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    1. “I give you my word, which I have kept throughout this bargain

    2. We are all enticed by the prospect of free goods, of making a good bargain

    3. By arranging the suits, shirts, blouses and skirts by label, size and colour she managed to shift most of the better items to middle class bargain hunters and a good deal of the less fashionable items to the local student population

    4. I convinced myself I could keep my part of the bargain, as I saw it

    5. He may be the least practical of men according to Jake, but he is domesticated and considerate into the bargain

    6. He put his book on the table – maths – oh dear, not just maths but algebra into the bargain

    7. most of the better items to middle class bargain hunters and a good

    8. Those that negotiate and bargain are usually in a position where they

    9. Naturally, she fell off, crashed quite spectacularly … smashed the ladder into the bargain

    10. You cannot bargain with the vindictive without paying for it later

    11. Last time she ended up in hospital – she’s asthmatic into the bargain and this causes problems

    12. Petr to seal the bargain

    13. end of the bargain and free me!’ said Guzkat

    14. What have they got in the bargain section? Oh, those roses look as though they need a good home

    15. me into the bargain

    16. broken into the bargain

    17. to bargain, Grossin knew that he had him where he

    18. interest, but offer something different into the bargain

    19. It was so beautiful, that even the blocks of ice danced about for joy; and when they were tired and laid themselves down, they formed exactly the letters which the Snow Queen had told him to find out; so now he was his own master, and he would have the whole world and a pair of new skates into the bargain

    20. … so now (Kay) was his own master, and he would have the whole world and a pair of new skates into the bargain

    21. To hammer nails in your dream represent your tenacity, persistence and ability to drive a hard bargain

    22. for the sum overdrawn, and his order is set aside into the bargain

    23. ” added Chris, “And this gives us something to bargain with

    24. Besides which we have Pte Lamb here on our side and the Turks didn’t bargain for that

    25. H had picked out at Bargain Box because she liked its cat pattern

    26. The bargain was struck

    27. He’s very tiny and at only a hundred dollars, he’s a bargain!” “Only a hundred dollars! You actually paid money for a cat? Where did I go wrong?” I could see his eyes roll

    28. He had plenty of concern about holding up his end of the bargain

    29. ‘I had to bargain with it only to be released

    30. the time, and was trying to plea bargain, after being caught with billfolds that weren’t his

    31. " Experience at very high level in African governments tells me you will have them begging you for money which places you in a very strong position to bargain to the best return on investment possible

    32. This was a nice piece of property and I thought a bargain at sixty five thousand dollars

    33. Everything else being equal, three dollars a gallon is still a pretty good bargain compared with prices overseas

    34. But in the US one can bleat “freedom” and red bait, even getting many of the same people who most need help to agree they should literally die in the streets, and then say it is their own fault in the bargain

    35. There is no organized Samoan independence movement, not because the islands depend on the US as Guam and Puerto Rico do, but because they consider themselves to have gotten the best of the bargain, being part of the US, but not giving up being Samoan to be American

    36. He tried to bargain with her and said, “What if we bring new clothes, makeup, and make the body look better

    37. She pulled out a phone—my actual phone, in its Hello Kitty case I’d grabbed from a bargain bin

    38. Knowing the devil’s bargain I’d taken, she still wished that she had the bond

    39. JQ Adams is remembered today largely for two things, for his strong antislavery stance and for the allegation of a “corrupt bargain” against him by Jackson's supporters

    40. In Europe and indeed every nation with a Parliament system, what happens even today is that parties bargain back and forth

    41. Jackson claimed there was a “corrupt bargain

    42. will almost certainly want to plea bargain rather than have me testify at any of those trials

    43. This is not a political bargain

    44. Indeed any bargain of sorts

    45. I lost my time into the bargain

    46. “Adu? You told Adu to flip the bargain without telling me about it?”

    47. brigadier general with a healthy stipend, which he later used to bargain with the Spanish during the Treaty of New Orleans, where he denied any alliance with the U

    48. The merchant he picked did not bargain at all, but immediately paid him a rather generous amount (yes, he had also been cured by my father)

    49. Shock would probably take him before they arrived but she wanted to keep her end of the bargain

    50. He did not appear to be put out by the bargain, but rather mentioned it with satisfaction

    1. She looked for hope in the beyond and found more than she bargained for

    2. Damn! That’s a complication I hadn’t bargained on

    3. Jameson was so much more than she had initially bargained for, and after Mr

    4. "But this time he got more than he bargained for

    5. Playing the old man’s game, Colling objected vigorously to the asking price, the old proprietor’s face lit up, and he bargained with gusto

