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    1. Satan is a liar! His tactics are meant

    2. respectable and not necessarily wealthy, but at least able to foot the bill most times (chivalry, not money-grabbing tactics here, mind you) and have long-term goal planning in place for a

    3. I’ve tried all sorts of tactics … turning it inside out and grabbing hold of the corners of the duvet through the cover and trying to get the wretched thing to turn itself back the right way; winding the cover back over my arms and then grabbing the duvet and shaking hard … nothing seems to work

    4. I have known Joanna too long to be surprised by her tactics

    5. It wasn't until I overheard her talking to Millie, our daughter, just before her wedding, that I realised the tactics she'd employed all these years

    6. Roman’s turn-the-other-cheek tactics weren’t

    7. The abuser seeks tactics to control and dominate the child

    8. "Could be scare tactics

    9. Early on the pimp and whores had learned to mind their own, especially when it came to the One Elf, for Solo Ki was far beyond the temptations of flesh or tactics of intimidation

    10. Fizzicist and Morton being the current champions and had managed to retain it over three years by dint of their clever tactics, in short, cheating

    11. Nearby, Rian and Drau’d were engrossed in a discussion over defense tactics for the coming battle

    12. Switching tactics, I went for his wings and repeatedly bit, until I was certain they were damaged enough to prevent flying

    13. But the tactics utilized had proven wisely chosen

    14. He had no fighting experience, and although he knew quite a lot about strategy and tactics, his skills as a soldier were almost non-existent

    15. Outnumbered as they were, it would not be a matter of spirit or tactics now, but instead one of plain, unavailing arithmetic

    16. A man has to realize that the arts of war which he practices in the practice halls are first and foremost the tactics and stratagems of a battle that rages within his own soul

    17. Louis Signals an End to the Negotiations and Attempts some Last-minute Tactics

    18. Louis used last-minute tactics such as acting as though he was "Mr

    19. Barrin didn’t need to know much about battle tactics and defense to understand that either

    20. He’d be damned if he’d fall for Aspen’s doll-face tactics again

    21. he'd run out of tactics, or at least the willingness to use them

    22. !' Jack laughed at her tactics

    23. His tactics for battle against the farmer armies of the Revolution were bolder but equally as succinct

    24. During his lifetime, he had often studied war tactics that relied on steel, muscle and cunning rather than always relying on the Power, though he learnt how limited those studies had been when he heard Arig and the Blademaster talking

    25. She knew why Alexia always won: underhanded tactics, bribery of other prisoners, smuggled weapons, pre-injured opponents

    26. Though slightly amazed that the Asians had been so clever as to find an ageing Russian Grandmother, who was so clever and brave in her diversionary tactics

    27. The girl, however, wasn’t about to be pawed a moment longer than necessary and immediately changed her tactics

    28. These tough guy tactics were intended to intimidate, but I was OK, as long as I kept my wits

    29. In history we have seen that the Nationalists tried the same tactics by painting the SAP Casspirs yellow

    30. The point is that all white police recruits learned to speak Swahili above training in weapons or tactics

    31. He thought I was privy to something, and when his strong-arm tactics didn’t work, smooth talk and money

    32. In a moment the insanity of the tactics dawned upon the American army; not though the soldiers knew someone had blundered

    33. Of late, the empire has used more subtle tactics to keep neighboring nations off-balance

    34. The capture of San Juan cannot form a demonstrative precedent in modern tactics

    35. A technical defeat was turned to victory when the tactics of Shafter had failed

    36. The commanding general, when he ordered the advance through the valley to Bloody Angle, overlooked the basis of elementary tactics, namely: “Marches in the vicinity of the enemy cannot be made with too much precaution and prudence

    37. Tactics like above (all legal and just business as usual) more often than not leads to the original shareholder being bought out at a very fair price really quickly to get rid of him and his new biker mate

    38. This one time I was attending an advanced class on police tactics on how to check and collect information and evidence at a crime scene

    39. a rather silly mistake they soon realised and rectified by copying the SAP COIN units in vehicles and tactics

    40. The tactics used was totally different between the ones in Namibia where SAP COIN acted as highly mobile mechanized infantry

    41. One of the revolutionary tactics in it which impressed me was the silent ambush

    42. You would have used the same tactics yourself and you did during World War Two and afterwards with Special Forces everywhere

    43. “In the military they have too many rules to follow, too many superiors questioning your tactics

    44. Using Cherva's terror tactics, he had consolidated his position and all badgers now cast their eyes to the ground when he passed

    45. We want to see what tactics worked and which did not

    46. These tactics is not an indication of weakness or because they did not know any better but simply the best for the existing conditions

    47. The terrorists could and were ambushed by the Security Forces which was another unique point for most Western Armies are ambushed by the terrorist which indicates bad COIN tactics to begin with

    48. The tactics used was simple but very effective and we can learn from it

    49. What are important are the tactics used and basically the Special Forces lads directed the air strikes from the ground and fast moving artillery with UNITA and 32 Battalion acting as infantry

    50. Few can fail to see the same tactics which the Egyptians used against Israel in the Yom Kippur War by surrounding their conventional forces with missiles against air attacks and designed by their masters in Moscow

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