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    1. On the other hand, I do remember the entire drunk tank episode my senior year at Emory when a 28-year-old Beta alum was driving his very old Chrysler whose lights went out, causing him to ram into a parked DeKalb county cruiser

    2. Who in town might know about alum? She wished now that she had asked Loro Fiorentino more

    3. He sold her both the red dye made from the root of the madder plant, cultivated in France, and a type of alum known as Spiralum that he said came from Ethiopia

    4. He charged her seven shillings for a small barrel of madder and a pound for a sack of alum, and she had no idea whether she was paying fair prices or not

    5. She asked him what quantities of dye and alum she should use, but he did not know

    6. However, no one knew how much alum she needed or how she should use it

    7. She tried soaking the cloth in alum before dyeing it; putting the alum in at the same time as the dye; and boiling the dyed cloth in a solution of alum afterwards

    8. She tried using the same quantity of alum as dye, then more, then less

    9. “Seven shillings for the madder, a pound for the alum, twelve shillings for the cloth – thirtynine shillings

    10. When finally she found the right formula, it was remarkably simple: an ounce of madder and two ounces of alum for every three ounces of wool

    11. She boiled the wool in the alum first, then added the madder to the pot without re-boiling the liquid

    12. She gave Peter the formula and, under her close supervision, he used all her remaining alum to dye twelve yards of best-quality wool cloth in one of his giant vats

    13. dyer in Kingsbridge, we can teach the others to use the alum

    14. “First, Sweetheart, ye must ignore the major part o’ what ye hear, fer ’twill do ye as little Good ’gainst bein’ clapp’d or with Child as the Remedies o’ the Savage Women o’ Hungary that hang Hare Dung and Mule Hide o’er their Beds to secure Fruitlessness! Some will tell ye Willow Drink, or Tincture o’ Lead, or else Alum in the Privy Place, or Oil o’ Ether, or e’en Mint or Crocus introduced within, after the Act is done

    15. A very wealthy alum donated more than $1 million to get this beautiful trading floor with more than 50 stations built on the top floor of our school of business

    16. That one alum provided the critical learning environment for aspiring traders, but the school fell short in providing students the necessary training to trade

    17. The reader will remember the great epidemic of croup which ravaged the river districts of the Seine in Paris thirty-five years ago, and of which science took advantage to make experiments on a grand scale as to the efficacy of inhalations of alum, so beneficially replaced at the present day by the external tincture of iodine

    18. I don’t set no great store by that alum cross

    19. How did I make it? Why you just take a cross of wood and wind it with yarn and let it hang overnight in a solution of alum and water, and in the morning it’s all crystal

    20. The same may be said of alum, which is collected in the same way for similar purposes

    21. This powder was redissolved in sulphuric acid, sulphate of potash added, and crystals of alum finally obtained; hence this powder was alumine

    22. Kuhlmann, on the use of sulphate of copper, alum, &c

    23. —, caves of, containing alum, xvi, 334

    24. — —, in the alum shale of England, xxix, 364

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    alum alumna alumnus grad graduate potash alum potassium alum ammonia alum ammonium alum