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    1. I take my bad temper out on the clutch as I drive away from The Stables

    2. Men will clutch to the skirt of a Jew and say, “Take us with you, for you know God,” Zechariah 8:23

    3. She fell into a hatching ground and landed on a clutch of 22 dragon eggs in the gelatinous stage

    4. as well as a clutch of those semi-circular constructions Tom knew as

    5. as he fumbled with the clutch

    6. All of them were crowded and all the crowds had stopped to clutch the balcony rails, staring wide-eyed directly at you out of the canvas

    7. Alex lets out the clutch and the car rolls forward gently, edging up to the bumper of the Sierra

    8. The car lurches and stalls as Billy's foot slips off the clutch, its bonnet buried in a thickly matted wall of hawthorn and beech

    9. Her fingers clutch at the bedclothes convulsively, clinging to their reality as her memory took her back

    10. Just in time the doctor realises that the engine is going to stall, dips the clutch and floors the accelerator

    11. Again his mighty arms stopped her, pushing her into the open door of the truck, he popped the clutch and was flying before she even knew where she was

    12. He took off in a cloud of blue smoke with squealing tyres, juddering clutch and engine valves bouncing, heading west toward Broken Hill

    13. She barely had time to clutch her peplos to her front before

    14. She felt his clutch tightening and her ability to breathe slowly being stolen away from her

    15. transmission, or a sticky clutch

    16. The priest paused in his mummeries to frantically clutch the air as one possessed, while the victim lay writhing in the last throes of mortal agony

    17. When she pushed it this time, she pulled in the clutch and left the accelerator alone

    18. Frantically trying to dismount the trembling machine, I swung my legs sideways, catching my trouser cuff on the clutch lever, which engaged the drive

    19. ” Storming towards the bathroom, her white knuckled clutch on the receiver remained, causing the telephone to hit the floor behind her with a bell-jingling crash

    20. I kept the speed low, and made each gear change carefully, letting out the clutch nice and smooth

    21. causing me to clutch the pommel

    22. With a wave and a nod, licking his dry lips in anticipation, he let out the clutch and smoothly eased over to the pallet he wanted

    23. Joseph did a racing gear-change without the use of the clutch, and the speedometer and tachometer wound up alarmingly as they accelerated

    24. They might have skidded faster and further had the back wheels not encountered some obstacle, perhaps a deep rut or a stone at the side of the road, and as Jalesow down-shifted and used the clutch to bring the vehicle under control, they slowed considerably

    25. None of this was actually needed; but if you finished the day too soon, they might find you another clutch of work-orders; and then you were sure to be late home for dinner

    26. I clutch the hard drive to my chest, lean my head on Tobias’s shoulder, and try to sleep

    27. We kneel together on the stone floor, and I clutch her as tightly as she clutches me

    28. When I start to cry, I clutch the pillow to my chest and let it happen

    29. I clutch the edge of the bench beneath me

    30. I clutch the seat beneath me and try not to think of what I ate for dinner

    31. That, I realize as I clutch my stomach, is exactly what I would have done if I had been in her position

    32. I clutch Tobias’s hand, and there is a moment of silence like a withheld breath

    33. I clutch the screen to my chest

    34. I clutch my ID in my hand and half walk, half run past the security barrier to the sculpture

    35. His hands clutch at my shirt and I am removing it and then I remember, I remember that I am small and flat-chested and sickly pale, and I pull back

    36. I clutch the vial in my fist, desperate for the relief it offers, the protection from the pain of every memory clawing inside me like an animal

    37. Pollock's grave under it and clutch him by the ankles

    38. I grabbed his hand on the back of my neck with mine, trying to pry his fingers, his touch off my form, but the manoeuvre only made Adrinius more persistent in his clutch

