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    1. Eph: 4:3: Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

    2. Practice of Dharma leads to the perfect realisation of essential unity with the Supreme or the final end, the highest good, namely, ‘Moksha’ (liberation)

    3. has to be in unity with the source of his life

    4. …endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

    5. unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” in the name of Jesus!

    6. series of philosophical steps; The Way gave birth to Unity, Unity gave birth to

    7. stars created unity of a sort

    8. In chapter 12, he points out that the gifts ought to be a source of unity, not division because they all came from the same source and the church

    9. The degree of love, unity, and soundness exceeded that which I have seen in most congregations in the forty years I have preached the gospel

    10. We shall note more about this when we discuss unity

    11. However, unity should be more easily achieved and maintained

    12. Still, it is more likely there will be a lack of unity in a congregation without elders than in one Ch

    13. congregation in such a way as to maintain unity

    14. A congregation without elders can achieve unity if two essentials are in their hearts–love for God ( Matthew 23:37) and love for one another as brethren in the Lord

    15. We have already discussed the need for unity

    16. A spirit of unity will enable a congregation

    17. Things family members so inspired by the OAU when he visited Africa in April and did in my youth; like eating collard greens and cornbread May, 1964, founded the Organization of Afro-American with our bare hands, or big Sunday dinners so plentiful they Unity (OAAU) in America

    18. That place of fellowship with the saints, where we dwell together in unity – that place is Zion

    19. Even our “unity” is a loose unity

    20. This Bride is a perfect reflection of the Divine, in that she is no longer a depiction of separation or enmity, but of unity

    21. Just as Jesus was resurrected and thus given a name above every name – including the name of the Father – we are resurrected and brought into unity in such a way with God and man, flesh and Spirit, Israel and Church, man and woman, black and white, cross-national, and any other distinction or separation that God then exults us as He exulted Christ

    22. and this wil ultimately create unity

    23. This creates love and unity

    24. They also bring unity to the body

    25. I would question a spiritual leader who calls himself a pastor or teacher who does not understand the unity of the body

    26. We use terms like pastor and teacher loosely, but God’s true pastors and teachers will be revealed as those who equip the body for ministry and bring unity within the Church worldwide

    27. together in unity will be the release of apostles to the gentiles

    28. When everyone came together in unity then God said he would pour out his Spirit upon everyone

    29. There is another picture of this unity in Psalm 133

    30. Locusts have great unity because they are carried by the wind

    31. We will have this kind of unity as we are led by the wind of the Spirit of God

    32. Unity equals strength, and as we follow the Spirit we are Prophecy

    33. together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head,

    34. in my city that it will be a model city for unity

    35. Unity of the Army

    36. The strength of an army is in unity

    37. As we see the unity we already have in Christ, we

    38. That is a pretty profound picture of unity and love

    39. their unity began with prayer, but it extended into very practical

    40. will come together in unity

    41. Unity occurs when we see the value in all the gifts in the body

    42. True leaders of the army will bring unity, because true leaders of

    43. They will mobilize unity of ministries in the days to

    44. Because of this unity, victory was achieved

    45. together in unity for their city

    46. a blessing” when brothers dwell in unity (see Ps

    47. The early Church moved in such love and unity that they had all

    48. They do this for the sake of unity and for

    49. Talk about unity of gifts and callings!

    50. will begin to love one another and walk in unity

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    oneness unity 1 ace i one single integrity wholeness symphony harmony concert unison unanimity concord rapport totality union synthesis singularity singleness individuality