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    1. Half throwing me away from himself, so that I stagger as he takes his hands off me, he turns and paces back to the door

    2. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

    3. We talk about timescales and come to the conclusion that we are going to have to stagger all the moving

    4. I flex my muscles as I climb out of the driver’s seat and lock the car, then stagger painfully up the stairs

    5. I stagger to the door and, at the third try, manage to open it

    6. stagger through the group and fall to his knees, his face

    7. the sink and then continuing my zombie stagger into the cabinet

    8. Blasting him with both barrels of the truth didn't seem to stagger him that much

    9. the dead man stagger out of the dormitory late last night

    10. The trouble with walking brought on a heavy-duty case of the sillies that made them stagger around holding each other, eyes streaming with tears of laughter

    11. The dragon recoiled once more from the attack and it gave Penelope the time she needed to stagger and stumble into the safety of the cave

    12. When he’d stagger home, I often heard him cry your name just like a lovesick boy

    13. My shipmates came to mind and I turned and started to stagger along the coast

    14. Dismissing us the Captain went off to report on the machine guns and we were left to stagger to our own trench weighted down with fatigue

    15. and Bridget only needed to stagger around the corner

    16. Gibbons was at his table, and rose when he saw me stagger in

    17. His screams confused the cat for a moment, giving him time to stagger to his feet again

    18. Twice he nearly lost his footing, only to recover and stagger on

    19. ’ I pleaded repeatedly rubbing my legs as I ran, which hindered the movement causing me to stagger and lose my balance

    20. Darkburst had no idea how long he'd lain unmoving and half-conscious on the dank surface, but when he finally found the strength to stagger out of the tunnel, he saw that the sun was high in the sky

    21. He span around again, then again, chasing his tail until he could spin no longer, and when he finally stopped, his senses continued to reel, causing him to stagger from side to side

    22. Taking his direction from the stars, Darkburst limped through the remainder of the moon and half of the next sun without stopping, and when he finally collapsed beneath a thicket, unable to stagger one more step, he felt as though he was about to die

    23. Dizzy from his wounds, he realised how weak he was, but found the strength from somewhere to stagger on

    24. Smiling cheefully, being careful not to stagger a little, she walked arm-in-arm with Tony out to his nifty little MG, its purple-and-black color tones gleaming in the lights

    25. Suddenly Nisaba, in a desperation marked by the anticipated loss that was etched upon her features, leaped across the narrow divide, throwing herself into the surprised arms of Nimrud, hugging him with an intensity that caused him to stagger back a step

    26. ‘Why are you leaving?’ whistles a young Englishman as I stagger down the hundreds of steps to the street below

    27. 27 They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wit's end

    28. they stagger, but not with strong drink

    29. He rested on the bench for a while then got back up and continued stagger

    30. Lucky stomped her foot on the man that was holding her, making him stagger back in pain, I took that chance and shot him too

    31. Despite his unaccountable frailty, he begins to run, or rather stagger, onward

    32. At once, I stagger, supported only by air, and grasp the table again before I fall

    33. It was the Chair Maker, but a flash of crimson from his mouth made the rebellious Gathandrian cry out and stagger away

    34. Finding nothing to cover him for warmth, she had no option but to rise, or rather stagger upright, and continue her search for life in those around her

    35. something dark, something big, something that seemed to stagger out of the waves and settle down again

    36. Its one of the boys’ sets, so no need to lay off the sweet cakes yet milady,’ Corvus smiled warmly, after giving her a mock bow he held his position observing her stagger away

    37. Groggily he had gathered up his weapons, removed a bag from Lewem’s decimated corpse and began to stagger back up through the eerie silence of the deserted shrine

    38. In the 1930s, which surely is only 'yesterday,' over 25 million Americans had no income whatsoever; only 1% of UK homes had a telephone; only 50% had electricity and nutrition was so poor that six out of ten men who applied for the army failed their basic "if you can stagger, you're in"

    39. the dieter put it to good use? Since the appetite–suppressing effects of whey appear to last approximately 2–3 hours, it would seem best to stagger the

