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    1. Nancy couldn’t see him through the flames, but when the cannon was turned off, the man was looking unharmed and vastly relieved

    2. "I don't know, I'm being paid by a lady of the Kassikan to deliver a cargo of considerable size and weight from one point to another with its security container unharmed

    3. The dredge probe returned with it unharmed and no evidence of foul play

    4. “Three of them there were,” Carl said, seemingly unharmed

    5. Then, bubbling on the interior surface, it belched him out, whole and unharmed

    6. He simply glanced at the boy, observed he was unharmed, then left

    7. Wave after wave of blue flames entered him, kept him whole and unharmed

    8. Father said that it looked large enough for our boats to pass through the reef unharmed

    9. Clearly, you are not the only one with vested interest in seeing both her and her brother restored to their family unharmed

    10. “Corporal Lokdon, it’s good that you’ve returned unharmed

    11. But “crack babies” in fact were unharmed by their mothers' drug use

    12. She was relieved that the showings went well, that Kady was safe and unharmed, and that Jevon had not let her down

    13. ‘Your brother is back,’ he was told, ‘and your father has killed the calf we were fattening and prepared a great feast to celebrate his coming home again, unharmed

    14. He paused, staring, but Lone Dove and Blue Bird appeared unharmed

    15. He was unharmed, father had said

    16. They were all unharmed except for Araltall, she whispered with her heart, and his wound they would quickly be able to heal

    17. He has a cut at the corner of his mouth, but he seems otherwise unharmed

    18. “First, that you return the Dauntless leader you currently hold in captivity unharmed

    19. I was unharmed, but Ah Tutal was badly wounded by a spear

    20. One fighter was quickly destroyed, a second damaged but the third escaped unharmed

    21. The fox monster stood there completely unharmed with a smirk plastered across her face

    22. The paper was amazingly strong—the scroll was unharmed, and Maggie breathed a sigh of relief

    23. manifest out his mercy gloriously, and did deliver them all together unharmed

    24. They departed unharmed, free, abundant in joy, preserved by the

    25. Almost five centuries later, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines discovered that natural enclave unharmed and intact, and after buying it, uses it exclusively for the rest and relaxation of its passengers

    26. The latter carries the name of the agricultural region that surrounds it and exhibits one of the most naturally scenic unharmed decorative arrangements in the world

    27. They spotted unharmed islets of green and luxurious bushes, sandy sea arms, attractive suburban ports with their pleasant beaches, numerous boats of all types and sizes, the city’s distinct silhouette with its magnificent tower and world-famed historic structures such as the stunning landmark Opera House and the Bridge

    28. It’s not just their speed that confuses me, but the man I thought to be burning in the car seems unharmed and on his feet, escaping

    29. was that everyone in their group was still alive and unharmed

    30. The monster who had led the Department of Judicial Police where John worked fell to the floor, dead, and in turn, the girl fell unharmed upon his huge belly and then went immediately to be with the other children

    31. 39 The Ruler over all did during this time manifest out his mercy gloriously and did deliver them all together unharmed

    32. They departed unharmed free abundant in joy preserved by the king's command by land by sea and by river each to his own home

    33. “Yes,” he says, “the mind-cane has left me unharmed

    34. “No, we are unharmed

    35. When hostages were held, the Mothers simply stopped time and beamed up the culprits, leaving the hostages unharmed

    36. We couldn’t stop our forward progress in the three seconds we had to impact, and again we found ourselves docked and unharmed

    37. The man is here, unharmed

    38. Whole, unharmed, alive

    39. “Really? You can sit here now and tell me, with honesty in your heart and in spite of your dreams last night, that the Lord of the Lammas Lands would have brooked a refusal from you and let you live? You could have walked away from his bed and still continued to serve him, unharmed and whole?”

    40. The piece of walrus-horn had been enchanted by Thrand, so that "any weapon that he tries to use against you will leap out of his hand, leaving you unharmed

    41. She landed onto the ground, her shoulder bruised but the rest of her relatively unharmed

    42. Now, after finding Tress unharmed in the wilderness there is hope that this magic has not affected others further spread out in my lands

    43. As the beast pulled on the still-standing Athene’s leg, to get back to its feet, she looked down at the pitiless eyes beholding her and slammed her dagger down into its face, the hellfire that spewed from the wound enveloped her arms yet she remained unharmed

    44. ‘Get your filthy hands off my cargo; she was to be delivered unharmed and your breath could well kill her

    45. A magical white fire suddenly encircled the room pouring out from the multitude of diamonds on the floor, yet the men remained unharmed from its licking flames

    46. wooden fence, where it landed on the road, shaken but unharmed

    47. He was completely unharmed; if you didn’t count the endless punctures marks on his back

    48. Most of his men escaped unharmed

    49. bul just stood there and glared at us, completely unharmed

    50. Who would say that I was going to be involved in such an ancestral struggle? Very deep, the circumstance was granted to me a certain touch of intensification and distinction, like that of those heroines of my infancy that were turning out to be immersed in the most improbable situations, to go out unharmed, triumphant at the end of the story, when the good guys always won

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    unharmed unhurt unscathed whole guarded secure safeguarded shielded sheltered safe