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    1. All that Smith was aware of was the equivalent of a cosmic itch, and he endured the madness of the itch because he was impotence personified, that impotence inherent in not quite understanding the concept of the scratch, Smith unwittingly agreed with the future earthly Buddha in that He found the unformulated conjecture of eternal peace to be vexatious and maddening

    2. He would be apt to abandon the country in which he was exposed to a vexatious inquisition, in order to be assessed to a burdensome tax ; and would remove his stock to some other country, where he could either carry on his business, or enjoy his fortune more at his ease

    3. The laws of excise, though more effectual for the purpose for which they were instituted, are, in this respect, more vexatious than those of the customs

    4. And when, in order to raise those taxes, all or the greater part of merchants and manufacturers, that is, all or the greater part of the employers of great capitals, come to be continually exposed to the mortifying and vexatious visits of the tax-gatherers, this disposition to remove will soon be changed into an actual removing

    5. ” Moshe responded uncommonly vexatious as he rose to his feet

    6. vexatious as he rose to his feet

    7. The wilful child grew into a vexatious young teenager, unappreciative of parental efforts to transform her into a hard-working consolation and support for their old age

    8. Our fellow humans are far more ornery and vexatious than are demons, who are relatively straightforward and aboveboard by comparison

    9. Obviously, the framers of the constitution didn’t delve deep enough into the vexatious subject of religious intolerance of the practicing faiths in the country

    10. But for now, the Musalmans are ever on the look out for the ways and means to assert their Islamic separateness, which, for the muse of a poet would seem: Oh goddamn faith, how thou divide ‘the God’ from gods and ‘the Musalmans’ from other humans! Why if only the moulanas approach Muhammad’s life, not in awe but with insight, for a solution to their vexatious separatist inhibitions, pointers are aplenty in Martin Ling’s biography of his

    11. However, his wish to be rid of the vexatious problem was fulfilled, not by divine means but by temporal tools of the kar sevaks who pulled down the contentious structure that 6th December 1992

    12. She ought to have made port early that morning, but inconsequence of sundry trifling, but vexatious delays, she threatened to be fully twenty-four hours late, if not more

    13. "My dear," said she, as she took the pen, "is it not vexatious? An unexpected incident, in the affair of murder and theft at the Count of Monte Cristo's, in which he nearly fell a victim, deprives us of the pleasure of seeing M

    14. it no less, was to be conducted on liberal principles, meaning, of course, in the most afflicting and vexatious manner towards his majesty’s ministers

    15. If Levin could have understood why, just as he saw why one can only approach the booking office of a railway station in single file, it would not have been so vexatious and tiresome to him

    16. He had gone to his father and told him one vexatious affair, and he had left another untold: in such cases the complete revelation always produces the impression of a previous duplicity

    17. "But this Ladislaw—there again is a vexatious business," said Sir James

    18. The trash talked on such occasions was the more vexatious to Lydgate, because it gave

    19. The smallest Trifle seem’d to vex her; and vexatious Persons oft’ can be Household Tyrants

    20. Lawyer, and that's vexatious

    21. Yates must have been irksome; but of him, trifling and confident, idle and expensive, it was every way vexatious

    22. It was very vexatious, and she was heartily sorry for it; but so it was; and so far from now meaning to marry the elder, she did not even want to attract him beyond what the simplest claims of conscious beauty required: his lengthened absence from Mansfield, without anything but pleasure in view, and his own will to consult, made it perfectly clear that he did not care about her; and his indifference was so much more than equalled by her own, that were he now to step forth the owner of Mansfield Park, the Sir Thomas complete, which he was to be in time, she did not believe she could accept him

    23. Yates might consider it only as a vexatious interruption for the evening, and Mr

    24. or even for a week—this vexatious turn of affairs has hindered and ruined ever3'thing

    25. a relation of Audrey Petrovitch's," murmured my vexatious old prince

    26. There are very vexatious people in the world

    27. What made his depression so vexatious and irritating was that it had a kind of casual, external character—he felt that

    28. To make things worse the prosecutor exasperated him, as though intentionally, by vexatious interruptions about “trifling points

    29. The last condition would appear to them quite superfluous; to require such a thing is vexatious, intolerant

    30. But the flourish was not the end of it: in the midst of the vexatious astonishment and the smiles of the audience there was a sudden "hurrah" from the end of the hall and from the gallery also, apparently in Lembke's honour

    31. I rushed to Stepan Trofimovitch's, but the vexatious man still refused to open the door

    32. But to admit to herself that this old gossip was venturing to pity her and almost to protect her, knowing that he was doing her honour by his presence, was very vexatious

    33. Granted I am a babbler, a harmless vexatious babbler, like all of us

    34. And then Vasya, vexatious insufferable Vasya, of course always the same dear kind Vasya, but now insufferable, ruthless Vasya

    35. Of course for a wild creature as I was all this was so tiresome and vexatious that it almost reduced me to tears, and I was sometimes put in such a difficult position that I was on the point of fighting with my treacherous admirer

    36. A most vexatious circumstance had occurred, which prevented my going

    37. Now picture to yourselves that such a disgraceful and vexatious slander, started by God knows whom, begins to threaten not only your good name and your quiet digestion, but your freedom, your health, and even your life!

    38. If this were not her object, why such a continued system of illegitimate blockades? Why so many vexatious restrictions upon neutral trade, tending to destroy competition on our part in the continental markets? I might trace the scheme a little further back, and ask, whence the outrages? the orders of June and November, 1793, which produced Jay's treaty? A treaty which I am sorry to say, did not guarantee to us mutual and reciprocal rights, and which was no sooner ratified than violated by British perfidy

    39. The style of the narrative is a little vexatious at times, but, on the whole, the story is extremely well told, and there is a succession of more or less dramatic episodes that make the book very interesting reading

    40. In the friendly spirit of those disclosures, indemnity and redress for other wrongs have continued to be withheld; and our coasts, and the mouths of our harbors, have again witnessed scenes not less derogatory to the dearest of our national rights, than vexatious to the regular course of our trade

    41. Under all the circumstances of that cause of complaint, he did not think it a cause sufficient for him to depart from the neutral ground he had assumed; nor was the annoyance of our commerce less vexatious in his time than since

    42. The attempt to combine this labor with her school duties, and the vexatious responsibilities of the matron of the Home, had its natural result in broken health and depressed spirits

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    annoying bothersome galling irritating nettlesome pesky pestering pestiferous plaguey plaguy teasing vexatious vexing