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    1. Well? Well what? What was Henry doing here again? He looked down at his hand and saw the sales report clutched in a shaking, life threatening grip

    2. Professional services of trained counselors may also be made available free of cost to senior citizens who are in the grip of anxiety, depression, grief arising out of bereavement and conflicts due to problematic relationships with family members

    3. His grip was crushing Brandon's shoulders and the others closed in on him

    4. The bear’s head caved in Liam’s grip

    5. Fortunately for the people of Jerusalem, an archer spotted Blitzer fired an arrow into his shoulder, causing him to lose his grip and fall

    6. He spills a quantity of soggy wallpaper on the floor as his grip on the bags slips; together, Liz and I rush over to take some of his burden from him

    7. front end as the tyres fought for grip, and then, amid a sea of spray, she bit hard into

    8. He tightens his grip on me, holding me closer than ever and murmuring soothing noises as I soak his shirt with tears

    9. ’ I faltered, my grip on reality becoming more firm as the minutes tick past

    10. He tightened his grip

    11. He’s still holding my hand and I grip his fingers with mine, trying to smile at him

    12. behind the lord and did not loosen his grip on the lords’ necklace until he

    13. The car kicked once and lifted at the front end as the tyres fought for grip, and then, amid a sea of spray, she bit hard into the tarmac and hauled her graceful weight forward at an ever increasing rate of knots

    14. Meanwhile, the serpent, who now had Sons’ arm in its’ deadly grip raised

    15. ’ His grip on the bag slightly less tense now

    16. But then he suddenly didn't have a grip any more, he was in the air and it had gotten out from under him

    17. beneath her, only to slacken their grip with time and tide,

    18. He almost lost his grip on the branch root he was holding

    19. the grip of clips and buns and scarves

    20. ’ He said, his grip on my waist becoming a happy squeeze

    21. Both of us are as high as kites, grinning at each other and, more often than not, holding hands with a grip reflecting our disbelief in our new status

    22. She lost her balance and her grip on her handbag as she stumbled and tripped over her own feet, falling backwards into a beech hedge that bordered one of the suburban gardens

    23. ' Adrian had taken off his sunglasses and was admiring the reflection of his diamond earring in a lens - until he turned to clamp my hand in his grip

    24. The one on this side pressed deep around his shoulder, her grip on the back of the stool kept him from turning it away

    25. Alastair is clearly moved by this, his grip on my shoulder tightens; I put my hand up to cover his

    26. He changed his grip and did some

    27. I tighten my grip on his shoulder for a moment and then remove my arm

    28. Boras noted her tightening grip on the strange looking knife she held in her hand

    29. You‘ll learn that as you become aware of them and accept them, they begin to lose their grip on your attention

    30. while with the other hand in his coat pocket he kept a tight grip on

    31. 'This bastard doesn't have it,' my man said and gave up his grip

    32. He released his grip on Ali's neck

    33. She lost her balance and her grip on

    34. I grip his arm

    35. Naria could see that Boras had lost what little grip he had on his sanity and had descended into madness

    36. The greying plank of the balcony rails was in the firm grip of thickly knotted vines, heavy with pods and flowers in the narrow crack of sunlight that penetrated this canal

    37. He ducked his head to remove the camera from around his neck, but lost grip and the camera soared through the air and into the water about six feet out

    38. Jock looks at the can, feels its weight and nods to Ken, who, although he does not let go of Ted, relaxes his grip

    39. The jade bear tightened his grip and moved Joseph closer to his wide open mouth

    40. The bear stopped, tightened his grip, and growled again

    41. The thing had more or less sat and begged to be caught! Held in her strong grip, it had struggled, its lightweight bones no match for the woman’s strength

    42. He turned to her, holding her arm in a painful grip

    43. Kev, seeing him coming, released his grip on Mickey and quickly moved out of the way

    44. “Not only is this poorly crafted---note how the threads of the wraps bulge over the burrs left on the guide feet, and the gaps between reel seat, grip and hardware---now listen:” and he pulled on the rod to separate the two pieces which made not a sound at the parting

    45. He loosened his grip momentarily, obviously intending to grab hold of her more securely

    46. Then, as she watched mesmerised, the last of the roots of the bush lost its grip on the thin soil and, with a thin terrified scream, Mickey plunged towards the roiling sea below

    47. losing his grip on the machine and fell off, his motorbike crashing to

    48. Their combined momentum yanked Harry from his feet; he released his grip on the staff at the perfect instant and in a towering tucked back flip, flew spinning over the hyacinth-rimmed pond and landed one-footed onto a bench

