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    1. How does the Bible authorize?

    2. How does the Bible authorize? It authorizes by direct command

    3. It might take one of the founders to authorize it, but if the case turned on that information, he would have it

    4. As he left, he knew he needed more proof of Sloan’s intentions in order to persuade the Administration to authorize a search

    5. “We have Reich passports, from before the war, but with endorsements from the pre-war government that authorize our residing in Poland

    6. The prime minister needs to authorize the venting and the evacuation of

    7. Some of the people of that constituency authorize a

    8. authorize slavery; it simply claimed no power for the federal government to interfere with it within the states

    9. length of time it will take to authorize, conduct, interpret, and report on the situation,

    10. would authorize the dual degree track for me, so that is exactly what I

    11. On this Sunday morning, before daybreak, one of David's messengers arrived in great haste from Tiberias, bringing the word that Herod had authorized, or was about to authorize, the arrest of Jesus by the officers of the Sanhedrin

    12. “Actually,” the Chief of Staff of the Space Force interrupted, “what he wants is for you to request the J M F to authorize the mission and for me to order it

    13. I asked Rachel to authorize unlimited access to the ship’s logs

    14. The free-wheeling and open discussion lasted for a half hour before the motion was made to authorize the funding Timothy would need to resolve the issue

    15. “Another aspect of that support and also a byproduct of the public knowledge of time travel in this timeline, is the recent decision by the Global Council to authorize intertime tourism and trade between this time period and the Global Council, subject to the close supervision of the Time Patrol

    16. intelligence, and later regretted voting to authorize the President to declare war at his

    17. After signing bills, W has used “signing statements” which authorize him to bypass the law, on 1100 bills, a record for any president

    18. ����������� �For that reason alone, I would authorize her to do that bombing raid, Air Marshal

    19. � I thus authorize Director Hoover to arrest the most important Soviet agents and to revoke immediately the security clearances of every person named in the file brought by Colonel Laplante, so that we can have access to the good colonel�s technological information

    20. � Yes, I think that, with a carefully presented plan and those two points, we could convince the High Council to authorize such a Time Patrol

    21. ����������� ��In that case, I personally authorize the rescue of those two persons in 1941, along with the retrieval of Miss Laplante�s personal effects at the same time

    22. However, I cannot for the moment authorize any action north of the line of demarcation, even after an attack by the North Koreans

    23. This council will authorize temporary, thirty-day approval for some of

    24. ‘’Then, it will be my pleasure to use this thumb to certify delivery of the cargo and to authorize the transfer of 4

    25. You authorize Google to place ads relevant to your content on your blog

    26. Do you authorize a BLOCKBUSTER strike, over?’’

    27. I authorize you to drive out onto this lake,” he said, with a flourish of hand motion

    28. Did you authorize the use of antimatter weapons on this planet?”

    29. “I can’t authorize this

    30. This corridor has yet to be opened, mainly because they usually are not until a day or two before the storm is expected and the authorities authorize it

    31. So I will authorize a check for a million to you and we can call it a day

    32. of speech and to retain our sovereignty, I asked the Congress to authorize an

    33. Many verses authorize mass slaughter (4:56, 4:91 and 2:191-194)

    34. Your C-World for life-extending surgery that will give your father two more years of life, perhaps letting him live long enough until they legalize universal immortality, or, authorize a Humane Immediate Cessation Order on Terminal Indigents and earn a spin on the Fortune's Five-thousandths of a percent Weal of Conspicuous Consumption – where every life taken adds a year to yours

    35. resolve, determine, grant ( used of king when he determines something which he will later authorize with his official seal and signature); ~ se remember, recall; ~ se de remember

    36. with the captain and also authorize him to pull any

    37. The only reason that Martin Luther succeeded in his rebellion against the church he was a part of was because the northern Kings took his side in the matter and decided to authorize his criticisms as having validity

    38. I fully authorize you at once to assume the command of the Pharaon, and look carefully to the unloading of her freight

    39. You should authorize air strikes into the northern portion of the DMZ whenever the field commander determines that the enemy is using the area in preparation for attack in the south

    40. ” There had been a time when Godwyn had hesitated to authorize Philemon’ s underhand schemes, but

