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Trying in a sentence

But what I am trying.
I’m trying to say is.
I was trying not to.
As you are trying hard.
She was trying too hard.
A lady trying to smile.
He might be trying to.

He's trying to help us.
I was just trying to.
I was trying to buy time.
So the body, trying to.
I’m trying to tell you.
He is trying to get rid.
I’m trying to help you.
I'm only trying to help.
At least I was trying to.
Once you begin trying to.
He was just trying to.
At least he was trying to.
She was trying to kiss him.
She was trying to trick us.
She was just trying to get.
He was only trying to plead.
It was still trying to talk.
She hadn't even been trying.
I’m trying to preserve us.
Sharon was trying not to cry.
Trying to keep eyes open 10.
Instead of trying to avoid.
They thought he was trying.
Just trying to be helpful.
Trying to be treated better.
She was trying to help me.
I’m trying to end this war.
She died trying to save me.
He never bothered trying to.
They’re trying to help you.
Now what's he trying to do?
Trying to figure a way into.
They knew it was trying out.
I tried to kiss her.
And he had tried it.
I tried not to gag.
I tried to look calm.
He tried to stop me.
Now he tried to see.
He had not tried to.
I tried to save him.
He tried to read her.
I tried to close my.
I tried to tell her.
I tried to be normal.
I tried to think on it.
He tried to face the.
I tried to stop her.
I tried the new one on.
I tried to look non-.
Nadir tried to see it.
He tried to open his.
I tried to think back.
He tried hard not to.
She tried to pull free.
She tried not to stare.
They tried to call you.
He tried to destroy me.
I tried to learn from.
He tried to kill me.
He tried not to stiffen.
I tried to imagine that.
I tried to comfort her.
He tried not to think.
I tried to shut him up.
So; I tried a new thing.
They tried to shoot me.
She tried to catch up.
He tried to calm him:.
Nico tried not to laugh.
Dad tried to console me.
One monk tried to stop.
If he tries to go.
Rio tries to cover us.
He tries not to panic.
He tries to hold it in.
He tries to ignore it.
He hides and tries to.
A helper he tries to be.
Fenrir tries to lick it.
She tries to wiggle free.
Daniel tries not to laugh.
If anyone tries to harm.
Jaden tries to go faster.
If anyone tries to stop.
Jay tries to push him off.
John tries to shake it off.
Mama tries to bite her ear.
I took three tries to do it.
She tries to put aside her.
Reagan tries again at 4:57 p.
If the horse tries to move.
He always tries to stump me.
He tries anything, hurt him.
TK tries to open the hatch.
Marcus slowly tries to stand.
Willie tries to shoo it away.
To peer into the future tries.
He tries to comfort her also.
Cherrie tries to cover for me.
She fights, tries to run away.
She tries to stay mad, can’t.
He tries to stand but can’t.
But his power tries to escape.
Jayson tries to play the victim.
She tries to trick you!.
Tries to drown a fish in waters.
Jock tries to beg with his eyes.
Tripwire tries again, So ummm.
It took several tries, but she.
It took four tries to open the.

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But I had to try.
I try not to look.
Try not to be too.
Give it a try the.
If you try to un-.
You try to heal it.
Q: But, I did try!.
It was worth a try.
I try to believe her.
He would try to go.
Try to keep a count.
He was going to try.
He had to try anyway.
Try it, you will see.
He said he would try.
I try to emulate her.
It only took one try.
I try to ignore that.
But I was ready to try.
But we have to try.
Let’s give it a try.
I plan to let her try.
I will at least try.
Let me try to explain.
Try to feel time pass.
You can try them also.
Try it, it's AMAZING!.
I try to sound casual.
Let’s try the river.
Why don’t we try it.
Coward, you have to try.
That’s worth a try.
Let me try something.
Lucky try, I said.
Sorry Bob, try again!.
I try to keep up with.
Try 1 capful per quart.
I didn’t have to try.
You must try, Alilia.
I’ll give it a try.

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