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    1. For the five years that Nichols has conducted trials on his technique, it has been completely effective on whitefly and a broad spectrum of small bodied “infestation” insects without any damage to the treated plants

    2. Dane Tevid and all the able bodied men in the Inn were on the roof and ready to battle

    3. Secondly, Prof, I need all of the able bodied scholars to come with me to this point on the map

    4. ” We were silent for a while then as each one of us thought about our own mortality and our chances of returning home whole bodied and alive

    5. After only a short time in Emerald Tower, he was beginning to look less gaunt and his hair was clean and full bodied

    6. Behind him the heavier bodied dog gained ground

    7. Tyrpledge was stunned in silence and was instantly awed at the power put forth by the Castigator, effectively forcing every able bodied man to serve as labor and offer his belongings for the express purposes of this Last Holy Campaign

    8. There wasn’t much to observe, had I been stronger and able bodied, perhaps I would have been able to see more

    9. bodied are not of the same order of reality

    10. A causal bodied being remains in the blissful realm of ideas

    11. the end of each month, at which time able bodied

    12. The Moabites, ten thousand able bodied men

    13. The day will come when we will need every able bodied officer on the field of battle, and those who testified against me today will not be there

    14. Scorch adds, “Plus, I was able bodied without this suit

    15. There is a higher frequency with them to ensure they understand these lessons since the physical sensations they experience may not be the same as able bodied individuals

    16. It is the absence or impairment that often gives them the focus and drive which can be missing from an able bodied person

    17. Again I stated my ignorance with regard to tricking the Teoti into believing we had a force of only two thousand able bodied soldiers, at this comment Coatl jumped up and danced around hugging a bemused Jodas, laughing and making an awful fuss

    18. From an army of close to ten thousand warriors, we have only two thousand able bodied Toltecs remaining and these two thousand include the women and children, are led by young and inexperienced officers, who have been fortunate, so far, to have escaped the ravages of the plague that has devastated the very fabric that made the Tolteca people what they were

    19. This he agreed to do and almost all the able bodied villagers volunteered to carry the news to my mother, diplomatically he asked me who should go, I chose Jodas, and his face lit up with a big grin

    20. tongue, the men were obviously ready, willing, and able bodied

    21. Hitler had issued a proclamation that all able bodied men aged between sixteen and sixty were to be called up

    22. Her side of the story was her parents were afraid of taking her to a learning institute that was primarily bodied by humans because they were afraid she wouldn’t pay attention to her studies, but rather would focus mainly on boys

    23. Everyone who is able bodied, whether they are in school or not, that has

    24. able bodied male who is between the ages of twenty-six and thirty-five, will

    25. So, how can you say that you need only eight men? Have you really thought this through? Be fully aware, officer, that you will come up against many, tough, able- bodied men in those mountains, not just one criminal

    26. Accordingly, lion bodied sphinxes with the heads

    27. We believe that every able bodied man should be compelled to belong to this force and to undergo a course of military training, but without making him into a professional soldier, or taking him away from civil life, depriving him of the rights of citizenship or making him subject to military "law" which is only another name for tyranny and despotism

    28. 1 Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) grows to 6m (18ft) but usually less, grey above, white below, very thick bodied, with pure black eyes and a stubby conical snout; in all oceans but mostly off southern Africa, east and west North America and southern Australia and New Zealand

    1. Something is emerging from the woods—a hundred bodies are creeping from the darkest shadows outside of Juneau

    2. Because walking was essential to our survival during our developmental years, our bodies have developed so that walking and movement are essential to health; as it has been said, form follows function

    3. After a few minutes of slashing, the bodies become a body fort

    4. Lysiphlebus Testaceipes: These bugs destroys millions of aphids per year by laying eggs within the bodies of the aphids

    5. Ants also have their own fungus that they carry on the bodies

    6. Before they could react, Big Petey had barreled into the group, sending bodies flying in all directions as he wrestled with all of them at the same time

    7. As they pulled closer they could see that the opening of the tunnel was decorated with flowing curves, giving the impression of continuous bodies intertwined

