teeth to penetrate

    41. Licking at the bloody injury, he considered his position with care, staring intently at the plant stem that held him

    42. My (uncertain) position on Stem Cell research is that it could lead to medical discoveries that may otherwise provide comfort and relief to the suffering although where such designs to exceed their intended purpose, however, counter (moral) arguments would necessarily compel me to withdraw my conditional support of programs of potential benefit to Humankind

    43. Pulling against the plant stem, Darkburst desperately tried to free his leg, gritting his teeth against the pain, twisting and turning this way and that, rolling over and over in his attempt to free himself

    44. What have they done? What injustice have they perpetrated against the Germans? What injustice can a one-year-old baby do? Does all this hatred stem from the fact that they were born as Jews? Is that their fault? Will I ever get to see my family again? Was such a cruel and unjust death also awaiting them?

    45. “I have watched you as you roamed Middle Earth,” the rose said, greeting the robin that had alighted on its thorny stem

    46. Ruby, unwrap the flower and detach its head carefully from the stem

    47. Would he actually consider such a proposal? Did it have any merit? Would the Patriarch keep true to his word? What chance would he stand against the Patriarch once he felt like he had served his purpose? If he was so powerful, why did he need him? Why shouldn’t he crush the rebellion altogether? Why did he need him? What were the limitations of his strange powers, and where did those powers stem from? Demons?

    48. The stem supporting the leaf turned to stone and the other leaves gradually turned

    49. Soon the stem, roots, leaves, and stalks, made a loud cracking noise, as they turned into stone through the heat of the fire

    50. The man screamed in pain and instinctively tried to stem the bleeding from his ruined nose

    1. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots

    2. The cups they came in were pretty nice, stemmed glass with pictures in them, the stem made of a ceramic and the base was heavy

    3. Kneeling on the canyon floor, one hand stemmed the flow of blood from his nose, the other grabbed a handful of sand

    4. The city's four main streets stemmed from the palace, and from those streets the rest of the city's thoroughfares and avenues were born, forming a spider web of roadways with Rafe poised at their center

    5. “Only so that the flow of souls away from our home is stemmed

    6. stemmed from my belief that I should have built a highly

    7. There was the broken long stemmed wine bottle covered in blood

    8. He had not foreseen it had all stemmed from this man

    9. Roland bent his head even deeper towards his chest and stemmed both hands against his temples as if he was in great pain

    10. indicating a vast shaft that stemmed the height of the Building’s

    11. This time, however, their problem stemmed from Josie’s “newly found lesbianism” and its possible effect on their impressionable children who were witnessing their mother changing her lofty ideals of marriage and family life into a preference for homosexual activity which their religion condemns as unnatural

    12. Uncertainty as to the fee stemmed from one of Bob’s personal checks bouncing, and my having to make a second run, this time with a cashier’s check

    13. ” I drank primarily manhattans and wine from stemmed glasses

    14. Her criticism stemmed from the embarrassment she felt at seeing her husband almost naked before the people

    15. It was set with white linen, stemmed wine and water glasses, reasonable china, and shiny stainless steel flatware

    16. that stemmed from the oppression of others

    17. The Elders said these exploits stemmed from

    18. their arguments always stemmed from the same thing, which

    19. overshadowed and stemmed from the real problem I was

    20. According to him the Victorians were even more dissolute than the Romans and, to make matters worse, this depravity stemmed from royalty! He had an Irishman’s distrust of the English monarchy and with mordant relish informed me that Queen Victoria’s Prince Albert had been an enthusiastic participant in orgies, starting a fashion for nipple piercing and ball and cock rings! I decided not to inflame his ire by revealing that I’d recently been an unwitting disciple of Albert

    21. She plucked several leaves off a red stemmed plant, crushed them and placed them on the boy’s chest

    22. She noticed he had opened another bottle of wine, and it was in a vinecooler on the kitchen worktop next to two clean long stemmed wine glasses

    23. front of him when he noticed the cobalt blue stemmed

    24. Frank had not learned the lessons about addictive behavior, that it stemmed from a habit of gaining pleasure from extrinsic sources

    25. The Queen had spent the best years of her life perfecting this garden, every plant that stemmed in the garden was a reminder of the gracious Queen who had planted every seed herself

    26. It had no design of a nose, and its mouth was interlaced teeth and a lower jaw that stemmed to a long chin

    27. Apart from their green skin and yellow stripes, the long-snouted, gold eyed creatures called gufders sported bright blue bristles on their backs that stemmed from the back of the head to their rump

    28. whether or not the writings of Genesis stemmed from these oral tradi-

    29. Afterwards, finding himself hungry for the first time in three days, (His hunger having stemmed from learning that the old bitch was getting shipped out) he fixed himself a plate of spaghetti and sat down, and for the first time in his life, he wished he’d owned a TV

    30. In her right hand she held a long stemmed glass

    31. than likely stemmed from his inordinate hate of gay and lesbian people

    32. Was it possible, I thought, that at last a country, this little country of Africa, would oppose itself to the Gadarene process of these last three decades (I would say three, not two: because all this began in the Thirties) Might one still hope that the rot would be stemmed, the destructive process held and turned back?

