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    1. The thing about God is that, you cannot predict what He

    2. He was built to solve mathematical equations and predict the outcome of certain events

    3. If it was a naturally occurring phenomenon, Archimedes could predict it

    4. They were actually pirates, and they valued Archimedes for his ability to predict the most efficient way to loot ships and override human beings' living patterns

    5. It's impossible to predict what they plan against me every time, so I can't defend myself effectively

    6. She ran her memory of the walk to the station through her head … assessing, trying to predict where the trouble might occur

    7. She could never predict what the emotional tone in her

    8. We could never predict how much of a decrease in

    9. times to come I predict that women will take a bolder initiative toward

    10. an evil spirit out of girl who had power to predict the future and when the spirit had left, had power to predict the future

    11. A renegade power whose purpose she could not fathom nor predict

    12. It is hard to predict

    13. Because you may not be able to predict how your choices will affect your life, it makes little sense to spend time trying to judge the inherent value of your purposes

    14. It may be helpful for you to try to predict what questions will be asked so that you can prepare your response in advance

    15. commented that the best way to predict the future is to

    16. ” agreed Ria, “Computer, can you predict the extent of the damage caused by a medium-sized explosive charge attached to one of the thruster fuel lines near the port-side engine?”

    17. “I cannot accurately predict the results of explosions, Captain, I have no models for that situation

    18. It is impossible for me to predict more than that

    19. How would he have known that the Bible, as we have it today, would one day exist? How could he predict what would happen in the future and know the numerical requirements, which he would have to adhere to, for including codes about the future into his writing? Every single letter in the Bible fits perfectly into a masterfully designed, fully integrated compilation that can only serve its intended purpose, if each individual letter is in its intended designed position and remained there over millennia

    20. None could correctly predict the future with clarity and accuracy as the Bible does

    21. On this point, let us look at the Bible’s ability to predict future events accurately

    22. What differentiates the Bible from other books that predict the future, is that the Bible is very clear and concise in its prediction of future events still to come and based on historic records that have been verified, we know that about two thirds of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled

    23. He did not only intend to predict events in the future, but guided people in what they should name their children, so that the names would one day fit into the majestic design that would complete the structure, design and modelling within the book

    24. How then should we treat those statements or sections from the Bible which we are unable to verify authenticity? Would it be accurate to assume that if we can prove 100% factual truth in all cases, would it be fair to treat the sections or passages for which we lack the evidence or foresight into the future, with exactly the same attitude? Would it be stretching it too far to think that we can demonstrate scientifically that the Bible as a whole is a supernatural unity and that we can accept with certainty that it contains true information on all aspects - even on subjects that we are unable to validate, due to our limitations? If we know that the information contained in this Book, predicted events that would happen in the future with 100% accuracy and continue to predict future events which we cannot assess from our point in time, should we not pay serious attention to what it says about those future events?

    25. Although there was knowledge of the Shenandoah’s victims and her limited port calls, no one was able to guess where she was at any given time or predict where

    26. Admitted, but if we keep careful observations of the present and the past, we can certainly predict, with some degree of reliability, what is to come

    27. No simulation, however well researched, could predict the impending catastrophe he foresaw, there were only recommended responses – a standard strategy

    28. No expert was able to predict what would really happen

    29. The course of artificial evolution was immensely difficult to predict, considering the number of influential factors – like billions of minds

    30. He didn’t know what was going to happen, he couldn’t predict the actions of anyone once the diversion started as part one of the plan, so like the rest of the congregation, he listened, he watched and he waited until something, instinct, whatever told him the time was right

    31. He had even mapped the cycle of their activity; developed a mathematical formula of dynamic patterning that could predict a future action with ninety-eight per cent accuracy

    32. I predict it will happen even more

    33. ―nominal‖ decline in revenue impact, assuming that it does, the French economy? It wouldn‘t take much imagination to predict the

    34. Since it is nearly impossible to predict the correct date of its completion, the differing theories regarding the work's author(s) and date of completion will never resolve

