bargain sätze

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Bargain sätze (in englisch)

1. I have made a bargain.
2. And such a bargain too.
3. So a bargain was struck.
4. Petr to seal the bargain.
5. This is hardly a bargain.
6. And he'll try to bargain.
7. Out in the bargain bin.

8. Indeed any bargain of sorts.
9. It is a bargain, I said.
10. You can also haggle and bargain.
11. She could see it was a bargain.
12. I lost my time into the bargain.
13. A bargain was therefore struck.
14. It’s a bargain, she said.
15. Then he has made a good bargain.
16. This is not a political bargain.
17. I had no time to bargain with him.
18. A bargain compared to most places.
19. Who got the better of the bargain?
20. Bargain is the language with which.
21. You hold up your end of the bargain.
22. This list contains bargain securities.
23. It was a bargain for what it offered.
24. South Seas island for a bargain price.
25. She was going to drive a hard bargain.
26. Obviously, my buyers wanted a bargain.
27. What kind of bargain? Steve asked.
28. I think you will see that as a bargain.
29. Oh, yes, certainly, we have a bargain.
30. Her bargain would be worth it after all.
31. Maybe I could bargain our way out of this.
32. You drive a hard bargain, he told me.
33. She is beautiful, and rich into the bargain.
34. A sharper woman at a bargain did not exist.
35. That is why you think it’s a good bargain.
36. Now I’ll fulfill our part of the bargain.
37. Then this is our bargain? she breathed.
38. He asked me if I would stand by the bargain.
39. Hades isn’t offering you the same bargain.
40. The buyers would be scooping up the bargain.
41. And haggled till it got them a dead bargain.
42. But the brandy and the sovereign's a bargain.
43. When prices are low, bargain hunters step in.
44. The woman drives a hard but foolish bargain.
45. You’re in no position to try to bargain.
46. OMPIs have to try to buy at bargain prices (i.
47. It at least gives us something to bargain with.
48. He needed to make sure he was ready to bargain.
49. Jackson claimed there was a corrupt bargain.
50. He struck a bargain, a deal that secured both.
51. Very hard to bargain with that sort of a woman.
52. Go to the bargain stores to find what you need.
53. I did, of course, honour my side of the bargain.
54. Have you lived up to your end of the bargain?
55. How much bargain pricing the investor can obtain.
56. At $38 per share, Citicorp seemed like a bargain.
57. I kept my side of the bargain; youve stuffed up.
58. As they decline, bargain hunters step in and buy.
59. Remember that, in fact, it’s a very bad bargain.
60. What a bargain and it’s only for eBay customers.
61. He knew how to pray, and bargain with God in prayer.
62. In that moment of understanding, their bargain was.
63. As a result, finding a bargain is more challenging.
64. That only made the plea bargain even more necessary.
65. The lesser of two evils is a fool's Faustian bargain.
66. History will probably show that Yahoo! got a bargain.
67. That's the biggest health bargain in modern history!.
68. What about the plea bargain? John McKinney asked.
69. She had kept her bargain with Sebastian to the letter.
70. Just worry about holding up your end of the bargain.
71. We aren’t playing little plea bargain games, not now.
72. Get paid twice, and promote the book in the bargain.
73. Said I could buy it right there and then for a bargain.
74. She had made her bargain and she intended to stand by it.
75. We want to buy quality companies at bargain stock prices.
76. So that to begin with you make a very profitable bargain.
77. We could also go to that bargain mall that's near there.
78. He knows that my son, Thanatos, struck a bargain with me.
79. So it is a bargain? And he held out his hand to Kovroff.
80. Leanjawed harpy, hard woman at a bargain, her bonnet awry.
81. It took me a great while, but I finally struck my bargain.
82. The central heating was less of a bargain than anticipated.
83. Those who fail to uphold their end of the bargain will be.
84. Heilbrunn, recognizing a bargain when he saw one, accepted.
85. It is part of my bargain, part of my curse, part of my fate.
86. Very well, then, said I, we have struck our Bargain.
87. Instead of buying, you are forced to sell at bargain prices.
88. That makes the Dow a prime hunting ground for bargain stocks.
89. I had to live up to my part of the bargain as it were though.
90. You look like someone who would appreciate a real bargain.
91. We would offer a small bargain, a minor blackmail if you will.
92. Let’s return to this subject of bargain hunting for a moment.
93. From here, you can work to discover the bargain opportunities.
94. Partners! You hold up your end of the bargain and I assure.
95. Julius was offering him a bargain, and he was happy to take it.
96. In that case, the man replied, they are a real bargain.
97. There are two tests by which a bargain common stock is detected.
98. Honor your portion of the bargain, and we shall honor yours.
