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Calculated en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a calculated act.
  2. I had calculated that the.
  3. If he calculated the $7,400.
  4. Ben smiled a calculated smile.
  5. I had calculated that I could.

  6. He calculated slowly in his head.
  7. Well thought out and calculated.
  8. He calculated one course for each.
  9. Stenarch calculated on his fingers.
  10. My next move would be calculated.
  11. It was a murder of calculated rage.
  12. It is calculated by measuring the.
  13. The boy had made a calculated remark.
  14. It was a calculated ploy to deceive.
  15. Mitch calculated the risks involved.

  16. If all goes as calculated, this man.
  17. A diversion had been calculated into.
  18. Maybe I had calculated life all wrong.
  19. How should the earnout be calculated?
  20. How calculated it must all have seemed.
  21. I calculated for the distance and shot.
  22. Most often RSI is calculated for 14 days.
  23. This was no boast, no calculated threat.
  24. Randomly Calculated Moments of Incident.
  25. Randomly calculated moments of incident.

  26. The contraction point is calculated as.
  27. In a calculated move I casually pulled.
  28. I calculated for the distance, and I shot.
  29. Thereafter I calculated every step taken.
  30. Whitey shuffled, calculated, and recorded.
  31. I have calculated all options and talked.
  32. As described above, an age is calculated.
  33. He calculated the distance to be ten paces.
  34. This was a cold-blooded, calculated murder.
  35. I calculated my move with precise precision.
  36. Calculated at the end of each business day.
  37. All of their routines have been calculated.
  38. The energy ratio is calculated by dividing.
  39. Time, speed, altitude, all were calculated.
  40. The index delta calculated using equation 3.
  41. A tape measure was not calculated for the.
  42. I quickly calculated the expenses in my head.
  43. She calculated that she was over the kitchen.
  44. An age is therefore calculated as six 360-.
  45. It’s false news calculated to cause alarm.
  46. I calculated what would happen if I shot him.
  47. He calculated quickly, about twelve minutes.
  48. Thereafter, every move I made was calculated.
  49. I calculated my pounce with pinpoint accuracy.
  50. What other time? I have calculated no time.
  51. So, why does it matter how PR is calculated?
  52. He calculated that it would be dark around 5.
  53. Ravan made a calculated and desperate decision.
  54. The patient’s GFR is calculated at 20ml/min.
  55. He calculated the time needed, the cost, and.
  56. The risk indicator calculated using equation 4.
  57. You have calculated how many inches separates.
  58. Ishbel’s smile was calculated to curdle blood.
  59. It was imperative that I calculated the exact.
  60. Hillary watched them carefully and calculated.
  61. Their water rations had been calculated based.
  62. Contemplation : One should take calculated risks.
  63. Giving this to her at all was a calculated risk.
  64. Besides, the float values calculated during the.
  65. His margin requirement is calculated in Table 6.
  66. In this case the value calculated by equation 2.
  67. The loss of moral cannot be calculated in money.
  68. He had about ten thousand left, Ralph calculated.
  69. I calculated a price using my pocket watch books.
  70. The new book value per share is calculated as (0.
  71. The scientists calculated that the hunter.
  72. Interest expense of 16 is calculated as 8 % of 200.
  73. We have already calculated our Mf ( * ) which is 0.
  74. This time, Parr tensed up at her calculated insult.
  75. He took a calculated risk and handed Crusher his.
  76. The 173,880 days would be calculated as follows:.
  77. Normalized values are calculated using equation 4.
  78. None of these choices were calculated in advance.
  79. And calculated the dust of the earth in a measure?
  80. The tax credit is calculated and reflected in the.
  81. As the time approached for his calculated arrival.
  82. Then the salesman would go into his calculated rant.
  83. The currently calculated delay of over thirty hours.
  84. James Ussher, a 17th century theologian, calculated.
  85. Now we also know that why we calculated CPI earlier.
  86. I had calculated endlessly upon how to achieve that.
  87. It was a calculated risk, but staying wasn’t better.
  88. I've calculated the cost, and I'll pay for it myself.
  89. Claire was nothing more than a calculated first step.
  90. Bush‘ calculated sop to his Mexican ―friends‖.
  91. Furthermore, it moved in a slow but calculated manner.
  92. As soon as I calculated it, I realized ISLAUGGH’s.
  93. And it is not calculated to incite fear in the public.
  94. The beginning subperiod s is calculated in days (DAY).
  95. We calculated the value of the 65 combo (C – P) as 4.
  96. Real yields are calculated as explained in Appendix B.
  97. The Heritage Foundation calculated this expense at $2.
  98. Its historical volatility calculated using equation 2.
  99. So in the forex market volumes are calculated on the.
  100. You can’t stop me because I carefully calculated the.
  1. He knew it was calculating.
