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    1. b) Compound interest on deposits, where interest is earned on the interest over the principal, calculated at quarterly, half-yearly or yearly period

    2. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund gives the current value of your investment by indicating how much each unit of Rs 10 is worth on a day-to-day basis calculated from the daily market value of the funds total asset

    3. Archimedes had thus far calculated the precise movements of pigeons while mating, the precise outcomes of humans trying to mate, and the effect of pollen dust on bees' flight patterns

    4. He had calculated various sized puddles, as well as the movement of streams and lakes

    5. Tiny Robot Archimedes calculated that his presence in the harbor with an eye patch ran numbers similar to a man who had a corgi puppy in a brothel

    6. "She said the odds that it will hit us are now a thousand times higher than they calculated just three weeks ago

    7. Then, by counting up the blocks that rose along the door frame next to my mattress I calculated the total number of blocks

    8. The Al-Harron would have noticed the actual direction of travel the asteroid was on after the first explosion and calculated what missiles they would need to nudge it onto a more direct path

    9. I calculated how seven

    10. Maybe I had calculated life all wrong

    11. Dumping his bag on a chair, he rooted around in it for his wallet, counting the limited cash at his disposal … bugger it! Glancing up at the list on the wall he calculated carefully, concluding with a sigh that even if he could afford nothing else, he would blow some of the cash on a coffee

    12. As Samuel signed for the check, Harry rose and in a calculated impulse, placed the respective contracts before each of the gentlemen who quickly accepted and signed them; Harry returned them to the document pouch nestled under his arm as calmly as if adhering to the script of a play

    13. Alan had already calculated that there was over forty eight coppers worth of fuel just waiting to be claimed in those old files

    14. I calculated a price using my pocket watch books

    15. It was carefully calculated and now that it was started, the next course change was when they turned over halfway back to Earth

    16. The forces necessary to nudge asteroids into the cities had already been calculated, he knew that now

    17. Stenarch calculated on his fingers

    18. I had calculated that I could

    19. more than black caviar, but also I have calculated

    20. The laws relating to land, therefore, were all calculated for what they supposed the interest of the proprietor

    21. The restraints upon the wine trade in Great Britain, besides, do not so much seem calculated to hinder the people from going, if I may say so, to the alehouse, as from going where they can buy the best and cheapest liquor

    22. He said that his “greatest happiness consists precisely in doing nothing whatever that is calculated to obtain happiness

    23. I have calculated all options and talked

    24. The coefficient of internal friction relies mainly on the coarseness of aggregates and can be approximately calculated on the Lermit and Turnon formula: where d - middle diameter of particles of

    25. quantity(RCW) can be calculated by formula:

    26. Stability Criterion of easily broken material with a crack: can be calculated by the following formula: σ = 2Еν / l

    27. In accordance with Powers compressive strength (R) of the specimens of a different age and made at a different water-cement ratio can be calculated from:

    28. Complete deformation of concrete at a definite age of hardening (ετ) is calculated by the equation:

    29. can be calculated if compressive (R

    30. ) can be calculated as

    31. Calculated methods allow to define approximately frost resistance of concrete

    32. - increase in "predicting ability" of calculated methodology that is an opportunity of full comsideration of technological factors and given requirements to concrete;

    33. For composite materials with discrete fibers modulus of elasticity (E) and flexural strength (R ) can be approximately calculated from following: fl

    34. She lilted her lovely, bare tits and let them fall again, this being a calculated move on her part to inspire him to great things in a hurry

    35. Chemical activity of slag is defined by quality coefficient К, calculated according to following formulas:

    36. At water drawoff by porous base in the mortars with different C/W, strength of mortars (R ) can be calculated as follows:

    37. Of course, they expected him to carry this wristband everywhere – it looked like an antique wristwatch with its OLED text and numeral display; but he calculated that their level of reliance on him afforded a certain freedom from their preferred constraints

    38. How calculated it must all have seemed

    39. At maximum thrust Zorandi’s suit calculated that he would reach the nearest B’tari outpost in forty-five thousand hours of his time; not that the suit would still have any power or life support by then

    40. The value of the risk, either from fire, or from loss by sea, or by capture, though it cannot, perhaps, be calculated very exactly, admits, however, of such a gross estimation, as renders it, in some degree, reducible to strict rule and method

    41. However implications on species 7 have been calculated to be insignificant

    42. The 173,880 days would be calculated as follows:

    43. ” Beth had a calculated look on her face when she said

    44. kettle on or can I have one of those fancy coffees?” He calculated

    45. chief boatswain’s mate of the late Alabama, a good seaman, an experienced man-of-wars sailor, and one calculated to carry

    46. This can be calculated in the form of inches or body fat

    47. I calculated the distance and then sent short bursts of fire into their ranks I watched my bullets strike home and saw men drop and I remembered the Battalion this morning

    48. When Khan watched Millicent fight, he didn’t see elegance or grace, he didn’t even see calculated brutality

    49. wondered if he would have been capable of such a cold and calculated maneuver

    50. Then the salesman would go into his calculated rant

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