    8. The insects bled Haques, little by little, until the great hunter died, shriveled and covered in his own blood and the bodies of those he had killed

    9. I’d been a mess when I heard about the accident, refusing to believe it was true … Dan had been great, liaising with the authorities for me and arranging for their bodies to be brought home from Spain and everything

    10. their firm young bodies gleamed in the candle light, they adopted poses and positions

    11. ors gathered together, and they saw these men on whose bodies the

    12. this need to see die, to see cold bodies falling within the

    13. The bodies of the beach everywhere, the scene of horror and

    14. As about the dance school, I am now left all alone among the proud members of the clique, as all the other “foreign bodies” have been removed

    15. The sheer closeness of other bodies, of living, breathing fellow travellers, completely changed my view of the world

    16. The dull weight of bodies and testosterone faded into silence as the monstrous beast moved away and down the stairs

    17. I felt bodies

    18. Four bodies dumped in the dirt at an abandoned and decrepit farm somewhere in the nether reaches of this damnable, awful little island

    19. The newer ships with their near relativistic speeds and more delicate construction must dodge the interstellar bodies like the veils of snowflakes that nearly disabled the Heavenly Mother

    20. That resurrection is obtained by those that God has given His life while they were yet in their mortal bodies

    21. He would have been able to see the 2,000 crucified bodies from Nazareth

    22. Bodies in shadow take new positions on the stage

    23. Big bodies humphed and blumped in the darkness, snapping large twigs and stripping keltoid fronds with loud rips

    24. of years and familiar bodies,

    25. Here lie the bodies of small children

    26. ” It is at the coming of Jesus that we shall be changed into our glorified bodies, and it is not at the rapture

    27. We are ruling in the spiritual places through our now glorified (resurrected) bodies

    28. Upon the gaining of our glorified bodies, we are able to endure the face of God

    29. All they could do was make a pile of their bodies inside the tent under the blanket

    30. into the heat of bodies under canvas, waiting, expecting,

    31. Helps in the production of anti bodies

    32. "The filaments appear to be even more highly denominated alloys than the bodies themselves

    33. This showed one of the connecting filaments free of the larger bodies

    34. It showed the bodies of these metallic asteroids had separated

    35. because she hears when younger bodies couple,

    36. the sound of comatose bodies

    37. supermarket reject bodies on the sand and in the surf,

    38. It was a pleasant press of warm bodies getting in there for there was quite a crowd

    39. the warmth of bodies,

    40. Their bodies are brought to physical perfection, and their minds share the knowledge

    41. First of all remember that our bodies are only nourished by food which they can break down and assimilate and that, ideally, all food should be laxative

    42. They were changed in appearance; they were stronger, more muscular, their bodies fine-tuned to perfection, every inch leaders among men

    43. By the time the second hit really took hold all she was thinking about was the pleasure of bodies and the beauty of the sunlight sparkling off the ripples their motion was making

    44. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that my parents were international alien spies who were using my parents' bodies for their safe travel

    45. But the big news was, he was given permission to have Engineering turn the tangler beam on one of the bodies heading toward Sol and found the pulses of state changes were coming from there also

    46. There were quantum information sources in all the bodies larger than a boulder out here

    47. They were still hurtling by these bodies at almost two thousand miles per second giving them millions of miles of berth so there was no way they could pick up a sample

    48. They're dispersing everyone to smaller installations on smaller bodies, but they can't move the industrial base

    49. Darryl Yorkham had detected bodies that were destined to pass close to Sol's environment, and careful position measurements and calculations showed that they were undergoing course corrections to aim them at specific targets within the system

    50. "A small fraction of the impacting bodies," the captain said

    1. Jorma and Ava had sparred about what was Tdeshi and what was a new personality before Jorma learned that Tdeshi's body was possessed by a Yingolian ghost

    2. His nose confirmed that Herndon was not afraid to couple with a body haunted by an electric ghost, but then he was Yingolian also

    3. “Was the body moved here?” Tobias asks the Militia guard

    4. Somehow it seemed much more real, knowing this body had actually been born under a different sun and he wasn't some dubious translation from dead flesh to electricity and then back to the flesh of a good friend's hot-box daughter

    5. have a better body

    6. "I still have a hard time forgetting that you are an electric ghost that has forced Tdeshi's dead body back to life

    7. I took over the empty body

    8. "Yeah, but do you think I am forcing her dead body to twitch using electrical impulses? Do you think if you cut me open you would find some crystal implanted in Tdesi's head?"

