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    1. He looked too stunned to speak, it was Ava who said, "But you wore those sandals, I couldn't have lost an aluminum there, even if I had been carrying one around, and I don't think I've ever carried an aluminum on my person," Ava said

    2. "I can't think of when I could have possibly been in a place where aluminum could have been rolling around loose

    3. "Don't even think that

    4. "I always think of these as like a square quesadilla without the cheese," she told Herndon

    5. I think that's Ongar, he's enough of a jerk to talk about it at the Seaside

    6. "What do you think the cargo is that Herndon's paper's are about?" Jorma asked as they walked back toward the camp

    7. The reason I am saying that, it is because when you think

    8. it but to think supernatural, because that is how He

    9. I think we can safely say that this act was brave

    10. "I think Venna needs to catch up on some sleep

    11. "Nor fjords to put it in, come to think of that

    12. Hobbes: They’ve all had their heads bashed in! You think they did that to themselves?

    13. that the praise is not worth having or else she may think that she

    14. Think about how much attention you give

    15. try and encourage them to think of ways that they can earn some

    16. They do not think that

    17. Think about all the things that would have to align in order for the universe TOM ANDERSON

    18. Mind you, I stil chose to send her to the wrong one – after all, what did the cheeky cow think I was? ; A walking information booth?

    19. to adjust her approach and think up a new plan

    20. "Do you think you could ever feel at home here?"

    21. Why would anyone want to know what I think are the best albums of al

    22. "You don't think it's the most ghoulish thing ever invented in the universe?"

    23. "And you think what I did was ghoulish?"

    24. When Mom finally told me about the case, I remember just nodding and walking to my room to just stare at the ceiling and think

    25. "Yeah, but do you think I am forcing her dead body to twitch using electrical impulses? Do you think if you cut me open you would find some crystal implanted in Tdesi's head?"

    26. "I was overwhelmed, but after almost two years I think Kulai and I still haven't done it as many times as you and I did

    27. Then somebody else comes to you and they say, “Can I have some time please,” and you think,

    28. He began to think it was a long time that Venna had been gone

    29. think this conversation is wise?” as I had images of being met by friendly armed police units at the station

    30. But I don’t think you killed that man

    31. after all, that is what everyone likes to think

    32. compassionate, do you think you would have a nicer conversation? I bet

    33. “I don’t think this travels the way we all think

    34. “Your father, I think, was one of those inflicted with paranoia and delusions

    35. She was in his arms before he could think about it, and she felt good there

    36. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    37. The girl hesitated, then said, "I think the Seven

    38. Matt: 21:28: But what think ye? A certain man had two

    39. Think back to when you were a kid

    40. “Come to the kitchen, Tatania, I think we need a little water

    41. Everything depends on what we think about the nature and environment and how we want to deal with our fellow beings

    42. "More than the Kassikan I would think, but what could you do with it all?"

    43. "You think she did that?" Ennil asked

    44. "I think she's too careful

    45. Seems to think I’m the pool boy or something

    46. We started with nothing remember? I think it was a whole five thousand I invested initially if you remember

    47. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    48. Jesus think and what He thinks is all that matters to you

    49. Think of marriage when you think of

    50. wherefore think you evil in your hearts?

    1. yourself thinking a disempowering thought, stop

    2. There is so much proof that speaking positively, thinking positively, and being an optimist helps you to achieve so much more in

    3. I flinch, thinking about what Micah is slowly turning into

    4. Before you start figuring out what you want (because I know it is not an easy task) here are some questions to help stimulate your thinking

    5. If you live in an environment where there are lots of gophers bugs, larvae, grubs, spiders, and centipedes, you should start thinking in terms of protecting your plants

    6. Ya gotta know what they’re thinking

    7. Problems with Abstract Thinking

    8. Prayer does not require spending money but only sparing time for thinking about him or to sing in his praise

    9. Johnny and Ackers were standing beside her, but Nancy couldn’t help thinking that they were all in danger just for being this close to the group, which was currently sparring with a robotic army and, as far as Nancy could tell, each other

    10. "I was just thinking we may be too late, they couldn't have made all these improvements without quite a bit of money

    11. Critical thinking, problem solving and logical interpretation develop their abilities and skill rather than memories

    12. You should not help thinking ‘I am helping a man below me

    13. ‘She must be crazy!’ I said without thinking … he waits as I consider the point

    14. But before she made the turn, she did some more thinking

    15. "I've been thinking, you know we did mean something to each other once, the shared mission and all that

    16. That’s what I was thinking

    17. If you were all the time thinking of having a little more time, a little more money and a few more possessions, you would never be really happy

    18. Johnny realized again that he was thinking about it, and tried again to push it out of his mind

    19. Whatever will she be thinking?

    20. Serpent tasted the air, thinking back to the taste of his mate who is lost to him forever

    21. As he was thinking, he realized there was a presence behind him

    22. Don’t worry, the situation will resolve itself in a moment,” Ackers said, thinking quickly that he now had to appear as normal as possible so as not to arouse too much suspicion and have the paper boy call in any authorities

    23. I set the alarm without thinking last night so, when it goes off at the usual time, I wake just to lie in bed and wonder what I should do

    24. He cursed himself for not thinking about that sooner, but there was nothing he could do about it now

    25. Those with intellectual and questioning bent of mind start thinking more seriously about God, Religion, Spirituality and so on

    26. ‘Yes … I overheard something when I was standing at the bar which set me thinking

    27. Most people define ‘wrong’ as that which is different from their way of thinking

    28. I find myself staring at the phone once I have put it down … what the hell is Dan playing at? Standing staring at my house for hours on end every evening? Is that legal? Thinking about it, I suppose there isn’t a law against it if he is standing on his property … would it count as stalking?

