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    1. I’m indebted to your hospitality

    2. While the Catholic Church wants man indebted to suffer

    3. Greece is just the first on the list of indebted

    4. But when one of them imports from the other to a greater value than it exports to that other, the former necessarily becomes indebted to the latter in a greater sum than the latter becomes indebted to it: the debts and credits of each do not compensate one another, and money must be sent out from that place of which the debts overbalance the credits

    5. To dream that you are paying out wages suggest that you are indebted to someone

    6. The magistrates of the powerful canton of Berne, in particular, have accumulated, out of the savings from this fund, a very large sum, supposed to amount to several millions; part or which is deposited in a public treasure, and part is placed at interest in what are called the public funds of the different indebted nations of Europe; chiefly in those of France and Great Britain

    7. The canton of Berne derives a considerable revenue by lending a part of its treasure to foreign states, that is, by placing it in the public funds of the different indebted nations of Europe, chiefly in those of France and England

    8. The public funds of the different indebted nations of Europe, particularly those of England, have, by one author, been represented as the accumulation of a great capital, superadded to the other capital of the country, by means of which its trade is extended, its manufactures are multiplied, and its lands cultivated and improved, much beyond what they could have been by means of that other capital only

    9. " And further: „As under the smiles of Heaven, America is indebted for freedom and independence, rather to the joint exertions to the citizens of the several states than to the conduct of the Commander-in Chief, so she is indebted for their support, rather to a continuation of those exertions, than to the prudence and ability manifested in the exercise of the powers delegated to the President of the Unites States

    10. It was a dig at their creator to whom they were supposed to be indebted or at least grateful, he gathered from their encrypted forums

    11. He or she should never pursue, however, his or her own immediate interests or the parochial interests of ―popular‖ opinion that each may otherwise feel indebted

    12. I wanted him to be indebted to me; one day I may need his help

    13. Said you have great military leadership and he is deeply indebted to you

    14. the Countries to whom America was indebted called in the chips

    15. I am forever indebted to that man and am proud to say that I would give my life for him

    16. The college was indebted to the chef and the staff…and so on

    17. Indebted to a Stiff? It’s ridiculous

    18. They captured me in the western hills and would have killed me had not their leader been indebted to my father

    19. “You will find there are a lot of people indebted to your father

    20. As usual, he was indebted to Theodore for his life

    21. I am also indebted to Carmen Harra for the ideas in this section

    22. [88] I am indebted to Caroline Myss for this term and the notes that follow which are taken from: Caroline Myss and C

    23. The author is indebted for some ideas to Pastor Paul Daniel, previously of His People Christian

    24. be indebted to you forever

    25. I am indebted to it and to the men and women who have made it the great institution that it is today

    26. “We are deeply indebted to you for their lives, which you have saved

    27. 43 And whoever they be that flee to the temple at Jerusalem or be within the liberties hereof being indebted to the king or for any other matter let them be at liberty and all that they have in my realm

    28. I am greatly indebted to you, and I send to you a multitude of gratitude

    29. She was feeling more indebted to them by the minute, and thought to herself that becoming a celebrity because of a terrible ordeal had its ‘upside’

    30. way, we are also indebted to it? And if so, what is The Goal

    31. Give us day by day our daily bread and forgive us our sins; for we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

    32. The author is indebted to the professionalism, guidance and courtesy provided by UWS-JDHL Maritime Archives Director Laura Jacobs and the library staff

    33. The author is indebted to the sources, photographs, and advice offered at the Coast Guard Historian’s Office, United States Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D

    34. that would let him know both how completely indebted I was to

    35. I’m indebted to you and though

    36. We are indebted to Freud for his ingenious discovery of repressed

    37. "Indebted to my father, not to me

    38. Charly resisted the idea when he brought it up Sunday night, again not wanting to be indebted

    39. lived in the city of Rotterdam and perhaps felt that she was indebted to Grace for looking after

    40. They jolted me from a twenty-year rut, and for that reason alone I’m indebted to the man

    41. “Torie, we are forever indebted to you

    42. “We are indebted to you, Shape-Shifter,” Drumtone answered

    43. “We are indebted to you for your help and will be additionally thankful for your protection

    44. always be indebted to them as I get a lot of visitors from the

    45. Secondly, take care of Sidney though you may not care about that, I'll be indebted to you

    46. ‘Hasn’t he proved that he’s a changed man? What has his past got to do with our future life? Didn’t he pay the price for it in full measure? After all that suffering would he ever cause suffering to others? And hasn’t he proved his mettle by funding the very roof that shelters me? Isn’t that enough to be indebted to him all my life? What is it if not a paranoia to focus on his past, ignoring his current credentials? How unkind of me to think he would take advantage of women, given his zeal to help them! What if he really proposes?’

    47. As you know, my heart is forever indebted to your generosity and kindness

    48. The daughter's husband was a big time gambler and heavily indebted to loan sharks

    49. “I am indebted to you forever for what you have done for me here

    50. “You're indebted to me already though, you would say that

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    indebted obligated thankful grateful beholden gratified appreciative in arrears accountable