99. That’s the same way Warren Buffett determines a bargain price.
100. Once he finds a quality business, he buys it at a bargain price.
1. Not much of a bargaining.
2. It will aid you in your bargaining.
3. Their only bargaining chip: his life.
4. Katz realized she had no bargaining chips.
5. At worst she would be used as a bargaining chip.
6. Your argument then reduces merely to bargaining.
7. More likely, he wanted Harald as a bargaining chip.
8. Or use them as a bargaining chip in suing for peace.
9. I am sure it will make an excellent bargaining tool.
10. He had the bargaining chip he needed, and he knew it.
11. The bargaining time is past, Thoth, said Restadicus.
12. You're bargaining with him for the copse, for the copse.
13. Religion had always been a bargaining process with Scarlett.
14. None of this would give her a bargaining chip with the dis-.
15. Markus had no "bargaining power" compared to his boss, Louis.
16. Fox was using the Bears as a bargaining chip, Flash said.
17. You ’ll never be in such a strong bargaining position again.
18. I won't have that kind of bargaining chip in your possession.
19. For example, bargaining with the Emperor for a ship, he said.
20. They could have used that as a bargaining chip to bring down.
21. He silently urged her on, bargaining with some unknown higher power.
22. If you had some shred of restraint, we would have a bargaining chip.
23. And they were willingly to pay me without any bargaining or hesitations.
24. Manish somehow got the feeling that he was done with the bargaining here.
25. Was there love in this choice? No, there was only bargaining and violence.
26. You Thibet trader on the wide inland or bargaining in the shops of Lassa!.
27. In was bargaining for some wheat of him, and a pretty price In offered too.
28. Maybe, after some hard bargaining, they could still finish ahead of the game.
29. They’re planning to use the Galaef for bargaining, in case Hurd loses the war.
30. You’re bargaining with me? His voice resonates with astonished disbelief.
31. I half expected it and yet hoped we would not go through this dead-end bargaining.
32. Sometimes he also went along and had enjoyed the bargaining of the items on auction.
33. With so little currency in the new city, rum was often used as the chief bargaining chip.
34. To dream that you are bargaining for something indicates that you are being undervalued.
35. Maybe he was recording her somehow and wanted to use that as some sort of bargaining chip.
36. Menendez decided last year to allow Clemens and I to live amongst you as a bargaining tool.
37. James wasn't in much of a bargaining position, so he took what was offered with mock gratitude.
38. The young Jew was holding a roll of bank-notes in his hand, and was bargaining with the old man.
39. Your parents tried bargaining and reasoning with savages and they were killed for their trouble.
40. She was here, but she was here because Hargrave wanted something and that meant bargaining power.
41. Thus, the books offer us a bargaining tool of sorts, at least that is the view of the high council.
42. The cab-drivers, too, came forward and began bargaining with him; they asked three roubles to Ustyevo.
43. Here we see Delilah nagging Samson for the secret of his strength, using his love as a bargaining chip.
44. Besides, we have thousands of Japanese held here in the States that could be used as a bargaining chip.
45. I decided on the first and third bags and we settled on a rather high price after some spirited bargaining.
46. Another strategy is to include with this denial an adaptation of the stage of mourning known as bargaining.
47. Philemon was keeping the letter to be used as a bargaining counter if the decision on the bishopric went the.
48. He got more than he was bargaining for and got many reserved seats in Legislatures for the ‘untouchables’.
49. Then he tells you how much he wants you to pay and a little bargaining is carried out before a price is agreed.
50. Unfortunately, they’re also dangerous and have quite a bargaining chip in their hands—the life of the child.
51. There was a lot of bargaining going on among them as to their positions on the line entering the shrine at dawn.
52. Your argument then reduces merely to bargaining with the master about how much whip-free time he will grant you.
53. None of this would give her a bargaining chip with the district attorney or bolster her criminal case, either.
54. He had never encountered a power figure without skeletons, a bargaining tool he frequently used to his advantage.
55. I suppose you got him ready here to listen to our bargaining, or that he may actually see the money in our hands.
56. They began bargaining, and declared that five roubles would be little to ask for a carriage at that time of night.
57. He kept moving towards the men, who were so pre-occupied in their bargaining that they didn’t notice him approach.
58. She felt ashamed for wishing this, and it was certainly a pointless bargaining, but she permitted the fantasy anyway.