    41. But the big national news involved congressional hand-wringing over whether or not to authorize President Bush to go to war with Iraq

    42. Congress should authorize funding for grants for states, local governments, and other entities to implement specialty care programs, including Coordinated Specialty Care for First Episode Psychosis in community settings

    43. Congress should authorize and fund an evidence-based opioid and heroin treatment and intervention program for states, local governments, and nonprofits

    44. “I’m the one who has to authorize someone else to do it, and if it doesn’t work—if it turns into a disaster because we get two solid five-days of blizzards nobody anticipated, or the thaw comes early in the Border States, or it comes late on the Ice Ash—I’ll be the one who rolled the dice—because, in the final analysis, the responsibility’s mine, whoever came up with the idea in the first place—and crapped out with the lives of sixty thousand men

    45. which would authorize him, Grandet, to take the name and arms of d'Aubrion and to succeed, by purchasing the entailed estate for thirty-six thousand francs a year, to the titles of Captal de Buch and Marquis d'Aubrion

    46. It decreed that the Banking Board could authorize savings banks to invest in interest-bearing obligations not otherwise eligible for investment, provided application for such authorization shall have been made by not less than 20 savings banks, or by a trust company, all of the capital stock of which is owned by not less than 20 savings banks

    47. Graham adds that a proxy vote would be necessary to authorize an independent committee of outside shareholders to select “the engineering firm” that would submit its report to the shareholders, not to the board of directors

    48. I said to Jill, “Authorize a search

    49. This second offline computer also has a Bitcoin wallet program installed and only functions to authorize, or digitally sign, the transaction

    50. To authorize the transfer of bitcoins from the bank’s Bitcoin address, multiple employees need to use their private keys to digitally sign the transaction

    1. Where did that explosion come from? What was going on? Who had authorized all of this? With no answers to any of his questions, Ackers was forced to take some kind of action or wait under the desk to be caught by someone

    2. One is authorized by the Bible, the other is not

    3. ‘Who has authorized this biography?’

    4. ” and he went about searching his swatch book for the authorized colors of School house

    5. “I don’t see you being authorized to strike up a conversation and interrogate the locals

    6. We will continue to update the recordings, however, as the Sovereign has approved and authorized them for future Robot-Students

    7. Meanwhile the only apprentices the Keeper authorized were all but useless

    8. Unaltered Electronic-only copying and distribution for personal and non commercial used is authorized without limitation

    9. She’s to remain at the camp in the Rift and that is all you are authorized to know at this juncture - as per General Tullius himself

    10. When the authorized teachers of religion propagate through the great body of the people, doctrines subversive of the authority of the sovereign, it is by violence only, or by the force of a standing army, that he can maintain his authority

    11. Pray tell me where in our Constitution the President is authorized to present a plan, a budget, or anything else excepting an annual State of the Union Speech, to the Congress

    12. there would be no difficulty because he wouldn’t have authorized

    13. And although she’d been authorized to go where other Federation ships

    14. My papers authorized a program

    15. First, he was authorized to board Smith-Hughes's corporate jet in Chicago and landed at National Airport around eleven or twelve that Monday night

    16. Thus there is little doubt he would have authorized nuclear weapons against China, likely in December 1950 as he proposed

    17. That afternoon, Ferguson authorized his furlough request without comment, and Major Harris signed it

    18. dollars would no longer be authorized for use by American forces in Germany

    19. Lewisohn came on the line, and after Colling had described what he had observed, he was authorized to go ahead and give penicillin by injection for the next three days, then to start penicillin tablets to be taken for another four days

    20. Lieutenant Wallerman would continue as the detachment’s CO, but their authorized strength had been dropped to only seventy-five men

    21. Having an escort authorized by the NKVD might lend more plausibility to their masquerade

    22. authority to stop a program authorized by the Congress

    23. authorized to regulate them

    24. At a minimum the amendment that authorized ignoring costs

    25. One of those authorized the arming of USA vessels which Congress had

    26. could be authorized by our state governments

    27. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries process so that they access our page in Internet and obtain the authorized copy