    33. · Consider that your sympathy stemmed from your childhood experiences of LACK

    34. Hitler's over-confidence stemmed from the crushing defeats that his army had previously administered

    35. Part of the inconsistency of the CAPM has stemmed from its use by fund managers

    36. He had all a man could ever wish for but he was full of pain and anguish deep inside his emotions that stemmed back to his traumatic childhood

    37. ”Andore had experienced all three, but as he spoke, he realized that the void inside him stemmed more from the memories of pain than it did the memories themselves

    38. ’ A long stemmed, mini-skirted collection of small town,

    39. He was not a nice person when plugged into the Kelvan computer, which mostly stemmed from a lack of

    40. the fuel tanks and stemmed the flow; by quick action they managed to seal

    41. The wariness stemmed from the hostile media reaction Modi had encountered in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots

    42. The first, passed in 1879, stemmed from anti-Chinese agitation on the west coast of the US

    43. He merely held me tight, kissing me and repeatedly telling me he loved me until long after the tears stemmed, and calmness descended once more

    44. My tears had stemmed by the time she handed me a large purple mug

    45. Boldo has been used in South America for a variety of digestive conditions, although this may have stemmed from its impact on intestinal infections or liver function

    46. She was holding a simple and delicate arrangement of three long stemmed roses decorated with white ribbon

    47. And my interest stemmed purely from a place of love

    48. That generosity, paid in ongoing stipends, may have stemmed partially from true appreciation, but Vedara suspected it was mostly intended as an incentive to keep the Confederation’s own horrific blunder under wraps

    49. “We have since learned that the drug charges stemmed from a Florida warrant for this man, Roy Higgins, a resident of Porterville, California

    50. The source of her venom was threefold: first, she was jittery as all get out, dreading her coming-out party; a second factor was her rough upbringing and hard life; and part stemmed from Smitty’s absence

    1. Despite all the man's power none of it was wasted on stemming Alec's pain

    2. Probably stemming from the dullness of

    3. None of them required mental attention stemming from their compulsive actions

    4. There was a matter of precedence stemming from the succession

    5. He said that Sylvia would have to be the one to go because of a passport problem of his, stemming from a real estate deal the government didn’t consider legal

    6. But, I suspect that humans cannot ever know the exact mix of free will and determinism, as a corollary of God's desire to be minimally intrusive, the latter stemming ultimately from our own human need for self-worth

    7. stemming from the incident in which he totaled her car,

    8. My over-generalized concept of action as stemming from current physical and chemical conditions versus my concept of reaction as stemming from illusions, beliefs, and stories holds up for many of the word senses

    9. LT always had a new surprise preparation in mind, stemming directly from his large leather-bound recipe book inherited from a barman working at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco

    10. Around eleven thirty, they were ready and drove to the lab, less than fifteen minutes by car through a winding road stemming from the coastal Miguel Alemán

    11. A few seconds of quiet and Philip could feel a thread of hostility stemming from both ends of the phone and meeting somewhere in the middle

    12. Lezura had just finished scanning the water with a wire stemming from her data scroll

    13. “We have a lifespan stemming hundreds of years,” said Lezura

    14. The pelvis was almost rounded with two distinctly large silver wires stemming to the thighs

    15. Around them their escort kept silent, only guiding them to a large hanger with multiple wires stemming from a cone in the top and into the roves of other warehouses

    16. The arms were long, stemming from heavy padded shoulders

    17. stemming from his outbidding them in the sealed bid process

    18. stemming from Charity and her husband; evidently, they had Hope

    19. Given Higgins’s instructions from city hall to keep this very discreet, it was apparent that someone in a high place was worried about the potential publicity stemming from the accident

    20. This wheel is set in motion by actions stemming

    21. His anxiety stemming from where he thought the rest of the money was, so he hoped

    22. life is littered with such threats stemming from price wars, introduction of new