59. I told him no, but kept the details to myself so as not give away what little bargaining leverage I might still have.
60. His arguments were pointed with specie, we doing the punctuation, and with a little bargaining he told us what he knew.
61. It allows the secretary to ban bargaining merely by writing a document, called an ‘issuance,’ the unions argue.
62. The bargaining continued, with Caltineri ultimately agreeing to sell a case of twelve bottles of the liqueur for 1500 Lire.
63. Ivan got out of the carriage, and the drivers stood round him bargaining over the journey of twelve versts to Tchermashnya.
64. They can see that you have too much land and not enough labour, and they know when they’re in a strong bargaining position.
65. The knacker was out, but he waited for him, and it was dinner-time when he had finished bargaining over the price of the skin.
66. He was bargaining for me, you know; first he offered me eighteen thousand; then he rose to forty, and then to a hundred thousand.
67. Optimizing your plan might involve doing some serious bargaining when you make major purchases like a car or house (see Chapter 9).
68. TTP essentially short-circuits and bypasses the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression that occur when tragedy strikes.
69. With the renewed vow of peace, Kenric had the bargaining tool that challenged our council to vote him the next chieftain of our clan.
70. The Italian asked Colling to reconsider, and after a few minutes of bargaining back and forth, the Italian offered 600 Lire per barrel.
71. Though it was far below that paid in the neighbourhood, the peasants declared it too high, and began bargaining, as is customary among them.
72. He’s far too proud, too self-interested, and too spirited for me to want to deal with him at all, let alone think of useful bargaining chips.
73. You aren’t bargaining very well, priest, if you are so willing to change your price so easily while you tell me I won’t get a better price.
74. He rushed us here with the intent of capturing you and your ship as a bargaining chip to get some of the provisions of the secession treaty changed.
75. Common equity has an impact on how much money can be raised in hard times-eroding equity capital affects bargaining and credit standing in the markets.
76. What could have been done differently? The answer is simple and obvious, not use a vulnerable people as a cynical bargaining chip for a brutal dictator.
77. There is no reason to believe that he would not have an interest in at least holding the young woman hostage as a bargaining chip if he saw the utility in it.
78. In many instances they've received what they fought for: unrealistic benefit packages through collective bargaining agreements under threat of strike and lawsuit.
79. An argument and bargaining session ensued, primarily between Dimarico and the reeve, but with the Englisc recruits and onlookers interjecting comments and claims.
80. The French refused; they were by this stage riddled with defeatism and wanted their fleet to be used as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with the Germans.
81. They traveled together aboard Air Force One and sat together at the bargaining table as Reagan coolly negotiated a new arms treaty with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
82. But the critical term is really hostaging, because it indicates some part of me is always actively and continuously bargaining with another part of me for my own release.
83. Scarlett was in a furious temper and did not scruple to expend it on Hugh, for she had just received an order for a bargaining to get that order and now the mill was quiet.
84. Helene then found the best builders to redo his flat, bargaining with them until their price was lowered to the level they had originally agreed – payable in cash, of course.
85. Immediately, both thought of Stratavynski but could not rationalize the reason for wanting the land unless it was merely a bargaining chip for something else he hoped to achieve or obtain.
86. She said that if you had done this without bargaining with her, if you had broken with the money prospects without trying to force a guarantee out of her first, she might have been your friend.
87. With his aptitude for plea bargaining his clients were known many times to have gained the benefits of a reduced sentence having reciprocated with information that assisted the police in their inquiries.
88. A woman, not given to such a pure embrace, has her arm about her; a big plain-clothes man is drying her eyes with his handkerchief; a couple of young stock brokers are bargaining with cabby on his box to drive her home.
89. ALLAH is a non-human ruler and an absolute ruler whose words must be obeyed without discussion, without doubt and without question, There is no bargaining, and if power corrupts then absolute power of ALLAH corrupt absolutely.