    6. “Hey! I would have bargained a little

    7. a party, I bargained that she would be as good as any to do the job

    8. I’d be honest were I could; I bargained with myself

    9. He bargained for parcels of open land that could be developed or become sites for the billboard company he later sold to his son

    10. “I bargained with the curse!” Mark laughed

    11. “I bargained my service as a wedding present for Mark and Talia only eight days ago, but it seems that I have done a great deal of living since then

    12. He bargained with those guys, and got the best price in Hong

    13. They had not bargained for another loss, although it would be inevitable along the way

    14. And in truth at the start of this night, Jemelda had not bargained for it either, but she must needs do so during their next attack

    15. Ambedkar visited Gāndhiji in the prison when he was fasting and very weak, and bargained hard

    16. “I’m surprised that Indians bargained with this man and helped him,” Pedro said

    17. Have the kids ever had a babysitter before? If they never have, you may be in for more than you had bargained for

    18. “This time, she could have gotten more than she bargained for," Wendy stated

    19. Joey held a finger to the woman and quickly ran back to Lezura; who had successfully bargained her boots and was looking for some skin lotion

    20. Chances are that your case will be plea bargained

    21. She was angelic, but in the one regard he had not bargained for; she did not enjoy the physical side of affection

    22. But they had bargained without Kesselring's lightning deployment of his troops

    23. ―When the killer ran into the Alamo, he got more than he bargained for

    24. He was having more fun than he’d bargained for

    25. As scared and confused she was, she wanted to be there, in that house, with him and give him not only what he wanted but a whole lot more than even he had bargained for

    26. awful lot more than they bargained for! He laughed in spite of himself

    27. They could have bargained with them; let us all go, and we will give you back your king

    28. But you had not bargained on Makienko’s free-lance attempt to go after him

    29. She said that’s not what her husband would’ve bargained for when he sent her to seek my help, and I told her that I couldn’t help as her charms corrupted my soul; when she retorted that she was not obliged to cater to my craving for her, I asked her, what if I helped her out only to woo her later? Won’t her sense of gratitude tend her emotionally towards me? As she would be my P

    30. Of course, he would have successfully bargained for the control of the Kabah with Hubal and all

    31. “A Business man bargained an extra week from me in return for his place

    32. got more than he bargained for,” Daniel said

    33. Late on Friday, the university dropout got more than he bargained for

    34. The will that cannot be bargained with, in my opinion, belongs to both the laws of life that we carry inside ourselves, and the Cosmic SELF, which contains a cosmic will that is greater than our own

    35. But he hadn't bargained for the reality of low-budget Hollywood

    36. Again Johnny seemed to hunch into his seat, retreating as if by chemical reaction to the questioning he'd not bargained for in taking advantage of Mary's value

    37. I think we have more of a battle on our hands than we bargained for

    38. Perhaps he bargained with the enemy

    39. As he shook the pain out of his hand he thought that perhaps Horan meant that Olin had bargained well in the matter of sundials

    40. All human life is there and sometimes a lot more than you bargained for

    41. He bargained, lamented, and pleaded his case to God

    42. He’d bargained with the little man, taking another twenty pounds of gold in agreement to hand Ravan over to him

    43. “He lives! He is free! But not because you bargained

    44. Two dangers in one group, perhaps more than Rancor had bargained for on this journey

    45. He stumbled down the stairs, his own toga showing the crowd more than they had bargained for, and wrapped it around Alice

    46. The last thing heard are the running footsteps of the chased-off customer as he beats a hasty retreat from a ‘department store’ whose ‘departments’ turned out to be more than he bargained for…

    47. bargained with God for the cities, arguing that God

    48. The boy managed to get past the minimal security they had in those days but he got more than he bargained for in terms of a souvenirs

    49. Harish’s dad bargained for the last five rupees even as Harish’s mother casually

    50. Class 11 bargained the theatre for whole evening

    1. In the thinking time afforded me by slow recovery it became clear that while the casual maltreatment of heathen prisoners might be acceptable as part of the day-to-day routine of hostage supervision, the loss of one of their precious bargaining chips before the cards have been dealt, was unthinkable

    2. was against her, but she had a powerful bargaining tool at

    3. To dream that you are bargaining for something indicates that you are being undervalued

    4. He’s far too proud, too self-interested, and too spirited for me to want to deal with him at all, let alone think of useful bargaining chips

