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    1. swag for the bag man

    2. I just move from place to place with my swag

    3. It was thirty seconds on the clock when I was just about to walk into my class when I saw Devon walking up to me, all cocky with swag and an extra bounce to his ounce as he got all up in my face

    4. “Hold One of THEEZ NUTZ!” he yelled as he walked away with swag

    5. Some of Nick’s dad’s swag was a pair of ND home tickets, albeit in the corner of an end zone

    6. After loading their swag into the truck Charly instructed him to drive to the rear entrance of a discount store

    7. I waited until they came out in some new swag that they had found in the stores they had searched

    8. The summer holiday season was underway on the coast, bringing with it the usual swag of problems for the City police from backpackers, wealthy foreign tourists and more southerners than usual

    9. All he pictured was a small weaselly man in white and black striped clothing carrying a bag of swag, face obscured with a strip of black cloth with the eyes cut out

    10. Suppose, having years ago got off neatly with the Skeffington swag, she refused to disgorge any of it? Then the second and only remaining string to his bow would come in, and he would appeal to her pity; and if that was no good, seeing that he was of those who can't love if they don't respect, he would have lost her

    11. Holes adorned the walls and ceilings where previous renters had hung pictures and swag lamps

    12. What at first had looked like a filthy, rolled up swag – heavy, in a damp kind of way – was instead the body of the unconscious negro

    13. I've fought for the Tower against those stinking Morgul-rats, but a nice mess you two precious captains have made of things, fighting over the swag

    14. Thus, when Lancelot inform’d us that we were shortly to set out for London with the Swag, my Heart leapt in my Bosom like a spawning Salmon and I fear’d for him as much as for myself

    15. We were somewhere in the Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire (’twas all Lancelot would disclose of the Location of his Hideaway—lest, he said, I e’er be apprehended and put to grievous Torture), and we were to journey by Land to a small Stream call’d the Mill Brook, thence tow the Swag by Barge and Dray Horse to the River Thames, thence remove it to another, greater Barge, and enter London triumphally by River

    16. All Night the Merry Men were busy crating the Swag, and I was to prepare myself to dress en Homme once again for the Journey up to London, which would begin at Daybreak

    17. Who had sent them? How did they know Lancelot’s Disguise? I duckt behind a Barrel of Swag, fearing for my very Life and Limb

    18. “Swag,” he said, grinning

    19. Three of our boys were killed, however, before we got the swag

    1. swagger that a broad shouldered and confident young man at ease amid a timeless

    2. Stu represented the epitome health and vitality, walking with all of the swagger that a broad shouldered and confident young man at ease amid a timeless landscape should possess

    3. As he came down the last path, Daniel noticed the swagger in his walk and the changes in his appearance

    4. His chat up lines developed from monosyllabic grunting into the crudely embarrassing hope of youth before finally passing into the hopelessly threatening swagger of the seventeen year old

    5. hopelessly threatening swagger of the seventeen year old

    6. A certain swagger about them

    7. Her flesh may have been hidden, but her sexuality was still more than apparent in the sensual swagger to her step

    8. ” He started tapping his boot with his swagger stick a little habit he had when speaking he told us

    9. As we were stood down a Fusilier Captain came across and tapped his swagger stick against his hat in salute to Captain Melstone saying

    10. The repertoire: the swagger, the growl at any footsteps in the hall, the staccato chatter, questions in tonal mews, trills, and the lament

    11. Though if I hadn’t had the hood on I would have seen Lt Harrington slash his swagger stick down as the rifles discharged their rounds on the way to the target

    12. “When he talks that way he does, with the confidence and swagger, there is no doubt we are going to score

    13. may not have mastered the western swagger by the time you

    14. ” It was an unmistakable obtrusiveness and ostentatious confident swagger that could have been none other than Rockefeller … Rockefeller had entered the building!