90. In the absence of such standards, and in the absence also of the invaluable arm’s-length bargaining between corporation and banker, it was scarcely to be hoped that the interests of the security buyer would be adequately protected.
91. One angry villager let Baby Man know that it was none of his business and that they would settle who would go before who as they always had, by arguing and bargaining among themselves, to which Baby Man replied, That is the old way.
92. They remembered that then, as now, he had had a bundle of hundred-rouble notes in his hand, and had scattered them at random, without bargaining, without reflecting, or caring to reflect what use so much wine and provisions would be to him.
93. What matter that Rogojin came bargaining here, and that Gavrila Ardalionovitch would have deceived you if he could? Why do you continually remind us of these facts? I assure you once more that very few could find it in them to act as you have acted this day.
94. And all those horror stories she told me about giving birth to children – oh, no! If I absolutely had to get married, I’d postpone it as long as possible, by which time I’d have bargaining power and not be subject to the whims of a domineering husband.
95. After bargaining with the proprietor he at once set to work to devour him (that is, not the proprietor, a very meek and punctilious German, but his crocodile), cutting juicy morsels with his penknife from the living animal, and swallowing them with extraordinary rapidity.
96. In the thinking time afforded me by slow recovery it became clear that while the casual maltreatment of heathen prisoners might be acceptable as part of the day-to-day routine of hostage supervision, the loss of one of their precious bargaining chips before the cards have been dealt, was unthinkable.
97. How pleasant it would be for them if they could understand a little of the angel-simplicity of just dear, kind love, of love without any fuss of lawfulness and hard-and-fast bargaining first in a church, of sweetly secret love, of love which, even if it ended in tears, had meanwhile been the warmest, friendliest thing in life.
98. Then early Sunday mornings, we drove to the San Jose flea market off Berryessa, rented a spot, and sold the junk for a small profit: a Chicago record that we'd bought for a quarter the day before might go for $1, or $4 for a set of five; a ramshackle Singer sewing machine purchased for $10 might, after some bargaining, bring in $25.
99. He was called a friend of God but you notice when God said that He was going to destroy the city he begins a process of bargaining and he's a real Jew really because he beats Him down from you know, well if I find 50 in there, well what if you only found 10? Then he gets it right down to if I found one, so he does actually a bargaining with God.
100. Jungir Khan ruled Zamboula, and men whispered that Nafertari, the satrap's mistress, ruled Jungir Khan; but the people went their way, flaunting their myriad colors in the streets, bargaining, disputing, gambling, swilling, loving, as the people of Zamboula have done for all the centuries its towers and minarets have lifted over the sands of the Kharamun.
