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    1. completed the arduous task of reading Some Recollected Matters,

    2. It was arduous to go through this just to become diagnosed, but that is each person's individual journey, like life and the progression of self

    3. This is often a long and arduous process,

    4. and arduous task, requiring many years of labour, and countless

    5. would be arduous, but would reduce the trip by at

    6. “I’m not too worried about it, I don’t think the Lhar’s that arduous a journey

    7. Lawrence Spelman had begun the arduous process of the disposition of properties no longer deemed useful to themselves, or which might be better employed in the use of others

    8. It was time for my long and arduous spiritual quest to bear fruit

    9. “I can only imagine your frustration and pain - I can see in your eyes that your journey has been long and arduous

    10. This has been the fate of at least 10 American whalemen while braving the dangers of the Arctic seas in pursuit of their arduous calling

    11. I read on in it he said that Rosie had been transferred to the infirmary but despite the most arduous efforts she had succumbed to the disease that had afflicted her at 10:15hrs on the date of my Courts Martial

    12. Castillo moved his Cubans forward to El Pozo, where, under De Coro and Gonzales, they did efficient outpost work a mile beyond the American lines, thus relieving the soldiers from much arduous guard duty

    13. The swim out to the buoy was arduous for them all

    14. Dawn couldn’t believe that she’d managed the long arduous swim, helping Sheena with her dad towards the end, pulling him up onto the top of the submersible by herself because Sheena was too exhausted to manage

    15. He then felt it would not be inappropriate to ask more of the Pilgrim, the strain from the arduous walking evident in his voice, gasps of breath between his questions:

    16. In her matter there were no voices in disarray, no arduous discussions with no end

    17. His expression was arduous, the expression of the leader, the strong, proud, immovable

    18. Laino’s eyebrow shot up and for a short second gave him an almost gentle, laughing expression, but then the arduous was back

    19. Again, a simple dish, left to speak for itself and what a lovely voice it had (I’m aware I’ve used this quite ingenious analogy before, but I’m now struggling – it is the ninth course to be fair, cut me some slack, it’s really arduous to review a ten course tasting menu

    20. provisions for the journey, which for that time, was rather a long and arduous

    21. and arduous road in an unknown country

    22. To climb to the highest peak constitutes a very arduous deed, which not everyone can, nor tries to achieve

    23. When the thousands of adventurers going after gold looked for the best starting point for their arduous sojourn, they realized that the best penetration by boat lay in the north end of Lynn Canal

    24. It was a long and arduous task as the only

    25. They walk outside the cemetery where they re-enter the town car and begin their arduous drive to the courthouse

    26. Thousands had made the arduous trek to the mountain and had climbed to its peak

    27. “All of their arduous effort was a colossal waste, as I hadn’t been paying them any attention

    28. Yes, he knew how, recently, during their long and arduous journey to Gathandria, he had told Johan everything about that day and had walked some way towards forgiveness, of a sort

    29. I didn’t have much to say to Bull—finding it to be extremely arduous to weigh the pro and cons of my friendship with him and deciding whether or not to remain friends

    30. Since Corey said he was going to the Florida Keys and required space she started to understand the arduous task of delegation

    31. But after three years of increasingly arduous wedded life they began planning for their house, and during the next year went ahead with it

    32. Once she was settled she began the arduous task of establishing Baal-Melkart as the principal god

    33. Ño Josefina crossed herself whenever she was going to begin the arduous task of brushing my hair; therefore, I began associating this act as something malignant to which it was necessary to be accompanied by God's blessing

    34. Let us make room for Smithforge so that he may begin the arduous task of smelting the ore necessary to hone a permanent seal here

    35. It is a long and arduous work

    36. It had been an extremely arduous and painful experience for him, but well worth it – his limp was scarcely discernable

    37. The large machines conducted the arduous task of pushing Loki’s forces out of the city

    38. Last night’s Research was the most arduous, fear inducing,

    39. Grandmother responded with unaccustomed passion and after an arduous nine months and a difficult birth, Esther was born

    40. It was a long and arduous journey by land and sea

    41. The training proved to be extremely arduous

    42. Rest yourselves from the arduous labors of the kingdom and enjoy the refreshment that comes from reverting to your former vocations or from discovering new sorts of recreational activity

    43. It was going to be a long and arduous journey

    44. The journey back to his base had been long and arduous for Gomes

    45. For Sam Ferris the journey to Nuremberg had proved to be the most arduous of his short life and there would be one more epic journey to come

    46. It was a shorter route, more arduous, but safer for a hunted fugitive

    47. Ilya Orlov had been part of that incredibly rich lifestyle, but a special commission by Tsar Nikolas had sent the Imperial Guards Colonel and a band of trusted and brave soldiers with an enormous gold consignment of l05 tonnes on an arduous trek and voyage that had ended in disaster

    48. His heritage, the arduous way of the warrior was a thing of history not of contemporary Miccosukee and Seminole Indian tribes

    49. RACHEL FOUND THE DEBRIEFING process arduous and painful

    50. such an arduous task

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    Synonymes pour "arduous"

    arduous backbreaking grueling gruelling hard heavy laborious operose punishing toilsome straining strenuous energetic emphatic fatiguing intense vigourous Herculean overwhelming severe tough difficult exhausting burdensome steep high abrupt sheer