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Authorize в предложении (на )

How does the Bible authorize?
I said to Jill, Authorize a search.
Do you authorize a BLOCKBUSTER strike, over?’’.
Some of the people of that constituency authorize a.
How does the Bible authorize? It authorizes by direct command.
Many verses authorize mass slaughter (4:56, 4:91 and 2:191-194).
I asked Rachel to authorize unlimited access to the ship’s logs.

Did you authorize the use of antimatter weapons on this planet?
This council will authorize temporary, thirty-day approval for some of.
You authorize Google to place ads relevant to your content on your blog.
The prime minister needs to authorize the venting and the evacuation of.
So I will authorize a check for a million to you and we can call it a day.
It will not be inexpedient, however, for Congress to authorize an enlargement of them.
I authorize you to drive out onto this lake, he said, with a flourish of hand motion.
He said that he didn’t care who had to authorize the matter, he just expected it to be done.
Such an examination was not necessary to authorize the House to call for the information required.
But to be more specific—I would grant letters of marque and reprisal, and authorize privateering.
It might take one of the founders to authorize it, but if the case turned on that information, he would have it.
Resolved, That the title be, An act to authorize the President to employ an additional number of revenue cutters.
Bitcoin uses digital signatures to authorize transactions so that you, and only you, can spend the bitcoins you own.
I am willing to put a clause in the bill to authorize the President to give the frigates away, if he cannot sell them.
I fully authorize you at once to assume the command of the Pharaon, and look carefully to the unloading of her freight.
But then we can authorize you to collect the revenue, and, while occupied with that, you may do whatever else you please!.
The Old Confederation did expressly authorize the admission of Canada into the Union, but the present constitution does not.
As he left, he knew he needed more proof of Sloan’s intentions in order to persuade the Administration to authorize a search.
However, I cannot for the moment authorize any action north of the line of demarcation, even after an attack by the North Koreans.
But the big national news involved congressional hand-wringing over whether or not to authorize President Bush to go to war with Iraq.
We have Reich passports, from before the war, but with endorsements from the pre-war government that authorize our residing in Poland.
There was no law to authorize the punishment of a man for robbing the mail; but it was derived from the power of establishing post roads.
After signing bills, W has used signing statements which authorize him to bypass the law, on 1100 bills, a record for any president.
Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to authorize any sum to be borrowed greater than four millions of dollars.
This second offline computer also has a Bitcoin wallet program installed and only functions to authorize, or digitally sign, the transaction.
An engrossed bill to authorize the President to employ an additional number of revenue cutters was read a third time: Whereupon, a motion was made by Mr.
The free-wheeling and open discussion lasted for a half hour before the motion was made to authorize the funding Timothy would need to resolve the issue.
This corridor has yet to be opened, mainly because they usually are not until a day or two before the storm is expected and the authorities authorize it.
Congress should authorize and fund an evidence-based opioid and heroin treatment and intervention program for states, local governments, and nonprofits.
To authorize the transfer of bitcoins from the bank’s Bitcoin address, multiple employees need to use their private keys to digitally sign the transaction.
A few days since we passed a bill to authorize the erection of a bridge; and another, to change the name of an individual, to enable him to inherit an estate.
I would suggest two for consideration—either a total non-importation, which our laws can doubtless enforce, or to arm our merchantmen, and authorize convoys.
Actually, the Chief of Staff of the Space Force interrupted, what he wants is for you to request the J M F to authorize the mission and for me to order it.
From this point onwards I am authorizing the.
I received orders authorizing killings to cut the prisoners’ morale.
You must rate, the authorizing TWX came in with a lot of horsepower behind it.
The following year Constantine issued the Edict of Milan authorizing the practice of Christianity.
Andrew Jackson did not like a bill authorizing the construction of new roads and added a statement.
The law was enacted in the 1960s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with.
Authorizing them to establish colonies on hostile shores on a new continent:… ‘in the name of the Crown’.
This was a bill authorizing the post war reorganizing of state governments he’d requested three months earlier.
Cutts moved an amendment authorizing the building of ten ships of war, of forty-four guns, and ten sloops of war.
Newton called for the order of the day on the bill authorizing the President to employ twelve additional revenue cutters.
Here is my mission order authorizing me to recruit women anywhere in the United States, irrespective of race or ethnicity.
And he provided to you at some point a resolution from a director of that company authorizing him to act on their behalf.
His call led to laws authorizing Virginia’s governor to close Norfolk’s schools, and elsewhere, to prevent integration.
The House resumed the consideration of the bill authorizing the President of the United States to appoint additional Brigadier Generals, &c.
Erskine authorizing him to tender reparation for the attack on the Chesapeake, because his power so to act has not been distinctly questioned.
The Senate resumed the third reading of the bill authorizing the fitting out, officering, and manning, the frigates belonging to the United States.
