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    1. Ava was back down by the time the last one was cool enough to hold

    2. You thought that was really cool

    3. That dark and cool bed for Noonsleep was one of the greatest luxuries of this mansion

    4. How else would I have learned my skills? Or got a hold of the really cool gadgets I’ve got

    5. Store in cool dark place

    6. Dizzie’s bandmates are pretty cool people

    7. I don’t want to step on their toes, but the band seems totally cool with getting some original ideas

    8. Why not? It’s sort of cute, sort of cool, and a little outdated

    9. to rise add water to cool down

    10. Does anyone really think this makes look rebellious or cool anymore? I was an insurance salesman before all this happened

    11. Dave feels the cool sand sliding between his fingers

    12. Ricci bristles, tries to stay cool

    13. With his hand held firmly in her soft, white and cool

    14. ’ Stephen told her reaching for the glass of cool water Molly has just brought over for him

    15. "As soon as they start it we'll see it," Ava said, but as long as it's off, it's way too cool for us to detect by now

    16. While everyone was in their seats and not moving very much, very little re-rendering is done and the visuals were running cool, often not needing the second clock cycle

    17. I could lie on the floor next to the mattress with my head against the grill at the base of the door and feel a faint stirring of cool air in the outside corridor

    18. They were exactly as promised in scripture, grand and fragrant cool palaces with every delight at hand, even the delights of the flesh

    19. Life itself will be extinct from the earth when the sun starts to cool

    20. There is a big party of friends waiting for us in the cafeteria; I can't say they are cool to me - at least they are not cooler than usual

    21. Jordo had always thought he was a cool customer, but watching that shadow, that stain as it came, he wanted nothing but to give in to his fear

    22. With his hand held firmly in her soft, white and cool embrace he let himself be lead to the far corner of the olive grove

    23. The rain was cool but not cold, after the previous day's heat it was refreshing

    24. The cool air flowing through the open casement carried an alluring tang of salt

    25. Check out other cool Afronauts on

    26. The nights were cool and the children enjoyed

    27. loose my cool and what your dad refers to a

    28. Steve mentioned how cool the evening it was and Kate speculated that winter would come early this year

    29. It was getting close to winter and it was cool out so wearing my coat was no problem for the time being

    30. where he can lay again in cool, soft, damp mud,

    31. When the two shuttles take off a minute apart, it is so cool!” He was watching her and getting caught up in her enjoyment and her reactions to the movie

    32. Daniel woke one morning and the mountain was covered in a blanket of snow, the air was cool, crisp and clean

    33. but the cool of autumnal evenings

    34. The woman was also tall, cool, and her hair still carried a touch of gold even though she was obviously also a helmet user

    35. Opposite the fireplace was a tap with a perky sweet little yellow that flowed cool from damp kegs

    36. Yeah Morningday was a little cool both weeks but they had the east side of the boat most of the time so they enjoyed it

    37. in water that feels lusciously cool

    38. turning from the cool azure seas of romance

    39. The weather was delightful; pleasant Morningdays, sunny, hot and humid Afternoondays, close but cool Nightdays

    40. I chose the bed nearest the French windows and lay down bathed in the cool of the sheets

    41. But after that, my princess would sail me to the mountains and cool me with her breeze

    42. to feel the cool juice of crushed blades

    43. I tried to cool my feet by walking in the water but they just sank there too, leaving whirlpools of water in my struggle to get back

    44. There's a protective arm around my shoulders while I'm trying to look cool

    45. The water was just cool enough to be refreshing and the sand of this beach was nice and soft

    46. A little later that evening one of the directors brought me out of the room to cool me off

    47. Be cool dude; we have it all well in hand

    48. Now she was guarded and cool

    49. The village kids started to group together and move about as though they had flies in their pants, not quite sure how to look cool

    50. I counted the steps down into the murk until I reached the lower level, steadying myself against the cool slimy wall in case I slipped and it felt as empty down there and as hollow and devoid of any interest, except to ghosts and spirits, as I had expected

    1. It's been over fifty hours, that reactor's cooled enough that I'll never see it

    2. At this unfathomable depth of day and night, where darkness and light merged into one long, monotonous passage of time, my blood thinned and cooled

    3. He says he managed to get a fourth order condensate contained, he has the largest chamber cooled and he’s having some trouble with the instrumentation

    4. It had cooled off just a bit once they were out away from the pavement

    5. The night had cooled

    6. Cooled by trade winds, miles of beautiful beach and thousands of friends you have not yet met, the reef here plunges to depths of 110 feet where octopus, moray eel and barracuda thrive

