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    1. Josh: 1:8: This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that

    2. Josh: 1:8: This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that

    3. Psalms: 1:2: But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night

    4. Having found the time and the place, we shall sit down in a comfortable chair and begin to meditate

    5. As about religions, what are they really? “I always tell you to meditate and observe yourselves so as to strengthen your souls

    6. For about two years now I have entered a very interesting phase of my life, since I have more and more psychic experiences; yet, I have also perceived certain paradox incidents which appear more and more frequently, surrounding me like a Sonic War: At daybreak, when I do the most important meditation exercise of the day, there is incredible mobility in the block of flats next to my house: A number of cars come and go continuously in and out of their outdoor garage, which happens to be right next to my bedroom window! Even earlier, from 4:00 to 6:00 am (no exaggeration) they race engines incessantly and/or slam car doors uncountable times! Why, indeed? Only God -or Satan- knows! The fact is that more often than not I can hardly sleep, I feel exasperated and I can't meditate properly

    7. She couldn’t bring herself down to meditate; thoughts of Tarak and the kiss they shared filled her mind

    8. to meditate on why the subconscious mind is giving

    9. from? Meditate on the ways in which you may be freed

    10. Bible too may be effectively used to meditate with

    11. Those who fear me and meditate on

    12. I closed my eyes to meditate and very soon found myself in the Room-Of-Doors

    13. I also study and meditate on the scripture so it goes deep in my heart

    14. As we think upon God and meditate on Him, we

    15. Meditate on it and let the Spirit speak to you

    16. Meditate on and pray Psalm 27 for you and those around

    17. Read about a chapter of Scripture and meditate on a

    18. Meditate on the following verse

    19. where people meditate to purify themselves for a future

    20. Once home I lay down to meditate and when I opened my eyes giant interlocked translucent molecular-like globes with 3-D Stars of David were moving through the room

    21. One good way to practice turning your attention to happiness is to meditate on it

    22. What I have just described is only one way to meditate on happiness

    23. I used to meditate in the Zen Center of San Francisco

    24. Getting Started - Where, When, and How to Meditate

    25. When to Meditate - Making It a Habit

    26. I meditate early in the morning, about an hour after I get up and have eaten breakfast, had a cup of coffee, and read the news

    27. You can meditate alone or in a group

    28. Once you have settled yourself in a quiet place and are sitting comfortably, you are ready to meditate

    29. Meditating on your breath is a common and classic way to meditate

    30. If you choose to meditate on a concept, it can be helpful to have a physical object in front of you to remind you of what you are trying to focus on

    31. Once you have learned to hold your attention on objects, mantras, and concepts, the next thing is to meditate on the mind itself

    32. To meditate without an awareness of the reason for meditation, however, is the essence of nonattachment and the essence of not-doing

    33. As long as you can stay awake and alert, lying down or reclining in some way is a good position in which to meditate

    34. Though I knew the task would not be easy nor painless, I agreed to pray and meditate on the matter

    35. “but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:"

    36. “You must meditate before you can venture out to explore the campsite

    37. “If you don’t meditate every day you may lose control of your ability to wield

    38. He focused his breathing and attempted to find enough calm to meditate in the hope of finding a crack in the shield that cut him off from the Power

    39. “But his is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night” (Psalm 1:2)

    40. meditate is that the mind and the breath work together

    41.  Cave: A time to think\, step back and weigh up your options and meditate

    42. That was the way of it, he thought, idly scratching an itchy spot on his left forearm, and continuing to meditate

    43. and meditate upon His Word

    44. 2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law does he meditate day and night

    45. 15 I will meditate in your precepts, and have respect to your ways

    46. 48 My hands also will I lift up to your commandments, which I have loved; and I will meditate in your statutes

    47. 78 Let the proud be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause, but I will meditate in your precepts

    48. 5 I remember the days of old; I meditate on all your works; I muse on the work of your hands

    49. Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all

    50. Here is the basic information on how to meditate, and form a secure foundation to start your spiritual journey

    1. However we meditated or prayed sporadically whenever it suited you

    2. After centering herself she meditated on it for 30 minutes

    3. Meditated information has been known to be a part of your day

    4. He sat down cross-legged and meditated upon the ruro within his chest

    5. Perhaps, had he meditated a bit longer, he would not have allowed the Empire to end up in the hands of his son, Commodus, with the ensuing disastrous results