    5. There is no reason to believe that he would not have an interest in at least holding the young woman hostage as a bargaining chip if he saw the utility in it

    6. Markus had no "bargaining power" compared to his boss, Louis

    7. Their only bargaining chip: his life

    8. He silently urged her on, bargaining with some unknown higher power

    9. Unfortunately, they’re also dangerous and have quite a bargaining chip in their hands—the life of the child

    10. At worst she would be used as a bargaining chip

    11. What could have been done differently? The answer is simple and obvious, not use a vulnerable people as a cynical bargaining chip for a brutal dictator

    12. depending on the agreement his bargaining group has with the city

    13. The Italian asked Colling to reconsider, and after a few minutes of bargaining back and forth, the Italian offered 600 Lire per barrel

    14. The bargaining continued, with Caltineri ultimately agreeing to sell a case of twelve bottles of the liqueur for 1500 Lire

    15. And all those horror stories she told me about giving birth to children – oh, no! If I absolutely had to get married, I’d postpone it as long as possible, by which time I’d have bargaining power and not be subject to the whims of a domineering husband

    16. For example, bargaining with the Emperor for a ship,” he said

    17. I decided on the first and third bags and we settled on a rather high price after some spirited bargaining

    18. I told him no, but kept the details to myself so as not give away what little bargaining leverage I might still have

    19. “totally eliminates the statutory right to collective bargaining

    20. It allows the secretary to ban bargaining merely by writing a document, called an ‘issuance,’ “ the unions argue

    21. representatives and supersede all collective bargaining agreements,”

    22. Here we see Delilah nagging Samson for the secret of his strength, using his love as a bargaining chip

    23. An argument and bargaining session ensued, primarily between Dimarico and the reeve, but with the Englisc recruits and onlookers interjecting comments and claims

    24. ‘The good news is that your wife was too good a bargaining chip to be left useless and possessed by the power of the crystals so I have returned her to her original form, but I’m afraid the bad news is that since you turned down my offer I gave her to the men

    25. "Are they an information source or bargaining chips?" asked Calvin

    26. Your argument then reduces merely to bargaining with the master about how much whip-free time he will grant you

    27. bargaining power, a rider is therefore a clear and concise way to ensure that as a

    28. With the renewed vow of peace, Kenric had the bargaining tool that challenged our council to vote him the next chieftain of our clan

    29. “You aren’t bargaining very well, priest, if you are so willing to change your price so easily while you tell me I won’t get a better price

    30. "I won't have that kind of bargaining chip in your possession

    31. I am sure it will make an excellent bargaining tool

    32. to use what he had as bargaining power

    33. He got more than he was bargaining for and got many reserved seats in Legislatures for the ‘untouchables’

    34. the whispering, bargaining, shuffling and grunting in the bushes around me drew to a close and I slept sweetly until path sweepers arrived at eight o'clock

    35. “The bargaining time is past, Thoth,” said Restadicus

    36. Maybe, after some hard bargaining, they could still finish ahead of the game

    37. bargaining power she would have

    38. Jungir Khan ruled Zamboula, and men whispered that Nafertari, the satrap's mistress, ruled Jungir Khan; but the people went their way, flaunting their myriad colors in the streets, bargaining, disputing, gambling, swilling, loving, as the people of Zamboula have done for all the centuries its towers and minarets have lifted over the sands of the Kharamun

    39. Another strategy is to include with this denial an adaptation of the stage of mourning known as bargaining

    40. Menendez decided last year to allow Clemens and I to live amongst you as a bargaining tool

    41. He rushed us here with the intent of capturing you and your ship as a bargaining chip to get some of the provisions of the secession treaty changed

    42. Sometimes he also went along and had enjoyed the bargaining of the items on auction

    43. considered a piece of property, a bargaining chip of sorts

    44. “Besides, we have thousands of Japanese held here in the States that could be used as a bargaining chip

    45. “Not much of a bargaining

    46. The French refused; they were by this stage riddled with defeatism and wanted their fleet to be used as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with the Germans

    47. He had never encountered a power figure without skeletons, a bargaining tool he frequently used to his advantage

    48. “They could have used that as a bargaining chip to bring down

    49. the equity is being used as a bargaining chip for executive compensation or for acquisitions

    50. Immediately, both thought of Stratavynski but could not rationalize the reason for wanting the land unless it was merely a bargaining chip for something else he hoped to achieve or obtain

    1. Masters of all sorts, therefore, frequently make better bargains with their servants in dear than in cheap years, and find them more humble and dependent in the former than in the latter

