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    1. betrayed by the banal admixture

    2. He explained that, although new to them all, it was clearly a hybrid from the equatorial regions, a masterful admixture of the new world and the old ways of the English garden

    3. equatorial regions, a masterful admixture of the new world and the

    4. Silica fume is an highly active mineral admixture for concrete which is widely used in recent years

    5. Expenses for the admixture (E ) at production of concrete can be xa

    6. Where C - cost of the admixture per 1 m3 of concrete including necessary a

    7. admixture, its storage, batching, change of the composition of concrete mixture, etc

    8. For manufacturers of concrete (concrete mix, products and structures) is important to distinguish the economic effect provided by the admixture due to economy of other resources during manufacture and effect reached at concrete application

    9. Expenses on admixture (E ) at the production of concrete mix are justified, if xa

    10. on concrete mix without admixture and with admixture

    11. Where C - content of cement in the concrete without mineral admixture; C

    12. It can be increased in 2-3 times at adequately high dosage of the admixture

    13. Strength increase of masonry mortars at cold-weather construction can be provided by adding of a series of chemical admixture

    14. To the southeast the descendants of the Zhemri, given impetus by new blood resulting from admixture with some unclassified tribe, are beginning to seek to revive some faint shadow of their ancient culture

    15. There is a strong Shemitish, even a Stygian strain among the peoples of Koth, and to a lesser extent, of Argos, while in the case of the latter, admixture with the Zingarans has been more extensive than with the Shemites

    16. Automatic writing, albeit not as clear as trance channeling (more admixture of the person channeling in the final product), has the advantage of providing a written record of a spirit’s messages – something which is often useful for future reference

    17. "The curious admixture in you," said Ingram, starting out with the intention of comparing her to light in the darkness and immediately getting off the rails, "the curious admixture in you of streaks of childishness and spasmodic maturity! You are at one moment so entirely impulsive and irresponsible, and a moment before you were quite intelligent and reasonable, and a moment afterwards you are splendid in courage and recklessness

    18. But when beauty and refinement of sentiment rather than force are desired, the middle range of colouring (that is to say, all colours partly neutralised by admixture with their opposites) is much safer

    19. Through the writing of Xenophen, and through the general admixture of Orientalisms in the later Greek after the conquests of Alexander, the word gained a recognized place, and the LXX writers chose it for a new use, which gave it a higher worth, and secured for it a more perennial life

    20. Admixture to the blue of infrared lightens the flow and makes the color blue, i

    21. They should observe what elements mingle in their offspring; for if the son of a golden or silver parent has an admixture of brass and iron, then nature orders a transposition of ranks, and the eye of the ruler must not be pitiful towards the child because he has to descend in the scale and become a husbandman or artisan, just as there may be sons of artisans who having an admixture of gold or silver in them are raised to honour, and become guardians or auxiliaries

    22. Gold and silver we will tell them that they have from God; the diviner metal is within them, and they have therefore no need of the dross which is current among men, and ought not to pollute the divine by any such earthly admixture; for that commoner metal has been the source of many unholy deeds, but their own is undefiled

    23. ” He spoke French with an admixture of words from the dialect of the Italian region of Tuscany

    24. Don Jose Avellanos would mutter "Imperium in imperio, Emilia, my soul," with an air of profound self-satisfaction which, somehow, in a curious way, seemed to contain a queer admixture of bodily discomfort

    25. ’Twas neither the booming Voice of Masculinity nor the sweet Voice of Femininity, but a strange Admixture of the twain

    26. The analyst must look for their answers to miscellaneous sources of information of greatly varying dependability—including a large admixture of mere opinion

    27. They view investment as “a convenient omnibus word, with perhaps an admixture of euphemism—that is, a desire to lend a certain respectability to financial dealings of miscellaneous character

    28. ' Boire sec means to drink pure wine, without the usual admixture of water

    29. The defenders of the social concept of life generally try to mix up the concept of power, that is, of violence, with that of spiritual influence, but this admixture is quite impossible

    30. Man would not be free, if he did not know any truth, and he would not be free and would not even have any idea about freedom, if the whole truth, which is to guide him in his life, were revealed to him in all its purity, without any admixture of errors

    31. Can man make this effort?—According to the existing hypocritical theory, man is not free to change his life—He is not free in his acts, but is always free to acknowledge or disregard certain truths already known to him—The recognition of truth is the cause of action—The cause of the apparent insolvability of the question of man's freedom—It lies only in the acknowledgment of the truth revealed unto him—No other freedom exists—The acknowledgment of the truth gives freedom, and points the way in which a man, willingly or unwillingly, must walk—The recognition of truth and of true freedom allows man to become a participant of the work of God, to be not the slave but a creator of life—Men have but to forego the attempt to improve the external conditions of life, and direct all their energies toward the recognition and profession of the truth that is known to them, and the present painful system of life will vanish forthwith, and that portion of the Kingdom of God which is accessible to men would be established—One has only to cease lying and shamming to accomplish this—But what awaits us in the future?—What will happen to mankind when they begin to obey the dictates of their conscience, and how will they exist without the customary conditions of civilization?—Nothing truly good and beneficial can perish because of the realization of the truth, but will only increase in strength when freed from the admixture of falsehood and hypocrisy

    32. A man would not be free if he were ignorant of all truth; neither would he be free, nor even have any conception of liberty, if the truth were suddenly revealed to him in its entire purity and without any admixture of error

    33. A statesman would answer that his aim was the common welfare; and in his answer, there would be an admixture of truth confirmed by public opinion

    34. The persons employed by government first distilled a sufficient quantity of seawater, without the admixture of any other substance

    35. The gangue is nearly an equal admixture of sulphate of barytes and quartz; and galena and sulphuret of copper are disseminated through it in about the same, that is, equal proportions

    36. Kamiros ware shows just such an admixture of oriental and geometrical designs as characterizes our pediments

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