1. Perhaps he bargained with the enemy.
2. Hey! I would have bargained a little.
3. This disease will not be bargained with.
4. I bargained with the curse! Mark laughed.
5. I wasn't at all the article he'd bargained for.
6. He was having more fun than he’d bargained for.
7. But this time he got more than he bargained for.
8. Class 11 bargained the theatre for whole evening.
9. He got nearly the full two weeks he bargained for.
10. Chances are that your case will be plea bargained.
11. He bargained, lamented, and pleaded his case to God.
12. Damn! That’s a complication I hadn’t bargained on.
13. I’d be honest were I could; I bargained with myself.
14. He lives! He is free! But not because you bargained.
15. He bargained with those guys, and got the best price in Hong.
16. But he hadn't bargained for the reality of low-budget Hollywood.
17. But now the scandal threatened to be more than he had bargained for.
18. I think we have more of a battle on our hands than we bargained for.
19. Late on Friday, the university dropout got more than he bargained for.
20. I won't weary you with the account of how we bargained and negotiated.
21. All human life is there and sometimes a lot more than you bargained for.
22. She looked for hope in the beyond and found more than she bargained for.
23. A Business man bargained an extra week from me in return for his place.
24. Jameson was so much more than she had initially bargained for, and after Mr.
25. But you had not bargained on Makienko’s free-lance attempt to go after him.
26. This time, she could have gotten more than she bargained for, Wendy stated.
27. But they had bargained without Kesselring's lightning deployment of his troops.
28. I’m surprised that Indians bargained with this man and helped him, Pedro said.
29. Two dangers in one group, perhaps more than Rancor had bargained for on this journey.
30. Harish’s dad bargained for the last five rupees even as Harish’s mother casually.
31. They had not bargained for another loss, although it would be inevitable along the way.
32. They could have bargained with them; let us all go, and we will give you back your king.
33. Ambedkar visited Gāndhiji in the prison when he was fasting and very weak, and bargained hard.
34. I raised hell and bargained the three weeks down to one for the CAT scan, two to see the doctor.
35. Of course, he would have successfully bargained for the control of the Kabah with Hubal and all.
36. She was angelic, but in the one regard he had not bargained for; she did not enjoy the physical side of affection.
37. Have the kids ever had a babysitter before? If they never have, you may be in for more than you had bargained for.
38. He’d bargained with the little man, taking another twenty pounds of gold in agreement to hand Ravan over to him.
39. He’d already bargained with Wolfe for something that would be dear enough to pay for the lives of all of their party.
40. He stumbled down the stairs, his own toga showing the crowd more than they had bargained for, and wrapped it around Alice.
41. He bargained for parcels of open land that could be developed or become sites for the billboard company he later sold to his son.
42. As he shook the pain out of his hand he thought that perhaps Horan meant that Olin had bargained well in the matter of sundials.
43. And in truth at the start of this night, Jemelda had not bargained for it either, but she must needs do so during their next attack.
44. The boy managed to get past the minimal security they had in those days but he got more than he bargained for in terms of a souvenirs.
45. Joey held a finger to the woman and quickly ran back to Lezura; who had successfully bargained her boots and was looking for some skin lotion.
46. And so, in an attempt to reduce the risks, the Arch-astronomer of Krull has bargained with Fate to sacrifice two men at the moment of launch.
47. Playing the old man’s game, Colling objected vigorously to the asking price, the old proprietor’s face lit up, and he bargained with gusto.
48. I bargained my service as a wedding present for Mark and Talia only eight days ago, but it seems that I have done a great deal of living since then.
49. Again Johnny seemed to hunch into his seat, retreating as if by chemical reaction to the questioning he'd not bargained for in taking advantage of Mary's value.
50. Suppose he should be out—out with Belle or wherever it was he spent the many evenings when he did not appear at the supper table? She had not bargained on this.
51. As scared and confused she was, she wanted to be there, in that house, with him and give him not only what he wanted but a whole lot more than even he had bargained for.
52. It turned out that two of them were reporters who’d been embedded with the Marines; they were getting a hell of a better view of the battle than they had bargained for.
53. It turned out that two of them were reporters who’d been embedded with the Marines; they were getting a hell of a better view of the battle than they had bargained for.
54. The will that cannot be bargained with, in my opinion, belongs to both the laws of life that we carry inside ourselves, and the Cosmic SELF, which contains a cosmic will that is greater than our own.
55. The last thing heard are the running footsteps of the chased-off customer as he beats a hasty retreat from a ‘department store’ whose ‘departments’ turned out to be more than he bargained for….
56. But—those expectations! He really had them, and he saw no agreeable alternative if he gave them up; besides, he had lately made a debt which galled him extremely, and old Featherstone had almost bargained to pay it off.
57. It is honest to give value for your wages; and the "bravos" of ancient Venice who kept their stilettos in good order and never failed to deliver the stab bargained for with their employers, considered themselves an honest body of professional men, no doubt.
58. She said that’s not what her husband would’ve bargained for when he sent her to seek my help, and I told her that I couldn’t help as her charms corrupted my soul; when she retorted that she was not obliged to cater to my craving for her, I asked her, what if I helped her out only to woo her later? Won’t her sense of gratitude tend her emotionally towards me? As she would be my P.
