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    1. The Hebrews were totally unscathed

    2. It seemed to have survived completely unscathed

    3. But here now led in this bed with clean sheets in relative comfort hearing the news about Elijah the one person I thought would surely survive this war unscathed brought everything crushing down on top of me

    4. They had been dug deep into the chalk earth of Picardy and they contained massive bunkers that had been dug by Russian prisoners where the German troops could sit and wait out any bombardment unscathed but we did not know about theses at this time

    5. Relief flooded over him as he saw her, unscathed and circling Millicent

    6. how she proposed to get them past the Unity defenses unscathed

    7. It may console the friends of many who fell during those terrible days, to know that their dear ones were not thrust into unhallowed graves when they fell on the battlefield, thanks only to these devoted chaplains, who stood bareheaded, motionless, the target for sharpshooters, in the path of spent fire, and emerged unscathed through divine protection

    8. ) What is certain, however, is that once the smoke clears, the Clinton Administration, whose record on Terrorism has been soft to begin with, will walk away from this tragedy unscathed

    9. We finally reached the beautiful city that was nearly unscathed in the battles

    10. Communist partisans still controlled the northern mountains, and it was only because of the guerrillas’ connections with the Italian railway labor unions that rail travel moved relatively unscathed

    11. The Castigator expressed his demure belief that it been solely through divine will that he had escaped unscathed so timely

    12. In thirty seconds the fire was extinguished and Russell stepped forward unscathed

    13. Because of him, I was able to escape unscathed

    14. Teypachtli had served with Cipactli and he was unscathed when last he saw him

    15. forearm diminishing, completely unscathed by the blast

    16. On her side, the land had escaped the tsunami unscathed, but on the other

    17. But I have lived my life relatively unscathed,

    18. After we exchanged drivers’ licenses and insurance data, they left the Trading Post because his pickup was unscathed

    19. His parents died in a terrible car accident, but he survived virtually unscathed, thanks to the protection of his T H E L O V E S P I R I T S

    20. The din of battle ended twenty-three seconds later, and when the smoke had cleared, the simulacrums of Vinya and her mate were gone, while Dulyamil and his mate stood unscathed and victorious

    21. Those four were unscathed by the white bolt, though they had been in the midst of it and the three Sylvan had been stripped of Shields, as had three young dragons who floated in frightened shock for a moment in their suddenly emptied airspace before vanishing

    22. His body too seemed intact, skin unscathed

    23. The gold in Vera's cross and ring had come through unscathed, though both were scarred by stones in the basilisk's craw

    24. What surprising fragility assaults the aggrieved heart, which nude of any falsity covers itself into a shelter after the banal mask of the indifference hurt it by the inclemency of a not corresponded love! And it was this indifference the one that allowed me to remain unscathed before his closeness

    25. He stayed unscathed like the rest of the group although enduring light fright quakes and teeth creaking

    26. You are fairly unscathed, a few scratches on your arms

    27. However, I was not entirely unscathed; my own eyes were reddened by the irritation

    28. The world at large is shaken up, but you seem relatively unscathed

    29. But they‘re very much alive, healthy, happy, unscathed, enjoying a beer and joking around with the rest of the troupe

    30. No ship escaped completely unscathed

    31. The sedative market as a whole continued on, unscathed

    32. She had earned the respect of the rest of the squadron because even though the Captain always won, she had not escaped unscathed from the mock combat which was more than any of the others had been able to accomplish

    33. Beau had separated the crew module from the rest of the ship before the reactor blew and was able to minimize the casualties, but no one on the ship escaped completely unscathed and some of the injuries were severe

    34. Captain Bozak appeared three days after the initial strike with news that the majority of the mountain villages had escaped unscathed

    35. pre-fabricated furniture into the chemical plant’s building and both plants had escaped unscathed from Federation retaliations

    36. The troop carrying modules and the unarmed cargo ship with their weapons escaped unscathed

    37. She hadn’t gone completely unscathed

    38. Even Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, who escaped three attempts on his life, survived five wounds, and emerged unscathed from innumerable battles, succumbed to that atrocious siege of waiting and sank into the miserable defeat of old age, thinking of Amaranta among the diamond-shaped patches of light in a bor-rowed house

    39. escaped relatively unscathed and returned to work on the following Monday

    40. where the laser struck is, incredibly, unscathed

    41. She was a brief, pivotal encounter who had played her role of decimating my perception of how others saw me, and then she escaped unscathed

    42. Thank goodness I was unscathed

    43. didn’t leave a single neighbourhood unscathed,” said one of the

    44. So, I believe that the rich are lucky; they played a good idea just right while no one was clobbering them, and they emerged somewhat unscathed near the top

    45. Inside, he reached for a round cage of baseballs, some tattered, others barely unscathed, by their stark white appearance

    46. Mitchell felt Chance's loyalty strong, his undying commitment to their friendship unscathed, despite his romantic involvement with Cindy

    47. Perhaps he has no idea what I've done, she thought, and felt a renewed hope that she would get through the next two weeks unscathed

    48. Wills are contested in long bitter rivalries that often leave no member of the family unscathed

    49. His main priority was to get to the Atlantic unscathed

    50. There was no point in dismaying them further by revealing the full facts of the military and bureaucratic inefficiency which allowed the German warships to sail unscathed past the cliffs of Dover

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    unharmed unhurt unscathed whole guarded secure safeguarded shielded sheltered safe