Under this conviction, I proposed a resolution limiting the duration of the embargo, and authorizing, at the same time, the issuing of letters of marque and reprisal.
The law was enacted in the 1960‘s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with extinction and the purchase of habitat for their protection.
An Act authorizing the President to take possession of a tract of country lying south of the Mississippi Territory and of the State of Georgia, and for other purposes.
Williams, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill authorizing the appointment of additional general officers in the Army of the United States.
The reason, he said, was that in authorizing the Court to issue the writ Congress was expanding upon the original jurisdiction of the Court as provided in the Constitution.
The engrossed bill authorizing a loan for a sum of money, not exceeding the amount of the principal of the public debt, reimbursable during the year 1810, was read a third time.
The amendment to the bill, entitled "An act authorizing the issuing of Treasury Notes," was reported by the committee correctly engrossed, and the bill was read a third time as amended.
We lay an embargo—is there any clause in the constitution authorizing us to lay embargoes? No, sir; we have a right to regulate trade, and we have a right to lay embargoes to protect it.
The bill authorizing the appointment of additional general officers in the Army of the United States, was then read a third time, and passed by yeas and nays: for the bill 95, against it 30.
I have already sent a message authorizing Brigadier General Dows to start the thinning of her unit on the ground in Korea and am now going to see General MacArthur to put an end to this farce.
Cheves, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill reported by the Committee of Ways and Means authorizing the issuing of Treasury notes for the service of the year 1812.
Ordered, That the title be, An act authorizing the President to take possession of a tract of country lying south of the Mississippi Territory and of the State of Georgia, and for other purposes.
The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, on the bill authorizing a loan for a sum of money not exceeding the amount of the principal of the public debt reimbursable during the year 1810.
Eppes said that, some time ago, a bill had been reported by him to the House, authorizing the President of the United States to employ the public armed vessels to convoy the lawful commerce of the United States.
She wouldn’t promise on your life to do whatever Mother requires of her, but she ordered the deaths of innocent embryos only because she didn’t remember authorizing their creation and didn’t want to be their mother.
This is an official army general order, signed by you, authorizing the formation of Unit 731, a unit dealing with biological warfare and which conducted experiments on live prisoners, infecting them with all sorts of diseases.
The last report we got on her, thanks to American newspapers and radio stations, was that she had been tasked to form an all-female air unit, following the edict from their president authorizing the enlistment of women in their army.
Russell, authorizing him to agree to an armistice, upon two conditions only; and what are they? That the Orders in Council should be repealed, and the practice of impressing American seamen cease, those already impressed being released.
I’m authorizing Father Ahbsahlahn and Bishop Staiphan to take statements from all of the survivors and begin compiling a comprehensive report on this debacle immediately, and I have no intention of acting until I’ve received that report.
The House again resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, on the bill from the Senate authorizing the raising of twenty thousand men, for one year, if in the opinion of the President of the United States the public service shall require it.
For example, digital rights management software—software that decides who can see a file by appending access rights to a document—is useless without standards for authenticating and authorizing users for reading, modifying, or printing files.
The conferees met, and the committee of Senate submitted a section, authorizing the President, under his instructions, made conformably to the laws of nations, to grant convoy to the merchant ships of the United States engaged in lawful commerce.
The legislatures of several states have recognized the superior standing of Canada by authorizing savings banks to purchase its obligations, and Vermont has accepted also the dollar bonds of Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Holland, and Switzerland.
We, therefore, pray your honorable body to pass a law authorizing a convention to be called, for the purpose of forming a constitution and State Government in the Mississippi Territory, to be admitted into the Union upon the footing of the original States.
She had not authorized that.
My papers authorized a program.
I’ve been authorized to do this.
We are authorized to mention, that Dr.
He immediately authorized to have a.
Perryton authorized the formation of a.
But it’s all official and authorized.
We have not authorized any such inquiry.
Judah Maccabeus authorized an offensive-.
When the general authorized the captain to.
The plan was authorized and put into action.
Remarkably, they had been authorized to tie.
Only company employees are authorized to use.
I am not authorized to answer that question.
Then I told Bill that Max had authorized them.
Slavery is authorized by the Almighty himself!.
Russell, and assert that he was not authorized.
Nidan, and Farah, had been authorized over $25.
We’ve been authorized by Admiral Singer to.
One is authorized by the Bible, the other is not.
You aren’t authorized to search this vehicle.
I am not authorized to give you that information.
What’s going on here? Who authorized this?
Is it true that you authorized this mission?
He had personally planned and authorized the attack.
So, this was an authorized exercise, Fiona said.
Here we see that the master was authorized to use cor-.
An agent authorized by the state to deal in real estate.
And a description of the mean authorized to be employed.
