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    1. The heat was unbearable, and after an hour or so in the coffin I had no strength left for order and cohesion

    2. The cilliarch in charge of the Thorax battalion was on horseback, running up and down behind the double line of his men, repeatedly shouting orders for them to advance with cohesion and order

    3. The feeling of cohesion beyond this life was too strong

    4. The yam keeper told me that the tribes of this whole area had been devastated by the plagues that had descended on them from the north during my grandfather’s exile and had lost much of their tribal cohesion

    5. They had been severely affected by the plagues and their remnant had lost all tribal cohesion

    6. The plagues had greatly reduced them, but they had maintained their cohesion and still seemed a bit distinct from their northern neighbors

    7. They were disorganized and there was no apparent cohesion among units

    8. The first job of Justice Black as prophet of a new state religion was to effect the massive collapse of social cohesion necessary to prepare the ground for new beliefs

    9. A nation losing its social cohesion does not necessarily hurtle through the gates of a fascist “paradise” all at once

    10. Collins has been credited with enhancing the morale and cohesion of Team Coast Guard, and upgrading the technology, facilities, and air and water platforms of the service

    11. Konny promised the neighborhood had cohesion

    12. Love is at the basis of group cohesion, and the Sophianalysts are

    13. He needed cohesion

    14. to maintain cohesion Consequently, when a physical object is broken the

    15. developed sufficiently to maintain cohesion On the other hand, mature cells

    16. The waves rose and fell and as the ranks of mermen slid apart and shifted an endless supply of reinforcements appeared from underneath with perfect cohesion, all firing hailstorms of arrows at the serpent

    17. In the interests of what the Mages cynically called social cohesion, attendance was compulsory for every inhabitant at biweekly events in the vast Arena

    18. In time, the lack of cohesion amongst the individual qunams of the enlarged plunams would have ruined the plan in the making

    19. way to build group cohesion and stimulate interaction because they depend on the group's

    20. cohesion, on the importance

    21. greater cohesion, stability, separation, and individuation

    22. It is important to know that beyond small town, extremely small town local government, where there is community cohesion, there are no truthful governments

    23. Some examples of cohesion can be seen in your occupation, school, family, or when you go to a movie

    24. Group cohesion is difficult to develop in situations where feelings can be easily denied

    25. However, by breaking through denial, tapping into feelings, people can bring about cohesion

    26. The inside of the asteroid had clearly been extensively worked over and fitted with a dense matrix of steel lattices to preserve its structural cohesion

    27. Thus the relationship of gang membership to family cohesion is a false comparison

    28. Some people have a mind full of right and wrong precedents for social behavior, but are not spiritually fruitful with cohesion

    29. A spiritually fruitful person induces cohesion with one another by welcoming the spirit of love to bring acceptance, belonging, and intimacy through tolerance of varying lifestyles

    30. A loss of cohesion with the surface is a great big peeling mess, and a waste of time and money

    31. Scientific research advocates developing the cohesion of both of these areas for enhanced performance although teams can be high in task cohesion with a lower amount of social cohesion and still be successful

    32. The dynamics results were interesting in so much as there was no role clarity and a lack of role acceptance and only small amounts of cohesion

    33. The Greek community started organizing the traditional feast which gave it cohesion and a sense of identity separate from the other Americans, for although they were proud to be American and were loyal to the country that gave them the opportunity for a better life, they were also proud of their heritage

    34. � This created tensions between the ingroup, us, against the Other, them, and it also created a quality of cohesion within the us, the ingroup

    35. The sand has no cohesion, and under pressure it has spread outwards into the surrounding soil, allowing the masonry above it to sink down

    36. Fortunately, the cohesion and all-around excellence of The Attractions as a live band at this time had us delivering songs pretty vividly

    37. Then the sky flashed white and ripped and the rain began, a real five o’clockalypse, and when the guitar stopped, whatever cohesion or pressure had held the audience together dissipated

    38. This lack of cohesion in the dominant group and growing optimism among its opponents makes the uptrend ready to reverse

    39. Long tails can be news-related or just a result of lack of cohesion among traders, but they suggest a wide divergence of opinion and emotion

    40. Long tails can be news related or just lack of cohesion among the traders, but they suggest wide divergence of opinion and emotion

    41. Various terrorist groups would use the lawlessness and lack of cohesion as cover, but the Afghans themselves posed less of a threat than most people suspected

    42. The emancipated masses, left with no sustaining principle, have ended by losing all sense of cohesion, till they have given up defending the liberties they have gained

    43. It is only thermometrical or sensible heat, that destroys the attraction of cohesion existing between the particles of bodies, the repulsive power of latent heat being barely able to counteract this property, when the elements under its dominion are removed beyond a certain distance from each other; now the very reduced temperature in the high regions to which these gaseous clouds will ascend, may admit their earthy and metallic particles within the sphere of cohesive or aggregative attraction, when the caloric will be expelled like water from a sponge, accompanied by all the phenomena above stated

    44. In examining the cause of this fact, I perceived it was owing chiefly to the difference of cohesion in the alluvial deposits, of which the earth is formed

    45. But in this case, agreeably to my hypothesis, the electric fluid combines with the latent caloric previously existing there, and, adding to its repulsive agency, causes it to overpower cohesion

    46. Cohesion, experiments with soap bubbles on attraction of, J

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