    29. feeling the heat of Cretan summer, thinking about the old man and what he had said

    30. “We’ve both been thinking it all

    31. ‘I doubt it …’ he said, clearly thinking the problem through

    32. Start thinking that

    33. I dreamed the odd dream and filed the plans away, never thinking that there would be

    34. in another one of it’s recalcitrant moods I sat idling away a couple of minutes thinking

    35. thinking carelessly: ”I thought that it would go away somehow …” It will

    36. ’ I assured her, thinking that it would have been kinder if Jack hadn’t lived to fade slowly away with emphysema – he’d not found life at all easy and it had cut me up terribly watching him degenerate into frail helplessness

    37. You know what I’m thinking?

    38. "I'd rather not lie awake thinking of some giant rock about to fall on us, leaving us a winter Nightday that's decades long

    39. "We shouldn't stop thinking about the life we will have in the event of the ninety or ninety nine percent chance that it's going to miss us

    40. may have been thinking simply won’t do

    41. Thinking that there might be someone in the house, he ran straight to the door and kicked it in

    42. a limited way of thinking is the only barrier between us and every

    43. ‘I was just thinking, it is far too long since I last wandered around in fields of long grass

    44. ‘I’ve been thinking about trying to get some sort of live in job

    45. Eventually, munching on our apples we pack up the debris and start thinking about moving on

    46. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine … my brain seems to have given up thinking lucidly

    47. nothing more than a little local dissent or muddled thinking, nonetheless these

    48. I should have been thinking about what to say to stop these morons from crippling me and my son

    49. Smith thought, and in thinking proved Descartes right, and therein lay a

    50. steps towards origin, and in thinking, even on a universal scale, Smith began to

    1. “I have a client who thinks there’s a serial killer in the streets

    2. It is a myth that some church people thinks that God is

    3. Jesus think and what He thinks is all that matters to you

    4. I have been deprived of the luxury of caring what my beloved thinks of me, and so I write

    5. Her therapist thinks something similar, though instead he tells her that she is trying to gain control over her life by ironing clothes

    6. “And he thinks he’s almost as smart as me

    7. "He thinks he saw it," Ava said

    8. "Where is it? Herndon thinks it's up there

    9. Herndon thinks I should stay here, so he's not going to run me back up to the Kassikan in his missile

    10. ‘I’d like to think so, but Ditton is still concerned about the way you were set up … he thinks that Dan may have murdered Joanna

    11. Stephen thinks that there is still a likelihood that I may be involved

    12. ‘I gather that the Inspector is concerned about the fact I was framed as the likely murderer and thinks that … that someone hates me sufficiently to … to take things further

    13. If this becomes a habit, we shall soon find our reactions to the affairs of life changing and that we are beginning to think the thoughts that the soul thinks

    14. He thinks about it a minute, shrugs his shoulders, chugs some more until the beer is empty, tosses the can in the corner on top of his jacket

    15. "Also the big idiot actually thinks he's a real bloody policeman

    16. He still thinks he can take you down

    17. Dave thinks about this

    18. John thinks about it, nods

    19. John thinks about it

    20. Our investor has five sixths of the entire world stock of this series and he thinks they're going to be popular

    21. Every now and then, when she thinks no-one is looking, it pops out … am I being a fool? Or even worse, an interfering old bag? I hope not

    22. I'm guessing, just a guess, that she thinks she can lure Waldeis in with this

    23. He thinks about it for a minute

    24. "He thinks you're a spy for some Brazilian Colonel," doostEr told him

    25. He starts to wave, thinks better of it, turns back and gets on the bus

    26. He says he thinks he saw some

    27. Hamo thinks about it

    28. ’ He said, his eyes twinkling, when Molly asks him what he thinks of my outfit

    29. ‘No … I don’t give a toss what Harvey thinks

    30. He’s terribly upset … he thinks that it is possible that Sadler tampered with Liz’s car before going into the house and blames himself for not checking the car was okay

    31. “I wouldn't rule out that possibility,” agreed Peter -one of the few in our class the guru thinks high of

    32. The ironic laughs of children on the road; this evening, as soon as they saw me, they shouted “here comes the vampire!” Everybody thinks they are my boss! I can't stand them anymore!

