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    1. rubbish we are fed about local customs and dishes when we stumble

    2. The magical moments of childhood infatuation lay shattered around my knees like broken shards of glass waiting for the blind man to stumble his bloody way to perdition

    3. and where women stumble in their handcart dance,

    4. My biggest worry is that we will encounter a pothole and that my carelessness will cause my mount to stumble and become lame

    5. He pretended to stumble and fall down and threw his clothes all over

    6. and stumble upon this spot you will see me sitting here, you will see me

    7. From all his travelling Pantelis must have known that every now and then we stumble into a Shangri-la and find such ease and serenity it must be a sin to breathe about it to another living soul

    8. Having a lack of confidence is one of those things that can cause you to stumble in

    9. stumble across inherited emotions while you are on the

    10. stumble of a toddler, but quicker

    11. Kemberra hesitated just a fraction of a second, but did not stumble into the trap, “From when she was Ava I would imagine? But she was already O

    12. way in which they shall not stumble

    13. nothing cause them to stumble

    14. 35Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and

    15. help will stumble, those who are

    16. astray by the deceitfulness of riches and caused Israel to stumble

    17. I say then, they did not stumble so as to fall, did they? May it never be! But by their transgression salvation has come to the

    18. Janice noticed that Axel was starting to stumble a little as he walked, grimacing at the pain

    19. To be honest with himself, if he was to ever to stumble over a carnal desire again, he didn't know where he would put it

    20. Lacking a head and heart, the woman’s lower half continued to stumble around, spurting black blood wherever it went

    21. The dragon recoiled once more from the attack and it gave Penelope the time she needed to stagger and stumble into the safety of the cave

    22. She didn’t stumble

    23. Odds are in the realm of non-existence that anyone else could intentionally, or as you stipulated: accidentally, stumble upon that encryption

    24. The freak crashed into Seth, causing him to stumble forward against one of the remaining checkout tables and he shook himself free of its tangled arms in a surge of panic, but he was safe

    25. empathy when they stumble

    26. If time travel was possible, we may stumble upon information that nobody considered

    27. I watched both stumble through the streets

    28. When science advances enough for us to stumble upon evidence that was already proposed in the Bible, it makes one realise how limited we as humans are in our ability to understand the world around us

    29. We turned down a sunken road and on into the beginning of a communications trench as we walked along we would sometimes stumble over shoring planks or broken duckboards

    30. Next I heard the voice of the effeminate Padre as he said about three words over me before I told him to fuck off and I heard him stumble away

    31. Why did he have to be so good at everything? Couldn’t he stumble - just once?

    32. They don’t stumble over mountains, they stumble over molehills

    33. Running orchards wasn’t even the type of business that would take one out of the empire where one could stumble across foreign instructors

    34. him stumble he shot

    35. Would she drown when she tried to swim through, as Darkburst had done? Or perhaps stumble across his bloated body floating in the water?

    36. For My command is hard, and over it you would stumble, says The Lord

    37. Therefore,Isaid, “My command is hard, and over it you would stumble

    38. [Trent] “For if you were able to see with My eyes, you would no more stumble in your walks”

    39. Yet those, who have not received, rely upon the spirit of men to discern, and stumble greatly

    40. He decided to spend his week researching the Natural Bridge, hoping to stumble onto something that would give him the clue he needed to help Kate Monterey bring her husband back

    41. It happened that we stumble across information which may be of interest to them and hand it over

    42. She threw herself into the task of composing a letter that would say it all, including even the possibility of a mutually beneficial shared future, so much more concisely than attempting to stumble through it face-to-face

    43. Log barges were selected for several reasons: they carried no crew who might otherwise stumble across the drug and, bound for Costa Rica, not the US or Europe, they would not arouse undue suspicion in the tightly monitored canal

    44. It is unlikely he could successfully take Texas, and if war comes with Mexico, it is one he would stumble into and be unable to run, much as he failed in both the Mormon War and preparing for the Civil War

    45. He got out and began walking at a moderate pace, disguised by the occasional stumble or drift to the side

    46. Yet I felt more like a spectator, watching my hate and love roil within me, watching myself run, stumble, fall, run and stumble, run and run until I collided with the strange brown apparition of a man

    47. Had he been so fortunate as to stumble onto his quarry so soon? He tried the strange word that he had learned

    48. It caused him to miss a step and stumble into a dangerous slip

    49. One of those connected and made the father stumble before taking a step back to have another swing at him

    50. With Aidme tucked under one arm, and the generator tucked under the other, it took Trevor one hour and forty minutes to stumble back to the Cloud