1. That’s when you pick up the best bargains.
2. What Bargains are to be found at an Auction?
3. Examples of High P/Es That Were Great Bargains.
4. You are mighty cute--and here is one of your bargains.
5. It remains one of the best bargains in online advertising.
6. Bargains were there for the taking—left, right, and center.
7. He likes to shop for bargains at Bunning’s Warehouse?
8. The key to getting bargains is looking ahead, not looking back.
9. This is one of the best bargains if your schedule allows for it.
10. That means you have to know your merchandise to find the bargains.
11. Some of the best bargains in the world can be found at these sales.
12. For many traders, this seemed like a good time to scoop up bargains.
13. You can find bargains that will help you save on your household budget.
14. These features are obviously linked; even control buyers like bargains.
15. The availability of better bargains might also make one a more eager seller.
16. His approach was to apply what he had learned from Graham-find the bargains.
17. A recent example was a trip to shop for "necessities" and advertised bargains.
18. Tony, you find the bargains at the point of maximum pessimism, he told me.
19. When I say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, I do not mean that you.
20. Market generates that many true bargains, you’re all but certain to make money.
21. Your choice of strike depends on risk preferences and possible available bargains.
22. With so many businesses going to the wall these days, there's a lot of bargains about.
23. But the Red Queen drew herself up rather stiffly, and said 'Queens never make bargains.
24. For example, during the bubble times you cannot find enough bargains in which to invest.
25. The priory has jurisdiction over all bargains agreed at the Fleece Fair, she said.
26. The Scots drove hard bargains, but they also donated one-quarter of the loot to sick POWs.
27. These bargains will help you have the quality yard you want but without the high price tag.
28. Bill Miller finds bargains by comparing a stock’s current price with its future prospects.
29. When they recover and start to improve, they reach a point at which they are no longer bargains.
30. When the market is in fear, there will be bargains everywhere and that is the best time to invest.
31. They were spilling out onto the roads in their haste to get the best bargains before heading home.
32. The myths of North American natives are full of evil bargains between humans and a crow or a raven.
33. Not only will the catalogs give you ideas about product and what is hot but you can often find bargains.
34. This is part of the discipline and part of the process of finding the bargains with a margin of safety.
35. Of course, it costs more than the other materials so always look for bargains on this valuable product.
36. The sheer volume put me in the position of having to prioritize the cases and continually negotiate plea bargains.
37. He did not tell Mike or me of plea bargains offered by the Assistant State Attorney, grounds itself for disbarment.
38. Some of the second hand furniture shops around the area offered great bargains for items that looked as good as new.
39. She regularly scammed the second hand shops in the area looking for bargains and had bought many items for the house.
40. Which choice you prefer depends largely on your own personality, but bargains can be had on either side of the plate.
41. Whatever their approach, countless investors have used the principles laid out in Security Analysis to uncover bargains.
42. And there were not thousands of professionals hunched over computer terminals all day competing for investment bargains.
43. When the market appears as it did in late 2008, bargains will be everywhere; you can invest most of your available money.
44. Buying bargains is the sweet spot of value investors, although how small a discount one might accept can be subject to debate.
45. In many instances, they will continue to rise, sometimes dramatically, while the value investor is searching for new bargains.
46. Bulls may look for bargains but try not to overpay, while squeezed bears, facing unlimited losses, will pay any price to cover.
47. Also, as markets often fall somewhat in October and November, investors begin to come in now and buy what they perceive as bargains.
48. One thought kept repeating itself again and again in his head There are good bargains to be had in the deep places of the world.
49. American banks are now extremely cautious about lending money for houses, while international buyers are snapping up incredible bargains.
50. For if they had wanted to, or were compelled to, they could at least have sold the issues—possibly to exchange them for even better bargains.
51. Because we, as value investors, are always searching out bargains, we have built in the margin of safety principle into our mental models already.
52. Next year in May 1969, Buffett informed his partners that he was "unable to find any bargains in the current market" and liquidated the partnership.
53. It's not a big component of what we do, but there are always small pockets of mispriced risk and political uncertainty can create very nice bargains.
54. These are the situations that arise when having two supernatural and overprotected parents can be more than a person bargains for, I thought to myself.
55. You might think that in our endlessly networked world, it would be a cinch to build and buy a list of stocks that meet Graham’s criteria for bargains (p.
56. He constructs, at his own expense, a new factory farther to the west and bargains with the Germans to buy all the Jewish workers he will need to staff 69.
57. Investors have long been advised by the financial press that falling stocks create the best bargains, and some are tempted to buy more stock as the price falls.
58. In 2009, after suffering losses in his Marketocracy portfolio but still holding fast to most of his stocks, he set out looking for bargains among the fallen stocks.
59. What kind of facts would warrant the conclusion that so great a discrepancy exists? How do bargains come into existence, and how does the investor profit from them?
60. The people who had got specially good bargains at the Sale took a deal of convincing; and in the end to sav6 time Bilbo had to buy back quite a lot of his own furniture.
61. After a bubble bursts, investors and traders become afraid of losing their money and try to sell all their holdings at the same time, which will create bargains everywhere.
