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    1. David was blindly in love with his fabulously fake creation, seeing in her weave and

    2. to the touch of hem and weave and seam

    3. I scrabbled frantically around the mattress feeling for the rough weave of hessian, expecting the light on the wall to flare into life and singe to black my eyeballs

    4. Song continued to weave her basket

    5. lost in a weave of cigarette smoke

    6. for the chase and the duck and weave

    7. We weave stories about the missing hours,

    8. Robert would then weave it into a story with all the other facts of the day

    9. ‘We weave cloth for clothing over here

    10. ‘Who designs the patterns?’ I asked, admiring the bold weave on the loom nearest to me

    11. The Mondeo is very nearly past the turning before Alex spots the tell tale weave of the old comic as he disappears into the shadows

    12. “Mother, why don’t you weave the picture as a brocade? That would be almost like being there

    13. While I weave, I feel like I’m there at Sun Palace

    14. begin to weave their enchantment

    15. When you don’t draw attention to your testimonials and weave them into

    16. If you can integrate and weave most of the following twenty-four tips into your

    17. dared to pass through the mountain passages and dodge and weave through the great trees

    18. Goes to show, the Fates will weave their circlets

    19. I wasn't able to follow a straight path there, as I had to weave around the standers and make sure I was out of the walkers’ paths as they came around

    20. I angled westward, and even though I had to dodge cars and freaks as I came across them, I was able to weave my way through the streets until I finally found an interstate

    21. He called that weave Lightning Hail

    22. A second weave created a second bar of flames that crossed over the first like an X marks the spot

    23. Inside the tent, the strobe light still pulsed until he adjusted the weave to make it a very dim pale blue ball that outlined their faces

    24. Would a Darkservant wielder make such a bold attempt on the life of one of the Sons of Odin? His distrust of Ael Tarael he was not familiar with was possibly another sign of his illness increasing, though he knew Healing could easily be changed to a weave of death and he would be completely unaware until it was too late

    25. Hayley was a fast learner with weaves too, and she soon had it mastered, so she then taught the weave for casting balls of flame

    26. A Guardian from Carl Wilder’s tent had already reported the alterations to that decree, which meant that loyal wielders would be allowed to weave Air to defend themselves in swordfights

    27. The golden threads created a handsome pattern, but there were no imperial symbols slipped into the weave

    28. The solicitor acting for these masquerading princes and forgers, found he could not weave a single mesh of the legal net required for a prima facie case, though he had twisted and contorted every clause of the laws relating to libel, and waded through briefs innumerable, in the hope of finding a precedent

    29. Unlike the Army you, could bob and weave as much as you liked as so long as you won the fight without too much cheating

    30. When Herminia wasn’t busy with a man, she would join her at the little table and weave undoubtedly well-embellished tales of the crimes committed, perversions and darkest secrets of the people they saw

    31. She moved to weave a story of awe without strife

    32. Returned to the lobby, the uniformed man spoke briefly with Hector, who turned and began to weave his way through the crowd

    33. In addition motorcyclists, who can’t find a way through traffic on the road, weave in and out of the lamp posts

    34. The clothes were cotton, but of a sturdy weave rather than of a comfortable weave

    35. 9 Moreover those who work in fine flax, and those who weave networks, shall be confounded

    36. eggs, and weave the spider's web: he who eats of their eggs dies, and that which is crushed breaks out into a viper

    37. Up above the stars weave in and out

    38. While most wizards had to convert the energy into something else to use it, such as fire or electricity, I could weave the power itself

    39. “Fools, you are mere children to me, now die!” he shouted at them and began to weave a deadly spell

    40. I had to weave my way through a forest of that vegetation to reach a peak to the west of my position

    41. Into her mind flashed a phrase that Jarin Huss had read to her: When they see beyond the sky… take these Gifts of My Outstretched Hand; Weave them together; I shall come

    42. “What do you mean?” I try to weave our hands again, but he rises to his feet

    43. 13 And Delilah said to Samson, up to now you have mocked me, and told me lies, tell me with which you might be bound; And he said to her, If you weave the seven locks of my head with the web