    9. "So the body lives but you are in a crystal

    10. There are no foreign objects in this body

    11. My soul was read into this empty brain, there was never an atom in this body that didn't come from food this body ate here on the planet Kassidor

    12. Allow your body to relax

    13. We must understand that our body is not designed for modern living

    14. The body was designed for immediate action

    15. Micah takes a look at the body

    16. “Micah, the body was still warm

    17. We don’t care what we do to our body

    18. Medicine is for body as meditation is for soul

    19. something in the microwave and stand there waiting, find a body weight

    20. The Yingolian ghost was the soul he loved, the reason he loved that body more now as Ava than in the past as Tdeshi

    21. Most of these people would look and feel much better by simply walking as little as two miles a day and drinking an ounce of water for each kg of body weight on a daily basis!

    22. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    23. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    24. She had a light knit-wrap with her, but she hung that on the rail, leaving only her thin jersey covering her long and elegant body

    25. ~ Studies have also shown that the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast cannot be compensated for in other meals, as the body is unable to process the vital nutrients optimally if consumed all at once

    26. ~ Researchers in the US have found that skipping breakfast routinely can indirectly increase the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease as the sugar deficient body craves for fatty foods which are hard to resist

    27. ~ Research studies have also shown that the human body tends to accumulate more fat when a person eats fewer, larger meals than when the same number of calories was consumed in smaller, more frequent meals

    28. It was just the instincts of this body that turned her head when big, broad-shouldered men with cleft chins walked by

    29. “You have to be able to sense where your body is and when you’re unstable

    30. The skill of his hands and the hormones this body produced and his patience made it more likely she would force him, but there was never a need because he would grant any desire

    31. Earth's exile community here on this planet is small, herself, derived of an Angel downloaded into a native body, Alan, raised from a frozen zygote by the same expedition that brought her, and the thirty one Brazilians that survived cryofreeze, with or without the intervention of the Kassikan

    32. After a few minutes of slashing, the bodies become a body fort

    33. Caffeine, sugar and nicotine are all adrenal stimulants and can trigger a stress response in the body even when no major external stress is present

    34. Also, because much stress is now psychological or emotional, there's nothing obvious to run away from or fight and so the stress hormones build up in the body with damaging effects

    35. It was this native body again, and Herndon's presence, his bulging arms on the wheel of a powerful machine

    36. The mind has a powerful influence on the physical body

    37. But then James's body began changing again

    38. It dragged its small body out and then came up to stand before the three of them, looking tentatively up at Ackers

    39. They lay their eggs in the host body, which provides the young with a source of food

    40. Will effectively kill many soft body insects and repels many others

    41. He had to fiddle with the edges and shift the settings around slightly to detect body heat

    42. And it blew every bad thing clean out of the body

    43. He had informed her, numerous times, that even though her body was local, her mind was of Earth and he would have registered their children as pureblood terrestrial

    44. She was not about to have children of Tdeshi's body

    45. The mind that was born naturally of these genes had erased itself, tragically; and she had rescued the abandoned body from death

    46. If she had children by Herndon in this body, they would be half-blood terrestrial and she would not allow them to be registered as anything else

    47. Just as she takes care of her body, she takes even better care of her long, flaxen hair, combing it every morning and every night

    48. In a sense she was a native, this body was born here of native parents back when Alan was the only person of Earth ancestry walking here

    49. Alan's body was older than hers, born in 2250, Tdeshi's date of birth was well after 2300, she was twenty three Earth years of age when shonggot erased her

    50. Alan's body had been conceived of Earth, from sperm of Paul Larkin and ovum of Grace Larkin, taken before their death and donated to the expedition in the afterlife

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