worthless sätze

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Worthless sätze (in englisch)

  1. You worthless piece of sh.
  2. They said it is worthless.
  3. She was in here, worthless.
  4. Chapter 33: Love is Worthless.
  5. This really is worthless data.
  6. They are now utterly worthless.
  7. We were weak, therefore worthless.
  8. Worthless, she thought to herself.
  9. The next, his shells were worthless.
  10. If the speech is free: it is worthless.
  11. My path about, that worthless, silly I.
  12. It’s worthless and only confuses 90.
  13. Without it, the oxygenator is worthless.
  14. I know this option will expire worthless.
  15. Random or untargeted traffic is worthless.
  16. At this point the notoriously worthless Mr.
  17. By then the options were almost worthless.
  18. An idea without action is almost worthless.
  19. Damn it, he wasn’t worthless and useless.
  20. Never mind that they will expire worthless.
  21. Human beings are then essentially worthless.
  22. Some 90 percent of options expire worthless.
  23. A wicked, worthless, whore is what you are.
  24. If it expires worthless, he still breaks even.
  25. But all these states are ultimately worthless.
  26. No life is worthless that has known such grace.
  27. Words used are worthless if no one is listening.
  28. Why? A single onlooker is completely worthless.
  29. All apparently near priceless or near worthless.
  30. It’s my word that counts, not worthless coins.
  31. Don’t rely on your trickery: it is worthless.
  32. Pays the trader if all options expire worthless.
  33. The money’s worthless, Trevain whispered.
  34. She felt a worthless wreck used and abused and.
  35. Exiting and seeing the options expire worthless.
  36. They were officially declared worthless in 1797.
  37. A dead man is worthless, except to an undertaker.
  38. You are worthless piece of shit, aren’t you.
  39. Lilliput’s economy with worthless projects and.
  40. Love is worthless without trust and acceptance.
  41. I imagine the sea that is all stormy and worthless.
  42. The left front of this car is worthless – trash.
  43. Angry because they had made her feel so worthless.
  44. Even the best of plans are worthless without action.
  45. The worst case is for the put to expire worthless.
  46. The conductor is as worthless as the rest of them.
  47. A future she started to fear as worthless and scary.
  48. For each moment that passes her hope grows worthless.
  49. In serious card games: it is worthless and not used.
  50. The long $36 call expires worthless for a $750 loss.
  51. Amy makes a few remarks about how worthless they are.
  52. It will only prove that you are as worthless as I am.
  53. He really is worthless without us… S’us said.
  54. While I still thought that his taxi was worthless, I.
  55. He feels that unless he gets attention he is worthless.
  56. Maybe he is not so worthless after all, thought Halirit.
  57. Letting any out-of-the-money options expire worthless.
  58. Most options become worthless by their expiration date.
  59. In her opinion, one pedant’s as worthless as another.
  60. If the guarantor has nothing, the guaranty is worthless.
  61. GM stock became worthless when it went bankrupt in 2009.
  62. He’s just worthless trash, he said as he remounted.
  63. Yes, a couple of worthless scroungers out of practice.
  64. I was not about to take their worthless words lying down.
  65. He was abandoned and allowed to lie like worthless booty.
  66. Without knowledge of the ship, your bomb is worthless.
  67. I took it without asking, because it was a worthless rag.
  68. Fortunately, the put expired worthless into February opex.
  69. As usual, Forrest is trying to save his worthless hide.
  70. He was truly a worthless person in her view and treatment.
  71. If the call is out of the money, it will expire worthless.
  72. I have never purchased an issue of IBD that was worthless.
  73. The money they used anymore was all but worthless in value.
  74. The goal is to have both vertical spreads expire worthless.
  75. In fact, it is worse then worthless, it consumes time and.
  76. Well, statistics are worthless where religion is concerned.
  77. Does this worthless turd realize how truly pathetic he is?
  78. Don’t underestimate something that is seemingly worthless.
  79. Then he took the saw; the saw was worthless, and did not saw.
  80. She had a worthless husband who ruined her and tormented her.
  81. All of the above are worthless if you’re not taking action.
  82. It still does not matter because these will soon be worthless.
  83. If that option is out of the money, then it expires worthless.
  84. But that edge is worthless if it is not managed appropriately.
  85. He’d say, ‘I’m worthless scum, and I’m better off dead.
  86. Her pussy is damn near worthless; been banged all out of shape.
  87. Sell that option and it has a 90% chance of expiring worthless.
  88. He’s haunting Dextro and making it feel feeble and worthless.
  89. If options had no value when they expired, they were worthless.
  90. I will not be stopped nor hindered by a worthless mortal human.
  91. The downside is that both options will usually expire worthless.
  92. Transparent carbon is the most useless, worthless shit on Earth.
  93. Denny affirms, and without which his supposed proof is worthless.
  94. A few movements have not, and then the timing norms are worthless.
  95. In fact, in his mind those options have already expired worthless.
  96. The land itself has been worthless and dead for thousands of years.
  97. He was just unlucky that he was surrounded by worthless profiteers.
  98. Also, OTM calls are more likely to expire worthless than NTM calls.
  99. These people are worthless, and I quickly distance myself from them.
  100. Have you arrested that worthless husband of hers? she insisted.

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