    44. As I got older, my dad also began to weave in the notion that I

    45. She appeared to be about thirty-five years old, and wore a simple gray dress of course weave, plain sandals, and a string of small seashells as a necklace

    46. We weave this nest

    47. I thought I would weave through

    48. Those silent waters weave for him

    49. We also don't know who will weave the beauty we have created in our lives into

    50. She begun to weave a spell of misdirection that Zerch had taught her, it may give her the vital time needed to escape, should the beast follow through the portal

    1. Ted continues to slide all the way to the door, where, having fathomed out the intricate operation of the swing handles, he pulls his jacket collar up and weaves his way out into the night

    2. It required skill and focus to create the weaves before falling asleep though he learnt quickly

    3. ’ Stone pillars were torn apart with weaves of Fire and Air

    4. He continued to use those weaves, taking out close to ten thousand Nymloc and Jacoulra

    5. He changed the weaves of Lightning Hail to what he called Flame Crosses

    6. If he could have continued to hold those flows of the Power, there might be some hope of victory; however, those weaves drained his strength like water leaking out of a bucket full of holes

    7. He released the weaves that held the Flame Crosses together, the discs of light vanished, and thousands of men and women cried out in despair to see such a powerful weapon disappear

    8. So what were they planning? How long would they wait? He changed the lightning weaves to Fire Serpents, the blue bolts moved outwards like a web of fire through the chests and torsos of hundreds of demons, burning them to ash

    9. He felt he could hold those weaves for another quarter hour at the most

    10. He was only able to perform those weaves as they drained his strength less than the Flame Crosses

    11. It was something the Dark One had taught the Accursed, and though many had witnessed the portals, the weaves were hidden so that they could not be copied

    12. From what Adem could make out, Carl had also created weaves to protect the grave from scavengers

    13. The weaves were much more complex than anything Carl had been capable of before being Reborn

    14. He wanted to question Carl about those weaves, though he assumed it was also forbidden

    15. His friend must be highly skilled with magic to understand such weaves

    16. He wondered if Carl could figure out a way to cleanse the taint, given his new understanding of weaves that could create something like the Holy Crosses, which were removed from the taint in their completion

    17. Adem could easily handle the man with weaves of Air, though with Kaishel there to block the weaves, the man could easily skewer him like a boar in a heartbeat

    18. You will teach both of these weaves to Hayley and then take turns practicing each, against one another

    19. She then taught the weaves for a simple frontal shield that protected the entire body

    20. Hayley was a fast learner with weaves too, and she soon had it mastered, so she then taught the weave for casting balls of flame

    21. Shields that surrounded the entire body were harder to teach however, the weaves more complex

    22. She allowed Lauren to instruct Hayley with those, and they were about to start practicing the weaves when Del stuck his head inside the tent to report, “Rebel Alit’aren have returned for peace talks

    23. She weaves in living elements of life, love, light, fire, earth,

    24. The Spider weaves a web and its strands pierce through the Veil, joined to the souls of men

    25. Find the spark of life that weaves

    26. weaves eternally its many webs

    27. are the two poles between which it weaves its ever-changing

    28. Is this nothing?” He takes my hands into his and weaves his fingers with mine, creating an explosion of heat that spreads all over me

    29. Life is amazing the way it weaves you

    30. ”) This case is interesting because it weaves

    31. Life weaves me a new story

    32. of ‘spokes’ in the chakra The secondary force weaves itself under and over

    33. each candidate, and weaves variations and fugues upon it, expressing, in a

    34. self weaves together self-concept and self-esteem in a skein of meaning

    35. Stef's thoughts come back to earth when he nearly hits the van and struggling to put on his seatbelt he weaves along the road; only regaining full control when it is fastened

    36. Is it an heirloom that weaves mechanically our lives, or is there life in our divinity? If the latter is true then cry, cry against this voyage; call out against this dire mission which poor Ambrosius signed up for in the thickest, most indelible of inks and that his poor crewmates are bound to also