  2. This one was more calculating.
  3. Calculating d1 and d2, we get.
  4. I started calculating to myself.
  5. Guy has a very calculating mind.
  6. A bit overweight and calculating.
  7. He glances at the clock calculating.
  8. This was a cold, calculating killer.
  9. She was calculating everything I said.
  10. Chambers studied her, eyes calculating.
  11. His eyes were calculating, considering.
  12. The formula for calculating the RSI is:.
  13. Calculating the probability of expiring.
  14. It involves calculating Tobin’s q ratio.
  15. You can find this out by calculating your.
  16. His calm, calculating expression was jarring.
  17. He paused like he was calculating what to say.
  18. That brings us to calculating tool deflection.
  19. When calculating the amount of protein you are.
  20. Calculating the criterion according to formula 2.
  21. The formulas for calculating the stochastic are:.
  22. Therefore, calculating the ROIC of a firm like T.
  23. One cold, calculating jump… moving toward what?
  24. The formula for calculating the momentum ( M) is:.
  25. Calculating intrinsic value is not an exact science.
  26. There was some serious calculating in this scenario.
  27. It was almost calculating, and slightly patronizing.
  28. This is years ahead of ordinary calculating engines.
  29. The cold, calculating hand continued smothering his.
  30. Nowhere near the pain of calculating orbits for Hermes.
  31. Could such a set- up pay? She lay calculating in her bath.
  32. She was calculating, something she had never been before.
  33. Calculating it already, this was going where Kifter feared.
  34. Tommy bent a calculating eye upon the ringmaster up there.
  35. Then, she did what appeared to be a very calculating thing.
  36. You’re the treasurer, thought of as cold and calculating.
  37. If calculating it by hand or in a spreadsheet helps, do so.
  38. It turns you into an insane mechanical calculating machine.
  39. Calculating this strategy starts before, not after the trade.
  40. Locke hesitated, still calculating what just happened outside.
  41. This can be achieved by means of calculating their elongation.
  42. In a monotonous tone she set about calculating our discoveries.
  43. The types of credit you have are a factor in calculating your.
  44. Unit that is used by investors as a reference for calculating.
  45. He didn’t like the calculating look in his roommate’s eyes.
  46. I had to be calculating and hyper-aware of all that was going.
  47. The general formula for calculating profits for short trades is:.
  48. Treatment of Preferred Stock When Calculating Book Value of Common.
  49. And, for me, it isn’t a matter of calculating the odds, but.
  50. He turned and told her then with a flat, calculating expression:.
  51. Calculating the Glycemic Load is a simple matter of multiplication.
  52. This is the most simplistic method of calculating maintenance Capex.
  53. Of late years this God has played a hard, calculating game with me.
  54. Keep this in mind when you are calculating your total rate of return.
  55. To value equities, we at Fairholme begin by calculating free cash flow.
  56. We can check this by first calculating the forward price for the stock.
  57. She smiled at Joey with a calculating twinkle in her bright pink eyes.
  58. There is no calculating the injury it will be to the State of New York.
  59. He turned back to his station and tortured himself by calculating how.
  60. Auditory (Digital): This relates to calculating, precise, analytics and.
  61. Here was a new stunner—I had been calculating on four or five thousand.
  62. And that’s not calculating the need to stop and replenish fuel….
  63. We can obtain this value by calculating the area under the density curve.
  64. So, to be safe, calculating pretax income will give you the true picture.
  65. That will be helpful when calculating the intrinsic value of the company.
  66. He was sheer brain, icy, cool, calculating, as ruthless as a steam hammer.
  67. Calculating carefully her spacetime jump, she then pressed the jump button.
  68. I started calculating part 2 of my plan when I went into the dressing room.
  69. My gaze shot over to the school’s front entrance, calculating the distance.
  70. I am being transformed bit by bit into one of these calculating aberrations.
  71. Aidme spent six full seconds calculating and configuring the cloaking device.
  72. This index achieves this by focusing on calculating 93-day implied volatility.
  73. One modern model of calculating value is the discounted cash flow model (DCF).
  74. There is no hard-and-fast formula or process for calculating maintenance Capex.
  75. By quickly calculating in this way, you can price and trade options accurately.
  76. In calculating the addenda of bills she frequently had recourse to digital aid.
  77. I did some quick calculating and realized he was fourteen years old at that time.
  78. The historical method is perhaps the most direct way of calculating a volatility.
  79. I used to spend hours adding up and calculating moving averages on yellow pads.
  80. If you are qualified, begin calculating how much moving expense you have incurred.