    49. At last he moved and slowly released his grip,

    50. Salamander released his grip on Guzkat

    1. As is often the case at times like these, he woke while dark still gripped the land

    2. "No," she said and gripped it in her hands, held them to her chest

    3. Hermann gripped his duffel bag with his feet to make sure it was still there

    4. He wrapped himself around her shoulders and imagined the warmth of his mate, the way they gripped each other in the warm sky

    5. Her hands gripped opposite edges of the round table top

    6. MacKenzie clasped his knees tightly, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the

    7. As he scrambled with his hands and clawed and tore and ripped whatever he could to escape that alien’s grasp, gloved human hands gripped either side of the Squidies ‘helmet’

    8. They say that after I came round I spent two days gripped in the cold sweat of delirium, sleeping fitfully in between rabidly incoherent monologues and pathetic calls for my mother

    9. that gripped the sword from the lords’ arm

    10. It is intended to be solely determined by our allowing ourselves to be gripped by the ethical God, who reveals Himself in us, and by our yielding our will to His

    11. His fist still gripped the hammer at his side

    12. Yarin was right about the melancholy, in those weeks she didn't learn what sadness gripped him

    13. Ish gripped the cricket ball and showed him the wrist movement

    14. Mother of Zeus where's that damned launch?' Alexis gripped my wrist, 'We're sitting ducks

    15. Tarak came forward and gripped the man in a bear hug and both greeted each other with a lot of back slapping and posturing

    16. Ish gripped his trishul rod and

    17. She knew he used only a fraction of his strength, but he still gripped her pretty hard

    18. crept closer, the half-eaten biscuit gripped tightly in his hand was forgotten

    19. The policeman’s firm hand gripped his arm

    20. Johnson resisted the surge of panic that gripped the back of his neck

    21. Roman gripped her chin and directed her eyes toward his

    22. Johnson gripped the gun with both hands, bent his knees slightly and aimed

    23. Fear gripped her frozen body

    24. Still, as she watched the icy road and gripped the steering wheel with both hands, she knew how rarely she was able to hold her ground when it came to him

    25. that gripped him all to well

    26. I gripped the wooden bat lightly in my hands and swung at the air a few

    27. my hands a broken bat, splintered from where my hands gripped it to halfway up

    28. Roman’s free hand and gripped it tightly, pulling Roman’s ear close to his mouth

    29. Silence gripped the air

    30. Two strong hands gripped about her waist

    31. Harry gripped his friend's hand and bid him a safe journey home

    32. "Hold on Emma," Jim's voice almost had a ring of laugher about it, as he firmly gripped her arms

    33. But when he sucked one into his mouth, her legs turned to jelly, and she gripped tightly to his strong shoulders to support her faltering knees

    34. He gripped his hands tightly together, and laid his head down on them on the desk "I haven't abandoned you

    35. Every breath brought a rush on some paths and she gripped the rails carefully

    36. As much as the sight of the city gripped her with fear, she knew damn well there was nowhere left to go

    37. A black lace shawl hung from her shoulders, the ends of which were gripped tightly in her hands

    38. Vic's android reached out and gripped the coachman's upper arm, with enough pressure to let him know her machine was without the Instinct also, "And above all, question nothing, say nothing and give nothing away by sign or deed that we are anything other than respected and well-paying customers

    39. The big hand of Morgan's android came out and gripped his wrist

    40. the Dominicans?’ Abject terror now gripped the

    41. He leaned back and paused here, drew a breath, Marsha gripped Delos' hand tighter

    42. Alongside him, Adros gripped his staff tightly, his white eyes locked in deep focus on the distant giant

    43. Her hand gripped my skin hard enough to bruise me

    44. and the boy gripped the pole

    45. He looked over at Penelope, who stood ready with blade gripped tightly in hand and her feet planted

    46. Something in her pushed her forward, gave her a burst of energy in the span of a few precious seconds and her trembling palm gripped the sword

    47. Two of the three went to care for their wounded brother, while the other one slowly made his way to Edrimer, a pistol gripped in his hand

    48. That first night before the fever gripped her in its haze

    49. Carius gripped the cloth, racking his brain for any meaning to the letters

    50. He gripped her by the hips

    1. “Cheers,” Micah replied, gripping the neck of his bottle

    2. Khalid studies a spread sheet in the seat behind Russ and John sits gripping the seat armrests, beads of sweat on his forehead