    35. They would also predict grave political consequences for Blair in England and numerous losses for the PP (Popular Party), José María Aznar’s political party, in the May elections in Spain

    36. How many lives were saved by prevention is often difficult to predict, despite the vague but likely true claim that “millions” were saved

    37. Would Wallace be reelected? That is very difficult to predict and depends on how successful coexistence with the Soviets was, as well as the success of civil rights and government healthcare

    38. The Baron could be manipulated, if we could ‘safely’ predict his reaction to our ‘stimulus,’ to use a word that was popular before the war

    39. We are launching an investigation into your arcology‘s uncanny ability to predict social and market trends way above the norm

    40. The weather is good for tonight, as far as we can safely predict

    41. I predict heavy rain today; the Witch will use all of her powers to summon the rain

    42. theories of motion are still used to predict the motions of everyday objects

    43. If we could predict what would happen next, we wouldn’t need to employ Hartle at all,” said Sim

    44. One could confidently predict that sooner rather than later he would have the entire car right up off the ground, if given a suitable opportunity, or even just a plausible excuse

    45. But I do predict a long and prosperous future for all of you

    46. “A scientist whose profession it is to predict the weather,” replied Colling

    47. He was trying to congratulate the fisherman on his ability to predict the weather when Boroszki suddenly pointed in the direction Colling knew as “right,” but had learned to call “starboard

    48. Just how many millenniums did John predict? Or, was the use of the term millennium only meant to indicate a very long time as ancient sources seem to imply

    49. For example, some simple differential equations can represent the movements of the planets within the solar system and accurately predict where they will be located far into the future

    50. We cannot begin to predict where people at even a small cocktail party will be located in five minutes, or who Dave will be hitting on! The existing models of social science, and I’m talking mostly about economics which is nearest to a ‘real science’ in terms of our methodology and approach, are very simplistic and fraught with large error terms

    1. As I had predicted, we resorted to getting a take-away but even so, we didn’t eat until nearly ten forty-five – a silent meal - after which, by tacit agreement, we all went to bed

    2. Remembrance Day, when it arrives, is cold, grey and damp (as Janet predicted) and casts an atmosphere of gloom over The Laurels

    3. As predicted by Gilla, the house is ready to welcome us; beds are made and a supper of hot soup and fresh bread waiting for us

    4. And when he reached his orgasm your name was revealed to him, just as your dreams predicted

    5. "The sum of all dimensions predicted by the infinite dimension theorem

    6. As I predicted, it is now quite warm and I contemplate having lunch in the garden and then maybe doing some sunbathing

    7. Small consolation that you predicted this would be the case

    8. A storm is predicted for tomorrow afternoon; if they are caught in the open, they will die

    9. predicted, but he was not someone to shirk from hard tasks

    10. the storm arrived, much as predicted

    11. “The shamen have predicted a late freeze this week,” he said, “and I do have a foot warmer under that table

    12. been predicted, his growing language skills would be a considerable

    13. As predicted, the hollow where they had laboured so hard had filled with water

    14. – correctly – predicted that it would act as a recruitment centre in the

    15. Only gZarvik had really seemed defensive, that was because he was known to have predicted favor for those who brought in a body for the ghost

    16. The distress signal gave data on the asteroid, such as its position in outer-space when the distress signal had been sent out, as well as a predicted trajectory path for the asteroid, so that the crew back on Earth could send a rescue ship to save everybody

    17. Here before him was the Instinctive and Moving centers grouped in the lower level---just as predicted

    18. Agabus, along with some other prophets, predicted a famine in

    19. The weather had been predicted to be hot and people were asked to prepare their evacuation plans or to prepare their land and their houses if they were staying to fight any blaze that came their way

    20. Just as Jacques had predicted, it was dark by the time

    21. If you did not I can tell you the weather is predicted to get hotter with no rain forecast

    22. had already arrived and, as Pierre had predicted, they

    23. The second attack happened as Axel had predicted

    24. predicted that, one day, the tree will be hitting

    25. Doubtless you could have predicted what would

    26. As predicted, the name once more demonstrated its power to captivate, to freeze a fast mover in his tracks

    27. Nevertheless, when some of the smells that Chuff had predicted began to be identified by independent researchers, orthodox science had no option but to accept his theory