    7. He stood in silence for a while, the only sound the plinking of the machine gun as it cooled down in the fresh night air

    8. It has cooled

    9. what it could be and that he’d help you,” and at that I cooled

    10. Once the weather cooled, Tragus allowed Nerissa to dress the boy in warm clothes

    11. As the Universe cooled, the rest mass energy density of matter came to gravitationally dominate that of the photon radiation

    12. cooled, and drained into the wooden barrels

    13. The thought of a marriage break up cooled his ardour and so

    14. Perspiration poured off the men, as they unloaded stores on the burning sand, and their overheated bodies were repeatedly cooled as they plunged into the surf to drag the boats to shore

    15. 2 (1 ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled

    16. Continue stirring until the chocolate has cooled to 90 degrees F (32 degrees C)

    17. 4 (1 ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled

    18. Ensure that your server rooms are adequately cooled down

    19. She helped to get the horse cooled down, brushed out and settled in its stall, chatting continually of her friendship with Sylvia: “When she started coming to Costa Rica, it was just for brief vacations, but I opened my home to her and showed her the ropes

    20. The fan of the heater still blew warm air across me, but that would only last until the engine cooled

    21. goat milk can be cooled and stored

    22. You have to make sure that the milk is cooled properly

    23. You can tell that the milk has cooled adequately when the ice

    24. The night air cooled as it swirled around the forest floor, causing an eerie fog to cling to the ground

    25. It could be theorized that this land had existed over millennia of time in this densely vegetative state punctuated by geologically short intervals of glaciation as the earth cooled, then warmed again

    26. Moose cooled it to a soft cruise, hovering by Steve’s wake

    27. cooled after the battle

    28. Impulse had cooled, especially since Dan had bruised her self-respect

    29. When there is nothing left of the body, all the matter that is left in the cremation oven is collected, after it cooled down of course, and stored in a container

    30. walked, leaving a tingle on his skin as it quickly cooled in the low

    31. With a good battery, water cooled alternator and bazooka size capacitors, a

    32. The shadows cooled Maggie’s eyes, and she lifted her head as her mind troubled over the problem of where the road was taking her and what she was going to do when she got there

    33. was time to turn it in, so he made his way back to his wooden igloo to lie down on the soft sand cooled by the warm balmy breeze that

    34. 7 And when Adam and Eve saw that the heat of the fire had somewhat cooled down, they began to walk towards the cave to get into it as they were wont; but they could not, by reason of the heat of the fire;

    35. If oily, it must be cooled by standing tin in very cold water

    36. If possible, they should not be moved from one shelf to another, but the oven should be cooled gradually by opening the ventilators or lowering the gas

    37. Mix the meal to a thin paste with some of the cooled broth (from the pint)

    38. When cooked and cooled, dice into 1 inch cubes

    39. All for the good, Krishnan thought, when it cooled off

    40. El Paso is almost one mile high, and it cooled down substantially

    41. In the 1970‘s the temperature cooled and led some ―scientists‖ to conclude that we were heading into a very bad – even cataclysmic – cold temperature that would be devastating to us

    42. Think about the Earth, perfectly sized, perfect distance from the Sun, rotating on its axis at nearly one thousand miles an hour to be heated and cooled daily

    43. Over 13 billion years ago, a calculated, deliberate, accelerated expansion began with inconceivable energy that inflated and cooled to the size and temperature of our current universe

    44. The bed had barely cooled

    45. 7 And when Adam and Eve saw that the heat of the fire had somewhat cooled down they began to walk towards the cave to get into it as they were wanting; but they could not by reason of the heat of the fire;

    46. There was nothing to hear save the occasional ticking of the engine as it cooled down

    47. once more, as the house had cooled somewhat in their absence

    48. That is why my people claimed them for their own as soon as they had cooled, and why we have defended them vigorously since then

    49. The air cooled the tears on my

    50. Take from stove and add all other ingredient to the cooled mixture

    1. With that night’s taverna chosen for its beach view and cooling sea breeze, the

    2. After eight hours none of the automatic scanners had detected the proton signature of a cooling coiled furball from the planet below

    3. The reactor had been cooling for about fifty four hours now, but the instruments on Gordon's lamp were thirty years beyond those of the Presidente Lula, and the Lula's instrumentation was up to date, even if its engine was dated

