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    1. Prevention is Better than Cure

    2. “Not to mention they say he’s working on a cure for zombies

    3. Jer: 33:6: Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of

    4. When dealing with diseases, it’s the cause that you must control, or cure, rather

    5. The soul of Talstan was determined to cure the entire human species of the germ of the idea of the 'sovereign individual

    6. Someone smarter me once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    7. Someone goes to the doctor with an untreated ailment and say: "Doctor, cure me

    8. " It is too late! They had waited too long to begin the cure

    9. Cure your backache and your chest complaints are eased, your temper improved, and your looks enhanced

    10. I place the ‘King of Asanas’ in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract because in the relief and cure of such ailments as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, nose troubles, and sinus troubles it has no equal

    11. Cure your complaints by other Yoga exercises first, but in the case of

    12. kill or cure, you could say

    13. He was completely puzzled as to how I had got hold of this old ‘gipsy’ secret, so it seems that way back in time, gipsy or Yogi, they had respect for the humble potato as a powerful cure for arthritis

    14. For good measure, while you are on the potato cure, you should drink potato water, which is one of the very best alkalizing drinks and helps the system to eliminate the impurities which are to blame for your complaint

    15. By the 43rd century the population had declined a bit, but by then a few labs had started to sell some treatments that could cure the sterility

    16. People shouldn't be judged for it, because anyone who doesn't find a cure for their afflictions belongs to a permanent mind prison

    17. She opposed the war in the first place and thought it was stupid to attack Brasil because it would take only a dozen years to make it obvious that the cure for aging was a hoax from Alan's hack

    18. us, the second test match of the India-Australia series was the magic cure for the

    19. But try as they might, his family couldn’t cure him of his pride

    20. stimulation works to cure depression and other

    21. Thank the gods you know the cure, I will have it administered quickly

    22. who claimed to have a cure for the common cold

    23. It took a week before I recalled and read the incident, the consequences, and the cure

    24. As much as he will miss his brother, he is convinced that East Kilbride will cure the darkness that he feels in his soul

    25. The only cure Ted trusts in these days is the hair of the slavering beast that he calls friend

    26. how to cure a hangover, it would be the Russians

    27. I would even throw in sleep though I know people who claim there are drugs that can cure that

    28. And it was with that cure that his final question was answered

    29. “I don’t know that it’s a cure,” Roman said with a

    30. So I was hoping I could make some money and help advance medical science to come closer to a cure for Alzheimer's disease

    31. "I thought she once told him the viruses that cure aging have been contagious for the last two thousand years

    32. But I found an excellent use for these grapes; and that was, to cure or dry them in the sun, and keep them as dried grapes or raisins are kept, which I thought would be, as indeed they were, wholesome and agreeable to eat when no grapes could be had

    33. The air of the narrow cell took a rosy tinge; he began to think of his friends, and how they would surely be able to do something; of lawyers, and how they would have enjoyed his case, and what an ass he had been not to get in a few; and lastly, he thought of his own great cleverness and resource, and all that he was capable of if he only gave his great mind to it; and the cure was almost complete

    34. Only cure me

    35. He asked me to come here to cure him

    36. responsibility,’ said an elderly Cure, trying to defend

    37. ’ The Cure bridled

    38. ‘Nothing that I can see,’ said the Cure

    39. He and the Cure threw the intruder a

    40. conversations that do not concern you,’ said the Cure

    41. ‘Where did you hear this?’ demanded the Cure

    42. The Bishop and Cure snorted their contempt

    43. ‘You? What could you do?’ said the Cure

    44. was relieved, the Cure grateful, and the Abbess resigned

    45. quickly tracked down the church’s elderly Cure before his

    46. The Cure was silent for some moments, before coming to

    47. He wanted to argue with the Cure,

    48. What happens when we're called on to cure their loved ones," he said gesturing to the crowd gathered at the entryway

    49. tried reasoning with our Cure, but he just said that he

    50. ‘A Cure of the Cathar religion

    1. The Jews therefore said to him who was cured, “It is the Sabbath;

    2. If you are married this practice could produce some hilarity from your partner but the laugh would be yours if you cured your arthritis by this unorthodox method

    3. Tell him a faith healer or something has cured you

    4. They should’ve cured me of my

    5. “No, I got cured off of that habit by the end of the 54th,” Jorma said

    6. George set him to hand rubbing and polishing as soon as he was big enough to hold the rags, and he spent hours sanding the glued and cured rod blanks, reel seats, and grips until his handshake was near as firm as any grown man

    7. “What other problems were cured?” Alan asked

    8. What the hell does having prostate cancer that's been cured for years and years have to do with an Alzheimer's disease research project? Completely asinine

    9. Situated in the hil s, it is rumoured that the land was given to a stonecutter by a rich woman, whose son he had cured

    10. LeCynic vowed that, once he is cured, he fully intends to take the battle back into the Black Door

    11. leg in an accident, and was cured after his wife visited the

    12. He took a length of cured leather

    13. Cured in a type of vinegar, from what I can tell

    14. and cured olives, Nerissa saw four men reclining on the banquet hall’s couches

