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    1. trying to save enough money so we can buy that new car

    2. you serious, you're trying to do something? What is trying? Trying is not committing

    3. Trying means that you’re interested

    4. If you say you are trying to build a business, you are interested in building a business

    5. If you say you are trying to quit smoking, you're interested in quitting smoking

    6. If you’re trying to lose weight, you're interested in it

    7. I know I shouldn’t have let this get to me—my parents were just trying to do what was best for me—but it still bothered me that my life growing up was so intertwined with a murderer like Robert Hansen

    8. He paused for a while, trying to remember

    9. “You’re just trying to avoid me

    10. · You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room

    11. parents were trying to instill in you, then your parents probably didn’t want you to hang out with those people any more

    12. What Jesus was trying to teach Simon here, was that you

    13. It paws at her, trying to suckle at her breast

    14. service trying to show off, while no one is interested

    15. “Great!” he said, trying to hold back the big shit-eating grin his heart was wearing

    16. The real story is that it is most likely very difficult to program the autoresponders or whatever item they are trying to talk you out of

    17. "Why were you trying to fly it?" Yorthops asked

    18. Jerm shrugged, trying his best not to look amused

    19. Johnny trailed Nancy, trying to quickly dodge the students faster than she was so he could catch up to her

    20. When you’re trying to grasp something for support, you have to be able to see it

    21. Still, he had to say something to let his boss know that he was hard at work trying to fulfill his wishes

    22. He had been hunched over, trying to make himself smaller when he had gone into the room, and now he straightened up and gave a small wave to everyone

    23. Henry had interrupted whatever presentation he was giving by trying to enter as quietly as possible

    24. “I was trying not to

    25. Nancy looked away, trying to appear casual, before acting surprised that the question was directed at her

    26. He looked back and forth between them, trying to figure out what was going on when it should have been obvious

    27. Part of him must have been acting subconsciously, trying to provoke them into responding

    28. Mom was trying to call Millie every few seconds but the mermaids had removed the battery

    29. “Actually, I was wondering why everything is white,” she replied, trying to throw Ackers off

    30. He continued to argue about it, trying to convince her the missing aluminum was going to disrupt the world's economy

    31. “After you two bungled acquiring the Super Chip, I put my superior intellect into action trying to pinpoint its new location

    32. Her therapist thinks something similar, though instead he tells her that she is trying to gain control over her life by ironing clothes

    33. Ackers looked like he was trying to figure out what to say next

    34. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    35. I don't think he would be trying to convince me to give him another chance if he was with Venna

    36. Scar peered intently at the gibberish on the monitor, trying to make sense of the words and numbers appearing and disappearing in rapid procession

    37. I sit there trying to take all this in … Joanna hated gardening … where did that thought come from?

    38. "So who's trying to find the aluminum that is missing?" Ava asked

    39. ‘I … I was trying to work that out on the way here

    40. And because he wasn’t trying to be sexist or nothin’, he put up a poster of Rosie the Riveter because she had strong arms

    41. “I’ve been trying to get used to it for over forty years

    42. Her parents continue trying to make her into something they never managed when they were her age

    43. He stammered and stuttered, trying to think of what to say

    44. He currently had one guard clamped to his back, and two more trying to hold his legs to the ground

    45. "It could get ugly, I'm trying to prevent that

    46. You should be on my side, you've gone over to the natives, I'm trying to at least retain peaceful contact with them, not wall ourselves in some enclave or set out on a vain mission to rescue the motherland

    47. "I don't want hostility directed at me and what I'm trying to accomplish

    48. "That's what I've been trying to tell you," she said

    49. Guards made their way to Johnny’s location, trying to get used to their new predicament

    50. She sent a few business related messages while trying to think of what to tell Kulai

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    nerve-racking nerve-wracking stressful trying unpleasant untimely touchy uncomfortable embarrassing annoying inauspicious