    6. In his spare hours, he sat and meditated on how to deal with these problems though the solution continued to evade him

    7. meditated (intentional) murder NOT accidents or the action of

    8. ” As i meditated on this event i realized that there

    9. “Vydor, before we jumped last time you meditated, and when I finally came out of the post-jump effects I noticed that you were already in control of the ship

    10. 18 But they who have meditated on religion with their whole heart, these alone can master the


    12. She couldn’t remember any of these colours when she and Johan had meditated together in the past

    13. 18 But they who have meditated on religion with their whole heart these alone can master the passions of the flesh; 19 they who believe that to God they die not; for as our forefathers Abraham Isaac Jacob they live to God

    14. As I said earlier, I had not meditated in some time, but I did miss the process and I thought this was the perfect excuse to get back to it

    15. I have meditated on the idea several times in an effort to fully understand not only what he said, but also the full potential of his statement

    16. They just meditated on average 40 minutes each day; you don’t have to be a monk

    17. that if she meditated on the form a sound could be heard 33

    18. Quiet, he often meditated

    19. -Would you do that for me? - Batam-Al-Bur meditated for a moment to respond:

    20. meditated on ways to take her back from Tobias Chandler

    21. Severa meditated her response, then said:

    22. After scanning their rooms for bugs, a precaution they’d begun taking when another scientist seemed to know more than she should about their activities, they meditated for twenty minutes then discussed the events of the afternoon

    23. troubled about it and I meditated and asked Baba for

    24. is meditated upon in reverence and lastly, the appeal is made

    25. Before retiring that evening, he meditated on his new plan at great length, and

    26. Since Jesus had talked with the apostles and others long into the night, on this Sunday morning very few of the group were up for breakfast; so he went out by the seaside and sat alone in the boat, the old fishing boat of Andrew and Peter, which was always kept at his disposal, and meditated on the next move to be made in the work of extending the kingdom

    27. The other meditated for a space

    28. Judas was becoming increasingly nervous as he meditated how the eleven loyal apostles would detest him, and he feared they would all seek to destroy him

    29. meditated on the promises that God has

    30. We all sat in a large meditation hall for ten hours a day and meditated

    31. meditated on the world of suffering, death, and God

    32. Her mind still echoing with the mighty voice of The One, Nancy stayed on her knees and meditated

    33. He watched on in silence for a few seconds, noticing how eerily quiet the baby was now, with its small hands caressing Nancy’s face while she seemingly meditated

    34. “The high priest will ask me if I have prayed and meditated, should I lie to the high priest and risk damnation or should I answer truthfully

    35. It was early when I woke, laying still and silent as I meditated on the new day, and if I was strong enough to get all the way to Capernaum, and do it all in one day

    36. He closed his eyes, and meditated upon how nice it would be to finally be alone

    37. Security guards and other witnesses at the performance said while your daughter Diane D was performing, she got all the way down on the floor in a split position and seemed to have meditated right there on the stage! Then they said she seemed to have went into some sort of hypnotic trance

    38. Did she really meditated while she was on stage?”

    39. Diane D’s physical body is sitting on the floor in a meditated position completely in a state of trance with her eyes eerily puffy, eerily swollen, eerily blank and half-closed with her eyeballs eerily looking up almost hidden behind her half-closed eyelids

    40. There is a large eerie painting of Diane D’s physical body sitting on the floor in a meditated position inside a large dimly lit bedroom

    41. The German security guards and camera people already told me, that when I first meditated, to the time I landed on the stage floor, laid up, opened my eyes again then saw my family rushing to me, ten or fifteen minutes had went by

    42. “It was still sitting on the floor in a meditated position where I left it, just like in the painting

    43. every time I meditated

    44. "Having been on a 10 day Goenka Vipassana silent retreat where I meditated for 8 hours a day I can say that coming to stay with

    45. “You said your physical body was on the floor sitting in a meditated state while your soul or spirit was out of it away from it, just like in that painting

    46. “Well I think your family is right! You said it yourself that when you meditated on that stage in Germany, you accidentally hypnotized yourself and your self-hypnosis got out of hand! Diane D, I think you should stop meditating and stop leaving your physical body altogether to keep other souls, spirits or entities from entering into your physical body and using it!”