    39. slow idle in the driveway, with a mini-lesson on how to use the clutch

    40. When we reached the penthouse, I threw my clutch bag onto the couch

    41. Anxious prayers came out of the lips of parents and children while looking with horrified eyes at the burned cars hundreds of yards below… How to get out of the immediate danger? With a heavy heart and a desperate prayer, Roger put on the hand brake, pressed hard on the gas pedal while slowly releasing the clutch and suddenly disengaging the hand brake… The car shot forward with a burst of speed, and a great sigh of relief was heard from everyone

    42. “Emily, that hurts!” I moan as the clutch burns for the second time

    43. tiny fingers that clutch one of my fingers

    44. All she could do was clutch at Talus and hope this wild journey was soon over

    45. But now, its eyes were fixed on Simon, teeth snapping in his direction, grazing his fingers as he continued to clutch the side of that long, panting body

    46. “Wh-what about my friends?” Simon stammered, trying to clutch onto what he knew to be right, although the feel of it was even then slipping through his fingers

    47. fingers clutch both of my wrists and hold them in one of his

    48. father was about to clutch me with his fiery arms

    49. pull they managed to free her, but at the price of several thick braids, which I still clutch in

    50. For some reason the clutch didn’t work either

    1. Well? Well what? What was Henry doing here again? He looked down at his hand and saw the sales report clutched in a shaking, life threatening grip

    2. Ackers clutched his heart in fear, as if he could try and stop it from beating out of his chest

    3. Even the walls weren’t safe as they blasted them with laser guns and searched the holes for any trace of the technological wonder that Ackers had clutched tightly in his hand

    4. note clutched tightly in her hand and handed it over to

    5. clutched him tightly within her hand

    6. Omi's mother clutched Omi's

    7. He brought himself in right behind her and clutched her to his hard chest with her soft one

    8. She woke up a little and clutched his hand a little tighter to her chest, just the way Tdeshi used to, twenty one decades ago

    9. fours with something clutched in his small hand

    10. She made a face, but clutched his arm, “As long as you don’t feel that way

    11. Armed with this piece of information, Yolanda Spelman led the way, a slip of paper with the apartment's address clutched tightly in her gloved hand

    12. She clutched her teddy-bear close to her chest

    13. Her fingers tightly clutched between his, she continued her decent

    14. Jim jumped to his feet and clutched her tightly, crushing her face to his chest

    15. Dropping to her knees, she clutched it to her face, allowing the scent of him to fill her total being

    16. Not that there were two men struggling over a single girl, but the way the couple's clutched so closely to each other

    17. Thirty minutes later, as she clutched the pillow to her burning chest, staring down at her shredded emerald dress on the floor

    18. " The girl had overlooked the long gun, clutched beneath his arm, until just that minute, when he pulled it to point it at her face

    19. Then, still clutched tightly in his skeletal hands, the bluish glow of his staff faded to black

    20. head began throbbing and he clutched at his temple

    21. ‘Saint Jacques!’ She clutched it tightly to her bosom

    22. He was on the verge of peeling back the elf's hood when Solo Ki's frail fingers stirred and clutched the cup of tea steeping before him

    23. "Goodness, we must be at the center of the Universe" he clutched at the needle and dropped it back into his pocket, it still had a little turn occasionally and the pointed end was fairly sharp

    24. It swirled and clutched at their coats

    25. The children scampered on without a word, but eyeing the brooding trees as they clutched each others arms and hands

    26. Bajrang clutched his collar and lifted him two

    27. As I gazed into the smoke, my belly clutched with pain

    28. She knew she could mortally wound the creature as long as its claws clutched the earth

    29. Still, he clutched his amulet and thought to himself what he would do and feel if the Thalmor ever decided that his patron deity or any other of the rest of the pantheon needed to be dispatched DRAFT

    30. Derlick's now-lifeless body fell on its back, with the gun still clutched in his hand

    31. She gently clutched his upper arms, trying to connect

    32. His sword remained clutched in one hand with the very last of his fading strength

    33. Mr Snickerty halted mid-step and clutched the railing

    34. "Please don't be gone long,” he said as he clutched the magazines in his hands, seeming not to notice the tight grip he had on them