    15. I didn’t recognize any of them, but it looked as though they were all Tenocha from their swagger

    16. He was rugged, thuggishly handsome and had a swagger all his own

    17. The King entered her room with a swagger in his step and a

    18. Unconsciously he reverted to the old ways; a new swagger became evident in his bearing, in the way he sat his horse; half-forgotten oaths rose naturally to his lips, and as he rode he hummed old songs that he had roared in chorus with his reckless companions in many a tavern and on many a dusty road or bloody field

    19. He was swarthy with broad shoulders and a swagger in his walk

    20. Joey was pleased that he was able to impress an alien like Lezura with his self-proclaimed swagger and charm

    21. He was the embodiment of male swagger, charm, success, the idol of women, and the envy of other men

    22. One, with a swagger of authority, walked towards her cat-

    23. And I'm really not that broad-shouldered, nor do I swagger

    24. she swayed in the lee of his tall swagger, her flowery summer-dress rippling against her

    25. regal swagger from behind the stoep, surveyed his domain and paused, with narrowed

    26. We would have moonwalked, away and onwards but that was another trick we'd never mastered, so we fell back on our John Wayne swagger instead

    27. He then walked out to his white sedan with an almost triumphant swagger

    28. He quickly got his attention by looking directly at David and then, with a swagger only a man like that could have, said, “Please follow me

    29. Nevertheless intolerance never ceased to pour from their mouths and spill from their swagger

    30. A burly swagger compared with cutesy hand-waving became the default TV split screen for the Modi–Rahul personality clash

    31. The albino walked with a cool swagger across the first floor of the estate

    32. Lacking in true achievement, they only swagger emptily as if they were

    33. “Well, it is a delightful thing to see him lose his swagger

    34. “If you need to talk, you know where to reach me,” he said with a flash in his eyes that suggested that he knew more than what he was implying and walked with a swagger from the gallery

    35. It was too late for the Prime Minister to escape and, as Stripehead approached with a furious swagger, his entourage tightened into a half-circle around him

    36. Danny was still in full swagger as he left for school

    37. With a gasp that was almost relief she slipped out of the room, shut the door quickly behind her, and assuming what she tried to hope was an unconcerned swagger, a sort of "I am-as-good-as-you-are" air for the impressing of any one she might meet, walked down the passage

    38. Huffing, Plovert sauntered out to the door, full of attitude and swagger, pausing only to turn and flip his golden hair, winking at the cluster of girls

    39. Grace walked into my room with a mission and a swagger

    40. I could see there was something of the dandy about him, as if he had found his grail early in life and had spent his time merely accentuating that to which he was born, his doubtless swagger an eccentricity, an extravagance, which only a life of luxury could afford

    41. They called me Teresa at my baptism, a plain, simple name, without any additions or tags or fringes of Dons or Donas; Cascajo was my father's name, and as I am your wife, I am called Teresa Panza, though by right I ought to be called Teresa Cascajo; but 'kings go where laws like,' and I am content with this name without having the 'Don' put on top of it to make it so heavy that I cannot carry it; and I don't want to make people talk about me when they see me go dressed like a countess or governor's wife; for they will say at once, 'See what airs the slut gives herself! Only yesterday she was always spinning flax, and used to go to mass with the tail of her petticoat over her head instead of a mantle, and there she goes to-day in a hooped gown with her broaches and airs, as if we didn't know her!' If God keeps me in my seven senses, or five, or whatever number I have, I am not going to bring myself to such a pass; go you, brother, and be a government or an island man, and swagger as much as you like; for by the soul of my mother, neither my daughter nor I are going to stir a step from our village; a respectable woman should have a broken leg and keep at home; and to be busy at something is a virtuous damsel's holiday; be off to your adventures along with your Don Quixote, and leave us to our misadventures, for God will mend them for us according as we deserve it

    42. Roque Guinart at once perceived that Don Quixote's weakness was more akin to madness than to swagger; and though he had sometimes heard him spoken of, he never regarded the things attributed to him as true, nor could he persuade himself that such a humour could become dominant in the heart of man; he was extremely glad, therefore, to meet him and test at close quarters what he had heard of him at a distance; so he said to him,

    43. His whiskers cut off, Noirtier gave another turn to his hair; took, instead of his black cravat, a colored neckerchief which lay at the top of an open portmanteau; put on, in lieu of his blue and high-buttoned frock-coat, a coat of Villefort's of dark brown, and cut away in front; tried on before the glass a narrow-brimmed hat of his son's, which appeared to fit him perfectly, and, leaving his cane in the corner where he had deposited it, he took up a small bamboo switch, cut the air with it once or twice, and walked about with that easy swagger which was one of his principal characteristics