    23. If we approach change in the order of belief first, followed by our feelings, thoughts and actions, then the achievement of our desired goals becomes easy and cohesive rather than a struggle stemming from internal conflict

    24. Her sister had said something about his interest in women's rights stemming from his father's treatment of his mother

    25. The three sharply worded questions reflect the dilemma of the Indian Muslim—is ‘secular blackmail’ stemming from the fear of a Modi-led government enough reason to vote for a party which itself has failed to offer protection or development to minorities? The Congress cannot rely on handouts and platitudes any longer; it needs to be ready to start a mass mobilization programme by taking up issues of urgent public concern

    26. stemming from the notion that raw cucumbers were “fit only for consumption by cows

    27. There have been residual issues stemming from your wife’s death, you’ve had the unenviable task of raising a daughter on your own, not to mention dealing with the occasional crisis in the church, all while performing your pastoral duties

    28. that children with sleep disturbances stemming from school phobia had improved sleep

    29. a whole host of emotions stemming from love or fear)

    30. Like loss of society, this may be a hard figure to quantify because there’s no formula for setting a dollar value on one’s pain stemming from the loss of a child

    31. bench or other bench within a radius of 50 meter where charging & stemming is

    32. He had bandaged her foot carefully after cleaning it, gently stemming the blood flow and then almost with tenderness placing the absorbent padding on the raw flesh and wrapping it in a soft bandage

    33. In fact he had trouble stemming it

    34. It was accepted by everyone across the board that this alone went a long way to stemming the street violence and bringing to an end the looting and arson that had shamed the country

    35. just stemming out the tail of the uphill ski; and the skis will run

    36. Up to now, any stemming has been with the uphill ski to start a

    37. turn; but we can change that around by focusing on stemming for a

    38. and stemming a ski here-n-there is still legal

    39. This attitude of intra-personal forgiveness and acceptance for Self will help facilitate the stemming of bitterness towards Self, and in turn, towards others, whilst encouraging spiritual and psychological healing within, that will also enhance Self’s ability to heal and grieve at the loss of personal justice and dignity

    40. that I-CAN is a learned response stemming mainly from the things people said to you as a child

    41. Another possible problem stemming from Level 4 awareness is that the same kind of callus and ruthless behavior that may be directed at other individuals may also be directed towards other cultures resulting in racism

    42. Despite the warm tone, there is tension between Reagan and Bush, stemming from the campaign

    43. “Your Grace, while I agree with you entirely about the no doubt unfortunate consequences stemming from the example of Earl Thirsk’s intransigence on this question, there is one other point which must, perhaps, be considered

    44. Melanie, stemming the tide of fear again and again, through endless hours, was telling herself: “He can’t be dead

    45. The way to avoid problems stemming from this type of version conflict is to assemble a group of applications that supplies the users’ needs and then test the applications thoroughly together

    46. She knew she had significant emotional problems stemming from her youth, from not being wanted, not feeling loved—and she felt it necessary to explore those areas and see what she could learn from them, or at the very least find a better way to confront her demons

    1. The increasing demand by women to have a voice in church affairs stems from two

    2. The actual scenario stems back to the garden of Gethsemane

    3. He probed with his claw around the whole wallow, there was nothing in it but the stems of lon

    4. "The leaves, with enthora you can eat the stems too but lon stems are too skinny, it's like eating twine

    5. the scything of stems, cutting down the flower of life

    6. stems to the four corners of old empire dreams,

    7. He watered his plant, brushed its stems and tenderly pricked out a few older leaves

    8. He watered his plant, brushed its stems and tenderly

    9. Ytith are tiny pests that bore into soft plant stems

    10. She had to go into the stems after them, a messy job with rinko as you all know

    11. The area was rocky and carpeted with ribbonleaves with small golden berries on short stems growing from the woody centers of their leaves

    12. The association stems from the legend that his body was washed ashore (ie scallop shell - the sea) on the Atlantic coast nearby

    13. The rationale is simple – every being’s life force stems from the loving energy of the common Source

    14. the level of DNAs, stems cells, etc

    15. where the three foot tall beech stems sat in a peripheral sequence

    16. A miserable silence was over everything; and around, as far as the eye could reach, stretched the dreary mangrove swamps, dark brownish green foliage above, and a mass of twisted roots rearing their pale stems above the mud and water below

    17. With his mouth he firmly wrapped the long stems around Stelze�s ankle, above the spot where she was bitten

    18. The real problem in my estimation stems from the rise of relativist attitudes dominating our school environments

    19. In addition, it represents homage to the history of the city and mirrors adequately the legend of the origin of the term “Singapore”, which stems from the old Sanskrit “singa pura” and means “City of the Lion”

