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    1. While Alessandra studied the handle, I found another door leading down to the crypt and although it might be a little bold to go creeping about like a burglar, I had to investigate

    2. Ava kept saying it was coming to life in a crypt that made her strange, but he’d heard those stories and thought that still didn’t account for it

    3. “Maybe she made up her story about the crypt so she wouldn’t have to admit she was the product of sex, especially the product of a hired mother

    4. Just coming back to life in a crypt with all her memories erased by shonggot shouldn’t make her so different

    5. Would you believe the first guy I made love to after I was created in that crypt was from ancient times? He showed me fossils in his museums that are not as old as he is

    6. She might have been less social because of being ‘born’ in what she thought was a crypt and thinking she was coming back from death, but Ava’s social differences ran deeper, a need for secrecy or privacy being one of them

    7. downwards into some sort of crypt or cellar

    8. dim crypt half expecting the man's colleagues to suddenly

    9. Some of his notions are right out of ancient times, I even asked him if he, well his parents actually, were out of some crypt

    10. Maybe his parents had found that in an ancient crypt and it was what had caused them to stay out there in the wilds

    11. Or the rogue labsman found it in the crypt where he renders his potion

    12. the offer – so I followed his directions to the old crypt,

    13. He was deep within the base of Lock Core, having traveled through miles of tunnel of the Keepers' Crypt

    14. A project that was began long ago by the dwarves, the Keepers' Crypt was the resting place of all those who guarded the Seventh World before him

    15. The dead grew with the passing of time, as did the Crypt, becoming a maze of tunnels which even the dwarves no longer knew, nor dared to tread

    16. It was the crypt of one of the original Keepers

    17. Until LeCynic's ventures through the Crypt his name and achievements had been entirely forgotten

    18. Even if they were hibernating in some crypt for twenty four centuries

    19. Could this fit in with the hibernation crypt theory? It was possible

    20. The clue would seem to suggest that it’s buried under ground, perhaps in the crypt

    21. When Manda got closer, she saw it was a crypt, made of white-washed cement, with a red cross painted on the head

    22. When they got to Mikael’s grave, they opened the doors of the crypt and they opened his casket

    23. "I am in the crypt

    24. "I already told you this is a crypt and a chapel," he replies

    25. "Yes, that is what one usually finds in a crypt," he says calmly

    26. "Well, this crypt happens to be a chapel constructed from thousands of monks' bones

    27. As the escort finishes his sentence, a nearby explosion rocks the crypt, and the bones begin to rattle with life once again

    28. A drenched Hani then returns to the crypt

    29. Another explosion then rattles the crypt, and a staccato of gunshots erupts nearby

    30. It was an instant to take up the gospel-book, but rescuing Saint Cuthbert was a challenge -- sliding the stone slab from the top of his crypt was normally a job for six nuns, and we were only two

    31. Our strength was further tested, in reaching down into the crypt to grip the famous casket and lift it out

    32. room with a large bed in it, synonymous to a crypt

    33. her, own crypt and they quickly settled in

    34. It wasn’t long before Tyrus headed off to a crypt with his

    35. refuse? A crypt door was surreptitiously opened and a couple slipped in, closing

    36. of time, he saw one of the crypt doors open and a young girl stagger out,

    37. Katrina led him out of the hidden crypt and he stumbled up the stairs and out of

    38. And under them, stained with their blood, the pirates found a crypt carved in the solid stone

    39. And at first glance the crypt seemed brimming with liquid fire, catching the early light with a million blazing facets

    40. The crypt was filled to the brim with bright stones that the morning sun struck into lambent flame

    41. Mr BEE’s daughter Lerato, died and was interred in a lavish crypt built for her by her heart-broken father

    42. "Once I saw it, as I crouched in a crypt among the bones of a dead queen

    43. His mind clung to a secret crypt near the oracle

    44. The aperture was empty, and it did not look as if it had ever served as a crypt for treasure

    45. The man had died, as he had prophesied, and his servants, obviously, had placed him in that open crypt, high up on the cliffs, according to his instructions before his death

    46. Bit-Yakin was dead, shriveled to a hulk of wrinkled leather and bound in his hollowed crypt to greet the rising sun for ever

    47. Evidently approaching the secret crypt of the Teeth was a complicated and elaborate ritual

    48. It lifted and tilted backward on its hinder edge, like the lid of a chest, revealing a small crypt

    49. But the voice called him on, and at last, in darkness that would have been impenetrable to his material eyes, he came into a strange crypt, and saw a vague white-bearded figure sitting on a tomb

    50. And on the instant crypt, tomb and ancient vanished, and Conan, bewildered, sprang from his couch in the great golden-domed chamber

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