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Weave in a sentence

2. To weave a beautiful memory.
3. We’l eat rations and weave.
4. You could weave twice as much.
5. I thought I would weave through.
6. Those silent waters weave for him.
7. Weave the pin back out from under.

8. Slowly, Darek began to weave about.
9. He called that weave Lightning Hail.
10. Song continued to weave her basket.
11. Up above the stars weave in and out.
12. Cut them up and weave them together.
13. The snake continued to bob and weave.
14. Teach her to weave the clan colors.
15. Oh, such a double edged sword I weave.
16. She would weave herself entrance no more.
17. The better the loom, the closer the weave.
18. Weave the pin back out of the fabric once.
19. I prefer it to weave excuses that sound to.
20. Luna the Seer can weave her magic over it.
21. But he was against big mills that weave cloth.
22. They could weave baskets that would hold water.
23. The motif is to weave a tangled web of deceive.
24. She moved to weave a story of awe without strife.
25. We start to weave our way between the ice-floes.
26. I will weave your hair for today’s festivities.
27. Goes to show, the Fates will weave their circlets.
28. I was also unwilling to sit and weave with my mother.
29. While I weave, I feel like I’m there at Sun Palace.
30. I’d lasso the wind and weave it into a tender towel.
31. Both are well-crafted strong lies that weave religious.
32. Each room panelled in delicate embroidery or fine weave.
33. Vroom! She said excitedly as she began to weave through.
34. Pedestrians will notice that they can bob and weave around.
35. Could she weave herself through, she would find a sweet land.
36. Wings pumping hard under the load, Silas reinforced his weave.
37. Nuclear forces, quantum interrelations – all these weave an.
38. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
39. As I got older, my dad also began to weave in the notion that I.
40. He turned to weave away into the warm, oceanic Los Angeles night.
1. Amaranta was weaving her shroud.
2. Weaving spiders, come not here;.
3. The weaving is in time, but life.
4. Mom kept on weaving sweater silent.
5. This the art of love: weaving freedoms.
6. I walked all the way to the weaving pool.
7. Her life was spent in weaving her shroud.
8. The first one is a story you’re weaving.
9. She noticed that the weaving barn survived.
10. Was weaving its web from the top of his door.
11. She smiled at her as she was weaving a dream.
12. The thought of a million buzzing flies weaving.
13. The Covert started dipping and weaving on its own.
14. As I drew close I could see it was weaving itself.
15. Vasudeva was sitting in the hut and weaving a basket.
16. Stop your weaving and give your hands in my works.
17. ANÍSYA, plainly dressed, sits before a loom weaving.
18. Anísya, plainly dressed, sits before a loom weaving.
19. Satisfied that the area was clear, he stood, weaving.
20. At the base of the steps, weaving through revellers and.
21. Constant weaving of balanced breathing formulation and.
22. She was weaving about and seemed on the point of collapse.
23. Otherwise, weaving in and out of these mountains and their.
24. As though weaving some kind of protective screen around us.
25. They’re using the brocade as a pattern for their weaving.
26. He continued this, weaving and dodging her thrashing limbs.
27. She was angry that I was not inside weaving, as I should be.
28. I could see his dark Thunderbird bobbing and weaving up ahead.
29. For instance why was weaving invented? Not because it was cold.
30. Have you noticed? They're spinning and weaving their own cloth.
31. He was weaving through things in the mist no one else could see.
32. Meanwhile, the unknown woman was weaving glass all around Samantha.
33. Is it a collection of reincarnation threads that you’re weaving?
34. Twirling high above her head, weaving it’s self into a giant braid.
35. The realization creeps in slowly, like a serpent weaving its way into.
36. There’s a snow snake about 50 feet long weaving in and out of the snow.
37. They spent several minutes weaving through the crowd, gingerly stepping.
38. Weaving was just like a shield to save her from bitter questions of him.
39. We rode slowly weaving our way around all the other traffic on the road.
40. Leave him to me! cried Yania as they flew, weaving to avoid the rays.
1. By the sky that is woven.
2. They were woven from vines.
3. Then it was woven into cloth.
4. This is a very finely woven.
5. The flowers were woven amid.
6. As if someone had woven it in.
7. It is made up of woven rattan.
8. The mooring line’s woven of.
9. With so many memories woven in.
10. Amid the world of woven trees!.
11. Nor about the sacks she's woven.
12. They’re woven into our history.
13. Murphy’s favorite hand woven rug.
14. The pouch was woven of rough fibers.
15. He bought a coverlet woven from the.
16. What an intricate design She’s woven.
17. A haunting melody woven with healing.
18. She has woven a spell over her brother.
19. I had woven the cloth and cut it myself.
20. On her feet were woven gold-twine sandals.
21. A soft blanket of woven leaves covered us.
22. A loosely woven hemp mask covered her face.
23. Why is it so loosely woven? she asked.
24. I am reproached with having woven a romance.
25. They were in a finely woven basket with a lid.
26. It was formed from intricately woven gold, from.
27. The hair of which it was woven was not horsehair.
28. Her hair was glossy black, woven with strands of.
29. I lined my cloak with felt woven from the color.
30. I try and feel our hands as they are woven together.
31. On her back she carried an empty bamboo woven basket.
32. Dale scanned the low-pile, tightly woven, black carpet.
33. There is nothing in heaven that is not woven with MY.
34. Of woven destiny, of thoughts, of all that’s deep….
35. But the essence and texture of you is woven throughout.
36. Her hair is upswept, with crystal flowers woven into it.
37. Those resources, he told his men, are woven into a yarn.
38. His clothes were of deep purple, plain but finely woven.
39. Her head was swathed in Webril, a stretchy woven bandage.
40. There are too many memories woven in them, he said.
1. Life weaves me a new story.
2. Find the spark of life that weaves.
3. And she weaves her a door in the air.
4. Life is amazing the way it weaves you.
5. The Book of Daniel weaves a prophetic.
6. The robot stops, sparks and weaves about as if.