    20. with whiskers on the stems

    21. Guilt is closely related to shame and usually stems from a

    22. that our hatred of money stems from our fear of money and our

    23. The greenery was still lush but it looked as if it had shrank a notch; the leaves were smaller and thinner while the stems resembled those in normal plants instead of the monstrously thick greens they were starting to get used to

    24. It was not a forest, but a collection of millions of twigs, leaves, stems and flowers that each to themselves were unique and perfect, luminous beauties

    25. Unfortunately this stems from a part of the old Thai culture which believes that the boyfriend must shower his perceived riches onto his girlfriend or bride-to-be to prove his devotion

    26. The sun had set, and Fyaile sat by the wall of the house picking leaves off some long stems that one of her helpers had gathered for her in the forest

    27. Feel the love in the soft grass beneath your feet, see the face of your ceria in the green stems of the plants, hear your own laughter in the roar of the waterfall, and see the Light’s truth in all there is

    28. As in English, some verbs are irregular, which means that their stems will change in conjugation

    29. There was a kind of seaweed, some manoomin, a sort of pea, the soft layer under the bark of the hemlock, and a plant with huge leaves and large hollow stems (one peeled and ate the stems, either raw or cooked)

    30. There was a poisonous plant that also had huge leaves and stems, but the leaves were prickly and the stems had poisonous spines

    31. Near the temple was the Inti Pampa where, Paula said, there had been a golden garden with golden clods of soil, golden centli cobs with silver stems and leaves and even golden llamas

    32. I was beginning to lose my grip on reality the way I had dangerously come close to before and if I hadn’t heard the crackling of leaves, the stems under someone’s light footstep, moving the way only a vamp knew, tracing the forest the way only a vampire could, I would have given in to Levi then and there, without a care for what would have happened afterwards

    33. I had laid me down in the house of my grandfather Mahalalel, when I saw in a vision how the Heaven collapsed and was borne off and fell to the Earth; And when it fell to the Earth I saw how the Earth was swallowed up in a great abyss, and mountains were suspended on mountains, and hills sank down on hills, and high trees were rent from their stems, and hurled down and sunk in the abyss; And thereon a word fell into my mouth, and I lifted up my voice to cry aloud, and said: 'The Earth is destroyed

    34. M: Your difficulty stems from the idea that reality is a state of

    35. He noted most knowledge about OBEs stems

    36. RCMP and special prosecutor in the Basi-Virk case … it stems from an

    37. Roger’s unwavering dedication to International Education stems from his sincere belief that it fosters friendships among peoples of different languages and cultures and contributes in a very positive way to world understanding and peace

    38. Wound healing in the stems of lianas after twisting and girdling injury

    39. Anatomical study of the internal phloem in the stems of dicotyledons, with special reference to its histogenesis

    40. The anger stems from the fact that people he trusted turned against him

    41. We often hear of companies in trouble, and upon investigation we invariably find that the problem stems from within the organization, leaders who have lost sight of their purpose, leaders whose vision has become blurred, who have lost their reason to continue

    42. I had laid me down in the house of my grandfather Mahalalel when I saw in a vision how the Heaven collapsed and was borne off and fell to the Earth; And when it fell to the Earth I saw how the Earth was swallowed up in a great abyss and mountains were suspended on mountains and hills sank down on hills and high trees were rent from their stems and hurled down and sunk in the abyss; And thereon a word fell into my mouth and I lifted up my voice to cry aloud and said: 'The Earth is destroyed

    43. * 1 pint fresh figs, stems removed, sliced to the thickness of a pea

    44. Nobody knows where the injury on its nose stems from

    45. Some of this behavior stems from the caged bears‘ inability to hibernate

    46. At the same time, other activities with almost no risk of injury or death, such as chewing bhalma stems, are illegal in most places

    47. For instance, to be licensed to drink ale or chew bhalma stems, one should have to show that they know what their effects on mind and body really are, what their safe dosages are, what the signs of addiction and overdose are, what other activities it is unsafe to perform while under their influence, as well as having clearance for the activity from their Healer

    48. The little watercourse was almost completely hidden by the plants, and only it’s faint sound and occasional reflected glint among the stems revealed it

    49. He had been genetically engineered to have two brain stems which gave him extraordinary mental capacities that were further enhanced by circuitry installed in his body

    50. centers with slender white petals on lightly furred stems and small

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