    40. Carefully she lit a small sail which flamed, unsteady in principle and some seconds later began to stagger up to gaining height and conviction and was then when she placed on it a metallic structure that was supporting the portable boiler

    41. A rush of red skinned women, children, and men stagger out of the now boiling soup

    42. What had made it so onerous that I would stagger ‘neath its weight; would

    43. Several shoulder aching minutes later they managed a weak-kneed stagger to the pool for a refreshing dip

    44. You stagger and find, as your head goes light, that it is not entirely different from being drunk

    45. He walked in a stagger and when Bridget came near him she could smell the alcohol from his breath

    46. of time, he saw one of the crypt doors open and a young girl stagger out,

    47. By now his eyes were burning and he could hardly see, but he managed to stagger over to the rain shower

    48. He will stagger about in the room

    49. He left the flame thrower on the ground, put his father over his shoulder and began to stagger down the trail toward the campsite where he parked the car

    50. one to stagger the human mind

    1. ’ She said plainly staggered by my disclosure

    2. There seemed to be a cafe near some rocks at the far end of the bay so with that as my turning point and the town some way behind me now, I staggered along the tide line

    3. I staggered and to save myself from falling, shot a hand inside a thorny bush by mistake

    4. The boring banter continued and the evening staggered on with Mercouri bragging about how much beer and raki he could drink

    5. As dawn broke they staggered wearily out into the early morning daylight for a well deserved cigarette on the Embankment

    6. Young girls in scarves of white satin, stockings of red cotton and heavy brocade jackets staggered under heirloom medallion chains of heavy gold, links of pearl, lace and beads

    7. So, surrounded by a huge crowd of curious strangers and attentive townsfolk, new and old, I staggered to my feet as my mind went blank

    8. The older man was staggered by this and stuck for words

    9. The boy staggered backwards only to find his posterior fixed

    10. To say the least, I am staggered when she comes back, despite her ordinary shirt and jeans, she looks wonderful

    11. broke they staggered wearily out into the early morning daylight

    12. staggered up to the altar and came to a halt directly in front of the

    13. Naturally, it is staggered so at any one time there is usually a vacancy or at any rate one coming up soon

    14. staggered to a halt next to Ken and Lucy, who were standing and

    15. He brought it up (I didn’t dare) … said he’s staggered by how much I meant to him … he’s staggered! That is nothing to how I feel about it … that a man like him could care for a woman like me … a concept to approach gently and in small doses … even so, blows my mind

    16. Jorma staggered back under that blow

    17. 'Well, as you yourself saw, he just staggered about the

    18. staggered about the room before falling to his knees

    19. He held the red canister over his head and staggered rapidly toward Roman

    20. Max staggered from her,

    21. when she ordered her legs to run, but they only staggered

    22. I staggered, and my lips began to

    23. Something very hard hit him in the head—a rock maybe—and now as he staggered

    24. Men stumbled down the streets, following harlots into alleyways or simply staggered about, pausing only to fill the gutters with the contents of their stomachs

    25. The next moment he had staggered back to his bed, exhausted

    26. As he staggered

    27. eventually got up and staggered out

    28. staggered under the weight of his load as he lifted it onto

    29. Clothier staggered outside and came back bearing his wife's cloths basket

    30. He staggered about for a second or so and then sat down with a thump

    31. that he straightened his aching legs and staggered over to

    32. "It actually staggered on as far as a river and went down in it

    33. on into the nave, and almost staggered as he was

    34. Late that night, Tragus staggered in, reeking of sour wine

    35. Tragus staggered to his feet, cursing drunkenly

    36. I staggered toward the forest, not wanting to retch in front of my family

    37. She in turn hoped that the same sort of guaranteed surprises of her army life would make staggered if not even far rarer appearances

    38. The towering automaton would hiss and clank and grumble as it staggered, possessed by uncanny determination to stay on its feet and to keep fighting