    44. She's going to sing at a swagger affair in the Ulster Hall,

    45. Swagger around livery stables

    46. They boasted about it and assumed as much swagger in their gait as their broken boots permitted

    47. As they moved in and out of the shell house, in shorts and jerseys, helping Tom Bolles register the new freshmen, there was an unmistakable hint of swagger in their step

    48. A little later a rakish young workman with a goatee beard and a swagger lit his clay pipe at the lamp before descending into the street

    49. She walked with a faint swagger, feeling their eyes on her as she left

    50. He knew what makes a soldier, and judging by the appearance and the talk of those persons, by the swagger with which they had recourse to the bottle on the journey, he considered them poor soldiers

    1. They shouted and complained, swaggered and jeered as they sailed on past, but at least after that they'd leave her alone

    2. And what music! He swaggered through the tunes, stamping his boots on the ground to keep time; from the simple, delicate knees-up beginnings through mad gushing flashes of brilliance before returning to the nursery-rhyme tempo of the start

    3. Beside her the stranger, her husband to be, swaggered and gloated over the princess, with his head held high, sure and certain in the winning of his prize

    4. to be, swaggered and gloated over the princess, with his head held

    5. He swaggered over to the group of girls, his head held high ala Mussolini’s el Duce pose

    6. As Bru watched in the mirror, the cop swaggered up to the window

    7. He swaggered his way over a little bridge and into the forest

    8. I was getting all swaggered out and pumping my fist, when I noticed that one of the Hip Hop Breakers was behind us a bit and was within ear shot of us, which sparked him into our conversation

    9. ” Darette turned and swaggered off towards her house

    10. A young captain, flanked by friends, swaggered in and rang a bell hanging over the bar to announce he had just completed his 100th mission over North Vietnam

    11. The next night, Egil swaggered over to Halfdan's table and said, "I hear that you Fjordane-folk can't hold your booze! Is that true, troll-face?"

    12. Lance swaggered in and sat down without waiting to be asked


    14. His arousal was amply evident as he swaggered into his mating stance, only briefly wondering why the female wasn‘t in the expected—and necessary—sexual position

    15. Two young men wearing boots, jeans and plaid shirts swaggered in their direction

    16. Tomz stepped off the wall and slowly swaggered over to Joey with the bat swaying like a flower in the wind

    17. But there was one among them; one who looked just like them, spoke just like them, swaggered just like them; who was different

    18. That night the man boasted of his audacity and swaggered over his good luck on the Street of the Turks a few minutes before the kick of a horse crushed his chest and a crowd of outsiders saw him die in the middle of the street, drowned in his own bloody vomiting

    19. As Jack Crawford swaggered back into the ranks, Kern cleared his throat again

    20. He hitched up his pants and swaggered over to the table, to a

    21. She swaggered like the cool kids in the movies

    22. They swaggered up to the SWAT

    23. as he swaggered imposingly toward the broken girl

    24. Morgan swaggered onto the bridge, obviously enjoying his new,

    25. importantly as he swaggered in

    26. Luna swaggered toward it

    27. A cougar swaggered over to Kevin, preparing to pounce

    28. jumped onto his feet and swaggered toward his old corner of the room to refill his glass

    29. The organiser had been surprised but enthusiastic when a gang of middle-aged men swaggered into the hall but a union representative quickly explained that the prize money was put-up by an arts organisation to encourage talent under the age of 25

    30. Sir Roger swaggered out of the chapel with his new

    31. watched as they swaggered over to what had to be

    32. DS Thompson swaggered in with a smug look on his face

    33. “Done and dusted,” Smith said triumphantly as he swaggered through the reception area, “We should be able to put this one behind us soon

    34. He put on his ‘Saturday Night Fever’ walk, put his finger through his curl flicked it over his head and swaggered to a table

    35. Lines of rowdies swaggered to and fro, arm in arm, singing, `Vote, Vote, Vote, for good ole Closeland' or `good ole Sweater', according as they were green or blue and yellow

