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Trying in a sentence

Or trying to.
I was trying.
You are trying.
was trying to.
C is trying hard.
The sun, trying.
I was trying to.

trying to hide it.
I am not trying.
trying to kill me.
We are trying to.
He was trying to.
i was trying hard.
Trying to push him.
been trying to form.
No sense trying to.
I’m trying not to.
Trying to steal gas.
trying to correct me.
and trying to escape.
she's trying to help.
Perhaps, trying to.
Trying to protect me.
trying to fly with it.
"I was trying to—".
those who keep trying.
The sun was trying,.
When trying out new.
But what I am trying.
I'm trying to explain.
Or tried to.
I tried to.
i tried to.
He tried to.
I had tried.
She tried to.
We tried the.
He had tried.
He tried hard.
Son tried to.
He tried again.
Lucy tried to.
She had tried.
He tries to.
He tries his best.
He tries to smile.
If he tries to go.
He tries the most.
His wife tries to.
The writer tries to.
Sandy then tries to.
He tries to ignore it.
He tries to hold it in.
tries around the world.
When the enemy tries.
Rio tries to cover us.
He tries not to panic.
even though he tries,.
Werner tries to exhale.
A helper he tries to be.
He hides and tries to.
Fenrir tries to lick it.
She tries to wiggle free.
If anyone tries to stop.
After a few more tries,.
Daniel tries not to laugh.
If anyone tries to harm.
Jaden tries to go faster.
care who tries to stop me.
John tries to shake it off.
that science tries to hide.
Try it on.
I try to.
Or try to.
Try it out.
Now try it.
We try to.
Now I try.
Here try it.
Try to sing.
Try it and.
Try to sleep.
He had to try.
Try to relax.
I try to move.
I had to try.
One more try.
Try this out.
but I will try.
But I can try.
he had to try.
You could try.
When I try to.
Try to avoid.
Try it and see.
We can try to.
I will try.
Try to engage.
We have to try.

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