  81. The first step in calculating Stochastic is to obtain raw Stochastic or %K:.
  82. Counts from the Middle Section are my prize way of calculating time in the market.
  83. When calculating the standard deviation from the entire population, σ is given by.
  84. Perhaps, Seven said, calculating the possibilities based on what she knew his.
  85. As I stared at my BlackBerry, I began calculating what this announcement meant for me.
  86. When calculating the cost of capital, the analyst uses the real cost of debt which is.
  87. Long pause… He rubs his chin in a manner keen, calculating, and annoying as all hell.
  88. These values should be considered when calculating and dimensioning the racket in su.
  89. In this desperate attempt to escape, my mind took over, calculating my rate of descent.
  90. Cold and calculating as he inspected his innards, the man never even gave it a thought.
  91. I glared at him, calculating the best course of action to make sure this kid stayed safe.
  92. But if you know the starting point and the path, then calculating the end point is easy.
  93. Alex is already looking away, calculating distances, making assessments and assumptions.
  94. They are blessed who has a fore vision of seeing & calculating the future gains & losses.
  95. He had learned there, in that jail, to look on everything in the coolest calculating way.
  96. By calculating how long it had taken them to get there, they should have already returned.
  97. And this, surely, must be the work of the calculating and rational principle in the soul?
  98. The old professor tapped away at his computer keyboard, rapidly calculating his next move.
  99. This allows calculating the surface area without applying complex differentiation methods.
  100. So how do we handle calculating something that is inherently unpredictable and imprecise?
  1. Number( 16, 2) Calculates the total.
  2. It calculates clear range and sample.
  3. From that sad righteousness which calculates;.
  4. The County Council calculates how much to add.
  5. The V algorithm calculates weeks to the ISO standard.
  6. Calculates the payment for a loan based on constant.
  7. If one calculates the proportion of each maturity as a.
  8. SEOCH calculates the adjustment ratio that it believes is.
  9. This calculates out to over two-and-a-half gallons per mile.
  10. You can configure how the program calculates the conversion.
  11. Jaden calculates the distance the rook monster is behind him.
  12. From this data it calculates that the tree is fifty metres away.
  13. This software calculates the position of the site in the search.
  14. Twitter Grader calculates the power of your Twitter network based on.
  15. The formula calculates the difference in months components of the dates.
  16. DATDIF(start,end,basis); calculates the number of days between two dates.
  17. YRDIF(start,end,basis); calculates the number of years between two dates.
  18. Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) calculates that the real cost of the bill.
  19. The U algorithm calculates weeks based on Sunday being the first day of the week.
  20. After a few more microseconds, Sigma calculates that its best option is retreat.
  21. Most clearing firms have the software that calculates SPAN margin for every option.
  22. David Hacker calculates that the actual toll on the population was three times that.
  23. The function calculates the total amount of an order, but only in Danish Kroner (DKK).
  24. It calculates which page is converting best and shows you the results in clear reports.
  25. Computer software calculates the required time duration by using the weight of the body.
  26. The W algorithm calculates weeks based on Monday being the first day of the week without restriction.
  27. It also calculates the actual behavior of the portfolio along the small-large and value-growth axes.
  28. When you use the R function summarize(lm()), it calculates values of both R-squared (R2) and adjusted R2.
  29. IBD calculates the average daily trading volume of each company’s stock during the last 50 trading days.
  30. Additionally, the precision of the measurement depends on how well the user calculates the cost of equity.
  31. In addition, another federal study calculates that an additional 83 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 19.
  32. The W algorithm calculates weeks based on Monday being the first day of the week without any other restriction.
  33. The U algorithm calculates weeks based on Sunday being the first day of the week without any other restriction.
  34. In addition to the VIX, the CBOE calculates and publishes index data on a variety of volatility-related equity indexes.
  35. The function calculates all intervals between the first two arguments, and then between the second and third arguments.
  36. This file calculates the user's age, compares it to the required age, and returns true or false depending on the result.
  37. Finally, the W algorithm calculates weeks based on Monday being the first day of the week without any other restriction.
  38. Based on this information it calculates the probability of your portfolio lasting the number of years you’ve specified.