    28. Therefore, anybody obtains to execute its task without being trained and authorized

    29. For English speaking people I recommend the 1611 King James Version and the 1769 King James Version of the Holy Bible (also known as the Authorized Version)

    30. Perryton authorized the formation of a

    31. Foolishly you authorized it, thinking it was my share of the company

    32. He complains about “milk-price hikes” but fails to point out that the hike authorized by the President was in fact lower than that requested by the Democrats who received more funds from the dairy industry than did the Republicans

    33. Also he has allowed an invasion into the ‘people’s’ right to privacy through the National Security Agency (NSA), beyond that authorized by Congress or the Courts --- acknowledging such action and stating that he had reviewed that action and we should trust him

    34. The DC district court ruled that their action ―was an unconstitutional allegation of legislative power‖ and that the EPA was not authorized to legislate

    35. It is hard to understand how a bunch of unelected bureaucrats has the authority to stop a program authorized by the Congress

    36. the Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorized loan guarantees for up to six new reactors, and authorized the Department of Energy to build a reactor based on the Generation IV Very-High-Temperature Reactor concept to produce both electricity and hydrogen

    37. The federal government should auction all of the land it owns that is not authorized and what it is unable to sell should then be given to the states

    38. They could “receive the common ration only in the district where they live, except in the case of movements authorized by the administration

    39. Billions of dollars in spending are authorized not through regular procedures but in mammoth ‘supplemental’ appropriations bills

    40. Congress is failing in its oversight functions, not only in enforcing the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against quotas, but also in making certain that the money it appropriates is used for authorized purposes

    41. been authorized by law, nor are they trained, to do psychological

    42. Judah Maccabeus authorized an offensive-

    43. So Congress authorized the agencies to draw up, on their own, the necessary regulations

    44. The fact that Yania had entered the flying palace of the Great Beast had caused a huge disruption in the command of the attackers because a Love Spirit had been authorized by the beast to enter his palace

    45. But I am not authorized to agree to your terms without consulting our other representatives

    46. “I am authorized at this moment to commit the military forces of the ten nations of Felion to a true military alliance of the nations allied for justice

    47. Somonik: “I am Somonik, and you are not authorized to be here!!! That is not affected by your presence being astral or corporal!!”

    48. commercial purpose, will only be authorized to do it with a municipal authorization,

    49. 2 – Bullfights are authorized in the established terms

    50. Under military law as it’s practiced in Finitra, as a member of an allied military you have no obligation to obey me unless Kevim specifically authorized me to issue you commands, or we were in an emergency or combat situation where you couldn’t contact your superiors, or you were within the sovereign territory of Hilia

    1. How does the Bible authorize? It authorizes by direct command

    2. Brethren we have sought to consider the matter of how God authorizes, the matter of

    3. The memo, signed by him, authorizes that funds from his office account be used to have her pay for an abortion,� Linda rattled off as she read the material in the Vice President's envelope

    4. When the person executes its activity anywhere, the system only authorizes the execution of the updated task per correctly trained person

    5. The system should have clear roles, responsibilities and authorizes allocated to support the implementation

    6. the Budget that Congress authorizes for the next fiscal year

    7. Your signature below authorizes me to write copy for the project above, for the fee

    8. I, as chairman of the International Karate Organization and the manager of both the women’s and the men’s tournament, thus authorizes a match between Mister Borisov and Miss Laplante, to be held half a hour after the award of the top prize in the men’s tournament

    9. I am however ready to use my authority as commander of USAFIK and authorizes you to shoot at any North Korean force crossing south of the demarcation line, and this in defense of the American and Korean forces under my command

    10. They haven‘t a clue about who authorizes the publication of that which they are taught in the educational stems, because they have been taught what to think, rather than how to think

    11. Religions authorizes the key to hell why? Because it is built on the path of unconscious soul to the its unthinking particles interact with the thinking mind

    12. Each year in nearby Hyattsville, the city council authorizes a contribution to the local Festival of Lights held at Watkins Regional Park in Largo, Maryland

    13. [13] INTERPRETER‘S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE: ―No biblical text authorizes the statement that the soul is

    14. (13) INTERPRETER’S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE: “No biblical text authorizes the statement that the

    15. text authorizes the statement that the soul is separated from the body at the