    35. It was not until she turned herself about that she saw him standing in the second doorway leading to her bedroom, his mouth open and hanging slack, the towel clutched in his hands, his eyes bulging and staring at her nudity

    36. Shaking his head and closing his eyes, he lowered his voice as he pressed his lips to Alex’s hands, which he clutched in his own

    37. Wet and hot, she slurped him in as he groaned and clutched his hands into her hair

    38. I clutched his hand even tighter as I said

    39. She lay back with it clutched to her chest for a minute

    40. Her tension pricked into his skin like millions of little needles and then, his nervousness became a taut wire and it encircled them both and switched them around as though they were clutched body to body so that not even a breath of air separated them, neither of them knew how to go about unravelling the chords of dissonance, and both desperately wanting to, and pull them back to harmony

    41. He raised his left hand in a fist while his right clutched his sword hilt that glowed with a blue fire

    42. She clutched his wrists, the logical side of her brain preparing to remove his hands from her face, the emotional side wishing he would repeat the kiss

    43. She clutched the thread leash in one hand and rested the canister next to her thigh, where it could not be seen from the gate

    44. A flash of panic clutched at her chest

    45. Getting up he headed for bed, the album still clutched in his hand

    46. He clutched birthday invitations for diplomats of eight nations

    47. “They let you go?” His gaze fell on the cakes and ranmyas clutched in her hands

    48. He clutched a greasy sack that read Curi’s Bakery

    49. Crying out in pain he clutched at Gonzalez’s hand, turning his head

    50. Footsteps sounded and the man came back into the study, a laptop clutched in his hand

    1. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this

    2. clutches the seat armrests and stares straight ahead

    3. The girl fought her way out of the clutches of the black; and she fell as it passed over a mountain range

    4. No one but the Queen knew that she and Altera had hatched a plan to keep Sonia out of Lord Boras’ clutches

    5. He was sensitive about something financial, she was being followed and he was in the clutches of an obvious bait girl

    6. A research project commissioned by the Canadian government into the emerging religious sect, The Transcenders; studying their media-net output, the testimonies of those who had been rescued from their clutches

    7. her out of Janice’s clutches!

    8. He had already demonstrated the format for the writings, making it as exact a copy as he could without having the book in his clutches for an example

    9. " The Post maintains that this stance is held at the same time that we are in a war to free another country from the clutches of other religious conservatives

    10. With each passing day without hint of him, without a message of some sort, without some kind of proof, they would eventually silently accept the fact that he might not have escaped the clutches of the tyrants

    11. The clutches of reality were inescapable though and he snapped back to it when the sweat running down his forehead had turned into a small, steady trickle

    12. At the thought of a bear, and the possibility that a roaming carnivore might have a human being in its clutches, he bent slightly at the waist and cautiously entered the thicket

    13. This monster that had almost claimed her seemed to jealously guard all that it had stolen, her birthright, only the edge of which had escaped its clutches

    14. So he waited patiently, trying to stay out of Saul’s clutches while some other agent arose to do God’s bidding

    15. He clutches his gut, his shoulders hitting the wall, and fires again

    16. Guilt clutches at my stomach

    17. We kneel together on the stone floor, and I clutch her as tightly as she clutches me

    18. Christina clutches me tighter as he walks past us, without even looking at me

    19. The name clutches at my stomach

    20. She clutches Uriah’s hand, which stays limp on the sheets

    21. clutches, Music Man stood, head low, and eyes wiped of any consciousness

    22. Death! What was death compared to the unearthly possibility of falling into the clutches of Henry Warren's grovelling ghost? One warm July evening the three of them were sitting under the Tree Lovers, feeling a little lonely

    23. If he instead released his soul from his ego’s clutches, it would be free to become part of the universal soul, the mighty Brahman

    24. He knew that once he had spread the ashes, had released them into the river’s clutches, he would be done with this world, with this life