    36. He swaggered up the path as if the place belonged to him, and we heard his loud, confident peal at the bell

    37. Once he met a fox, who stopped, looked him up and down in a sarcastic sort of way, and said, 'Hullo, washerwoman! Half a pair of socks and a pillow-case short this week! Mind it doesn't occur again!' and swaggered off, sniggering

    38. He swaggered over because he saw two women at the table, two ill-paid legal aid lawyers representing, pro bono, a dying miner, and he felt unrestrained in throwing his weight around

    39. He swaggered as he came up the aisle, then walked through the gate as though he were bellying up to a bar

    40. I watched Gary’s super-lawyer, Anthony Nathan, as he obnoxiously swaggered around the front of the courtroom

    41. He swaggered up toward the plate now, confident and bugle-voiced

    42. He swaggered up a path as if as if the place belonged to him, and we heard his loud, confident peal at the bell

    43. In spite of superficial, fantastic and sham notions of honour and dignity, all but very few of us positively grovelled before Zverkov, and the more so the more he swaggered

    44. He swaggered back to his comrades

    45. I crammed my pocket full of paper from the big heap at the middle table, and swaggered out of the room with my nose in the air, as though hunting escaped lions was a little matter I attended to every day of my life, and that did not disturb me an atom

    46. Yet with never a turn of the head Dickie swaggered by, talking meanwhile to me in tones meant to carry an idea of much light-heartedness

    1. Following his direction, I spun round and instantly collided with the crazy bus driver in all his swaggering mass

    2. “I like you Captain Alexei,” she told him on their journey to Aura, “true, you have a vain and swaggering style, but you also have a sharp mind

    3. By swaggering never could I thrive,

    4. Several swaggering Naud taskmasters roved through the huge bay

    5. Swaggering sailors from Cyrodiil were shuddering as they talked about it

    6. As she made her way back through the servants’ camp, she noticed more soldiers moving about than she would normally expect, and some Alit’aren swaggering with self-importance through the firelight

    7. “Huh,” he said, swaggering a bit

    8. I’d be the old muttering guy in the corner of the pub, always staring into the distance and the twenty year old guys, with their giant dicks and swaggering shoulders, would all point at me and say ‘what the fuck is he doing here again? Hasn’t he got anywhere else to go?’ I’d never get married with this secret over my head, I’d never have kids with this guilt lurking over me

    9. Charlie came swaggering in

    10. Beatrice and Zoroastro, Leonardo and Zarnia were swaggering through their bodies as if they were executing the new version of some suburban tango

    11. Swaggering, he was doing signs that I could not understand

    12. The Wazuli girl laughed mockingly, Conan scowled, and then the door opened and Yar Afzal came swaggering in

    13. Every glance, each swaggering movement was an affront

    14. The common people were not perturbed at the fate of the merchants, but they began to murmur when they found that the swaggering Pellian soldiery, pretending to maintain order, were as bad as Turanian bandits

    15. airport towards the terminal with the pilot swaggering

    16. Lousy swaggering bastard, that's him all over

    17. swaggering and "in love with himself

    18. The magician then left the person whose turn it was and made his way towards Mohammad Amin, swaggering proudly in front of all those present

    19. He'd soon learn the speech and swaggering manners that identified archers as a breed of their own

    20. Their colour, once a lively, swaggering blue, has faded to a dull grey: I sat staring up at them

    21. the demon was utterly confident, swaggering, the spirits ambled toward him,

    22. They are in love with all kinds of fakery… as the best way to glorify, and justify their own fake, swaggering egos and inferiority-superiority complexes

    23. "The author of that book," said the curate, "was the same that wrote 'The Garden of Flowers,' and truly there is no deciding which of the two books is the more truthful, or, to put it better, the less lying; all I can say is, send this one into the yard for a swaggering fool

    24. And to add to these swaggering ways he was a trifle of a musician, and played the guitar with such a flourish that some said he made it speak; nor did his accomplishments end here, for he was something of a poet too, and on every trifle that happened in the town he made a ballad a league long

    25. I was so delighted at this that, as I signed the IOU with a swaggering air, I told him casually that the night before "I had been keeping it up with some friends at the Hotel de Paris; we were giving a farewell party to a comrade, in fact, I might say a friend of my childhood, and you know--a desperate rake, fearfully spoilt--of course, he belongs to a good family, and has considerable means, a brilliant career; he is witty, charming, a regular Lovelace, you understand; we drank an extra

