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    1. So does the past and the present seem to augur the future circumstance? In other words, does history tend to repeat itself? The further that John advanced into his written interpretation of what he experienced, the greater use he made of metaphoric and other symbolic language

    2. As they were about to leave, Vero, the Chief Scientist, sidled up and demanded to know why Augur had been in their apartment and where they’d been all afternoon

    3. Hallways were illuminated and, according to Augur, the negrav chutes were working

    4. Augur fondled himself and Agnes caressed her long nipples

    5. The Chief Mage compressed her lips, squinted at her protégés as if wondering how to continue, then with a vague wave of the hand told them Augur had a few questions

    6. The sun dipped behind one of the few clouds in the endless Kansas sky injecting a sense of urgency into the searchers; an augur of failure

    7. Everything indicated that the Chinese already had a significant air presence over the Senkakus, something that did not augur well for the four-engine turbo propeller patrol aircraft

    8. The fact that Dewey had asked to see him in private only two days after Christmas didn’t augur well either

    9. Subsequently a conjunction would normally be inscribed at the dormitory of this scene in order to augur us to remain and stay in

    10. Subsequently a conjunction would normally be inscribed at the dormitory of this scene in order to augur us to remain and stay in `peace` over at the next place somewhere else

    11. ‘Does it augur well that the monsoon too has set in today? Won’t that portend women pouring in into my bed as it were? True, this Kantha cannot hold a candle to Roopa, but didn’t she set the whole bed on fire, many times over

    12. Their herald was a man who possessed knowledge of the planets – an augur

    13. “He who goes to a fortune-teller or an augur and believes their sayings has stopped believing in the revelation that descended on Mohammed

    14. The fortune-teller, the augur, and the astrologer all pretend to know what events will happen in the future, and so the one who believes them has stopped believing in Al’lah and his messenger (cpth)

    15. Those who seek refuge in Al’lah and obey none but Him (rather than an augur or a foreteller or a fortuneteller or a magician) will enter heaven

    16. I can certainly dispense with the gift of the present, the future is not only uncertain but does not augur anything good and my only comfort and source of strength and happiness is my past

    17. Broader indices of financial conditions may serve better now (and are likewise countercyclical; favorable financial conditions augur low future returns)

    18. Another burst of tears; but in spite of that burst, and in spite of that great black word miserable, which served to introduce it, Sir Thomas began to think a little relenting, a little change of inclination, might have something to do with it; and to augur favourably from the personal entreaty of the young man himself

    1. Another example: Transiting Saturn conjoined TR’s natal moon and opposed his Mars between summer 1886 and late spring 1887, which augured a CHALLENGING

    2. They will think that this aircraft has augured into the side of a mountain in this remote area and won’t be able to send out search planes until daylight at the earliest

    3. It is not only in the redemption of some minds from atheism that favorable results may be augured from preceding representations

    4. It was pleasing to him; he augured well from it for the success of the arduous mission with which he meant to entrust the Capataz so marvellously restored to usefulness

    5. It was almost midnight; it seemed impossible that anyone should be calling now, or that the call augured anything good, but rather than let it ring and wake Cate, he hurried to the kitchen to answer it

    6. Eugenie never augured better of her cousin's character than when she saw him come down in the plain black clothes which suited well with his pale face and sombre countenance

    7. Marius, who had always present to his mind the inflexible grandfather of his early years, interpreted this silence as a profound concentration of wrath, augured from it a hot conflict, and augmented his preparations for the fray in the inmost recesses of his mind

    8. She could do good, if not noble, work as a teacher; and the success her little sketches were beginning to meet with in certain editorial sanctums augured well for her budding literary dreams

    1. conjoined TR’s natal Midheaven, auguring a DECISIVE, SOCIABLE event: one which calls for an exercise of will in which he had to follow his heart and stay his course; do what he felt was right; involving encounters, gatherings, or events which played upon his affections (note that sun and Venus form an intrinsically disharmonious combination so their conjunction is usually brings disagreement, conflict, tension in relationships)

    1. Oak: It augurs a long life of riches and prosperity

    2. Ram: If it chases you, there will be a delay in paying a debt or fulfilling a promise; if it hits you, it augurs loss of money

    3. That augurs well for the Tea Party process to continue to develop as an independent force

    4. In TR’s case Jupiter’s return in 1870-71 was also accompanied by its transit of his Ascendant, which augurs a CHEERING event: an opportunity to lighten up, join together with others, and take a detached, generous, and conciliatory overview; and this event brought him FULFILLMENT and REORIENTATION – he found that things fell right into place with no effort on his part

    5. The Prince de Talleyrand, grand chamberlain, and the Abbe Louis, appointed minister of finance, laughed as they looked at each other, with the laugh of the two augurs; both of them had celebrated, on the 14th of July, 1790, the mass of federation in the Champ de Mars; Talleyrand had said it as bishop, Louis

    6. All these theories, as is always the case, are worked out in the mysterious sanctums of augurs, and in vague, unintelligible expressions are spread abroad among the masses and adopted by them

    7. In process of time, however, the conclusions drawn from theological conceptions cease to be necessary to the masses, who, then, peeping into the very sanctuaries of their augurs, discover them to be utterly void of those glorious and indubitable truths which the mysteries of theology had seemed to be, and see instead that there is nothing there but crude deception, and they marvel at their own blindness

    8. He will only inquire, “What Spirit?” “Where did it come from?” “With what purpose?” “What good will it do me?” Not very long ago the sages of Hegelianism were solemnly teaching the crowd; and the crowd, understanding nothing, blindly believed all, finding the confirmation of what suited them, and thinking that what seemed to them to be not quite clear or even contradictory, was clearer than day on the heights of philosophy: but time went on, the theory was worn out, a new one appeared in its place, the former one was no longer demanded, and again the crowd looked into the mysterious temples of the augurs and saw there was nothing there, and that nothing had ever been there but words, very dark and meaningless

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    augur auspex auspicate betoken bode forecast foreshadow foretell omen portend predict prefigure presage prognosticate forebode anticipate divine foresee