    47. meditated for 8 hours a day I can say that coming to stay with

    48. My family told the doctors and the authorities that they would see me sitting on the bedroom floor in a meditated position inside a dimly lit bedroom

    49. “Wow,” the audience says as they frighteningly stare at the large BODY AND SOUL painting of Diane D‘s soul or spirit creeping away from her physical body with her spiritual head turned around looking back at her physical body while her physical body is left on the floor in a meditated position in a state of trance

    50. Many students have said that if they meditated for one hour every

    1. Q: In meditation, who meditates, the person or the witness?

    2. This became one of Roger’s habits, even during Sunday sermons… He listens and meditates, but does not correct

    3. He always meditates at this time of day

    4. Someone who meditates regularly, over time, learns to restrain mental activities in the conscious mind (often associated with the left brain) and to go deeper and deeper within the subconscious mind (which is often associated with the right brain) until it merges with the ‘bedrock’ — the Universal Mind

    5. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night

    6. Remember also that every one who meditates upon the Master makes a

    7. having problems concentrating when he meditates and

    8. 100: “T he more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large

    9. Now that I’m here she has her hippie moment and meditates while I have to deal with all this crap that I thought was important at the time

    10. “Yeah I heard that she meditates,” the second police officer says

    11. “We’ve seen Dana sitting on the floor with Diane while Diane meditates

    12. “I hear that she meditates from time to time

    13. “No we didn‘t! She usually meditates late at night during the wee hours of the morning!”

    14. He who chants and meditates upon this monosyllable OM chants and meditates upon all the Scriptures of the world

    15. “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night

    16. In His law he meditates day and night

    17. It’s a pity that man meditates for peace of mind having purchased headaches at a discount

    18. “The yogi with a restrained mind who thus meditates on me in-

    19. The worshipper who always meditates on God with a steady mind real-

    20. So it is that Arjun is a sage who meditates with

    21. Indeed, if man meditates on a camel, he will sense wisdom in creation and precision in making that acquaint him with its great Creator and wise Maker

    22. When one meditates today, if they are communing with the Earth, there will not only be simple feelings of oceanic bliss and global peace, but also panic, confusion, and rage from the threat of catastrophes and the inevitability of emotional chaos

    23. Indeed, if a person meditates on a camel, they will sense that there is wisdom and precision in creation

    24. Cass meditates on this revelation as he lay in his bunk before falling off to sleep

    25. seeing the Bodhisattva’s training that meditates continually

    26. actually sits and meditates over her ad, sending her energy into the ad

    27. For example, a human being who meditates may feel that he has spent one minute in a state of maximum internal calm (lying or sitting motionless), although more than an hour may have actually passed

    28. Prayer may be personal, intimate and creative, yet also focused on the structured and traditional prayers, as when one reflects and meditates on the ‘Lord’s Prayer’; which reads:

    29. Where Self meditates with an intuitive reflective spirit on Self’s past experiences learning about Self in conjunction with informed information

    30. Sire, the usurper is arming three ships, he meditates some project, which, however mad, is yet, perhaps, terrible

    31. From the egotism of the man who suffers he passes to the compassion of the man who meditates

    32. great human and terrestrial journey towards the celestial and the divine; it has its halting places where it rallies the laggard troop, it has its stations where it meditates, in the presence of some splendid Canaan suddenly unveiled on its horizon, it has its nights when it sleeps; and it is one of the poignant anxieties of the thinker that he sees the shadow resting on the human soul, and that he gropes in darkness without being able to awaken that slumbering Progress

    33. When the work is over, a prisoner goes out of the barracks, sits down on the threshold, meditates with his chin resting on his hand, and then drawls out his song in a high falsetto

    1. counsel, anyway, and spent the evening meditating on his

    2. meditating on His word

    3. Spend the last 20 minutes reading and meditating on the

    4. practice, train your mind to continue meditating at the higher level, after

    5. With at least 20 minutes a day, continue meditating for at least two months

    6. ”How, how, how…” he said meditating

    7. Exercise, eating, praying, meditating, training the mind

    8. During the rainy season, he stayed in the monastery with his disciples meditating and otherwise recharging his energy

    9. Meditating Alone or with Others

    10. There are pluses and minuses in meditating alone and in meditating with others

    11. When meditating on a chair, the key is to sit erect, with the back straight and the head balanced over your body

    12. In the next sections, I am going to talk much more about objects of meditation, and about the attitude you should have while meditating