    2. bargains in a showroom

    3. They were spilling out onto the roads in their haste to get the best bargains before heading home

    4. Nowadays visitors can haggle or drive bargains as do the ladies of the houses, taste Chinese tea, appreciate or perhaps even buy medicinal pomades, modern optics as did Lucille and, of course, Chinese antiques

    5. He did not tell Mike or me of plea bargains offered by the Assistant State Attorney, grounds itself for disbarment

    6. 49 and bring in a quid, doubling the royalty on normal paperback, but right now people in the UK are still new to the kindle and are shopping for bargains

    7. She regularly scammed the second hand shops in the area looking for bargains and had bought many items for the house

    8. Some of the second hand furniture shops around the area offered great bargains for items that looked as good as new

    9. bargains, and his price is more than any sane man would pay

    10. this was the place for bargains

    11. One thought kept repeating itself again and again in his head “There are good bargains to be had in the deep places of the world

    12. Even though they had already seen enough incredible bargains to make them potentially thousands of silver deniers in profit once back home, what the Jewish merchants found as they started visiting the official sales stores of the people from the future boggled their minds

    13. These bargains will help you have the quality yard you want but without the high price tag

    14. What Bargains are to be found at an Auction?

    15. This is one of the best bargains if your schedule allows for it

    16. There are numerous instances in the four canonical gospels where Jesus actually bargains with the afflicted and demands - sometimes in anger - their unconditional adoration

    17. intend to follow these companies closely in the event that bargains start to

    18. starting to push Christmas toys and sales and bargains in September, long before

    19. ” By matching more esoteric, highly-focused terms with more general, competitive terms, they have effectively eliminated many keyword bargains

    20. Of course, it costs more than the other materials so always look for bargains on this valuable product

    21. Where are the Bargains?

    22. Some of the best bargains in the world can be found at these sales

    23. That means you have to know your merchandise to find the bargains

    24. 21) Find bargains on trips -- Any time you go on a trip, keep your auction eye peeled for profitable items

    25. Not only will the catalogs give you ideas about product and what is hot but you can often find bargains

    26. there, provide news about deals and bargains, and give customers the

    27. “He likes to shop for bargains at Bunning’s Warehouse?”

    28. These are the situations that arise when having two supernatural and overprotected parents can be more than a person bargains for, I thought to myself

    29. A short block away was Lock Road and Teller rounded the corner and strolled past the shop fronts taking no interest in the products displayed or the Indian touts who tried to tempt him inside with promises of unbeatable bargains

    30. Then by the time their feet were beginning to ache from the pounding on concrete the business houses of Hong Kong would throw open their doors to emit the raucous noise of trade, which seemed to reach out and grab the casual stroller by the scruff of the neck and breathe new life into him as it dragged him inside, unselfconsciously reaching for his wallet with promises of unbelievable bargains

    31. When I say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, I do not mean that you

    32. do not have to drive any bargains at all, or that you are above the necessity for

    33. With so many businesses going to the wall these days, there's a lot of bargains about

    34. His ma's love of "bargains" didn't stop at the January sales unfortunately and, although, like most of the rest of the family, she was honest enough after her own lights, she saw nothing wrong in buying the occasional questionable item

    35. The myths of North American natives are full of evil bargains between humans and a crow or a raven

    36. � Even in preschool, lots of children seemed to make bargains out of their friendship, even make competitions out of friendship

    37. It remains one of the best bargains in online advertising

    38. sports teams, or shopping bargains, or food


    40. You can find bargains that will help you save on your household budget

    41. A recent example was a trip to shop for "necessities" and advertised bargains

    42. He constructs, at his own expense, a new factory farther to the west and bargains with the Germans to buy all the Jewish workers he will need to staff 69

    43. You are mighty cute--and here is one of your bargains

    44. What happy times they had planning together, what solemn shopping excursions, what funny mistakes they made, and what shouts of laughter arose over Laurie's ridiculous bargains

    45. and club wear stores where he shopped for the latest styles and bargains

    46. their own travel agent, searching out little-known bargains and booking their own rock-

    47. “The priory has jurisdiction over all bargains agreed at the Fleece Fair,” she said

    48. The sheer volume put me in the position of having to prioritize the cases and continually negotiate plea bargains

    49. The Scots drove hard bargains, but they also donated one-quarter of the loot to sick POWs

    50. The people who had got specially good bargains at the Sale took a deal of convincing; and in the end to sav6 time Bilbo had to buy back quite a lot of his own furniture

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