    28. In the first few moments of creation, as the universe expanded rapidly, this super odour split into the seventeen distinct units of smell as predicted by Chuff's Table

    29. These revolutions are predicted to cause a domino effect on the rest of the world i

    30. He entered with words of responses to predicted questions spinning in his head

    31. Not that he could have ever predicted this opportunity would be within reach, or that he’d have the courage to take it

    32. The late-October sun streaming through invited him to go out into the hilly vista, still snow free on the last few days of a predicted warm spell

    33. It was solid and hadn’t caved in or fallen into the stream as predicted when first designed

    34. He hoped the bubble would soon engulf the device and shrink the wave in the predicted time: a picosecond after full power, before it had time to destroy his surrounding’s temporal presence

    35. “That must mean that there is much more airborne moisture than predicted

    36. At that rate they would actually get there sooner than he had predicted

    37. I forgot to tell you before that the storm is predicted to come in much earlier than forecasted

    38. Peter’s unexpected death had affected her more than she would have ever predicted

    39. 3, was predicted to be the first species 7 would visit

    40. You should be able to find hundreds of references to events that were predicted in the Bible that actually occurred; just as it was predicted

    41. We should look out for prophecies, that were predicted and then fulfilled with 100% accuracy, by verifying events from history

    42. The number of predictions about future events contained within the Bible and the fact that we find that all events that have occurred in our past, came true with 100% accuracy, not failing once in accuracy or timing, should leave one with sobering thoughts about the events predicted for our future

    43. We know that this Book contains many prophecies, which have been fulfilled, down to the last letter, for every event that was predicted and occurred in our past

    44. How then should we treat those statements or sections from the Bible which we are unable to verify authenticity? Would it be accurate to assume that if we can prove 100% factual truth in all cases, would it be fair to treat the sections or passages for which we lack the evidence or foresight into the future, with exactly the same attitude? Would it be stretching it too far to think that we can demonstrate scientifically that the Bible as a whole is a supernatural unity and that we can accept with certainty that it contains true information on all aspects - even on subjects that we are unable to validate, due to our limitations? If we know that the information contained in this Book, predicted events that would happen in the future with 100% accuracy and continue to predict future events which we cannot assess from our point in time, should we not pay serious attention to what it says about those future events?

    45. place on the sofa was predicted to affect one’s health if sat in for

    46. No one could have predicted that, at this point in their lives, true love would find them

    47. “We’ll continue this discussion later in private,” Adem said quietly, “as I fear there may be more listeners than we had predicted

    48. They used just one of their names, but would choose whichever name made the fighter seem more or less attractive – depending on whether they were predicted to be a crowd favourite or not

    49. situation, they were all thankful to varying degrees for the way things worked out, at least their lives were spared, and that was something that no one could have predicted

    50. The time-code currently predicted the craft would enter somewhere in the English Channel in 7

    1. · Your joints are more accurate in predicting rain than the National Weather Service

    2. were magical ways of predicting the future and how effective that

    3. - increase in "predicting ability" of calculated methodology that is an opportunity of full comsideration of technological factors and given requirements to concrete;

    4. I don’t want to start predicting the future but, one way or another, we will make it

    5. Looking back in history, we can verify that as history unfolded, the information hidden in the text at the time of writing was indeed correct when predicting future events, both in the surface text as well as in hidden codes

    6. To construct the patterns, models or the numerical design in the structure of the text, while at the same time predicting events in the distant future with 100% accuracy, both in the surface text and in codes embedded in the text, would be absolutely impossible for a human to achieve

    7. Wallace was halfway right in predicting Truman would cause “a century of fear

    8. “I’ve combined the two reports I gave you before—the one predicting the killer

    9. ” She is more explicit on a similar occasion, predicting the Court will “increasingly” make its decisions “in deference to international law and foreign opinion

    10. Well aware that most newspapers in Latin America and in Europe were predicting McGovern’s victory, Roger enumerated what he thought were compelling reasons why McGovern would lose