  39. The function calculates the dates at the beginning of the interval period, and then the alignment argument adjusts the result.
  40. Basically, the Arms Index calculates how much volume is associated with rising or declining stock prices on the NYSE or Nasdaq.
  41. The indicator looks for a current low or a new tick low and calculates whether the buyers are more aggressive than the sellers.
  42. After fifteen seconds, she calculates a heart rate of forty-four beats per minute, which is what the electrocardiogram says, too.
  43. If it has, it simply calculates the difference in the year components else, it reduces the difference in the year components by 1.
  44. He calculates intrinsic value by first coming up with an adjusted forward earnings estimate and then applying a conservative multiple.
  45. For each trading instrument the strategy algorithm calculates special functionals Φ(Kj, I(t)), where Kj is the j-th trading instrument.
  46. Read at least 5 to 10 years of 10-Ks to understand if a business has changed the way it calculates its market share or defines its market.
  47. This function takes a given SAS date, time, or datetime value and calculates a new value by incrementing by the given number of intervals.
  48. Google monitors the ratio of your ad impressions versus your ad click through and calculates what is known as the Click Through Rate, or CTR.
  49. To calculate portfolio margin, the broker stress-tests the portfolio and calculates the margin required based on the outcome of the stress test.
  50. Plotting the distance from the planet they took off from Grailem calculates that the planet they are heading for is only eighty light years away.
  51. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which calculates the Consumer Price Index that measures inflation, maintains a comprehensive and helpful website at www.
  52. His price is enough charcoal to melt three tons of iron and he calculates that to be 240 bushels, so you and the boys must make a lot more charcoal.
  53. INTNX() calculates the date, time, or datetime that results after a given number of intervals have been added to an initial date, time, or datetime value.
  54. There is a negative feedback loop program that calculates losses from broken and destroyed money and calculates the correct amount to produce at the printers.
  55. Similarly, the AVERAGE,TOTAL combination considers the original value to be the monthly average and calculates a weekly total based on the default SPLINE method.
  56. The EPS rating calculates the growth and stability of each company’s earnings over the last three years, giving additional weight to the most recent few quarters.
  57. Realizing that he would need to purchase two sets of options, each lasting 183 days, to protect his investment for a full year, he calculates the total cost to be 1.
  58. The CCC calculates the number of days that cash is invested in inventory and accounts receivable, and the extent to which the cash outflow is covered by accounts payable.
  59. Although the exact details vary between mining pools, a miner earns a share when she calculates a hash output that is less than a much easier-to-reach target than the real target.
  60. Orders are routed via an algorithm that calculates where the broker will make the most money from the order, not based on where the order is mostly likely to receive the best fill.
  61. Instead of calculating the margin on each individual position like Reg-T and then adding up the numbers, portfolio margin calculates the margin requirements over the entire portfolio.
  62. The U algorithm calculates weeks based on Sunday being the first day of the week, and the week number is displayed as a two-digit number from 0 to 53, with a leading zero if necessary.
  63. The V algorithm calculates weeks based on Monday being the first day of the week, and the week number is displayed as a two-digit number from 0 to 53, with a leading zero if necessary.
  64. You did not gradually open your round childish eyes wider and wider to the discovery of that impostor of a woman who calculates her stores of peace of mind for when she wakes up in the night.
  65. In a similar manner, if one calculates that a certain set of options are expensive, then he should sell both puts and calls in order to have a position that is initially neutral to the market.
  66. Where INTCK() calculates the number of intervals between any two date, time, or datetime values, INTNX() takes the start of the period and increments it by a number of intervals to give the end of the period.
  67. He calculates that, by doubling the duties on such partial importation, allowing that we should import only half as much from Great Britain in time of war as in peace, that the duties would amount to the same.
  68. For example, if the software calculates on one bar, that there have been 500 contracts sold at the bid and only 200 contracts bought at the ask, then this would represent a net difference of 300 contracts sold.
  69. This function may be specified as an equation, may be specified as a computational algorithm (which calculates the function’s values on the basis of a given set of parameters), or may be obtained experimentally.
  70. But now by this conclusion it should seeme wee have made a voyage for De Caen whoe (as he makes his reckoning) will have paid him here for every Beavor marchauntable (which he calculates att a pound and halfe in weight and att 25 s.
  71. I finally found a programmer who could help me out on this, and the end result is a piece of software that automatically calculates the correct daily, weekly, and monthly pivot levels and automatically draws them on the various charts I watch.