    1. "They'll have all of it," he stumbled

    2. But you’ve got to keep trying your best, you’ve got to keep doing well, it’s what she would have wanted,” Henry stumbled over his words, but he forced himself to press on

    3. If anything, the paper boy would have probably been less alarmed if he had stumbled upon a group of people wearing masks and trying to openly burglarize the house

    4. foes, They stumbled and fell

    5. But they stumbled and fell! God is

    6. series of barely audible imprecations and stumbled forward into the flickering light

    7. Keogh stumbled to catch it

    8. Luray remembered how they met, it was about five centuries ago when Knume stumbled home from Zhlindu

    9. I think I may have stumbled across the organisation behind it

    10. The gaoler, wrapped in high collars and thick furs beneath his jerkin, muttered a series of barely audible imprecations and stumbled forward into the flickering light cast by one of the candles

    11. He stumbled in the water but began wading/clambering toward the north shore with all possible haste

    12. Somehow she stumbled on an idea way down deep

    13. And thus it was that with my head facing the wrong way and my eyes fixed full of sand that I stumbled and almost fell over something

    14. Daniel has explained how Archeologists stumbled into an egg chamber without realizing what they were doing

    15. Sure enough, at about four in the morning a weary young man stumbled back into the bar

    16. Towards lunchtime father emerged from his pit and stumbled down to the kitchen

    17. A few minutes later they stumbled back to shore, arms still around each other

    18. She lost her balance and her grip on her handbag as she stumbled and tripped over her own feet, falling backwards into a beech hedge that bordered one of the suburban gardens

    19. Why hadn't Nikos taken control? Why hadn't he said something in my defence? I stumbled across the square and found a recess in a wall from where they could be watched in safety

    20. James was starting to think that maybe they had stumbled upon another large force of blacks that had been kept hidden till they were up to fighting strength

    21. I had turned to leave and stumbled when I heard her for the first time

    22. I let go, not caring if I stumbled or not, watching the stars, a smile in my heart for Athena

    23. like a banshee, running two of the youths over as they stumbled

    24. After loosing two of her sons in the war, she had become disillusioned; and it didn’t help that she had stumbled across the truth about the Elders

    25. One evening, on her way home from her post, she stumbled upon the child

    26. stumbled back into the bar

    27. He stumbled on a stone

    28. stumbled blindly after her new husband towards a life of

    29. Ali pranced around as he stumbled on two cricket balls kept on the floor

    30. She stumbled to her lab without getting dressed, she was already out of the room before Alan woke up and mumbled something

    31. The indian settlement they had stumbled upon seemed like years ago

    32. The man might not be funny, but he is a professional, time served, and he has stumbled over lines and introductions all the way through the second half of the show

    33. Petr stumbled backwards and sat heavily on the

    34. Petr stumbled forward into the darkness and slowly

    35. The bleary-eyed guard stumbled down towards

    36. Heather stumbled into the washer as she entered the room, still with her

    37. Heather stumbled to the

    38. finger so hard into the other’s chest that he stumbled

    39. and stumbled out of the room as quickly as her shaking

    40. from Henri's side and stumbled over towards the fireplace

    41. jumble of conflicting emotions as he stumbled into the

    42. when Sandini stumbled into me and fell to his knees

    43. He stumbled backward and pulled his hand over his face

    44. “Were my friend,” Johnny said as he stumbled out of the restroom door

    45. stumbled after him, but hesitated when he heard the sound

    46. When she stumbled across a box of stationary with the letterhead CHATTERTON PLACE, she decided it was time to look into the marked box

    47. "How – Why" Stumbled out of her mouth

    48. stumbled onto the Templar and would eventually find this

    49. Quickly grabbing her jeans and an old sweatshirt, she stumbled to the door, and called a soft

    50. While there, we stumbled across my mother Envitta

    1. Vera looks at me and then at Micah and stumbles back into the doorjamb

    2. Billy is out of breath as he reaches the top of the short rise to the car park, and stumbles, catching his shoulder on the edge of one of the car park ticket machines

    3. The car door slams and Billy stumbles out into the night, blind and raging

    4. “We are keeping an eye on Tdeshi’s old boyfriend as he stumbles around,” Delurna continued