    11. Certainly our physical theories of the fundamental interactions within the Standard model equip us with models for predicting

    12. You are almost predicting

    13. so much predicting what is going to happen to you, but more about who

    14. these props, the lady was predicting the future

    15. (It seems like he was predicting the future)

    16. Predicting my arguments and spitting them back at me is clever, but how does it help you or anybody? To achieve good works that will shine forever in tribute to Christ, God, and the Virgin, we are told not to speak useless words, and to confess our sins to God every day with sighs and tears, and to hate our own will

    17. ground, that they had no reason to track me, that somehow they were confident in predicting where I was going

    18. predicting the fall of the temple, then they conclude that it must

    19. She and Trask kept on till nearly midnight, replaying parts of the conversation, mimicking Carl's talk and gestures, predicting the actions to be played out at lunch

    20. neighbors, predicting that someday Blefuscu would

    21. Both predicting and forecasting have evolved to the state where they

    22. They are predicting the devastation of resources

    23. and respected method over predicting numbers (filters, key numbers, number

    24. Perhaps we may go a little further than that in Predicting what He will teach

    25. Private Raines asked, “Are you predicting it or making them come up what you’re calling?”

    26. The calendar method of predicting ovulation

    27. With that, it is still best to make use of ovulation predicting kits, since they are more accurate

    28. The weatherman on the early morning news was predicting a white out

    29. Accurately predicting the Swordsman battle strategy based on the combat simulations Greg had created specifically for this purpose, computer controlled lasers mounted on the decoys and on the surrounding asteroids quickly dispatched the entire first wave of scouts

    30. When you see a green box around a horse's odds, it denotes that the racetrack is predicting the horse will be the favorite for the race—the horse who the public thinks is most likely to win, but whose payout will be the lowest if it does!

    31. confident you feel in predicting the way that behavior will change

    32. Speakers warned about the consequences of government injustices, but white speakers offset them by predicting that the European scramble for Africa would bring missionaries great advantages

    33. After predicting that one of his own disciples would betray him, to the dismay of all present, Yeshua had concluded the meal early and had left with a few disciples to go to the Mount of Olives

    34. A year from now, meteorology will only get better in predicting the weather

    35. They’re predicting a new southerly change during the week

    36. And predicting the future

    37. attempts to have a controllable total leverage ratio, predicting the next earnings cycle

    38. multiple discriminant analysis, it is still 94 % accurate in predicting bankruptcies one year away, and about 72 - 80 % accurate in predicting bankruptcies two years away

    39. However, the real culprit was methodology; beta was used as a tool for predicting

    40. predicting events that would occur after sixty-nine sevens (483 years from the command to rebuild

    41. However, predicting changes in the cost of capital and

    42. There is no predicting how long that trend will continue

    43. predicting the forces that move a stock and combining them into a consensus that smoothes

    44. invented the very important astrolabe, used for predicting celestial positions, and determining such things as the observer’s location or time of day, which would be crucial to open ocean travel

    45. Julius, in the same way that I move my arm as if I am throwing a ball to you, you will instinctively move your hands to catch it, you are predicting what will happen in the future because you are in tune with how balls move through air

    46. years, mankind still needed a method of predicting seasonal weather changes for important

    47. It was also Peter‘s idea that Nostradamus might brag about successfully predicting that there would be no great flood in the year 1524

    48. worked superbly in predicting atomic and sub-atomic events

    49. predicting that the Muslims would think that by killing Christians and

    50. It’s the exercise in creative futurism, predicting the future in such a way that provides insights to the present, that most intrigues us

    1. He describes the smell, which he has christened Marmite, as 'bloody terrible', and he confidently predicts that it will have tremendous implications for a number of industries

    2. D: -- The passage also predicts that the world we live in now will be destroyed by fire

    3. Repeatedly Bible prophecy predicts that Jesus Christ will return to earth

    4. unfunded liabilities over the next 75 years and the Medicare Board of Trustees predicts that it will be