    13. Meditating on your breath is a common and classic way to meditate

    14. Try to replace these thoughts with the memory and awareness of what you experience while meditating

    15. Judgments made while not meditating come from your ordinary frame of reference, a frame of reference in which it is impossible to judge the value of meditation

    16. Meditation is an autotelic experience if, while meditating, you attend only to what you are doing in the here and now

    17. While meditating on the word, the Holy Spirit breathes upon the word and causes it to come alive in our thoughts and minds; helping us to understand exactly what it is that God is saying to us through His written word

    18. At first he thought a little about Rosemary, but by the time he reached Rainbow Valley he had forgotten all about her and was meditating on a point regarding German theology which Ellen had raised

    19. He felt he was called to be a prophet of God while meditating in the cave

    20. Start by meditating 15 to 30

    21. meditating for a period of no less than 30 days

    22. By meditating on this point we shall develop the strong determination: 'I will practice purification and engage only in virtuous actions'

    23. He tried to do this a few more times but then abruptly opened his eyes and shook his head, probably getting bored of meditating as Ganesh did whenever he tried

    24. Meditating on the law of karma is like looking into a mirror that shows us what to abandon and what to practice

    25. We feel purer and clearer after meditating because we're less blocked by frustrated energy

    26. I will be meditating in order to avoid the post-jump hangover just in case the jump algorithms are off,” I said to Kellyn privately

    27. We assumed he was meditating so we respectfully moved away to the edge of the settlement and sat on the bluff looking down at the river enjoying the mild day

    28. Meditating and praying, to get in the mood

    29. I spent the rest of the day sitting next to the cairn fasting and meditating

    30. When Akito pulled out a charm and began meditating, I began to wonder if he had tricked me into thinking we were going to have fun

    31. At that time a man came upon me while I was meditating along the side of a creek

    32. I was certain that all the hours I spent meditating would finally pay off

    33. multitude of intelligence hidden itself, and where has the multitude of wisdom removed itself?" 37 And whilst they are meditating

    34. meditating on the few verses I had read that

    35. When you first start meditating you’ll find that your mind is

    36. From the moment he heard about the situation in Jerusalem, Nehemiah started praying and meditating on what needed to be done

    37. At the time, I was near, meditating in my glade of contemplation, and I detected his approach

    38. Feeling the Love that emanated from Yania, Kami stared also into Yania’s eyes, meditating on her beauty

    39. 36 And many shall say to many at that time: "Where has the multitude of intelligence hidden itself and where has the multitude of wisdom removed itself?" 37 And whilst they are meditating these things; Then envy shall arise in those who had not thought anything of themselves and passion shall seize him who is peaceful; And many shall be stirred up in anger to injure many; And they shall rouse up armies in order to shed blood; And in the end they shall perish together with them

    40. I’m referring to the act of meditating

    41. Part of meditating includes asking questions, considering different angles, comparing what you learn with Scriptures, and most importantly, letting the Holy Spirit lead you into deeper revelations of His truths! So I encourage you to do all of these things, and whatever other things the Lord shares with you to help you receive more revelation from Him

    42. However, yogis can respond to a series of repetitive stimuli at the same reaction level when not meditating

    43. For the last year or so I have been doing a lot of meditating and self-evaluation

    44. I’d been operating on the principle that I had to burn through the dross of accumulated karmas by meditating daily and

    45. Despite his name, little distinguished, I am interested in knowing him, so I also go to our porch in the company of a book that never read but put it on my lap adopting an ethereal and intellectual look, as if I was meditating a bit about the philosophical aspects of life

    46. his promises, trust in His Word, meditating on it, confessing it with

    47. Even though his five companions sit close by, meditating, they are far too weak to have helped him out of the river

    48. He sits and contemplates, meditating on such things in the cave of Jabal al-nur

    49. Reading, stretching, watching a movie, meditating, or even napping are activities that you may allow yourself on a fast day that you would otherwise pass on

    50. part of the day and, as we should say, meditating; but while He is apparently

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