    39. The thief staggered a bit, nearly falling to his knees

    40. She staggered along as Mercer strode ahead to look for the road - any road

    41. The momentum was too much for him to control and he immediately staggered clumsily forward onto his hands and knees, held for a moment and then collapsed flat on his chest, winding himself again

    42. We eventually staggered out of the final gully and onto the flat scrub land that we had crossed so easy this morning

    43. ” I staggered to my feet still half asleep thinking what the hell’s going on?” Elijah who seemed to be in the same boat shouted

    44. Felix staggered in carrying another man over his shoulder and Sarah immediately pulled the door shut after them

    45. I arose, staggered, more than walked, back to the table

    46. As the figure staggered towards her, her initial instinct was to take a step backwards, as if from an attacker, but in that instant she recognized her niece and caught her as Rosemary fell into her arms

    47. ?' She cried out in alarm as she staggered back

    48. We kept on going and I couldn’t believe that we had further to go I had to keep repeating to myself not far now there can’t be far to go now and I staggered along with my jaw clenched tight shut so that my teeth nearly shattered

    49. We staggered up a communications trench and George cursed saying

    50. “Yes or try carrying the trench-mortar ammunition like me and Nobby that’s not easy either”, and we staggered along the trench cursing as we went

    1. I’m going to show you a staggering number that should wake you up

    2. "Isn't it staggering when you think that one sermon on the day of Pentecost produced 3000 people? And we had some cities yesterday where 3000 sermons were preached and nobody was saved… And it doesn't even faze us

    3. The amount of data to be transferred was staggering, it would have to move billions of times faster than the state changes Thom studied, faster than the signals on the network from Alan’s world

    4. Blogging is HUGE! Since about ten years ago, blogging has developed into a form of communication that is staggering

    5. ‘It’s a bit staggering, isn’t it?’ he said turning into the Wells road

    6. Staggering to his feet, he got out of his wet clothes and hung them on some nearby bushes

    7. up the stairs before returning as quickly as they could, staggering

    8. While staggering thru the outer garden she stepped on a kalic, squashing it to uselessness and not helping her foot any on it’s tough stem

    9. " The tall stranger proclaimed, before staggering his way back into the house

    10. Back then one of our favorite places was Arby's which basically it just opened around 1965 or ‘66 and had the best roast beef sandwiches when I look back to what the prices were in those days you know it's staggering compared to what you pay today

    11. Considering the value of any one of their lives, the time-table was staggering

    12. He left via the front door, which he left open, and walked out, staggering slightly under the weight of the full rucksack

    13. When that failed he awkwardly moved backward, almost staggering

    14. Torches burned, as did the fire pit, but it was scarcely enough light to illuminate the form of a man staggering toward the middle of their camp

    15. “Finally, when I lost my sight entirely, it was a staggering thing to bear

    16. The information we are giving with each breath is staggering

    17. Well, with PLR you can have an almost limitless supply of good and interesting stuff to send to your list, and the time you’ll save is staggering

    18. At the end of all of this, they’ll each be staggering around whining and wondering how they could have missed the signs, how they could have lost control of their own little worlds

    19. Not only is there staggering evidence of design in this passage, but it seems that even the names were designed and somehow inspired to be given at the time of their births

    20. We arrived as dawn was beginning to break and the amount of men and supplies that had been stored here and in the surrounding countryside since we left was staggering

    21. And once again the sad news that the ignorance of all too many Americans about their own country is indeed staggering

    22. As I listened to these songs in memory"s eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending on soggy packs on many a weary march, from dawn to dusk to drizzling rain, to slogging ankle through mire of shell-pocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God

    23. The speed of progress was truly staggering

    24. Raven snapped into action, rolling away from the advancing foot and staggering to his feet to face his opponent

    25. It consisted of huge warehouses and we were soon staggering under the weight of a stack of different uniforms which, it must be said, were of good quality

    26. Staggering backwards, he managed to fend off Gonzalez, recovering from the punch

    27. Staggering his way out into the balmy air, he watched as an owl, out searching for food, swooped low over a nearby tussock, reminding him that he hadn't eaten