Where the moneylender is not authorized, they could be.
I’ve already told you far more than I’m authorized to.
At a minimum the amendment that authorized ignoring costs.
At the bank, Jacoba authorized the exchange of monies to Nem.
As of this writing July 2009, authorized user accounts are.
The welder, duly authorized by the engineer shall carry out.
I’m not authorized to answer your questions, he said.
I’ve never been authorized by the Government of Quebec to.
Leave: authorized absence of an individual from a place of duty.
The workers to be engaged in civil job are to be authorized by.
Parisi is the one who authorized an order of protection for you.
How does the Bible authorize? It authorizes by direct command.
The visible I in nowise authorizes the thinker to deny the latent I.
Brethren we have sought to consider the matter of how God authorizes, the matter of.
Your signature below authorizes me to write copy for the project above, for the fee.
The system should have clear roles, responsibilities and authorizes allocated to support the implementation.
Another feature of this incorporation is, that it authorizes the stockholders to take usurious interest for their money.
When the person executes its activity anywhere, the system only authorizes the execution of the updated task per correctly trained person.
The constitution only authorizes the General Government to call out the militia to suppress insurrection, enforce the laws, and repel invasion.
Each year in nearby Hyattsville, the city council authorizes a contribution to the local Festival of Lights held at Watkins Regional Park in Largo, Maryland.
Religions authorizes the key to hell why? Because it is built on the path of unconscious soul to the its unthinking particles interact with the thinking mind.
At length I received this letter from your friend, which states that my father is in Paris, and authorizes me to address myself to you for information respecting him.
He rose at this time, however, to propose an amendment to the bill, the object of which was to repeal so much of former laws as authorizes a bounty of land to the recruits.
They haven‘t a clue about who authorizes the publication of that which they are taught in the educational stems, because they have been taught what to think, rather than how to think.
This bank incorporation possesses other qualities at war with the laws of the several States; one of which is, that it authorizes stockholders, who may be foreigners, to hold real estate.
The constitution authorizes the President to appoint persons to fill all offices established by law, but says not a word about appointing officers to collect the tax you levy specifically.
The memo, signed by him, authorizes that funds from his office account be used to have her pay for an abortion,� Linda rattled off as she read the material in the Vice President's envelope.
I am however ready to use my authority as commander of USAFIK and authorizes you to shoot at any North Korean force crossing south of the demarcation line, and this in defense of the American and Korean forces under my command.
I, as chairman of the International Karate Organization and the manager of both the women’s and the men’s tournament, thus authorizes a match between Mister Borisov and Miss Laplante, to be held half a hour after the award of the top prize in the men’s tournament.
This vagrant power to erect a bank, after having wandered throughout the whole constitution in quest of some congenial spot whereupon to fasten, has been at length located by the gentleman from Georgia on that provision, which authorizes Congress to lay and collect taxes, &c.
The very bank law now under consideration is an illustration of this—for how are the provisions of this law to be enforced; how are the debts which it authorizes to be contracted to be collected, but through the medium of the State courts? The doctrine of perfect rights, then, if it prove any thing, proves too much.
The honorable gentleman, however, urges the passage of the bill under consideration, (which authorizes the enlistment of twenty thousand additional regular troops for one year; and provides for the appointment of proportionally an unusual number of officers, with all the accompanying paraphernalia of an army,) as the means best calculated to produce the end in view.
But, sir, I will not detain the committee any longer on this part of the argument, for this institution cannot be said to be innocent, as regards the rights of the States, when its effects on the rights of property are to exonerate the stockholders from some of the most important responsibilities which the laws of the several States have provided for the payment of debts; and when it authorizes the taking of usurious interest.
The President, relying upon your discretion, authorizes you to draw upon the Collectors of Orleans and Savannah for such sums as may be necessary to defraying unavoidable expenses that may be incurred in the execution of these instructions, not exceeding, in your drafts on New Orleans, eight thousand dollars, and in your drafts on Savannah two thousand dollars, without further authority; of which expenses you will hereafter exhibit a detailed account, duly supported by satisfactory vouchers.
And by way of preaching this Christian gospel and confirming it by Christian example, we imprison, we execute, guillotine, hang; we encourage the masses in idolatrous religions calculated to stultify them; the government authorizes the sale of brain-destroying poisons—wine, tobacco, opium; prostitution is legalized; we bestow land upon those who need it not; surrounded by misery, we display in our entertainments an unbridled extravagance; we render impossible in such ways any semblance of a Christian life, and do our best to destroy Christian ideas already established; and then, after doing all we can to demoralize men, we take and confine them like wild beasts in places from which they cannot escape, and where they will become more brutal than ever; or we murder the men we have demoralized, and then use them as an example to illustrate and prove our argument that people are only to be controlled by violence.

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