    16. [13] INTERPRETER’S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE: “No biblical text authorizes the statement that the soul is

    17. At length I received this letter from your friend, which states that my father is in Paris, and authorizes me to address myself to you for information respecting him

    18. The visible I in nowise authorizes the thinker to deny the latent I

    19. And by way of preaching this Christian gospel and confirming it by Christian example, we imprison, we execute, guillotine, hang; we encourage the masses in idolatrous religions calculated to stultify them; the government authorizes the sale of brain-destroying poisons—wine, tobacco, opium; prostitution is legalized; we bestow land upon those who need it not; surrounded by misery, we display in our entertainments an unbridled extravagance; we render impossible in such ways any semblance of a Christian life, and do our best to destroy Christian ideas already established; and then, after doing all we can to demoralize men, we take and confine them like wild beasts in places from which they cannot escape, and where they will become more brutal than ever; or we murder the men we have demoralized, and then use them as an example to illustrate and prove our argument that people are only to be controlled by violence

    20. This vagrant power to erect a bank, after having wandered throughout the whole constitution in quest of some congenial spot whereupon to fasten, has been at length located by the gentleman from Georgia on that provision, which authorizes Congress to lay and collect taxes, &c

    21. , and authorizes them to take all steps necessary and proper to effectuate the trust or power; in the progress of the business a measure is suggested as necessary, about which there is a diversity of opinion among the trustees

    22. The constitution authorizes the President to appoint persons to fill all offices established by law, but says not a word about appointing officers to collect the tax you levy specifically

    23. Another feature of this incorporation is, that it authorizes the stockholders to take usurious interest for their money

    24. This bank incorporation possesses other qualities at war with the laws of the several States; one of which is, that it authorizes stockholders, who may be foreigners, to hold real estate

    25. But, sir, I will not detain the committee any longer on this part of the argument, for this institution cannot be said to be innocent, as regards the rights of the States, when its effects on the rights of property are to exonerate the stockholders from some of the most important responsibilities which the laws of the several States have provided for the payment of debts; and when it authorizes the taking of usurious interest

    26. The very bank law now under consideration is an illustration of this—for how are the provisions of this law to be enforced; how are the debts which it authorizes to be contracted to be collected, but through the medium of the State courts? The doctrine of perfect rights, then, if it prove any thing, proves too much

    27. The constitution only authorizes the General Government to call out the militia to suppress insurrection, enforce the laws, and repel invasion

    28. [The bill authorizes the President to cause to be exported such quantity of provision as he may think proper, for the relief of the inhabitants of Venezuela, suffering by the effects of an earthquake

    29. The President, relying upon your discretion, authorizes you to draw upon the Collectors of Orleans and Savannah for such sums as may be necessary to defraying unavoidable expenses that may be incurred in the execution of these instructions, not exceeding, in your drafts on New Orleans, eight thousand dollars, and in your drafts on Savannah two thousand dollars, without further authority; of which expenses you will hereafter exhibit a detailed account, duly supported by satisfactory vouchers

    30. He rose at this time, however, to propose an amendment to the bill, the object of which was to repeal so much of former laws as authorizes a bounty of land to the recruits

    31. The honorable gentleman, however, urges the passage of the bill under consideration, (which authorizes the enlistment of twenty thousand additional regular troops for one year; and provides for the appointment of proportionally an unusual number of officers, with all the accompanying paraphernalia of an army,) as the means best calculated to produce the end in view

    32. [The bill authorizes the President of the United States to cause to be issued Treasury notes to the amount of five millions of dollars, and also, if he shall deem it expedient, to issue a further amount, not exceeding five millions of dollars, provided the amount issued under the latter provision shall be deemed and held to be in part of the loan of sixteen millions of dollars authorized by the bill passed this day

    33. [The bill authorizes a grant of $50,000

    34. the vagrant power to erect a bank after having wandered throughout the whole constitution, has been located on that provision which authorizes Congress to lay and collect taxes, 281;

    35. it authorizes the stockholders to take usurious interest, 346;