7. A woman and a man are in the car, which weaves down the road.
8. The Weaver-God, He Weaves: Melville And The Poetics Of The Novel.
9. He changed the weaves of Lightning Hail to what he called Flame Crosses.
10. His friend must be highly skilled with magic to understand such weaves.
11. He felt he could hold those weaves for another quarter hour at the most.
12. The same with furniture upholstered with textured weaves and wicker are.
13. Byz Ship 2 sways, bucks, weaves and rolls to ditch or damage its pursuers.
14. When it begins in the sky, it weaves its thread through her heart and her mind anew.
15. The emergency team weaves in and out of each other in expertly rehearsed maneuvers.
16. She then taught the weaves for a simple frontal shield that protected the entire body.
17. Werner weaves the antenna through the rubbled ceiling and touches it to a twisted pipe.
18. He wanted to question Carl about those weaves, though he assumed it was also forbidden.
19. He continued to use those weaves, taking out close to ten thousand Nymloc and Jacoulra.
20. The Spider weaves a web and its strands pierce through the Veil, joined to the souls of men.
21. The weaves were much more complex than anything Carl had been capable of before being Reborn.
22. Shields that surrounded the entire body were harder to teach however, the weaves more complex.
23. It required skill and focus to create the weaves before falling asleep though he learnt quickly.
24. From what Adem could make out, Carl had also created weaves to protect the grave from scavengers.
25. He was only able to perform those weaves as they drained his strength less than the Flame Crosses.
26. You will teach both of these weaves to Hayley and then take turns practicing each, against one another.
27. The imagination gathers up the material by which the Mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed.
28. Hayley was a fast learner with weaves too, and she soon had it mastered, so she then taught the weave for casting balls of flame.
29. If the slope is too severe, the meanders have the same effect as a skier who weaves back and forth across the slope to slow his descent.
30. Is this nothing? He takes my hands into his and weaves his fingers with mine, creating an explosion of heat that spreads all over me.
31. Of the examples I have used above, you will notice that there is an ethical thread that weaves itself into the fabric of these organizations.
32. It was something the Dark One had taught the Accursed, and though many had witnessed the portals, the weaves were hidden so that they could not be copied.
33. Adem could easily handle the man with weaves of Air, though with Kaishel there to block the weaves, the man could easily skewer him like a boar in a heartbeat.
34. Stef's thoughts come back to earth when he nearly hits the van and struggling to put on his seatbelt he weaves along the road; only regaining full control when it is fastened.
35. He released the weaves that held the Flame Crosses together, the discs of light vanished, and thousands of men and women cried out in despair to see such a powerful weapon disappear.
36. Ted continues to slide all the way to the door, where, having fathomed out the intricate operation of the swing handles, he pulls his jacket collar up and weaves his way out into the night.
37. If he could have continued to hold those flows of the Power, there might be some hope of victory; however, those weaves drained his strength like water leaking out of a bucket full of holes.
38. Can you see that when fear is grouped collectively, it weaves through, waxing and waning? In other words, and in the case of the roller coaster, fear does not dominate, but neither does excitement.
39. She allowed Lauren to instruct Hayley with those, and they were about to start practicing the weaves when Del stuck his head inside the tent to report, Rebel Alit’aren have returned for peace talks.
40. He wondered if Carl could figure out a way to cleanse the taint, given his new understanding of weaves that could create something like the Holy Crosses, which were removed from the taint in their completion.
1. Roman wove in and out.
2. When Carl wove that spell.
3. The only magic that it wove.
4. And the soldiers wove a crown of.
5. The one I wove with our clan plaid.
6. I held the memory of you, and wove.
7. They wove their way through the mass.
8. Wove bright rhymes in the days of old.
9. Hicks, and wove himself into the crowd.
10. See how the manufacturer wove the thing.
11. A shadow shuttled and wove in the mirrors.
12. They wove their way around numerous islands.
13. The women who wove baskets did not make the.
14. The comic wove the story of Zane and how the.
15. Toria wove a path toward the adjacent turret room.
16. They wove and darted through the maze of branches.
17. He also told them about Rain’s presence in Wove.
18. We cautiously wove our way to the front of the house.
19. Chevalier just scowled and wove in and out of traffic.
20. A faint hissing noise wove through the raindrops again.
21. Carrie allowed him to choose his own way as they wove.
22. McLean set his half-empty mug on the bar and wove his.
23. Your mother had to die so that you could move to Wove.
24. I’m starting to think the bible isn’t in Wove at all.
25. A loom of energy wove immense sounds throughout the ship.
26. So they wove carpets of millions of cut-decapitated fibers.
27. The road wove back and forth between the ten silent relics.
28. She wove for a moment, almost tumbling back down the stairs.
29. Cam brushed a kiss across her brow and wove toward the buffet.
30. I watched carefully as they wove the fronds a six-foot length.
31. He wove around tables and guests even as he hit the redial button.
32. Along the length of his left leg the great artists wove images and.
33. They owned shops where other women wove materials, then made garments.
34. People said there were no brocades finer than the ones the widow wove.
35. Pat jogged out, wove his way through the crowd and out the front doors.
36. Now each evening, she wove woolen fabric from thread she’d spun that.
37. She wove very beautiful baskets in a market where Felipe and I stayed.
38. Their hearts wove together, and she, filled with love, clung to his body.
39. Zae wove the melody through another melancholy moment, and Talia fell quiet.
40. Lady! For she herself and her maidens wove this stuff; and never before have.

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