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    1. ) (Subscribed: The amount actually collected)

    2. He drinks some of the water he has collected

    3. Also there was evidence that peripheral blood had been collected

    4. Bahkmar had four, one of each wife, collected while they lived in the suburbs of greater Baikonur

    5. They had all been collected after he'd been shot, fertilized using his frozen sperm

    6. Steven collected the breakfast trays, winked at us and shook his head

    7. Just the once, when we collected James

    8. Once again they collected themselves and headed off into the

    9. Then there had been what Joris had termed ‘bits and pieces’ – in truth, valuable artefacts collected from all over the world that he had garnered during his travels; after discussions with Berndt who had taken a quick look at the vast store of, without exception, items of considerable artistic merit if not value, Kara had agreed that the bulk might be offered to the new Guild to form the basis of a museum of some sort

    10. In the next few hours more data flooded in than she'd collected so far

    11. collected in slivers, white coral mosses,

    12. collected in the grime-grained bowl,

    13. ‘Well, we got back to Agna’s house as fast as we could, collected her family and went up to the kahtstation – Agna called a kaht and took us to Rome where the kahtmaster and his wife put us up

    14. Both Fred and Joe collected their macs and caps

    15. collected up the bicycles and after securing the workshop left for

    16. Alderfolk Pottypears went into his offices and collected the keys;

    17. of gene and splice, of collected history

    18. Into the Walled Garden – poetry - collected works 2001-2010

    19. 'As I say, some time ago Pantelis got wind of what was going on and over a period of time he collected his evidence: names, numbers, times, photographs, dates, recordings; a comprehensive list of villains, including prominent public figures, involved one way or another in the smuggling and acquisition of priceless cultural objects

    20. Remember, as best you can, try to remain calm and collected, remain

    21. Using DNA collected from their many searches, they spliced genes together and created slave workers to do their mundane tasks

    22. She couldn’t look at her step-father, knowing that if she did she would unravel, so she mumbled an affirmative and rushed out of the room, collected her school bag from the foot of the stairs and ran out of the house, her eyes brimming with tears

    23. 'Really? Wow,' I said and collected myself

    24. And old Master Seatac, seeing what each of them had tried to deny, collected on many more bets

    25. 'Short call, need some coins,' I said as I collected the change

    26. He collected all the invoices

    27. ‘As her boss, I was given the enjoyable task of presenting her with the cheque we’d collected for her – Sally, they raised nearly £200! Claire, the girl who works in the office with Anna, had elicited the information by some means or other that Anna wanted money to buy linen and crockery when they get to Italy so in the end we’d decided to just give her the cash

    28. a sound and collected way: move on

    29. others in a sound, collected manner

    30. room, collected her school bag from the foot of the stairs and ran

    31. This was part of the small inheritance he had collected

    32. Once the harvest had been collected

    33. The young men were collected by a lorry driven by a rather

    34. She knew some of the artists he collected, one of them personally

    35. “You’re supposed to pay to see them, Johnny,” I said as I collected the

    36. Breakfast had appeared as before, but it was some hours before he was collected and escorted back to the interview room

    37. He collected the coins from his cap and

    38. before Cardinal Sandini collected his medicine

    39. face as her husband collected his things and waved

    40. forthcoming he jumped off the stool and collected his coat

    41. collected and brought to the church a

    42. paid his bill with the Innkeeper, collected his belongings,

    43. Sally collected him

    44. he who had collected the evidence that was going to hang

    45. the taxes he had collected

    46. off, then we collected the others and headed downstairs to

    47. The whole of what is annually either collected or produced by the labour of every society, or, what comes to the same thing, the whole price of it, is in this manner originally distributed among some of its different members

    48. bread, paid his bill, collected Annabelle, and left the Inn a

    49. As he collected his belongings and set off late that

    50. he exited the Cathedral, collected Annabelle, and headed

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    Synonymes pour "collected"

    collected equanimous poised self-collected self-contained self-possessed gathered composed cool calm deliberate compiled accumulated raised