    3. ’ I said, gripping it firmly as I swing my leg over the ivy-covered wooden bar

    4. ’ I said, gripping his hand hard

    5. He bent forward again, gripping this non-descript, runtish specimen by both shoulders

    6. ’ He replied, taking her hand and gripping it in his

    7. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

    8. Her eyes flashed and she bared her teeth in a snarl, gripping the Bowie knife tightly in her hands

    9. Gripping both of Altera’s shoulders Naria shook her gently and continued,

    10. ’ He said slyly, his hand gripping her arm, effectively stopping her going any further

    11. He didn’t see how she could, it was a trade mag, ‘Center Lake Shipping Digest,’ that was not known for gripping suspense or moving human interest

    12. Again, Chrissie tenses as her stomach revolts to the sound of his voice, her knuckles white, gripping on the sheet of the bed in which she is lying, she fights for control

    13. Allcock to be certain this was a common occurrence, and not some holiday fever gripping the city

    14. ’ He said, reaching out one hand and gripping his wife’s firmly

    15. I’d forgotten how gripping it is

    16. Fiercely, gripping his coat by the back, he swung him back onto the ice

    17. "I don't care what he thinks," he declared clearly, gripping her upper arm, "Why do you think the girl's are in danger?"

    18. She wouldn't release it though, gripping even tighter as Mike gently gave her a kiss

    19. Gripping the wheel so hard, that her knuckles had gone white, she began to wonder if the others even cared

    20. " She declared, gripping the arm of the chair with both hands

    21. Gripping his shirt, as he told the stranger that he would be there in a minute she pressed her burning lips to his flexing muscles

    22. The soldiers took positions behind the startled council members and froze in place gauntlets gripping the hilts of the jagged edged swords hanging at their sides

    23. "Would you have us join your death march as well, LeCynic?" Katrina whispered at his side, gripping her veil in a pair of fists

    24. But the guards and soldiers and officers in the Imperial City…when she saw their eyes fall hollow with distant shock and gripping fear, she found herself duly unsettled

    25. Two-thirds up its length were four concentric grooves, as if fingers had been gripping there for centuries

    26. Not even all of his years spent in shifty Riften could prepare him for the gripping compulsion to look over his shoulder the entire time he was there

    27. He felt a cold hand gripping his heart and his eyes widened in surprise

    28. and gripping with the hand, but from the digging of the fingernails deep into the

    29. Jodie sat in concussion still gripping the driving wheel of the SUV

    30. He struggled for a while, eventually pulling on the HEPO glove by gripping it between his teeth

    31. Still firmly gripping the rock, he rested for a moment, unable to do anything else

    32. “However your friend there will be leaving on the next hospital ship in two days time at home he can be taken care of better and they have more expertise of caring for his face wounds and the depression that is gripping him

    33. over his shoulder, gripping his chest so hard it cleared the breath from his lungs

    34. ” I snarled, gripping the handle with both hands as I brought the blade up

    35. Gripping it like a surgeon’s scalpel, he delicately

    36. ' Jack was still holding on for dear life, one hand holding the edge of her coat, the other gripping the top of the wall

    37. The other soldiers stood back as the officer walked over to Halon, lifted his hair and stood back with shock on his face, gripping the hilt of his short sword

    38. Mungo, with Edythe tearing up and gripping his arm hard

    39. Gliding across the carpeted floor Gonzalez came up behind him, gripping the receptionist’s shoulder so tightly that his fingers disappeared into the man’s muscles

    40. Gripping the top of the wall with its claws, the cat bared its teeth and launched itself into the air

    41. Stooping he picked it up, but before he could use it Gonzalez had his arm around his neck, squeezing hard, gripping his right wrist so he couldn’t bring the gun into play

    42. Evelyn just stood there by Spencer’s side, tears streaming down her cheeks, one hand gripping his and the other supporting her baby

    43. My shoulders shook as I sobbed uncontrollably, gripping her hand tightly; the sound of the machines accompanying the sound of my unhappiness

    44. Thesa gasped at the thought, a raw fear gripping his mind

    45. He was gripping her by her throat while his pants were rolled down to his knees

    46. She went to him, gripping his biceps as she pressed her cheek between his shoulder blades

    47. My hand shifted, no longer hooked over his but gripping his forearm

    48. Foreign news teams that rushed in picked up on the parallel story of the previously ignored political strife gripping the nation