    4. man affection, but also the core of the earth, cooling it

    5. Less than fifteen minutes later the stars were out and Luray was sitting on the rail trying to dry in the rapidly cooling air, watching the back of the storm run up into the mouth of the Central Wescarp Valley

    6. It is during as far as offering fruit and energy drinks in between and in some of the after-run socialising that I get some of the best addition, had cooling points that sprinkled you with cold water advice from strangers that I see on the running trail as they droplets as you ran through a tunnel

    7. and the cooling of the air,

    8. Later, with the blood cooling in his veins,

    9. And yet, before surrendering myself to the unknown, I wanted to walk along the sand with half-closed eyes and let the cooling waves wash my tired feet, to fill my palms and contain some of that wrinkled and wizened sea, and leave my footprints there with no others in sight

    10. I needed a cooling breeze, perhaps up on some roof or under the sea

    11. There were wires and cooling ducts hanging from the ceiling; a lot of steam was being vented into the room off to his left

    12. The beach was not as pretty as hers, and was made of rounded pebbles instead of soft sand, but it was still cooling after the heat of the day and not so crowded that she felt self conscious

    13. It transpires that she and Bunty had a massive row just before Bunty left Italy which caused some considerable cooling of the relationship between them

    14. cooling respite from the Sun’s hot rays

    15. His chest heaved as his lungs sucked in cooling air

    16. He parks up and sits for a few minutes, letting the ticking of the cooling engine mark out his time

    17. She sat cooling her feet in the brisk water of the lake, as the hot southern sun beat down upon her face

    18. Home of cooling trade wind breezes, black sand and magical frangipani and red hibiscus scents, this island was a haven years ago to Irish Catholics

    19. considerably during the afternoon and a cooling breeze

    20. The previous day had been pure luxury, warm with a cooling breeze, a swim before lunch and an afternoon nap to settle my stomach down

    21. The static from the feathers set many a passenger running for a cooling shower in the airport lounge

    22. Global cooling had become a reality

    23. “Sorry,” I said cooling down and realizing his exemplary motives

    24. Around dusk every day when things were cooling down a bit, Horrifying Hippo would head up onto the land areas to do some serious grazing of the short grasses to be found, which represented the principle source of his diet

    25. Her eyelids lowered as the spray from the water misted over her face, cooling her skin, which heated when she thought of what happened

    26. Apart from two huge storage banks at the front of the chamber and the cooling system at the back the main part of the room was filled by the main processor core and the ten sub-processor cores

    27. When the wind blew, water produced a vapor, cooling us

    28. The suit began its process of sending him asleep before cooling him to near stasis level

    29. When you were under the water you could see the shrapnel as it hit hissing and cooling down as it sank past you in a jig saw of different shapes

    30. Serious kit: Kevlar and titanium construction with an integrated cooling system (he wasn’t going to bear unnecessary discomfort on a warm June day)

    31. In the most common models, the Universe was filled homogeneously and isotropically with an incredibly high energy density, huge temperatures and pressures, and was very rapidly expanding and cooling

    32. A cooling breeze is about to pick up

    33. The night breeze was cooling

    34. The air was cooling slightly when he shook his companions

    35. The transition was in process: a restoration the Golf stream, but the over-balancing effect of a cloudier, scrubbed atmosphere, gave a noticeable cooling even to Western Europe

    36. At the top and out of the cooling shade she stopped again, looking in awe at what lay in front of her

    37. She sighed in relief, the cooling sensation blanketing her pain

    38. Moments earlier, there had been the pleasant chatter of conversation and a cooling breeze from the open windows, but the air inside quickly turned dead and oven-hot with the sun on the thin metal roof

    39. Recent statements from the 2014 General Assembly seem to indicate that the Church of Scotland is cooling considerably in its vision for the future of Israel

    40. Cooling the batteries was a problem for all the teams, and they were no different

    41. The cooling motors ran compressors which pumped liquid nitrogen around the battery banks

    42. Zoran could see, as they all leaned into the rush of air that visibly slowed them, that they were not in the direct path of where the air over the water rushed by, breaking branches as it surged onward, but eddies swirled close behind them blowing their hair and cooling their sweating bodies as they started the strenuous trek up from the flat ground

    43. We’ll need cooling, not heating

    44. Riding the Honda Click is pleasant with the wind cooling you but the roads are not so clever and you really need to be careful

    45. “What’s on your mind Mo?” I asked across the table as she picked through her readily cooling dinner

    46. ” The energy age might be defined as when the means to transportation and personal mobility, heating, cooling, electricity and the whole spectrum of what most of us, with even more joining in, enjoyed and strove for as “the standard of living