62. But within that flea market is where you find the greatest bargains, so we troll through it to find the small percentage of companies that are ignored for improper reasons.
63. There are numerous instances in the four canonical gospels where Jesus actually bargains with the afflicted and demands - sometimes in anger - their unconditional adoration.
64. What happy times they had planning together, what solemn shopping excursions, what funny mistakes they made, and what shouts of laughter arose over Laurie's ridiculous bargains.
65. There are times where bargains are everywhere (consider yourself lucky) and there will be times when it seems you can’t find anything with a margin of safety (and that is ok).
66. The moral for the intelligent investor is, of course, to avoid second-quality issues in making up a portfolio, unless—for the enterprising investor—they are demonstrable bargains.
67. The same vagaries of the market place that recurrently establish a bargain condition in the general list account for the existence of many individual bargains at almost all market levels.
68. Masters of all sorts, therefore, frequently make better bargains with their servants in dear than in cheap years, and find them more humble and dependent in the former than in the latter.
69. The stocks of small companies are always off-limits to some managers of large funds, but there are times when so much money has flowed into small cap funds that there are few bargains left.
70. As implied by the very name distressed investing, purchasers of distressed securities search for bargains made available by the unhappiness of sellers who bought those securities in happier times.
71. The more alert and aggressive investor, seeking counsel in the selection of security bargains, will not ordinarily find the commercial banker’s viewpoint to be especially suited to his own objectives.
72. Nowadays visitors can haggle or drive bargains as do the ladies of the houses, taste Chinese tea, appreciate or perhaps even buy medicinal pomades, modern optics as did Lucille and, of course, Chinese antiques.
73. In a February 2003 interview with Barron’s, he used the phrase valuation illusion to refer to stocks that look expensive by traditional measurements, but are actually bargains in light of their bright futures.
74. As he puts it, The question is not growth or value, but where is the best value? Sometimes, stocks that look too expensive are just valuation illusions because they’re bargains in light of their bright futures.
75. As more and more smart people search the market for bargains, that very act of searching makes those bargains rarer—and, in a cruel paradox, makes the analysts look as if they lack the intelligence to justify the search.
76. A short block away was Lock Road and Teller rounded the corner and strolled past the shop fronts taking no interest in the products displayed or the Indian touts who tried to tempt him inside with promises of unbeatable bargains.
77. His ma's love of "bargains" didn't stop at the January sales unfortunately and, although, like most of the rest of the family, she was honest enough after her own lights, she saw nothing wrong in buying the occasional questionable item.
78. A second example concerns price: In value investing, the general law is to try to buy bargains; that is, do not pay more than 50 to 60 percent of what you believe the security would be worth were the business a private entity or a takeover candidate.
79. Common stocks that (1) are selling below their liquid-asset value, (2) are apparently in no danger of dissipating these assets, and (3) have formerly shown a large earning power on the market price, may be said truthfully to constitute a class of investment bargains.
80. Even though they had already seen enough incredible bargains to make them potentially thousands of silver deniers in profit once back home, what the Jewish merchants found as they started visiting the official sales stores of the people from the future boggled their minds.
81. But what about its future? Is the road ahead bright and prosperous? Or is it bleak and beggarly? Are there more people practicing Ben Graham’s underlying principles than there are bargains for them to find? Is there just too much money chasing a finite supply of bargains? Or might a serious security analyst still be able to prosper over time?
82. But what happens if there are multiple bargains at the same time? How do you distinguish which ones offer better value than the other ones? Do I invest in the one trading at 60% of the underlying value or the one that is trading at 30% of the underlying value? What if one of the investments has a greater probability of value realization than the other?
83. Then by the time their feet were beginning to ache from the pounding on concrete the business houses of Hong Kong would throw open their doors to emit the raucous noise of trade, which seemed to reach out and grab the casual stroller by the scruff of the neck and breathe new life into him as it dragged him inside, unselfconsciously reaching for his wallet with promises of unbelievable bargains.
84. A fundamental question about value investing in general, and distressed investing in particular, is why should bargains be available? If the market is efficient, as academic theory would hold, why is today’s price not necessarily the very best guess at a security’s true value? Even though they were professors, Graham and Dodd looked at reality rather than theory, and they rejected the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) developed at the University of Chicago before it had a name, let alone an acronym.

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