    37. The same with furniture upholstered with textured weaves and wicker are

    38. Can you see that when fear is grouped collectively, it weaves through, waxing and waning? In other words, and in the case of the roller coaster, fear does not dominate, but neither does excitement

    39. the ledge of the window and weaves a line, “is Asia

    40. The emergency team weaves in and out of each other in expertly rehearsed maneuvers

    41. Byz Ship 2 sways, bucks, weaves and rolls to ditch or damage its pursuers

    42. theirs heart and soul filled life forces of irreversible distance weaves a world of true

    43. And she weaves her a door in the air

    44. She weaves light with a fire that shows in her step,

    45. Which leads me, at least, to wonder what the heck the body of the beast is composed of! With what we know of Whitewater, Foster files, Asian money-mongering, post-marital sexual proclivities, and other tangled webs he alone weaves, one can only imagine how much more must be hidden within that ever-tumbling, ever-growing mega-mountain of ice

    46. When Dominique walks in to find the armoire, a wedding gift from her father-in-law, the same armoire her father created (my father in this lifetime), I was brought to tears by the beauty and magnificence of the tapestry that the Universe weaves for us

    47. Of the examples I have used above, you will notice that there is an ethical thread that weaves itself into the fabric of these organizations

    48. The imagination gathers up the material by which the Mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed

    49. In the part which I have the honor to transmit herewith, you will find that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; that the law of success is service; that we get what we give and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give

    50. When it begins in the sky, it weaves its thread through her heart and her mind anew

    1. to become the path of least resistance, weaving this way and

    2. weaving directions and footprints across the park,

    3. Gilla – who never appears to put in any time at her weaving works now that I am on the scene – goes into overdrive as soon as she learns of our plans to leave the following morning

    4. ”, allowing me time to take in my surroundings and have a tickle of the kitten, he began weaving and scratching his jingle-belled wand across the strings of this innocent looking triolin

    5. ’ which words are hovering on the tip of my tongue, I suggest that Gilla should show me round her weaving business

    6. Weaving a little as I go, I dump the plate and wine glass in the kitchen sink and decide to go to bed

    7. Belle introduced her daughters to the amazing craft of weaving to which the twins took with enthusiasm and creativity

    8. Weaving threads of silver, gold, and colored silk into her cloth, she made pictures of flowers, birds, and animals, so real they seemed almost alive

    9. They’re using the brocade as a pattern for their weaving

    10. together, other times ducking and weaving in and out, catching arms and flipping

    11. Sharnie lived a rather urban lifestyle for these parts, spinning lots of yarn in the weaving barn and spending the proceeds on cooks and cups around the pond

    12. “That was a big one,” Valla said, “I hope that didn’t bring down the weaving barn

    13. She noticed that the weaving barn survived

    14. On the far side of the weaving barn was a newer curved two story stone building following East Street

    15. Twirling high above her head, weaving it’s self into a giant braid

    16. The inside end opens into another hall under Lappranile’s balcony and along the side of the third floor of the weaving barn

    17. weaving, in and out of the darkness

    18. That of weaving plain woollen is somewhat different ; but the difference is so

    19. They all waved to Fred as he clicked to the horses, and weaving the cart gently through the other stalls, he whistled his thanks

    20. approached) left her weaving, stood abruptly, and went

    21. weaving and tending the fire

    22. Nerissa concentrated on her weaving, determined that he wouldn’t notice her smile

    23. (That’s one of the reasons why weaving testimonials into your copy is

    24. As a result of the previous repetitive predicament, Denise would sometimes have to spend several hours weaving and ambling about the streets—asking for directions and seemingly understanding which route to take from the instructions received—but often ending up farther away from her destination than when she had first sought out assistance

    25. That’s why Nerissa played Smyrnan airs between her weaving and the bedchamber

    26. I still sense the taint as it is a part of what I am weaving, though the final creation seems to be cleansed

    27. Many in the harbor, however, were amused to see a Man and three Halflings running across the wharves frantically, weaving in and out of the throngs

