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    1. Two years of academic work binned because of him, and seven years’ worth of Raw Sex Object judged worthless without his even looking at it

    2. I lit a candle and a cigarette and lay with my ear to the pipe, feeling as though I were worthless

    3. I was, to be frank, a pain in the arse, a wet blanket of the dampest order, and I felt as though there would never be an end to the digging of the shallow grave that held what was left of my worthless life

    4. feeling worthless had become trapped when Jean was in

    5. She laid her hand on her head and said; “Arise Tyu, granddaughter of Myra, sister to this worthless child, and Holder of the Flame of Truth

    6. are collectors of worthless stuff

    7. stuff, even though most of it is worthless junk

    8. Johnny put his two worthless cents in once, stating that if he’d brought his gun

    9. After hearing that the picture was worthless he had little hope of hearing from the cooks or from readers of missing persons

    10. Rian looked sullen and humiliated as he massaged the blisters on his hands, his otherwise unbelievable training and skill seemingly worthless at the moment

    11. says will be worthless

    12. That they are like worthless land that will " in the end… be burned" –

    13. Kelia told me that those promises were worthless, and that during the 5 years that they have been active, crime hasn’t really decreased in Alataria

    14. Don’t underestimate something that is seemingly worthless

    15. In her opinion, one pedant’s as worthless as another

    16. It is for the most worthless of all purposes, too, that they are taxed in this manner

    17. nylon, are paper thin and almost worthless in preventing blisters

    18. “You worthless, fat lump of shit!” the gunny roared, rearing up again with

    19. It is women that have moved on though they are more in charge of their own destiny now and the old values that we used to hold as sacred are worthless now when you are faced with the possibility of losing your loved one

    20. Those worthless bundled mortgages (investments) are what led to this country"s financial meltdown and the collapse of the housing market

    21. If Stengel and his ilk have their way, our Constitution will become a worthless document in exile, little more than a straw man for increasingly politicized federal courts to do with as they please

    22. declaring that we were all worthless and beneath his dignity

    23. "A thousand worthless fellows associated with me," said the old man,

    24. No witch doctor ever publically acknowledged that their muti is worthless cr-p and accused the dead and wounded ones of not believing strongly enough

    25. Frank had no idea how long the attack had lasted, only that when it was over, he was left feeling debased and worthless

    26. Another thing he knew for sure was that his father had thrown Sylvia’s worthless nothing of a dad out into the street the night they married

    27. If however, to avoid such problems, he shared with him the information he had uncovered or even the identities of those he had under investigation, the entire volume of months of observations would undoubtedly become worthless

    28. This notebook is worthless – I’m sorry Beth – but it is, because it mentions Gordon in connection with cocaine and there isn’t other corroborating evidence

    29. I cannot help feeling just a little resentful when people look down their noses at overseas qualifications, assuming that they are all worthless

    30. Angry because they had made her feel so worthless

    31. I am worthless

    32. “If you had not insisted upon burning everything that came into your path, I could have tried, but as the situation stands, trying would be worthless

    33. That quality frightens me now, because I know what he told me: that I was broken, that I was worthless, that I was nothing

    34. If it is true that a dead body is simply remains, worthless and may be dealt with however we choose, how can it be that Satan and the angel Michael were in a dispute regarding a dead body, the body of Moses?

    35. Ashes: Turning from sins; devastation; total death of the old life; consumed; mourning; sorrow; dejection; victory over hardship; to be worthless;

    36. services is worthless without lots of customers, clients or patients!

    37. You will find out how to stop wasting money on advertising promotions that are worthless

    38. Money will be worthless, and the citizens scattered,

    39. “The conductor is as worthless as the rest of them

    40. eternal life – then faith is worthless, this is backed up in the next verse, 15 where Paul explains that

    41. Human beings are then essentially worthless

    42. " And now as to the Watchers, who have sent you to intercede for them, who had been previously in Heaven, say to them: "You have been in Heaven, but all the mysteries had not yet been revealed to you, and you knew worthless ones, and these in the hardness of your hearts you have made known to the women, and through these mysteries women and men work much evil on Earth

    43. I tried in a worthless attempt numerous times, only to have the same occurrence inflict me over again

    44. The professor concluded that he had 'proved' that 'belief in God' was a fairy tale, and therefore worthless

    45. you allow the call to expire worthless

    46. The worst case is for the put to expire worthless

    47. Words used are worthless if no one is listening

    48. the manager, pulled out 4 dumpsters worth of ancient worthless fabrics and threw

    49. Moments later, he realized, though too late, however, that one of those packages contained postcards of Russian sculpture of very little artistic value which was worthless to him

    50. He was truly a worthless person in her view and treatment

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    despicable slimy ugly unworthy vile worthless wretched irrelevant unnecessary senseless useless hollow pointless empty