    1. The inherent ―right‖ to terminate one‘s (own) life as it relates to vague or questionable notions defining quality of life, introduces yet another dubious precedent as it relates to Choice, especially in rather gray areas where the decision to either perpetuate or curtail an individual‘s life has been proxied (sic) at a time when that individual could not possibly foresee the (uncertain) consequences of such decisions entrusted to the care of family members or friends (concealing underlying motives for authorizing such decisions, perhaps) or where a potential illness at some uncertain point in time or that individual‘s problematical reaction (to that illness) could not possibly be understood in advance; that is to say, until that individual is actually sitting on Death‘s doorstep

    2. “Aha!” said Michelle, “What if we elect a President that is from a different party than the one that controls Congress? Then, the other party could put the President’s party out of business by authorizing more spending than allowed under S!”

    3. authorizing or requiring the regulation of climate change or global warming

    4. The law was enacted in the 1960"s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with

    5. Andrew Jackson did not like a bill authorizing the construction of new roads and added a statement

    6. authorizing it in 1913 and it would be easy to pass another law abolishing it

    7. The reason, he said, was that in authorizing the Court to issue the writ Congress was expanding upon the original jurisdiction of the Court as provided in the Constitution

    8. The law was enacted in the 1960‘s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with extinction and the purchase of habitat for their protection

    9. hexafluoride and (2) declare that nothing in the Act shall be treated as authorizing or requiring the regulation of climate change or global warming

    10. approved by authorizing committees, such as the Armed Services

    11. You must rate, the authorizing TWX came in with a lot of horsepower behind it

    12. She wouldn’t promise on your life to do whatever Mother requires of her, but she ordered the deaths of innocent embryos only because she didn’t remember authorizing their creation and didn’t want to be their mother

    13. allow certain users to only create posts, as opposed to authorizing them to

    14. His call led to laws authorizing Virginia’s governor to close Norfolk’s schools, and elsewhere, to prevent integration

    15. “This is an official army general order, signed by you, authorizing the formation of Unit 731, a unit dealing with biological warfare and which conducted experiments on live prisoners, infecting them with all sorts of diseases

    16. Here is my mission order authorizing me to recruit women anywhere in the United States, irrespective of race or ethnicity

    17. By the way, talking of the 6th Army: you may be happy to hear that General Marshall was quite displeased on learning that Lieutenant General DeWitt had unilaterally decided to overrule the mission order to you authorizing you to enroll women anywhere in the country

    18. The last report we got on her, thanks to American newspapers and radio stations, was that she had been tasked to form an all-female air unit, following the edict from their president authorizing the enlistment of women in their army

    19. I have already sent a message authorizing Brigadier General Dows to start the thinning of her unit on the ground in Korea and am now going to see General MacArthur to put an end to this farce

    20. the day that my client is authorizing the paperwork to own the $1 million piece of

    21. “And he provided to you at some point a resolution from a director of that company authorizing him to act on their behalf

    22. The following year Constantine issued the Edict of Milan authorizing the practice of Christianity

    23. From this point onwards I am authorizing the

    24. This was a bill authorizing the post war reorganizing of state governments he’d requested three months earlier

    25. I received orders authorizing killings to cut the prisoners’ morale

    26. For example, digital rights management software—software that decides who can see a file by appending access rights to a document—is useless without standards for authenticating and authorizing users for reading, modifying, or printing files

    27. authorizing the formation of a secret task force charged with implementing the Ogallala

    28. slip authorizing him to make an appointment at a regional clinic

    29. Authorizing them to establish colonies on hostile shores on a new continent:… ‘in the name of the Crown’

    30. 87-838, authorizing the establishment of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health

    31. The coroner discharged the jury, and as they and the witnesses passed out of the room, Hunter followed Rushton outside, with the hope of being honoured by a little conversation with him on the satisfactory issue of the case; but Rushton went off without taking any notice of him, so Hunter returned to the room where the court had been held to get the coroner's certificate authorizing the interment of the body

    32. I’m authorizing Father Ahbsahlahn and Bishop Staiphan to take statements from all of the survivors and begin compiling a comprehensive report on this debacle immediately, and I have no intention of acting until I’ve received that report

    33. The legislatures of several states have recognized the superior standing of Canada by authorizing savings banks to purchase its obligations, and Vermont has accepted also the dollar bonds of Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Holland, and Switzerland