    28. The craft continued heading up the Solent in a spray of white spume, weaving from side to side

    29. Weaving his way through the trees Terry hid behind a large rhododendron bush, studying the helicopter, not sure what to do

    30. A soldier rushed to the car moments too late to aid the driver whose body thrashed in the midst of the inferno, and began shooting at the locks of bouncing black hair and green shirt of the youth weaving through the mob who had thrown the bottle

    31. Tiring of that, she galloped her steed at a fast, distance eating pace for the pleasure of seeing the terror in Kevin’s eyes when his mount rose to the challenge and raced alongside on the inclined and weaving trail

    32. “Buenos Dias, Señora,” the talkative one sang out, intent upon weaving and without so much as glancing in her direction

    33. They appeared excited, weaving their orange tinted bodies in and out and around one another in a kind of dance

    34. They were all immobilised with shock, unable to think - except Conal, who grabbed the throttle, twisting it wide, weaving the boat away from the helicopter

    35. He found comfort in the normalcy of ox-drawn carts loaded with produce, picked coffee beans, sugar cane, and women with bundles balanced on their heads weaving their way through the crowd

    36. Weaving our way among low reed-choked islands, I wondered at the bright birds darting in and out, nearly within arms reach of where I sat

    37. I didn’t have the patience to do much weaving, but by the end of the summer I did manage to make one blanket-sized piece of cedar cloth

    38. We rode slowly weaving our way around all the other traffic on the road

    39. Satisfied that the area was clear, he stood, weaving

    40. cab, his concentration focused on the weaving road before him

    41. stone that rested across the weaving pebbled ridge

    42. the span of the cave, weaving among the rock formations,

    43. weaving in traffic are the cause of it, typical as they can’t understand the

    44. weaving, PDRM statistics on the other hand revealed that accidents usually

    45. So when we are moving and weaving in the traffic, we disassociate the other

    46. A drunk is driving through the city and his car is weaving violently all over the road

    47. The weaving is in time, but life

    48. Weaving back and forth, it collapsed on itself in the shape of a perfect square

    49. His weapons were alertness—to the extent of being always alert (not leaving behind a trail or evidence) and complete brainwashing, which meant weaving all sorts of lies to make the girl feel she was born for superior things and always talking of music and its greatness with others so that everybody thought he was focused

    50. “Leave him to me!” cried Yania as they flew, weaving to avoid the rays

    1. So yeah, those masks were still in use when the Al-Harron wove its death spiral into Satan's World because the ones without the parasitic circuit hadn't been tested to work yet

    2. Along the length of his left leg the great artists wove images and colours in a collage, in a riot of tone and line, just as if the contestant were a kaleidoscope

    3. They wove their way around numerous islands

    4. Along the length of his left leg the great artists wove images and

    5. Sensuously, she wove her body to the music; the old habit of movement imprinted so deeply on her mind that she didn’t even have to think about it

    6. Succumbing to one of her rare moments of despair, Chrissie sat numbly and watched the bird as it wove back and forth across the stretch of water

    7. Roman wove in and out

    8. People said there were no brocades finer than the ones the widow wove

    9. And I don’t want to come away!” Because the widow no longer wove brocades to sell, Chen cut firewood and sold that instead

    10. As she wove, he told her about his life in the human world, and she told him about hers at Sun Palace

    11. they wove in and out of the rows of cars, laughing and talking

    12. Jesse wove a tapestry of color, intertwined with historical facts, and people whom Emma would never know

    13. For the next four hours, he wove a story so in depth, she wondered the next morning if she’d dreamt the whole thing

    14. The road wove back and forth between the ten silent relics

    15. Brice's finger trailed a crack, following its path as it wove through the misshaped stones

    16. Crackling as they wove through the air, the threads of light closed in on the meteor, diving into its fiery tail

    17. Now each evening, she wove woolen fabric from thread she’d spun that

    18. wove his cloth, and warmed his bed at night

    19. Adrianus nodded, clapping an encouraging hand on the Imperial’s shoulder once more and wove his way through the lines until Roscius could no longer see him