    28. She drew in another staggering breath

    29. His tortured cries echoed through the undergrowth as he regained his feet, staggering about, struggling with the unseen darkness threatening his mind

    30. Staggering his way along the ridge, breathing heavily at every step, he headed towards the hollow and the tree stump

    31. Humming the signature tune to ER, I staggering over to the kitchen sink, picked up the chicken and deftly sliced around one leg with a sharp knife

    32. By now I was so drunk that I was staggering around the kitchen, clutching a half-burnt, one legged chicken, making clucking noises between fits of the giggles

    33. The US loss in Vietnam, due to both Johnson and Nixon's staggering incompetence and ideological blindness, was one of the most visible and traumatic failures of any presidents in US history

    34. The companies collectively settled the historic suit for a staggering $200 Billion amortized over a twenty five (25) year period

    35. The number of deaths that his moral high road represented was still staggering, but whenever he spoke of it, I felt myself sliding into his way of thinking, like a rock caught in the orbit of the sun

    36. Staggering to his feet, Conal followed Piers towards the gate, trying to ignore the crackles, pops and hisses issuing from the burning bodies behind him

    37. A half a dozen black troops, in their colourful kepi or fez hats, the bright uniforms, staggering along, clutching, tearing at their throats

    38. That plane must have been staggering all over the sky

    39. A man moved in the shadows but his staggering steps showed the effects of too much ale

    40. Her bonds had been severed and she was standing, staggering, facing the man who stood rock still

    41. With the distance shortening encouragingly, he now forced himself into a staggering gait ruled by the conflict between eager anticipation and leaden exhaustion

    42. Several of the others stood and began staggering towards the camps

    43. Roland got up on his legs, staggering

    44. Mostly, we found it extraordinary that the staggering transformation that will see humanity moving into the next evolutionary step is based on self-leadership

    45. His utter heartbreak was staggering

    46. The effect was staggering, but they were no cowards and, stepping over their fallen comrades, continued at us

    47. While I could see that our casualties were mounting, theirs were staggering

    48. interest paid by a staggering £107,676 which will now go

    49. Gonzalo then led his infantry in furious counterattack that left the enemy staggering back

    50. The pounds per square inch (psi) reach a staggering 900 million psi outside the ship, and it continues to multiply

    1. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself

    2. John staggers forward a step or two

    3. John staggers a few more feet, falls on his knees in the parking lot

    4. The trooper staggers backward, feels of his chest, holds up his fingers to show no blood, looks at John with a mocking grin

    5. Both moons are high in the sky now as Dave staggers along the beach staring at them with his mouth agape

    6. He staggers a bit, takes a pillow from a chair, goes over, sits on the floor

    7. Ted staggers backwards, ramming the base of his spine against the corner of the fridge, rocking the lamp, making Alex shimmer

    8. Ken staggers back

    9. He strains again to see the world as it should be, but staggers backwards, hitting the brick wall of the barn with his head as he falls

    10. err in every work of it, as a drunken man staggers in his vomit

    11. He staggers and Madeline, who stares at me with mouth open, hurries to catch him

    12. Chan staggers backwards, his hands touching the ground before he rises

    13. It breaks off its attack, staggers away

    14. He staggers to his feet and dusts himself off before offering her a helping hand

    15. The old man gives a low gasping moan and staggers to his feet

    16. Shivering and caked with blood, he staggers and crawls his way to the edge of the marshes

    17. There must be billions of them! He said, “Since you are overwhelmed by this, and it staggers you, let me pull out one that you can relate to

    18. He staggers up to the stage, appearing to be drunk or ½-zoned-out of his mind on some new illegal drug or other

    19. She staggers around and vomits once—there’s no escaping the gas

    20. ” The apparent drunk man has two officers trying to restrain him as he staggers around