    33. ‘Apart from that, he thinks it would enhance their studies into things like the war

    34. Antonia, Apollo thinks to himself as he gets to his feet

    35. I think he thinks I might turn, you know, convert

    36. He thinks agricultural knowledge is mature now

    37. I'm still not going to fall for it, Apollo thinks to himself as he lies back down on the bed, trying to stifle his appetite that's suddenly eating away at his determination

    38.  Don’t be distracted about what your mind thinks will

    39. "She thinks she's still alive," Desa said, talking about the voice she had heard those five weeks ago

    40. He thinks there are two wolves up on the top meadow

    41. He thinks that they may be just young ones

    42. and thinks about making the bed

    43. "I wonder what the captain thinks you were up to

    44. but thinks better of it as one man looks out into his eyes

    45. ” She said it loud enough so all would hear the news, “Jake says he thinks we got to the poison in time, he says Daniel is strong and a fighter

    46. When He calls upon us to perform His will, it might be entirely contrary to what this world thinks is peaceful or gentle or any of these other fruits of the Spirit

    47. ‘Lintze! Are you all right?’ he asked, leading me out into the anteroom, his expression revealing quite clearly what he thinks of my ill-fitting attire

    48. The priest is the ruler, and not a man who thinks himself to be worthy

    49. ‘Father thinks it is a good match

    50. giantfolk he thinks he saw” said Lardyme

    1. Jorma thought he might have asked with a shade of accusation, though his look was friendly when Jorma turned to him

    2. Jorma thought the Brazilian was more excited about that aluminum than he should be, but then he had heard that most of the people of YingolNeerie were very interested in money

    3. "I thought I bored you with my stories of Zharvai

    4. Today – when a member of your staff asked me what I thought of you

    5. "Uu woopah puh," Jorma thought he must have been speaking Yingolian, but looked and saw that he was finishing his teeth

    6. You could just as easily have a vigilante zombie killer as you could have a serial killer… you hadn’t thought of this?

    7. Gen: 20:11: And Abraham said, Because I thought, Surely the fear of God is not in this place; and they will slay me for my wife's sake

    8. yourself thinking a disempowering thought, stop

    9. I had always thought that people aged between 18 and 65 should not

    10. I’m telling you, the thought of leaving this earth without leaving this information for my children was terrifying to me

    11. “Damn it, Toby! I thought we moved past this!”

    12. I never thought I'd get so far from that abandoned parking garage

    13. You thought that was really cool

    14. But that's not true! That is a thought, which is a belief

    15. I started to try and go there once and you thought you were in the sewage digester

    16. and enquiring what she thought of it immediately afterwards

    17. “I don’t know about everyone else who’s stayed on, but I left the Militia because I thought it was temporary

    18. I’m guessing the people who stayed thought it was in their best interest or else had nowhere else to go

    19. "I was, but I'm not any more, I thought I made that completely clear

    20. "He's done with his Eye work I see," Jorma announced and let that thought slip from his mind unresolved

    21. There was a gauze left on the bed, but he thought it was Ava's

    22. “I thought you should know what happened to your father

    23. We never thought that these sins are as bad as

    24. Oh right, thought Sam

    25. She looks like she’s stuck in one paralyzing thought, like when a squirrel freezes up in the middle of the road

    26. But when he thought about the difference a single aluminum made in his life, he understood what that could do

    27. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    28. My thoughts go to my father and Raj and the needling thought that I should have done more for them

    29. From their faces I thought it might be Herndon but my guess is Venna stole it from Herndon, along with a few others, when she was with him

    30. Once he pulled that one off, he thought, he could relax and be ‘exclusive’ for at least two or three years

    31. Bunch of no hopers, he thought, but thankfully there was no accounting for taste

    32. I know when I broke that one, and saw how much money is in just one, I saw it was as much money as I once thought Ava had

    33. "Haven't made up my mind," he answered before he drifted away in thought

    34. He thought he could see the reflections of the light of a hooded candle moving about

    35. The sooner he was back in his own small pond the better, he thought

    36. He would keep it, he thought, along with what was left of that aluminum, for his trouble in whatever Tdeshi's ghosts were up to

    37. When he thought about how different Ava was from Tdeshi, he knew he was much happier with Ava

    38. 'Why did she have to be haunted by that Yingolian ghost?' he thought, and then had the epiphany

    39. It was years too soon, he thought, but he hadn't paid enough attention had he? Or was he just too drunk at the time? No one else seemed to think it was imminent, but there was no denying that it was something huge falling from the sky and it looked like it was aimed straight at the camp

    40. That’s an intuition, that’s a thought

    41. work out the way I thought it was going to

    42. So what should you do when you have the thought, “What should I do?”

    43. Yorthop's relationship with Kulai was cooler than she thought it needed to be, cooler than he wanted it to be

    44. There were days when I thought Toby would follow in the footsteps of his father

    45. They called themselves the Fourth Wall because they thought they were all so big that if they had one more member they could hold a roof over their heads

    46. At least that’s what Johnny thought they meant

    47. “Like chains,” the boy said, and Hermann thought that maybe he was silently going mad just while waiting in the terminal

    48. “I thought it was an hour before we boward,” she says

    49. ” she said, in a prettier voice than he would have thought

    50. I would have thought you got your tats in prison or something

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