    20. They owned shops where other women wove materials, then made garments

    21. They wove a crown of thorns and put it on His head, placed a reed in His hand

    22. When Carl wove that spell

    23. Instead, she wove a tiny ball of blue flame that hovered in mid air behind the screen to give her enough light to find a red woollen coat and silk skirt

    24. She had mastered nearly every temperature of fire in her first lesson! Each time Hayley cast one of the balls of fire, Jean wove a frontal shield that was barely able to deflect the attack

    25. Laying the branches in a row, Brock wove the switches cross-wise through them, and when he was satisfied that the makeshift platform was strong enough, the four badgers carefully eased it out over the water until its far end rested on the trunk, bridging the gap perfectly

    26. Urgent legs scurried back and forth across Darkburst's snout as the spiders wove their webs, building a net of shimmering fibres around his mouth and nose

    27. As he wove his way in and out of the bulrushes edging the riverbank, Darkburst's mind returned to the spiders that had saved his life in the tunnel

    28. She wove for a moment, almost tumbling back down the stairs

    29. Memories of a strange cubhood; memories that did not belong to him; memories that wove themselves into his own recollections until he wasn't sure which were real and which imagined; another badger's memories

    30. The men in the truck behind them undoubtedly wondered where Sergeant Gambelli was going, but they dutifully followed the first Henschel as it wove its way through the streets of Milan

    31. Wove bright rhymes in the days of old

    32. 7 And he broke down the houses of the sodomites, so that were by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings for the

    33. They wove their way through the mass

    34. The ethereal beauty of the asters in the moonlight, the glimmer of the little spring, the soft croon of the brook, the wavering grace of the brackens all wove a white magic round John Meredith

    35. skillfully exchanged banners as the content of his message wove in and out

    36. The women who wove baskets did not make the

    37. 2Kin 23:7 And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove

    38. Through her mind’s eye she saw a woman sitting at a harp in a small cottage, singing a beautiful song that wove its way through the visions of others

    39. Their hearts wove together, and she, filled with love, clung to his body

    40. I held the memory of you, and wove

    41. Our ponies wove their way through the trees and jumped the small stream that formed rapids with the rain

    42. Over it I would spread my best woolen covering and our blankets, the ones I wove last year

    43. Sometimes he wove a real secret code into the words he was writing to keep spies entertained

    44. The one I wove with our clan plaid

    45. I made some excuses and wove through the crowds that were dancing in the palace courtyards

    46. In the place where the skeletons had stood, a twenty-foot-long scar wove across the marble floor of the pavilion

    47. gsm 18 volume book wove, whichever you choose

    48. they wove their magic, and she craved him, his physical presence in

    49. The vampire and defected goblins wove themselves among their larger opponents

    50. She sent the flies out, and they wove their way through the reversal and made it to the other side

    1. Their ghosts still haunt us, clinking on chains woven from steam-pressed skin

    2. infinite number of tufts woven into the boot carpets of this modern, global,

    3. Although the towel was thicker and more tightly woven than the hessian sack in my last prison, I could still make out shades and shifts of light

    4. Out on the hard shoulder, cocooned within the thin metallic hull of his dilapidated Austin Metro, the small wee man in tweeds and corduroy had now counted for nearly an hour, but instead of marshalling his thoughts towards the infinite number of tufts woven into the boot carpets of this modern, global, automotive world, he found now that his concentration wavered

    5. these two energies are woven together within us, we cannot

    6. Woven into his dream of eighty-five, he backed out of the garage

    7. as spider shawls are woven in the sun

    8. We are not so woven together as we would like to believe we are

    9. He began to study it carefully; there’s a story here… he thought to himself as he followed the pictorials woven into the material

    10. Thick pads of straw woven into long mats had been placed about the fire pit and piled high off the ground

    11. Tightly hand woven mats were placed on this straw and then their bedding was placed on top of the mats

    12. He had livestock in pens made of woven brush and stores in big urns in a lean-to behind the cabin

    13. They cut across the hill and behind some wooden shacks and some more that were nothing more than woven sticks plastered with mud

