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    1. The conduct of many scientific men in refusing even personal acquaintance with phenomena travestied by the jugglers of the Egyptian Hall, but attested by such capable and courageous observers as Dr

    2. Enchantments of the sort travestied in those of Dulcinea and the Trifaldi and the cave of Montesinos play a leading part in the later and inferior romances, and another distinguishing feature is caricatured in Don Quixote's blind adoration of Dulcinea

    1. A travesty of travesties

    2. hardly considering that these horrible travesties could one day be in

    3. From the jungle-edge to the riverbank, among the rotting pillars and along the broken piers they lay, torn and mangled and half devoured, chewed travesties of men

    4. Heart racing, he checked his other fake profiles and found that similar travesties had taken place on all of those as well

    5. The subject at hand being much earlier travesties of what laughingly passes itself off as historical “truth” (should be hysterical!), let me now pick up the parallel whereat I wandered off

    6. living proof of one of the greatest travesties of men?s world

    7. And because of this failing, all civilized communities become mangy, run-down, dilapidated junk-heaps of secret cliques Much like the books of Edgar Allen Poe: who wrote of secret, unspoken travesties of hidden evils inside ancient buildings

    8. You will understand them as insane, distorted travesties of once living humans

    1. After that travesty of a lesson in Janus last night, I realized all these years Alexander has been doing nothing but pulling our legs in there

    2. Probably the greatest travesty of our age is the use of manipulation during worship to rile up the emotions and senses during the music time

    3. that it’s a travesty, just think on your own life,

    4. And for it to occur by his hand, would be a travesty he could not bear

    5. it appears to me some travesty of justice has occurred, or could occur or maybe…

    6. When an authority of any sort attempts to enforce such a code rather to allow it to be freely chosen, it is travesty, not morality

    7. At the best, a travesty

    8. “This caused a number of his comrades to be killed but not content by the travesty he then saved his own skin and ran leaving his comrades to fight on this Sir is cowardice in the face of the enemy and must be punished by the correct sentence which is death

    9. A travesty of travesties

    10. In my view, the sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution was a travesty of justice

    11. And the travesty continues

    12. Thus says The Lord of Hosts, to the generation of His wrath: You know not the anger of The Lord, nor of My jealousy which burns in the fierceness of My wrath! The Way of The Lord is not known, and the travesty of the innocent is hidden from your eyes!

    13. Upon his return to Great Britain, he began to voice his concerns over the appalling lack of pilot ability; and the travesty that was flight training up until that time

    14. The doctrine that holds all humans to be of “equal and incalculable moral worth” is a travesty were it to include animals

    15. tottering Weimar Republic—legislation which, though a travesty of the law, will

    16. A crying travesty onto heaven! But I will not get excited about it

    17. And for what prize? The human mind! The travesty of this affair is just how prevalent it is

    18. The travesty of somewhere moon

    19. He looked upon the doings of this day as a travesty upon the facts of divine justice and the truths of infinite mercy

    20. Out of the shadows of the cliffs moved a monstrous shambling bulk—an anthropomorphic horror, a grotesque travesty of creation

    21. Conan stared down on the travesty of a man, a broken, shredded, bloody heap that gibbered and gnashed splintered teeth

    22. But in its dim, hideous features, which were a bestial travesty of a human face, showed ghastly exultation

    23. “My practice has been a travesty

    24. It was such a travesty and lack of

    25. Where in the Bible is this travesty defined? You won’t find it because it is not what God has

    26. We will discuss this travesty in an upcoming chapter

    27. Just such a travesty occurred on October 17, 2006 when a judge reversed the conviction of Enron founder Ken Lay, turning over a jury’s verdict that he had committed fraud and conspiracy in one of the largest scandals in history

    28. "Fuck no! I wouldn't let one of those goons come close to my virgin ass that would be a travesty

    29. It would be a travesty if you never experienced the love that a family provides a man

    30. Perhaps of them all, only General Patton was truly capable of commanding an army, and it would be a travesty to suggest that General Bradley’s right hand knew much about what his left hand was doing

    31. Consciousness is a mystery and a miracle that should not be taken for granted and it is a travesty that people fill their lives with selfish craving rather than really seeing that just 1 second of consciousness is the greatest most exquisite and precious possession of all in the entire universe

    32. lives in this travesty

    33. Sadly, this travesty would impact on

    34. like the wooden travesty of a bird built by the Wright brothers,

    35. “The Star Kin is human, and these Star Kin and their guardians,” he said, indicating our group with a large sweep of his arm, “allow this travesty to continue! They keep her human! They train her in the ways of the Star’s power, when she does not have the ability to control it!” He sounded furious

    36. "We must join together to prevent this abomination, this travesty of law, this disregard of the rights of all white men in their destiny to rule their households

    37. They are abominations but these things hide themselves so well during the day that they’re hard to track and kill…I would like to kill them all, they are such a travesty against nature

    38. He was trying to rationalize and uphold this latest inhuman travesty of separating feelings from thought; and pretending that nothing had any feelings

    39. And that produces the human travesty of people being valued only for how much money they can make or how much money they have

    40. Their repetitiveness and one-sided imbalance, turns play into a mechanical travesty that is basically destructive

    41. Each new set of parents frozen in their respective cultures, steeped in ignorance and normality: given nothing but the example of their own upbringings on which to model the raising of their own children is not Love: it is a travesty of Love

    42. How can this be called love? If the only way you can express love is in secret, excluding everyone else, then it is not love; it is a travesty of Love

    43. But this time something far worse greeted me on the other side of the mirror: my face became a hideous travesty of the real thing, slacken, diseased in some way

    44. To turn living things into money? And then worship and sanctify this kind of existence? To worship this form of machine-tool misery of endless work called farming? Simply because in the process, people happen to be slightly exposed to Nature? Albeit a controlled, manipulated, domesticated, travesty of nature? Why? Because farmers pity people living in the city since they have no direct contact with plants? Huh?

    45. Who is fooling who; in this travesty of a survival tactic that has been obsolete for over three billions years? Are the sponge stores fooling themselves that they are being upwardly mobile, or supremely cunning and smart? By getting rich off wandering customers? So the mobile masses can be sucked dry of their wealth by being sold services and products that are supposed to label them as having a special status? With special, exclusive upwardly mobile services and products that only rich people can afford… to display their excess conspicuous consumption in public? Aping the rich nobles of the past, who defined the idea of conspicuous consumption by flaunting their obscene wealth in front of the starving masses, while sneering at their poverty?

    46. It is a travesty, an abomination of true love

    47. This is how the permeation of unseen aura bird-culture turns human attitudes into a travesty of intent

    48. Every attempt of living humans to mature into responsible, healthy, sane, rational, logical human beings: has been twisted and poisoned into such a horrible travesty of insane destructive, irrational, twisted logic that is completely and blatantly illogical, insane, irrational and just plain crazy: that it is no wonder innocent children take one look at what adults call ‘maturity’ and adulthood: and feel nothing but revulsion, disgust and rage against what they are being forced into

    49. Evil leering ugly things with wings, with faces and bodies stretched and twisted into inhuman monster-faces and bodies… faces and bodies that show the actual nature of their layered-poisoned human baby auras: as an accumulated travesty of inter-species genetic-aura poisoning

    50. In order to be a rapper you must empty your mind and allow whatever drivel comes into your head to be droned out in a dead monotone mechanical obscenity that is a travesty of what music once was

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