    5. “Its simulation predicts the tsunami could reach a height of fifteen meters or

    6. is the system that predicts the dispersion of radiation based on wind and terrain

    7. This method is not a statistical prediction model, as it doesn’t consider the inherent variations (range) and instead predicts a single point value

    8. ” Bishop Jones predicts that climate change will become in the 21st century “a great moral spiritual issue, just as slavery was in the 18th century

    9. Justice Breyer predicts that a challenge of the next generation will be to determine whether our Constitution

    10. Singer predicts that within the next 35 years belief in the sanctity of human life will “collapse” as a result of new scientific, technological, and demographic developments

    11. Through access to the Internet The Daily Bell predicts that in the near future more masses of people will begin realize how they have been “lied to, impoverished and cowed” by the power elite’s “dominant social themes”

    12. One study predicts that if in Italy the birth rate continues to stay as low as it is

    13. early Earth and predicts the existence of terrestrial dark plasma life forms which evolved

    14. hand, predicts these types of phenomena

    15. Then, based on this information, it predicts the numbers that

    16. He predicts a bad winter

    17. Predicts the way that behavior will change

    18. predicts that gravity‘s gravitons interact with light‘s

    19. only a comparative rating tool for default, but it predicts the pressure on earnings and the

    20. What you do behind the scenes, predicts your scenery

    21. Consider the similarities between this history and II Thessalonians 2:4 which predicts that the

    22. predicts that people will have a religion that resembles true Christianity but lacks the power of it

    23. The Counsel predicts that six

    24. “It means exactly that, if everything works out as Weaver suggests and predicts,” said Minton

    25. “A human predicts and prepares

    26. Thus, even before the start of the war, Sanjaya predicts in no

    27. The name Jeremiah can be applied to someone who predicts doom or disaster

    28. It’s as if all of a sudden he is transformed into a soothsayer and he predicts for Ulysses what Teiresias will later tell him when he is in Hades

    29. Ulysses descends into Hades, with the help of the Sorceress Circe, and encounters there Teireisias, who predicts for him what the final solution to his conflict with Poseidon must be

    30. The Bible predicts a time when the being fuelling

    31. He predicts e-

    32. Who can actually see the big picture ? Can there be a model that predicts the details of how

    33. In both he predicts the destruction of Jerusalem by

    34. crucial nature but it is the bottom part that controls the top part that predicts the value of the outcome

    35. The Titius-Bode Law is rough rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the Solar System

    36. Vatican’s global empire is to be cast into the “lake of fire,” as this image’s symbolism predicts

    37. shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of Heaven [Jesus here predicts the

    38. (Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of

    39. IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that

    40. McGarvey on Matthew 8:12: "And I say unto you, that many shall come from the east and the west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of Heaven (Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of this centurion

    41. EAST AND THE WEST, AND SHALL SIT DOWN WITH ABRAHAM, AND ISAAC, AND JACOB, IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of this centurion

    42. ISAAC, AND JACOB, IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of this centurion

    43. Sarmiento, whose elevation is 2,070 meters above sea level: a pyramid–shaped block of shale with a very sharp summit, which, depending on whether it's clear or veiled in vapor, "predicts fair weather or foul," as Ned Land told me

    44. And who can seriously say either thing is wrong? I could ask if the Deep Web somehow predicts what’s coming next

    45. Although the first and second standard deviations are fairly priced, once a stock or an index moves past a two standard deviation, which is more than the pricing model predicts, options will move to that fourth or fifth standard deviation

    46. If you take advantage of these movements between months, you will see that there are higher odds of success than the pricing model predicts

    47. This component will cause the final portion of the value of an option to take much longer to decay than the model predicts

    48. They need to know that initially, when the IV increases on their condor, the condor is going to have more delta sensitivity in a downturn than the model predicts

    49. I like to say, it predicts the past

    50. With an introduction by renowned market commentator and stock tipster Tom Winnifrith and a summary by trading technical analyst Zak Mir, this collection chronicles the rocky road trip the financial systems of the world have been on and predicts the ultimate destination: the death of wealth as we know it

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