    26. Swaggering around like she was invincible

    27. "As the eleventh hour struck, he entered with a swaggering air, attended by two of the most dissolute and reckless of his boon companions

    28. ) He had often noticed some of these men swaggering about the town on Sundays, dressed like millionaires and cigared up! They seemed quite a different class of men from those who worked for private firms, and to look at the way some of their children was dressed you'd think their fathers was Cabinet Minstrels! No wonder the

    29. Some of those blokes who went swaggering about in frock-coats and pot-'ats was just as 'ard up as anyone else if the truth was known

    30. Toad, arrayed in goggles, cap, gaiters, and enormous overcoat, came swaggering down the steps, drawing on his gauntleted gloves

    31. O, my!' he gasped, as he panted along, 'what an ASS I am! What a CONCEITED and heedless ass! Swaggering again! Shouting and singing songs again! Sitting still and gassing again! O my! O my! O my!'

    32. He carried his head very jauntily in the air, had a swaggering style of walking, and was, above all else, remarkable for his extraordinary height

    33. He whined, offering the Senor Capataz half his daily pay for the privilege of being admitted to the swaggering fraternity of Cargadores; the other half would be enough for him, he protested

    34. Even the hardy, swaggering half-breed seemed cowed

    35. "By swaggering could I never thrive,

    36. He was swaggering, shoving, engaged in physical repartee with a fellow male student who was no match for him

    37. Anatole with his swaggering air strode up to the window

    38. Kennedy had many competent people working for her, but their personalities often left a bit to be desired—mostly insufferable wonks, slick politicians, and swaggering cowboys

    39. Mag might be swaggering its way to the local bank for a short-term loan

    40. Every little means, every violence, every raid on a Hooverville, every deputy swaggering through a ragged camp put off the day a little and cemented the inevitability of the day

    41. But I did not care for going there : I saw that one could not get on there without a long purse, and also that the place was crowded with insolent fellows and swaggering young snobs

    42. I was so delighted at this that, as I signed the IOU with a swaggering air, I told him casually that the night before "I had been keeping it up with some friends at the Hotel de Paris; we were giving a farewell party to a comrade, in fact, I might say a friend of my childhood, and you know--a desperate rake, fearfully spoilt--of course, he belongs to a good family, and has considerable means, a brilliant career; he is witty, charming, a regular Lovelace, you understand; we drank an extra 'half-dozen' and

    43. On one side there was swaggering assurance, a desire to conquer, a disdain of obstacles and a desperate confidence that he would attain his object

    44. During his last year at school he came in for an estate of two hundred serfs, and as almost all of us were poor he took up a swaggering tone among us

    45. He was vulgar in the extreme, but at the same time he was a good-natured fellow, even in his swaggering

    46. I was so delighted at this that, as I signed the I O U with a swaggering air, I told him casually that the night before "I had been keeping it up with some friends at the Hôtel de Paris; we were giving a farewell party to a comrade, in fact, I might say a friend of my childhood, and you know—a desperate rake, fearfully spoilt—of course, he belongs to a good family, and has considerable means, a brilliant career; he is witty, charming, a regular Lovelace, you understand; we drank an extra 'half-dozen' and

    47. Petrushka came in swaggering, with a strangely casual manner and an air of vulgar triumph on his face

    48. He was too handsome in a hard, swaggering, black-mustachioed way; he exaggerated to offense the English style of easy dress; he wore a too devil-may-care Panama, a too obtrusive colored shirt and club tie; he wore no waistcoat, and the hems of his new flannel trousers, turned up six inches, disclosed a stretch of tan-colored silk socks, clocked with gold, matching overelegant tan shoes

    1. Growing through their junior high school years and entering high school, they both consciously avoided any mention of their ethnic backgrounds in talking with their friends, even adopting and accepting the anti-Muslim slurs and the pre-enlistment swaggers of their friends, especially those who boasted about having no intention of going to college but, instead, argued about whether to enlist in the Army or the Marines on high school graduation day

    2. ISAAC SWAGGERS into his office and stands behind his desk

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