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    1. Stay away from pointed questions about college or career plans; most sixteen-year-olds have not yet decided and resent pestering

    2. Meanwhile both Heymon and Elmore were pestering him for results, more specifically, hounding him to find the error in his previous observations that allowed quantum information to be created

    3. ” He had been pestering her about that often

    4. eye, others had torn paws and chewed necks, and many had flies pestering open

    5. He smiled as small children scampered about the greenery, pestering the cows and horses while adults chopped wood and sharpened weapons

    6. Because of her incessant curiosity, she had been pestering him with questions since she met him, and now he was the one stuck with the consequences

    7. Nothing worse than people pestering you with questions, once it’s ancient history

    8. With the decision made, she knew exactly to whom she was going with the information: that nosey little Indian who was forever pestering Mike and snooping around all over the place, Officer Edgar Vargas, Mike’s number one enemy

    9. She has been pestering her daughter about our wedding from the time we were kids

    10. what’s-his-name in charge…the guy who keeps pestering everyone about the killer

    11. Jessica would probably pick up the phone and tell him to stop pestering and make him understand it was a delicate situation

    12. pestering the guys to hurry up and finish installing the stove in the

    13. class, started pestering me the moment the teacher turned her back to write on the blackboard

    14. “Keep on pestering them

    15. who had been pestering me on the ferry, tapped me on the shoulder and offered to share the room

    16. „The cops have probably been pestering them

    17. pestering me with attention

    18. The method I have chosen is to slash the femoral artery of a pestering

    19. One quick point on this topic and we’ll move on – it would be really, really advisable that if you are pestering her for sex then that really needs to stop, don’t pressure her, as quite obviously she really won’t want it just yet! Hang on in there and then when you see signs that things are improving, that she’s got more time for you both and she’s less tired - then start using this course to help you understand how you can get into a position where restarting your sex life is a possibility

    20. His superiors eventually agreed, as they wanted the body, and the case, laid to rest as they had become fed up with cranks pestering them for stories about alien abductions and government cover ups, after the press had received a tip off from within the Met

    21. Then a girl who was friends with her at college rang me and said that the Italian guy had been pestering one of her friends at the beach front

    22. As they gazed at the distant burning wreckage and the rising smoke, the movements of the two escapees are noticed by the four lionesses and, as the suckling cubs are scattered and seek entertainment from pestering the males, their mothers slowly pad in the direction of their next meal

    23. A group of thugs were pestering a young woman; it seemed that she wanted to exit the store with her groceries, but the thugs were blocking her way

    24. Bahit said to Karit in a cautioning voice, “You really need to stop pestering the Rakai, Karit

    25. Unfortunately, the lion inside me kept pestering me about

    26. “She has been pestering us for years to get rid of segregation in the States

    27. Before Zara could say to Leon that the notion of sending young children out on a space walk was crazy and irresponsible, at least four children sitting at nearby tables, three of them preteens, screamed with joy and started pestering their parents for permission to go on the said walk

    28. In the underground command bunker built under the main headquarters building of the base, Marshal Reyat Khan was pestering his subalterns to act, even though there was in reality very little they could do now but wait and hope

    29. “A bloke from an outfit I’ve never heard of - Computer Solutions, or something - who’s been pestering me for days wanting to come in and give us a presentation

    30. The chap who’s been pestering me to make a presentation is Rupert Bland, who calls himself Managing Director of the new products division

    31. Libby Hatcher was a wreck, and Kevin Maida kept pestering the police with questions – he was obviously unstable

    32. pestering me for a while

    33. pestering them and disturbing the neighbours with an awful racket in the early hours

    34. I don’t want her pestering me

    35. Tom’s been pestering me about his holidays

    36. ‘Do you think Sathyam’s neglect and Prasad’s pestering could bother me really,’ she said as though showing her cards

    37. If you still insist on pestering me, I will even use secret projectiles!”

    38. and he went on with his pestering questions

    39. The usual all-news-all-the-time station appears, with the background of the same flashing photos I saw on the internet pestering me

    40. I thought that old fool would never stop pestering me

    41. It broke through the boredom that had been pestering him for a while

    42. ‘I mean you don’t want to have people pestering you

    43. To his relief she stopped pestering him for sex and started to speak about the horse

    44. He sold a couple, although this might’ve been so he’d simply stop pestering the individuals concerned

    45. I kept pestering her about Polish and had bought a small

    46. No matter that he avoided areas where young teenagers would gather in groups he found himself facing a different kind of pestering

    47. I kept pestering my parents for a while but I’d pretty much given up hope, and then that Christmas morning there was a huge box under the tree

    48. Maybe they would stop pestering each other long enough to help the humans complete their quests

    49. He had been pestering both his parents to get back together

    50. My family was pestering me to get married and my continuous refusals would not put them off

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    annoying bothersome galling irritating nettlesome pesky pestering pestiferous plaguey plaguy teasing vexatious vexing