    49. Gripping the stick, I gave it a little shake

    50. She hoped the fall colors and soft winds of her walk home would help to wash away the morbidity gripping her spirit

    1. “What are you saying? That’s our son, you quack!” Travis grips Dr

    2. John grips the arm rest on the door

    3. When you are shaking from a deep-‐seated fear that grips

    4. 'Is this how Harbhajan grips the ball?' a seven-year-old tried to fit the cricket

    5. She is slowly getting to grips with the slight modulations and vowel deflections in the man’s voice

    6. “I’ve come to grips with it

    7. George set him to hand rubbing and polishing as soon as he was big enough to hold the rags, and he spent hours sanding the glued and cured rod blanks, reel seats, and grips until his handshake was near as firm as any grown man

    8. Ted thrusts out a hand and Alex grips it firmly

    9. Half way there I broke loose of their grips and

    10. You have also, I believe, taken to heart your very indestructible nature and have you then come to grips with what it is to face life without an end save by your choice alone?” She gazed into the Elf's heart

    11. A great product to help the newcomer or even not-so-newcomer to get to grips with the subject of niches is:-

    12. and stood there as I came to grips with my situation

    13. “I can’t open this, the grips are too hot to touch

    14. His hands were so cold that he could barely grip the smooth metal, even with the rubber grips on his HEPO gloves

    15. trying to get to grips with his anger, a great

    16. The one thing that seemed to make life bearable was that we all wanted to be at the front coming to grips with the Hun

    17. Zolla still hadn’t quite got to grips with human analogising

    18. The notion that suicide had been the preferred option, for at least a few thousand, was not something he could mentally get to grips with

    19. Struggling upright, I made a grab for one of the rubber grips, hearing Uncle Hobart shout a warning

    20. and to be in the grips of despair and feel overwhelmed and lost

    21. At the sight of them, she had felt herself caught in the grips of a new emotion developed during the FBI investigation at her office and which applied exclusively to police

    22. Edgar had to come to grips with the fact that it would be necessary to lie, but a lie to the likes of Mr

    23. And it was being used as a sideshow, a gaming resort? That was something he had not completely understood, and could not for a while longer, until his mind found some peace to try and come to grips with this new, world-shattering reality

    24. Discussing what might have gone wrong in the past, and seeking to come up with logical explanations for what had occurred, seemed to permit Elizabeth, at least to a limited extent, to come to grips with what she had experienced

    25. Nicole must’ve thought he was still trying to come to grips when she took him gently by the arm and said to the priest with a tiny shake of her head:

    26. Four grips my shoulder with one hand and holds my head steady with the other as I push myself up

    27. A screeching sound is heard on both sides as the sharks slowly lose their strong grips

    28. fear grips and she runs inside

    29. The Occidental population, no matter how hard we try, will never come to grips with death and a random meaningless universe

    30. He finds there is something about these strange words and thoughts that grips his mind, spins it through circles coloured like the animal’s eyes, gold and green, the shades of longing

    31. Sloth shakes his head, grips the blanket more firmly around his body

    32. Ignoring any pain he might have, Ralph sits up and grips her arm

    33. I had to come to grips with my reality

    34. He grips her young charge tighter and raises the knife once more

    35. “Now, we should have some time to achieve a new stability in the new order of things, time to come to grips with everything that’s happened, time to enjoy all the good fortune that we still have

    36. When he stretches out his hand, his fingers meet Annyeke’s and he grips her unexpected steadiness, all animosity forgotten, but there is something missing, something his mind aches to reach but cannot

    37. Ralph grips the knife more tightly in his right hand as he struggles to keep clear of those deadly jaws with his left

    38. With that, he takes two steps back towards Simon and grips his shoulder

    39. For a moment, he grips Simon’s arm

    40. Simon grips his arm

    41. ” Johan releases his hand and grips the other man by the shoulder

    42. Simon grips Johan’s shoulder while he cries

    43. I could see by the expression on his face that he still loved her very much, but he had also come to grips with the truth that he had to move on for his own sake

    44. terms and to a different degree, we came to grips with the reality

    45. ” In the 1930s, while the rest of the West was in the grips of a huge depression, Sweden’s prosperity and high employment were due in large part to the lumber and ores demanded by the arming countries of Germany and Italy, not from Sweden’s Socialism

    46. ordered the driver and several natives to accompany the stage manager and his grips

    47. ourselves? And how is it possible to love ourselves, if we are in the grips of

    48. chant, the feeling fell away until I completely came to grips with the fact that I was

    49. grips with the fact that I was literally scaring myself to death because of this lack of my

    50. ” Brink walks out of the conference room abruptly as Smoley grips her arm

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