  72. And if the cunning which calculates on the meanest feelings in men could be, called intellect, he had his share, for under the blurting rallying tone with which he spoke to Bulstrode, there was an evident selection of statements, as if they had been so many moves at chess.

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1. But we want to calculate.
2. I want to calculate the age.
3. This allows us to calculate T.
4. We are entitled to calculate.
5. Here is how to calculate ROE:.
6. Calculate the point (r,s*) = kG.
7. Calculate and plot the average.
8. You can calculate gamma at www.
9. Use YIELD to calculate bond yield.
10. If we calculate that instead of.
11. Next, we calculate the end date:.
13. Calculate how much they can expand.
14. Calculate the figures of real cost.
15. I had no time to calculate my moves.
16. ASIC optimization to calculate, 174.
17. Calculate the hash of the message, h.
18. So Rich had to calculate many courses.
19. If we calculate the deformation fmax.
20. Let the Newtonians calculate when is.
21. How to calculate the Payback Analysis.
22. You could just calculate that Mercury.
23. Step 4: Calculate and plot the average.
24. Now we can calculate the numbers for GT.
25. The best time to calculate this is in.
26. Operating Income, you can calculate that.
27. If we calculate for initial conditions:.
28. He could calculate pi in his head, but.
29. Then, you can calculate the average P/E.
30. Calculate the ROIC for the Last 10 Years.
31. Hesitating momentarily to calculate her.
32. No! Don’t calculate this information.
33. Be careful to calculate workaround costs.
34. They calculate the right moment to strike.
35. This exponent is used to calculate the EMA.
36. This time he had to calculate where he was.
37. Now we need to calculate the residual value.
38. Calculate the distance or height of the box.
39. Hard eyes calculate the time off the beat.
40. Now you need to calculate the residual value.
43. Calculate a high-speed trajectory to Pallas.
44. Calculate all of the above carefully, though.
45. Scientist calculate their 13 billion years.
46. Using the 4% Rule to Calculate Your Nest Egg.
47. Let him who has understanding calculate the.
48. Next, calculate your height in inches squared.
49. She studied me, trying to calculate a way out.
50. We calculate the ROA for GT for last 10 years.
53. The Mathematical-Geniuses that can calculate.
54. She would not calculate, she would not compare.
55. I did not want to have to calculate: Ibid.
56. He tried to calculate the mass of every object.
57. He needed to calculate his next move carefully.
58. We can calculate the total slopes as follows:.
59. For that you calculate that it does not matter.
60. Finally, these values are used to calculate VaR.
61. You should calculate and consider the effect on.
62. Most charting packages will calculate ATR for you.
63. Calculate the total amount of buying a new house.
64. Pam pretended to calculate the amount in her head.
65. Calculate the Average Directional Indicator (ADX).
66. I can now calculate the Stake required to give me.
67. That’s right! I was just trying to calculate.
68. We can calculate the owner earnings of the examples.
69. The only thing left to do now, is to calculate the.
70. If we calculate the deformation fmax at the end of.
71. Here is the formula to calculate the owner earnings.
72. And you now have the simple tools to calculate them.
73. There was no way for me to calculate the time lapse.
74. The E/P rule of thumb would calculate the same cost.
75. Calculate your Total Score by adding up all 20 scores.
76. This way you will not need to calculate for each year.
77. The above formula allows me to calculate the product E.
78. We can easily calculate one day’s worth of interest.
79. These are easier to find and calculate than you think.
80. Using this, we can calculate the forward volatility10.
81. But they used sliding rules to calculate on board the.
82. Once you have your calories figured out, calculate how.
83. Once you know the average lifetime, you’ll calculate.
84. Bitcoin ASICs are optimized to calculate SHA256 hashes.
85. We calculate it will scarcely last till it is eighteen.
86. The proper method to calculate the CAPM is as follows:.
87. I tried to calculate how long he would spend with Elly.
88. Now we can calculate the cash flow numbers growth for GT.
89. It would take me a week to calculate a precise location.
90. Keith, stunned, found it hard—or harder—to calculate.
91. Oh yes, she can calculate a faceprint from this photo.
92. You then calculate the wager amount by dividing $50 by 1.
93. I must calculate our chances; I will give you the signal.
94. Not all Three Peak patterns can be used to calculate a low.
95. Too many mistakes to calculate, he was thinking to himself.
96. This law attempted to calculate how Indian a person is by.
97. Or that it’s difficult to calculate the required margin.
98. Then calculate how much they can carry on such a distance.
99. As far as he could calculate he was half way between the.
100. Then he started to calculate something energetically again.

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