    5. stumbles across my name somewhere in a paper or on the Internet

    6. She stumbles toward it

    7. The Club Secretary mumbles, stumbles, & stutters over his words, "Well I, I

    8. He stumbles forward; as he does he raises his arm and gives a signal in the direction of the woods

    9. Will stumbles to the side, one hand pressed to his face, and blocks Al’s next punch with his free hand

    10. He stumbles across the car and sits next to me

    11. Marcus stumbles over one of the scales, his hands covering his face so I can’t see the damage Tobias did

    12. Max gasps, his hand clapping over his chest, and stumbles back

    13. She was not expecting that; she stumbles back, but doesn’t fall

    14. I thought I was beyond this kind of anger, but as he stumbles back with his hands on his face, I pursue him, grabbing the front of his shirt and slamming him against the stone sculpture and screaming that he is a coward and a traitor and that I will kill him, I will kill him

    15. speak, they say, what fellow is this? And if he stumbles, they will help to overthrow him

    16. 7) Jesus stumbles for the second time

    17. Devlin stumbles away and lands on the bed as he holds his bleeding shoulder

    18. I land on the floor, but he stumbles to the stone railing

    19. He stumbles to catch his balance

    20. The woman stumbles and falls down

    21. Her speed almost in tune with the orchestra, she pins her hair into an elegant up-do, stumbles as she shoves the right foot then left into the silver heels

    22. It is because of this and this alone that the mind-executioner stumbles

    23. At such words, the darkness of them licking at the colours in his mind, Sloth stumbles to his feet and the blanket falls to the floor

    24. Tearing himself away from the wolf, he stumbles to her side

    25. At least he means to walk, but his wounds have weakened him more than he realises and, in fact, he stumbles, almost falling

    26. He stumbles upwards, ignoring the now-familiar pain which shoots through his leg, and the window seems a long way distant

    27. When oppression or persecution arises because of the word immediately he stumbles

    28. 10 But if a man walks in the night he stumbles because the light isn't in him

    29. When the scribe stumbles after him, Isabella speaks at last: false words of reassurance that mean nothing

    30. The boy frowns and reaches out to him, but the scribe shakes his head and stumbles to a halt in the cleft between two jagged rocks

    31. Everyone who hears the word of the kingdom and understands it not the evil one comes and snatches away the word that has been sown in his heart and this is that which was sown on the middle of the highway; But that which was sown on the rocks is he who hears the word and straightway receives 45 it with joy; only it has no root in his soul but his belief in it is for a time; and whenever there is distress or persecution because of a word he stumbles quickly; And that which was sown among the thorns is he who hears the word; and the care of this world and the error of riches and the rest of the other lusts enter and choke the word and it becomes without fruit; And that which was sown in good ground is he who hears my word in a pure and good heart and understands it and holds to it and bring out fruit with patience and produce either a hundredfold or sixtyfold or thirty

    32. He blushes and stumbles into excuses as she sits by him at the river

    33. He stumbles to his feet, unable to care whether the wolf sees him or not

    34. One of them carries a long, knotted rope and in their midst stumbles, rather than walks, Simon’s mother

    35. Watch the child laugh and shine with pride as she stumbles to you

    36. He pulls the pencil out of his ear, looks at it as if perplexed how this simple object could harm him so severely, then stumbles back

    37. He stumbles toward her

    38. Ras stumbles in disbelief, trying to utter a sound

    39. “K,” she stumbles out of the car across the grass and into the house

    40. ” She stumbles putting foot in front of foot, the dog sniffs around her heels, tail wagging, the other two appear in a far corner of the yard

    41. So on and on life proceeds, time falls away like blood from a stab victim, leaving a trail behind him as he stumbles down the sidewalk, death advances, and chaos dances around order like flies around… you know the saying

    42. on his breath, stumbles in, notices him lying

    43. I slash my claws across his chest with all my strength and he stumbles back and actually trips over the corner of my bed and lands on my side table

    44. He stumbles to the floor, gasping as another torrent of blows rain on him

    45. One day you could catch yourself trying too hard and the next someone perfect stumbles upon you

    46. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles

    47. The man whose ears and heart are of stony ground, readily hears Gods’ Word and immediately receives It with joy, but has no depth in his heart because the fears and worries, or even the opinions from others, stumbles by the never ending, unrelentless darts that are thrown by this world and its problems

    48. If a young child learning to walk, is caught each time he stumbles or falls, and never learns of the pain from a fall, then a big miss-injustice has been served

