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    1. effective and essential strategy to

    2. But there is one hidden danger of inflation, which many of us forget or ignore while devising the financial strategy for retirement

    3. b) You need to save more to a level that matches your risk tolerance level and asset allocation strategy or

    4. Moving to Ireland had been an effective strategy for a long time

    5. This meeting's published agenda was to review strategy leading up to the encounter with the asteroid they had set in motion on their previous pass thru the brown dwarf's gravity well

    6. He comes up with a quick strategy to at least quench his dry throat

    7. “I know that maybe Jeff is a little long in the tooth, but he has a great mind for strategy

    8. We are going to need someone who can see through to the truth of things, someone who has a head for planning and strategy

    9. Jeffery was amazed at the simplicity of Wolf’s strategy

    10. It fades as the food hits but we are going to have to work out a strategy to deal with this if we are to survive it

    11. As she watched she began to see their strategy and understood

    12. Even when you have a great strategy in place there will simply be times when the fish won't be biting

    13. Change your strategy if you need to

    14. 'Only a marketing strategy for a small campaign

    15. marketing strategy, the effectiveenss of

    16. It’s Carol's turn to find words difficult to come by, so she chooses a simple strategy; anything that Billy says is irrelevant

    17. reasonably satisfied with the strategy he had devised

    18. The fat man stayed on his feet though, and with no other strategy popping into that

    19. strategy he was pursuing

    20. reconsidering his strategy, and had begun picking at his

    21. and began to review his strategy

    22. Benoit had finally decided on a strategy

    23. There is a strategy

    24. You may be seeing the strategy of the enemy so you can pray for God’s will to be done instead

    25. strategy, we can speak those things out and give them power in

    26. It is a strategy of the enemy to try to convince God’s people to

    27. Allies used a strategy of attack against the German forces that

    28. with a plan and strategy from Heaven

    29. They will look for His strategy

    30. What was the strategy David used to conquer Goliath? He went

    31. Apparently the defensive strategy, dreamed up by Rafe and Brice, involved turning the city streets into a 'death trap for the dead', as Rafe put it

    32. The defenders' strategy assumed its fall

    33. The gap in the wall would be the only way to escape when the battle turned, and it would also be incorporated into their strategy – they meant to funnel the enemy to that point, and once there, they would hold the gap for as long as possible

    34. strategy was wrong, but it was done quietly

    35. This will instantly add more value, and can be used as a lead generation strategy

    36. strategy and should be designed as such

    37. Offline businesses can really maximize this strategy for securing new customers

    38. If you have a simple opt-in only as a list building strategy, look at what

    39. She had demonstrated great promise as more than the usual infantryman, instead showing an independent flair, a knack for strategy and resourcefulness – to say nothing of her clear and obvious talent with a blade

    40. He had no fighting experience, and although he knew quite a lot about strategy and tactics, his skills as a soldier were almost non-existent

    41. When the company was assembled together at last in the Captain's ready room, the Elf sketched in for them the first gambit of the strategy

    42. She looked up from the damage, “Seriously?! That's your strategy? Attack my wardrobe!”

    43. of this attack and come up with a strategy

    44. But this small section had moved, and not in a direction consistent with their strategy so far

    45. But my intentions were plainly innocent, and so I determined that some sort of strategy was now called for

    46. But still, in his mind, a grim survival strategy had presented itself

    47. ‘It is merely to reconsider our strategy

    48. ’ Roidon considered this strategy; would he have gone for the more direct interrogation? He knew the B’tari had the means to read memory, even if it was a fatal process

    49. But now, Torbin felt he could find his own strategy, and his new ally would surely be there to offer assistance

    50. advantage, they have the man who was working on our best defence strategy

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    scheme strategy tactics system plan procedure arrangement modus operandi