    47. Using the cookie cutters I’d used as a child, we cut it into the traditional stars and hearts, arranged these on the baking sheets, rotated them in and out of the oven onto cooling racks

    48. cooling of the earth

    49. The sun-climate hypothesis said that tiny variations in the sun’s irradiance were amplified into major climate changes on Earth by at least two factors: 1) cosmic rays creating more or fewer of the low, cooling clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere; and 2) solar-driven ozone changes in the stratosphere

    50. Some predict we would enter a cooling period in about a decade, whose effect could be greater than Kyoto’s

    1. Set the pan over a wire rack until the mixture cools to about 175 degrees F (80 degrees C)

    2. Allow to harden as it cools

    3. (But only once for when it cools down it would be poisonous and kill you

    4. If the candy cools too quickly, set it on a saucepan over hot water to soften it, but if it gets sticky, return at once to the work counter

    5. fire, the dust that cools, an ancient track

    6. The moisture cools my cheeks

    7. It drifts up into the atmosphere as particles and cools the earth

    8. When the mixture cools a little, add the fresh fruits, raisins and nuts

    9. Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) variant

    10. cools quickly and many of the Undercity inhabitants wander

    11. Over billions of years, it cools more and

    12. The upper part of the lava flow cools and consolidates to form a crust

    13. Drink the potion once it cools, the effects should be immediate and continue on throughout the day

    14. As glaze cools, it will thicken

    15. Most creams and lotions have key ingredients that create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture, but because skin cools itself by evaporating water, you only have a few minutes before that hydration is gone forever

    16. The microchip cools when transmission is complete and Grailem relaxes a little

    17. As the device cools, indicating transmission is complete he switches off the viewing screen

    18. Before it cools he turns his attention to Martin Maseeve and wipes the wound with a soft piece of cloth

    19. I just hope she stays away for awhile until he cools down

    20. Here Doyle, feel it before it cools down too much

    21. and cools off, and that’s that

    22. He’ll be fine once he cools his head

    23. Love cools down the fire of hatred,

    24. She just smiles at him, and his anger cools like the air between the suns

    25. In addition, I have the ability to stop taping if the discussion becomes too heated; and will not continue taping again until the situation cools down

    26. cools our skin, but not during this time

    27. It will harden as it cools

    28. Loki’s mouth opens in surprise, and his rage cools a bit just as the sparks subside

    29. 6-8 drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bath cools the body in

    30. I do hope the weather cools soon

    31. The vaporization of water absorbs the heat; it cools the smoke, air, walls,

    32. Water quenches thirst, cools, refreshes and re-

    33. Now leave the mould to itself till the casting cools to a temperature of about

    34. The barrel cools here for five hours, then the lid is secured, and it’s rolled off to ferment for months

    35. center should look "wobbly"; it will set as the pie cools

    36. mixture cools, to 450 Degrees F

    37. When the cake cools, run a knife around the side of the pan and remove the

    38. But from the very moment that the molten iron cools it begins to oxidize again

    39. One swears that by warming it up he hopes to gain some extra energy, while another does the exact opposite, and cools it down

    40. If it cools too much and looses the correct consistency, put in a microwave oven for 10 to 20 seconds

    41. There is no hot or cold but there is a relevancy where one factor cools and another factor overheats

    42. When the sun cools it to a liquid it is cooler and when the star cools the helium to a solid such as it does in big dark stars then it is cold, eternally cold

    43. The heat does not rise because heat cools by expanding while it remains heat and heat rises in levels by compressing the space

    44. “When it cools,” Hallen reassured him

    45. But it gradually cools

    46. “Icy winds begin to blow and molten lava cools as in comes the man from the land of ice!”

    47. ” She growls and my breath comes out as white vapour as the air in the room cools

    48. Drink this remedy once it cools down

    49. Vinegar cools the skin on your head and attracts greater blood flow to it

    50. wіnd cools things dоwn

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    aplomb assuredness cool poise sang-froid chill cool down cool off coolheaded nerveless all right fine hunky-dory o.k. ok okay calm fresh imperturbable serene collected sober composed stoical chilly icy cold frigid freezing chilling apathetic unexcited indifferent lukewarm half hearted unconcerned superior cold-blooded dead distant discourteous insolent audacious impertinent impudent shameless good neat keen annoyed offended disapproving abate allay assuage dampen moderate quiet temper lessen freeze reduce refrigerate