    14. The windows on either side of the reassuringly immovable cast iron franklin stove were dressed in expertly woven curtains of traditional Shoshone patterns and colors, augmented by the appealing designs in the hanging blankets and spacious area rug over the polished hardwood floor

    15. Brushing the dirt from her knees, she retrieved the coarsely woven length from the floor and proceeded to wined it up

    16. She recovered from the initial shock of his appearance after noticing his hair -- which was woven into an elven ponytail and reached down to his lower back--and that it was whiter than bones bleached by the sun

    17. "The fabric of the universe is woven together by the thread we call the Singularity

    18. She was very elegantly coiffed, fine strings of pearls woven

    19. baskets, then lay them out on mats woven of straw

    20. They were woven from vines

    21. He bought a coverlet woven from the

    22. What an intricate design She’s woven

    23. On the floor, woven into the carpet, were long, transparent light-conducting tubes

    24. Monty noticed that there was a subtle, golden geometric grid woven into the black carpet

    25. As I opened the basket I had woven in Bethlehem, the small caravan that stopped near us began to stir

    26. They were wider for a start and better fortified they had willow branches woven into the trench walls and timber props to shore up the trench walls

    27. He could smell the sweat and urine of its previous occupant, now permanently woven into the padded floor

    28. Today she would prove herself to her father and her ancestors and the people who had woven themselves into her life

    29. Why did Balzar give them the bag made by the Silver Island Elves? Was there bad magic woven into the bag? Would it hurt him if he used the bag for its designed purpose? How well did the hermit know these renegade Elves? Questions built in Halon’s mind

    30. He wore a brown leather waistcoat over a coarse woven cloth pair of trousers, tied at the middle with a leather strip

    31. He took the Amber Globe of Riddalfen from his large front pocket and held it in the bag, woven by the Silver Island Elves, protecting him from the effects

    32. and a little cap woven of blue violets on her yellow hair

    33. I was staring out of the window on my way home one evening, looking at the intricate woven tracks along the ground whizzing past which would slowly come more into focus as the train slowed down towards the next station to collect and drop off passengers

    34. The components of Absolute Truth consist of a collection of partial truths woven together to form a completed truth, much in the manner of working out the solution to a geometry problem consisting of postulates, theorems and axioms, each a mathematical law (or truth) in itself however an (incomplete truth) as each relates to a (higher truth) that having been brought together, however, provides the solution (Absolute Truth) to the problem

    35. Looking at the strange folds in the rock, she saw that they looked almost like some kind of cloth woven by a breed of giants

    36. The two chairs were facing the fire, with a faded woven floor rug placed between them

    37. Raising his head he could see where she'd placed a large woven basket, lined with leafs, containing cool stream water

    38. He made them put the crates of precious metals in the rear of the ship, strapping them down with strong bands of woven plastic and bolts through the provided eyelets into the floor-holes

    39. Brendan and Layla stood in the center of the glittering winged oval of the Great Seal of the Empire, woven in red, gold and black threads into the deep pile of the antiseptically clean white rug

    40. A soft blanket of woven leaves covered us

    41. That’s a universal truth, one of the few that appears to not be ephemeral, but rather woven into the fabric of the cosmos

    42. heavy woven cotton shirt and a leather overcoat that

    43. looked absolutely beautiful with her hair all braded and woven with colorful flowers

    44. The trader had shown him a small woven square that had been far too expensive for Zoran to even give any thought at all to, and this man was covered with it

    45. Did he think she was that stupid? So many fine questions had been woven into that sentence, and did he not know that she would not answer in anyway?

    46. This facet of human life is so woven into the very fabric of our daily existence, both work and leisure, that to ignore it is to omit a vital ingredient of our humanity

    47. It was rougher and thicker, but still finely woven and with beautiful decorations

    48. Into the hieroglyphics of Egypt the entwined serpents were woven

    49. The elevator doors open, and the wind hits us immediately, still warm but woven with threads of winter cold

    50. The village was composed of a series of lean-tos made from bamboo and small saplings woven together with vines

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