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    1. She was very appreciative of what she had

    2. (They were not as appreciative as she thought they should be

    3. ’ I pointed out, just in case he had missed that point, earning an appreciative glimmer of amusement from my beloved

    4. do want to let the woman know that you’re appreciative of the chance to go out with her

    5. I assume I probably look much the same as I sit sipping my tea, grateful for the warm liquid and highly appreciative of the fact that the world has returned to normal

    6. Even Jorma was appreciative

    7. Chrissie posed, allowing her gaze to wash across the upturned faces in front of her – Sheila, face closed yet unpleasantly appreciative – Mickey and Kev getting into a right going state of excitement – Chas, his eyes stripping off the tiny scraps of fabric clothing her, his hands in his lap, invisible in the shadows – Ozzie, drunk and clapping not quite in time to the music

    8. On the opposite side of the hole, Sheila was hauling her top over her head with appreciative commentary from Mickey, now standing on the side of the pit beside her

    9. When they were done, very late indeed, the twins emerged to the raised eyebrows and appreciative whistles of each of the men lounging in the great room

    10. We were very appreciative that you included sums and such with the itinerary for the trip,” replied Harry

    11. On rainy or snowy days which kept them inside, they would put on performances for their adoring fans---ofttimes the store cats, sometimes their family, but always an appreciative audience

    12. Carius, as fun-loving and devious as her brother, was additionally quite cultured and appreciative of the scholarly and finer arts – something he had in common with Heron’s eldest sister

    13. But can you imagine if we humans started doing some plastic surgery stuff so we could mimic Bob the Buho’s great abilities for audible fixating! From what I’ve gathered, those delicate medical operations are done for just the opposite reason—to make us more symmetrical and to correct those unsightly, off-balance, or inappropriately shaped features that we were blessed with but are not appreciative of

    14. She was clearly not in the mood for his sweet-talking, judging by the way she ignored his appreciative look over her figure and attire

    15. Song and Deni scurried over to the shelves and with Deni on Song's shoulders they carefully plucked the unit off its perch and delivered it to an appreciative Pim


    17. He settled in with an appreciative rumble

    18. That story got some appreciative laughs, and softened them up

    19. Amazing isn’t it? I am of course appreciative that they transformed and discovered that they were longhaired liberal in disguise because I suspect that I might be one also, but none the less, they should be grateful to SAP COIN for their education

    20. When he received his parachute wings, after much blood, sweat, and no doubt tears, he encountered a young lady taking an appreciative interest in him at a hotel

    21. This was rewarded with a genuinely appreciative chuckle

    22. “Well, well, well,” said Maintenon, with an appreciative glance at Claude, who had the most beatific look of relief upon his face that anyone had seen in quite some time

    23. Colling guessed that the Countess was not only appreciative of the arts, but had the wherewithal to indulge her tastes

    24. and i was deeply appreciative for the kindness that he showed me

    25. gospel, and they are appreciative of Christian missionaries that come to

    26. partner has built with his list give me a great opportunity to talk to an appreciative and

    27. in the Shinra Air Force? So appreciative of his duty during the

    28. appreciative that the stillness of night was upon them, they had

    29. “Me too, dear, me too,” replied his appreciative wife

    30. This upset her, and she would feel more appreciative and encouraging towards them, as if she acknowledged their talents

    31. reminded him that the neighbours may not be as appreciative

    32. ’Something smells good,’ he said, with an appreciative note to his voice

    33. They were also appreciative of our plans for hidden fortifications

    34. “But first, there are fourteen individuals whose actions were absolutely crucial to our victory, and who deserve to be recognized for their service before the watching and appreciative eyes of the entirety of The Just Alliance

    35. better!” he finished, flashing an appreciative grin at all concerned as he started to hurry away

    36. He is most appreciative and keeps thanking me for the medical assistance he received, but I don’t want his gratitude, I want him to be the father he never was

    37. and the crowd was very appreciative

    38. Since many wives in Bremerhaven had their husbands sailing on one ship or another, there was often appreciative response

    39. As the bearded lady spun on her wheel for a small, but appreciative crowd, Dragon, the knife thrower almost cut a whisker off

    40. After a suitably appreciative silence they nodded sagely and asked me to put on a similar act in a week’s time – the details to be confirmed once Saturday’s party was over

    41. Being on stage with an appreciative audience was what gave me a thrill

    42. Most girls would have been appreciative

    43. The students took my nudity in their stride and were just as appreciative as those in Bristol and as with the students of that university, they were invited on stage immediately after each show to discuss whatever they liked

    44. The trolls and troll women that resided within his fortress were appreciative of Taliesin’s reticence

    45. To be appreciative and grateful for those who have been placed on your path, to love al , forgive because without forgiveness you cannot grow or be used to fulfil that which God has planned and purposed for your divine destiny

    46. The driver gave her an appreciative once-over

    47. more aware and appreciative of the festive season

    48. and appreciative of the process we call death

    49. Everyone in Nazareth well knew he was a good father to his family, and this was a matter so near the heart of every noble Jew that Jesus' plea found an appreciative response in the hearts of many of his hearers; and some of those who were not thus minded were disarmed by a speech made by James, which, while not on the program, was delivered at this time

    50. But Flavius was agreeably surprised when Jesus entered the home that, instead of rebuking him for having these supposedly idolatrous objects scattered about the house, he manifested great interest in the entire collection and asked many appreciative questions about each object as Flavius escorted him from room to room, showing him all of his favorite statues

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    appreciative indebted gladdened obliged thankful sensitive supportive understanding favourable enlightened cordial considerate cognisant cognizant responsive comprehending perceptive