    34. authorizing transactions with, 137–138

    35. ) To set up your 401(k), you fill out a form authorizing part of each paycheck—you decide how much—to be sent to your account each month

    36. "The Congress expresses its satisfaction at the adoption by the Spanish Senate, on June 16th last, of a project of law authorizing the Government to negotiate general or special treaties of arbitration for the settlement of all disputes, except those relating to the independence and internal government of the state affected; also at the adoption of resolutions to a like effect by the Norwegian Storthing, and by the Italian Chamber, on July 11th

    37. This Congress expresses its satisfaction at the adoption by the Spanish Senate, on June 18th last, of a project of law authorizing the Government to negotiate general or special treaties of arbitration for the settlement of all disputes, except those relating to the independence and internal government of the States affected; also at the adoption of resolutions to a like effect by the Norwegian Storthing on March 6th last, and by the Italian Chamber on July 11th

    38. Newton called for the order of the day on the bill authorizing the President to employ twelve additional revenue cutters

    39. Newton, that the unfinished business of yesterday, depending at the time of adjournment, do lie on the table; and that the House do now resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole on the amendatory bill authorizing the President to employ an additional number of revenue cutters: and the question being taken thereupon, it was resolved in the affirmative

    40. Nelson, from the committee appointed the eleventh ultimo, on so much of the Message from the President of the United States as relates to the Military and Naval Establishments, presented a bill authorizing the appointment and employment of an additional number of navy officers, seamen and marines; which was read twice, and committed to a Committee of the Whole on Monday next

    41. Under this conviction, I proposed a resolution limiting the duration of the embargo, and authorizing, at the same time, the issuing of letters of marque and reprisal

    42. These considerations not having restrained the British Government from disavowing the arrangement, by virtue of which its orders in council were to be revoked, and the event authorizing the renewal of commercial intercourse having thus not taken place, it necessarily became a question of equal urgency and importance, whether the act prohibiting that intercourse was not to be considered as remaining in legal force

    43. The Senate resumed the third reading of the bill authorizing the fitting out, officering, and manning, the frigates belonging to the United States

    44. The insult offered to the honor of the nation in the affair of the Chesapeake, so far from being redressed, was heightened by a proclamation from the King of Great Britain, authorizing publicly, in the face of the world, the boarding of our merchant ships, and taking therefrom whomsoever their officers should call a British subject; to palliate this outrage on our independence, it was recommended to the boarding officer to execute this indignity with politeness

    45. The Senate, aware that a measure of that kind could not be enforced without a physical force, sensible that the prospect of profit would induce many to prevent its intended operations by evasions, did immediately pass a bill authorizing the President to fit out and put to sea all the armed vessels of the United States, for the purpose of preventing evasions of the law, to employ our seamen who were thrown idle, and to be prepared for events should a war ensue

    46. But, sir, I wished to do something; I proposed, in select committee, to strike out those sections which would only do us injury, and then fill their place with sections (which I had draughted and presented for consideration) authorizing the arming of the merchant ships, not for defence alone, but with authority to capture and make prize of any vessel that might assail them while engaged in lawful commerce, and to employ the public ships of war in convoying the trade of the nation

    47. The conferees met, and the committee of Senate submitted a section, "authorizing the President, under his instructions, made conformably to the laws of nations, to grant convoy to the merchant ships of the United States engaged in lawful commerce

    48. The bill entitled "An act authorizing a loan of money, for a sum not exceeding the amount of the principal of the public debt reimbursable during the year one thousand eight hundred and ten," was read the second time, and referred to a select committee, to consist of five members, to consider and report thereon, and Messrs

    49. Resolved, That the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures be instructed to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the registering anew of vessels built in the United States, which are owned in whole by citizens of the United States, any disability incurred by such vessel to the contrary notwithstanding; and also into the expediency of forbidding by law sea-letters or any custom-house documents being granted to vessels not registered or licensed according to law, or not owned by citizens of the United States, within a limited time after the passing of such a law

    50. Erskine authorizing him to tender reparation for the attack on the Chesapeake, because his power so to act has not been distinctly questioned

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