    25. delivers us from the clutches of Satan, it breaks the chains of sin, and grants us the

    26. I became a teacher, carrying on the work here in Pravik, keeping true history alive and out of the clutches of the Empire

    27. tion, it delivers us from the clutches of Satan, it breaks the chains of sin, and

    28. it delivers us from the clutches of Satan, it breaks the chains of sin, and grants us

    29. Derek’s clutches once more and job or no job, she would still have to endure seeing him again on painful visits at her house or theirs

    30. is on the body, you will remain in the clutches of food and sex,

    31. "Hey! Stop!" yelled Anannya, but Panchali had slipped too far from her clutches by then

    32. After the chant dies down, the woman then clutches the priest by his white beard and says, "This bigot, this misogynist, this hate-filled man—if we can even call him a man, judging by his tiny dick—is the reason we are living in hell today

    33. All the time I expended in Mike’s front office doing copying and faxing kept me away from Maria’s clutches

    34. Those of us who had not already gotten beyond their clutches were cast up beyond reach by the water itself! But, let me look at you!” he exclaimed as they broke from the dance circle

    35. Those of us who had not already gotten beyond their clutches were cast up beyond

    36. We have not found any of their egg clutches lately

    37. especially when he had escaped the clutches of death

    38. The turnips were reluctant to release their victim, snapping and hissing as Bryony tried to haul Zach from their clutches

    39. He wrote that the British rule over India had been a curse but he did not hate the British or threaten to take any violent action to remove India from the clutches of Britain

    40. I'd simply had a timely warning and a lucky escape from the clutches of both the law and religion

    41. Ren clutches a small cigar between her teeth

    42. Not so much lately, but every time the nervous chill clutches at your guts you realise you"ve lived with it all your life

    43. ‘If it gets you out of the clutches of that woman, Stephen, then I’ll do anything

    44. In the morning she’d tear up her silly confession, renounce revenge, and try to make it up with Stephen—she should be able to get him away from the clutches of that scrawny old woman she’d seen him with

    45. Accordingly, Jesus elected to lay down his life in the flesh in the manner which was in keeping with the outworking of natural events, and he steadfastly refused to extricate himself from the cruel clutches of a wicked conspiracy of inhuman events which swept on with horrible certainty toward his unbelievable humiliation and ignominious death

    46. 3 How these chief priests, scribes, Sadducees, and some of the Pharisees flattered themselves that Jesus, the disturber of their position and the challenger of their authority, was now securely in their hands! And they were resolved that he should never live to escape their vengeful clutches

    47. French molt is a strange disease that sometimes attacks clutches of young budgies at the age when they should be leaving the nest

    48. If the two birds are separated after several clutches to allow the hen to regain her strength, the two will recognize each other as soon as they again share a cage

    49. Typical clutches are three to five white eggs

    50. She was determined to set her life on a new course on her own terms, out of the clutches of government and men

    1. Clutching his stomach where a dark stain grows on his shirt

    2. sat opposite me clutching to his chest a large briefcase

    3. “Hello, I found it,” Henry whispered again, clutching several pieces of paper in his hand as he knocked again

    4. He noticed that he was still clutching the door knob with a straining hand

    5. She curled forward, clutching her stomach and bit her tongue

    6. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    7. Red stepped into the basement, still clutching her four square grenades, and scanned the room, taking stock of everything that was going on

    8. Ahmed is sprawled across the bed, SOBBING and clutching a teddy bear

    9. Minutes later, clutching their respective brews and a couple of pastries, the two women made their way towards a small table in the corner of the room

    10. Clutching it, she watched as a pale and patently edgy JJ and an absurdly protective Angie clambered into the kaht, stowing their bags safely under the seat; she watched until they disappeared

    11. Kara glanced at Iain sat holding himself stiffly beside her, the knuckles of the hand clutching his bag tense and white

