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    1. Wandering slowly through the concourse trying to kill time before takeoff I tried to give the impression of being a seasoned traveller with my hold-all draped casually over my shoulder whilst clutching a boarding pass to the land of mystery and imagination in my trouser pocket

    2. Warlock said he apologized for his takeoff now that he understood their security concerns

    3. There’s less landing and takeoff noise from the airport

    4. Again, he noted the burst of torque when full throttle was applied for takeoff

    5. The cabin crew were demonstrating safety instructions and so he prepared himself for takeoff

    6. Nico and Ryan swallowed down their fear, preparing themselves for takeoff

    7. What about TWA’s flight 800, for instance? On July 17, 1996 a 747 jumbo jet bound for Paris exploded shortly after takeoff from Kennedy International, with the loss of 230

    8. conversation, and they leaned back to await the takeoff

    9. Travers had stayed low not only to avoid all the jet traffic and Army helicopters, but also the cloud layer at 1000 feet that had gone from scattered to broken since their takeoff from Tan Son Nhut

    10. The two men sat motionless for a moment as they listened to the ripping sound of F-100 afterburners on takeoff over�ride the hum and hiss of a large window air conditioner

    11. He knew it would be a difficult takeoff since the tall grass would absorb most of his ground cushion

    12. Court helped him on takeoff, then Toby flew the entire route from climbout to letdown on the return flight to Phan Rang

    13. After takeoff, the men had removed their uniforms stained with red dye and changed into what they could find in their luggage

    14. The Takeoff Today Program - Fly comfortably with the help of the Takeoff Today Program, complete with resources to use in-flight

    15. He had shown tension even before takeoff, and Swann wondered whether it was the approaching deadline or another problem

    16. surveyed the jump from the top of the takeoff ramp prior to making his attempt he told

    17. The Canadian speaker launched into his presentations like a 747 zooming down the runway to takeoff

    18. The force of her takeoff slammed the door closed

    19. When the plane was airborne and Bridget had opened her eyes again after takeoff, much to Joe’s amusement, she asked him how long the flight would take from

    20. wind, attempting a takeoff

    21. The newly employed steward had been instructed to shut the APU off on takeoff, and this small misunderstanding saved their lives that day

    22. When does a plane actually "takeoff"? When it leaves the ground, or when it begins to taxi? The steward believed the former, the pilot meant the latter

    23. The steward did not offer additional information when asked if he had turned off the APU on takeoff

    24. Rachel reached the end of the runway and Elizabeth said, “Captain, you are clear for takeoff

    25. One of her props sheered off half way down the runway when it was hit by an anti-aircraft gun making the takeoff difficult, but she wrestled the beast into the air, to orbit and safety

    26. The camouflage nets had already been pulled from the front of the jungle hideouts of their planes, with soldiers and mechanics in the process of pushing in the open the P-40s and preparing them for takeoff

    27. Due to the strength of the wind, he was able to climb out absolutely vertically from his takeoff point

    28. After a few slides from the lower takeoff, he was ready to go from the top

    29. Once there, he could relax a little and paddle out to the takeoff in a more leisurely manner, studying the huge, pitching barrels on the way out

    30. As he paddled the long five hundred yards back to the takeoff, he admired the golden sunset and the beautiful rainbow of colours it painted across the western sky

    31. ‘Dear Lord’ - I always prayed on takeoff – not always on landing – ‘let this monster get off the

    32. To answer you, we expect within two weeks to receive the North American XF-10, a prototype light fighter that can be adapted to aircraft carrier use, and the Curtiss XA-5, a strike aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing capability

    33. He watched in silence with Boyd as the prototype started its takeoff run, raising its nose and starting its climb after an impressively short roll, softly whispering to himself as the plane flew away

    34. After careful analysis of these pictures and films, I can say that, apart from proving to be a true vertical takeoff and landing aircraft with outstanding performances, that new Bell XC-10 THUNDERBIRD shows us a few crucial things

    35. Runway lights will be on only on approach, landing or takeoff of planes

    36. “Da Nang Control, this is Lady Hawk, on takeoff procedure

    37. After twenty minutes, all the passengers were in and the tower cleared him for takeoff

    38. Getting her fifteen crewmembers ready for takeoff didn’t take long: they were all experienced and well qualified in their jobs and had been personally selected by Rose

    39. Bad weather in Newfoundland had however delayed her departure from there by a day and she nearly had to abort her takeoff early this morning because of continuing bad weather in Saint-John

    40. With their external navigation lights fully on for takeoff, in order to make it easier to form up once in the air, the four P-61s took off first, followed by the EC-142E

    41. The technicians hurried to prepare her F-83 for takeoff and to take out the safeties from the six big bombs and four air-to-air missiles hooked inside her bomb and missile bays

    42. Rolling out of her revetment, she took the shortest way to the runway but had to pause for a few seconds as the second EC-200R of her task force rolled past her, its wheels about to lift from the ground in an emergency takeoff

    43. Tilting the rocket right after takeoff will not help solve that problem, as the drag from the dense air of the lower atmosphere would eat up so much of the thrust from the rocket’s engine that it would run out of fuel before leaving the atmosphere

    44. Your other technicians can wait here and film our takeoff

    45. Takeoff was actually surprisingly short for such a huge aircraft, the wheels lifting off the runway after a run of only a bit more than 1,200 meters

    46. full power in a blistering and bone wrenching takeoff

    47. After takeoff and the impact

    48. distinctive 747 on its takeoff roll

    49. Without stopping, he ran he engines up to full takeoff power and started his roll down the runway

    50. When he reached the takeoff speed, he pulled back on the

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    takeoff mockery parody burlesque lampoon pasquinade put-on send-up sendup spoof travesty ascent climb aircraft departure blast-off launching becoming airborne rising leaving the ground rise upward flight