    21. BCG says as he staggers to his feet but falls back to one knee, “I’m fine Doc, but they got him on that copter

    22. Q staggers into the room that both BCG and Detective

    23. She staggers out of the darkness, into the dimly lit passageway

    24. She staggers and uses the opposite wall to brace herself from falling

    25. He staggers back towards the cylinder, still firing randomly

    26. Spittle dangles form his mouth as he staggers off balance

    27. It appears that a somnambulist is shuffling down Hoodwink Street, or does it? A feminine figure staggers in and out of streetlight auras

    28. powerful it staggers me

    29. Michael staggers back up to our row and shuffles through the legs again, then drops into his seat and stares ahead, face blank

    30. She staggers back and doesn’t look up as we walk to the elevators

    31. Well, after a bit of hanky-panky with the high-class bird, Quick staggers off into the State Rooms and

    32. He staggers below deck thinking about these words as his conscience wonders where this goodness comes from

    33. One groans and staggers, wallows in self-pity,

    34. Mama staggers out and without being told what to do, bites Frank vigorously on the shoulder

    35. Amber bottle still in hand, he pushes the recliner’s footrest back into its mortal tomb and staggers into the kitchen

    36. Mark still refuses! Suddenly, Dana violently kicks Mark real hard in the groin! She jumps up and throws her entire arm across the air, banging it with such great force against Mark's head, knocking his whole entire body down to the floor! Mark bawls out in pain! Dana turns around and starts to head for Mark's front door again! Suddenly, Mark leaps up behind Dana and grabs her by the neck! He pulls her back into a choke hold! Dana violently elbows Mark real hard in the stomach and stomps her heel real hard on his foot! Mark screams and bawls out in pain again! Dana quickly turns around towards Mark! She takes her iron fists and throws several straight blows to Mark's face, busting his eye and breaking his nose! Then she swings her entire left arm around in the air and violently bangs her fist hard underneath Mark's throat, breaking his jaw and causing his entire body to leap up, lifting both of his feet off the floor! Dana's body spins around as Mark falls down to the floor again, yelling out in pain! Mark's nose and eyes are bleeding! He staggers as he tries to get up! He starts to fight Dana! Dana fights him back! She fights Mark with all her might! She fights him very fast as Mark violently fights her back! They both grab a choke hold onto each other's neck! They are rolling all over the place, knocking everything down in their path, making a lot of noise! Neighbors from next door and downstairs start to hear the commotion and the heavy banging, wondering what the heck is happening or what the heck is going on!

    37. "There is not much difference between cackneys and hackneys," said Sancho; "but no matter what they come on, there they are, the finest ladies one could wish for, especially my lady the princess Dulcinea, who staggers one's senses

    38. The president of the United States staggers

    39. I confess this staggers me

    40. But rather than having all senators up for election at the same time, the Constitution staggers senators’ elections so that one third of Senate seats are open for election every two years

    41. staggers under our bounty, and dispatch him after my young men

    42. THE NAVVY: (Gripping the two redcoats, staggers forward with them) Come on,

    43. Boggs throws up both of his hands and says, "O Lord, don't shoot!" Bang! goes the first shot, and he staggers back, clawing at the air—bang! goes the second one, and he tumbles backwards on to the ground, heavy and solid, with his arms spread out

    44. (He staggers a pace back)

    45. He picks up his bottle, drinks the remaining liquid, and staggers toward the house

    46. In its rampage over the east, Japan had brought atrocity and death on a scale that staggers the imagination

    47. As she staggers to the Ladies’

    48. He staggers and slumps to the floor, and for a moment I think he’s going to pass out

    49. Brookfield also staggers the maturity of its debt repayments so that they don’t all come due at the same time, thus decreasing refinancing risk

    50. But the frightened master comes to him, and shrieks in his dead ear, 'What meanest thou, O, sleeper! arise!' Startled from his lethargy by that direful cry, Jonah staggers to his feet, and stumbling to the deck, grasps a shroud, to look out upon the sea

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    lurch stagger stumble distribute careen keel reel swag flounder hesitate totter falter waver vacillate amaze astonish dumbfound confound shock surprise rearrange overlap