    49. He stumbles over his

    50. Beside him the crimpled door is ajar, and he stumbles out clutching his Reising

    1. Stumbling with two buckets full of putrescent refuse, the boy tossed the wet feces onto the head of the ballista

    2. The paper boy took a stumbling step back, and then another, and ended up almost tripping and tumbling down the stairs

    3. “Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles

    4. ’ He said, stumbling a little over the phrase as he took in her appearance

    5. that it has become their greatest stumbling block

    6. He took half a pace forward, stumbling a little as the pounding in his temples overwhelmed him and stars swam in front of his eyes

    7. the stumbling ruins of a font

    8. Someone stumbling about would accidentally start the process again

    9. We could uncover some simple task that in itself could be a major stumbling block to reaching success, something such as a special license, insurance or legislation

    10. Alan was a little behind and might have had time to stop himself when he saw the girls fall in, but as he was nearly stumbling already, he had too much momentum to stop himself

    11. stumbling through the cloud wall

    12. Could this be the beginning of a stumbling optimism? Was I light-hearted? I was buzzing with expectations and questions

    13. I was washed out, panting my way back up like an old dog stumbling through the rubble, watching every step, until I came to the threshold where I almost bumped into a couple of men blocking the doorway

    14. The ggs have been showing their tiredness for some miles, Sefir stumbling a couple of times, but seeing the houses ahead, both she and Adamant perk up and we enter the town at a sprightly trot

    15. ’ He said stumbling a little over the word

    16. The old river course was nothing more than a deep and arid notch in the landside giving no shade at all but on we crunched, stumbling over tricky stones and gradually it grew less steep but with more boulders

    17. ” She was stumbling with this, was she just guessing or was she trying to cover something up? “I guess it’s what they have available on RNAcid,” she continued, “they said it was about fourteen coppers worth of RNAcid education

    18. stumbling into you in the dark

    19. ’ Kev said suddenly, stumbling to his feet and dragging himself out of the room

    20. Tom found himself stumbling along the same track, trying to catch up

    21. They popped out of the other side, stumbling

    22. They charged as well as they could, stumbling mostly

    23. ' They began stumbling through the ruins

    24. Even though she was stumbling over her words, he’d gotten the meaning, and his temper returned to normal

    25. And a victim child stumbling out of it

    26. Most of the men in the dirt began to stir again, stumbling to their feet and

    27. " she answered, stumbling down to the landing

    28. I come stumbling out the door laughing and joking with a friend

    29. but this time he was half stumbling, as if lost, a crazed look in his sparkling green eyes

    30. Rafe stopped stumbling forward

    31. a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things

    32. stumbling block to the Church in the last days, but the army of

    33. Then, the day came that for no reason at all -- unless drunkenness can be considered a reason -- Alec accepted Brice's invitation, and stumbling his way through the light of day, with the One Elf in tow of course, he joined the Red Mage for a lesson

    34. stumbling under the strain, he again lifted his pack onto

    35. Somehow the words spurred her to her feet, and with the sound of clashing steel and cries of, "To the Archenon" she drove on, stumbling forward on unsteady feet while behind her, the sounds of battle grew to a frenzied pitch

    36. They had all died before the Plague, but he saw them now as monsters, stumbling toward him, reaching out with rotten flesh

    37. The scene lurched, as if filmed by one who was stumbling

    38. He roused Nerissa by pouring the still-hot tea over her face, then dragged her stumbling away

    39. Boyd's father considers this issue a stumbling block to

    40. A stunned Penelope nodded and after stumbling over a nearby corpse and fallen stone, she ran with the robed man in escape

    41. He found himself stumbling in a search for suitable words

    42. My first thought was a freak was on the attack, but then he called my name before stumbling to the ground

    43. They went back to Temple, stumbling to bed

    44. Almost stumbling several times, she sprinted flat out across the rocks until she could properly see up into the sky

    45. Without a word Torbin took a few stumbling steps and then jogged the final thirty metres

    46. “Huh? Mary? What"s wrong?” He stopped the donkey, who was stumbling along as though he were in a daze, as well

    47. We ate as we walked, until all were merely stumbling along

    48. She remembered stumbling off the bus and falling into Shelagh's arms

    49. I think it is our stumbling and swearing he enjoys, because he also has an internal alarm clock that wakes him up every morning at 4:00

    50. If he is in the house, he meows at the foot of my bed until I go downstairs, stumbling and swearing, to let him out

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