    12. desperate clutching love had killed him

    13. Together they carried the books and selected boxes into the vestibule, Kara clutching them while the door into the Personal Items room was secured

    14. Wandering slowly through the concourse trying to kill time before takeoff I tried to give the impression of being a seasoned traveller with my hold-all draped casually over my shoulder whilst clutching a boarding pass to the land of mystery and imagination in my trouser pocket

    15. He flinches as I mention his friend’s name and for a moment I wonder if I have gone too far, but with a sigh, he holds out his hand for the plate I am clutching

    16. But uncle was very persuasive, so after nods from my aunt, we went and stood at the water's edge with the icy wetness licking my toes, and my arms clutching my body against the spray, and to hide my embarrassment

    17. ’ I said, clutching my jar of coffee, ‘How’s things?’

    18. Alastair turns up twenty minutes later clutching white plastic bags and we usher him into the dining room where we have put out plates and cutlery

    19. A fat lot of support that is … he reappears clutching one of those very shiny magazines full of photos of hair styles, folded back at a certain page - he hands it to me

    20. Jo appears clutching a bottle of wine and some crisps – ah, bless! Now where’s that bottle opener? It’s in here somewhere

    21. ' I commented, clutching my mobile to my ear as if to bring him closer

    22. She had a burst of dark red curls framing her round face, and a long thick knit that she was clutching around herself

    23. clutching something at her throat with one hand, something that she

    24. triumphantly, Tom thought – clutching a previously-hidden cache of

    25. Their last view was of Bram standing in the roadway, clutching his

    26. rather informal blue uniform, who was clutching a clipboard and who

    27. She reappeared five minutes later, clutching the familiar double chit

    28. He likes that idea and very shortly we are strolling along the seafront clutching bags of chips and battered sausages, eating them with little wooden forks

    29. Ten minutes later, clutching my car keys and wincingly aware that my bank account is now some £40 lighter, I retrieve my fully functional car

    30. In the sun it was now warm enough to sit and she went out there shaking her head and clutching her shoulders

    31. In the same instant Titania and Hipolyta sprang apart from where they had been clutching each other close; each hit the wall nearest her in a forward leap, pushed off the walls and sprang up over the remaining little crowd to land on the far side of them

    32. was clutching at straws, but intuition told him that he was

    33. Mike on one side and Jim the other signified, the pull her heart was going through, and the fight she’d had with Mike the day before, but why she was clutching the stone in her hand, left her wondering

    34. ‘My God you scared me,’ said Henri, still clutching at

    35. " immediately his arms were around her, once again clutching her close to his chest

    36. In the center was an enormous chair, like a flower, and on it a tiny figure robed in white sat clutching an instrument and facing a panel of softly glowing hoses, pins and knobs

    37. sun, James and Thomas were still clutching their ice

    38. promises of the website printout I was clutching

    39. Holmes kept gasping for breath and clutching his hands

    40. was clutching precariously to its side and was within an

    41. " the manager smiled graciously at Madam who clutching Lemoss by the shoulder led him out of hearing range

    42. Fizzicist, tucked into his bag was blissfully asleep clutching his beloved kite

    43. " Luray called up to Klarrain as she waded in, clutching her skirt up, "just don't lose them

    44. By mid afternoon when most were sleepy from Granny's lunch and the Innkeepers ale, Rosecare sudddenly came alert and clutching Lemoss's hand pointed to the ridge

    45. Clutching a battle axe in a pair of gauntlets, Theodorous cried out, "Hah! Have a bite of the One Elf you rotting meat puppets!" and lumbered out into Solo Ki's path of flame

    46. she said, clutching at her mother and hugging her tightly

    47. “Was it about Evander’s trial?” Now Nerissa sat up, clutching the blanket to her chest

    48. Rishabh started laughing, clutching this tummy and looking at me,

    49. groaned, clutching his side

    50. Beyond the crowd that stood before her, clutching his hands at the school gates, looking firmly straight at her, was the same shadowed figure that she had seen in the alley before

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