    15. Fourthly, Salt fish of all kinds, whale fins, whalebone, oil, and blubber, not caught by and cured on board British vessels, when imported into Great Britain, are subject to double aliens duty

    16. but the herbs you prescribed cured him

    17. The herrings caught and cured at sea are called sea-sticks

    18. The salt with which these herrings are cured is sometimes Scotch, and sometimes foreign salt ; both which are delivered, free of all excise duty, to the fish-curers

    19. If the herrings are entered for exportation, no part of this duty is paid up; if entered for home consumption, whether the herrings were cured with foreign or with Scotch salt, only one shilling the barrel is paid up

    20. Put all these things together, and you will find that, during these eleven years, every barrel of buss-caught herrings, cured with Scotch salt, when exported, has cost government 17s:11¾d

    21. ; and that every barrel cured with foreign salt, when exported, has cost government £1:7:5¾d

    22. A boat-fishery, therefore, seems to be the mode of fishing best adapted to the peculiar situation of Scotland, the fishers carrying the herrings on shore as fast as they are taken, to he either cured or consumed fresh

    23. necessarily a discouragement to the boat-fishery, which, having no such bounty, cannot bring its cured fish to market upon the same terms as the buss-fishery

    24. “The world will only be cured of its ills when knowledge of karma and reincarnation has spread throughout the whole world

    25. If the herrings are cured with British salt, it will

    26. If the herrings are cured in British salt, it will

    27. „The blind see, the lame walk, the sick are cured, the hungry are fed

    28. I heard of Mary Magdalene whom he cured of demons that possessed her body

    29. Most had been cured of horrible diseases by Jesus and felt they could not do enough to repay Him

    30. After the lads sailed for England time began to drag at the hospital and I would watch the people who had been cured heading back to their units with envy

    31. “Though the trick would be finding out whether it is you three who must be cured to cleanse the Power, or whether the Power itself must be cured

    32. “He got to talking about his game leg, and it seems it could be cured or, at least, improved quite a bit

    33. Another cadet had the bad luck to have a fly land on his pillow during an inspection which meant that we were all “f communists and horribly filthy people of uncertain parentage, breeders flies and other vermin, but not to f worry because our filthy habits will be cured in short order time by Sergeant van der Merwe, by the grace of General Coetzee blah blah blah

    34. Nonetheless, that was the last time any of us tried to exchange beds, hollow or otherwise, and all weak backs were soon cured by the PT Instructors who took a fatherly interest in it

    35. A man should be grateful to be cured of his longhaired liberal views in demanding a lawyer when he saw us!

    36. So when they were caught it caused a notable uproar, and their earnest explanations of their miraculously acquiring an ability to swim swimming capability fell on deaf ears, and they suffered accordingly for being “f horrible nasty longhaired liberals with f communists viewpoints having f dared to lie to their PT Sergeant, but not to worry, such f behaviour will be cured by him, PT Sergeant Whomever by the grace of general Coetzee blah blah blah

    37. The snorers were sorted out too with a fatherly chat and placed on guard duty where they could not sleep and create horrible noises (serves them right says I who suffered from sleep apnoea until my American Patriot made me sleep with a CPAP machine and now I am cured)

    38. cured skin --a beautiful specimen of fox

    39. Ignorance can be cured, by study and by curiosity

    40. “That you won’t, unless you are cured

    41. Could it be true? Could I really be cured?

    42. But overriding that was the fact that I was not only alive but cured

    43. You have only been conscious for four hours, and already you have discovered that you are now cured, ageless, and immune to disease and also that you are bonded to a creature that, until today, you probably did not believe existed

    44. “Pete thinks he has the problem cured, and assures us the Handley-Page airplanes are top-notch,” the Major continued

    45. till the patient is cured

    46. Ill-nesses were cured by the focused attention and care of those in the community

    47. A big handful of Gold Bond had cured up that itch pretty well

    48. Anyone that is sick will be cured once they are in the presence of the tears

    49. Maharaj had a plethora of knowledge of herbal remedies and he cured

    50. apparently cured of all her ailments

    1. Some Pests of Roses, their Causes and Cures:

    2. The cures for aging had been lost to most of the population during the Troubled Times

    3. She suddenly always knew way too much history, way too much biology, like the codes to the seven most important plasmids in the ephemerality cures, way too much geography, economic statistics

    4. ‘Just the part that says Cures are evil

    5. encouragement to curates, the cures have, in several places, been meanly supplied, the bishop

    6. I merely helped pave the way to many of the cures that we use today

    7. He adopted several of my cures, and taught me many things that Mother hadn’t known

    8. But they’re not miracle cures, nor are

    9. I remember that my wife had once mentioned to me that on the corner of our street there lived an old Uzbek witch, who dispensed all kinds of herbal cures

    10. Not one of those cures has been shown to be effective, but talk to women who have been pregnant, and many will swear their remedy works miraculously

    11. He not only prescribed the cures but

    12. Psychologists and Psychiatrists spend their careers in trying to find cures and explanations for these wiring problems

    13. In the clamor over the ills and cures (if any) of the public school system the central question is often missing: What is the purpose of educating children? What sort of citizens are we preparing? What sort of future society does the material given to students today imply? What sort of society is needed if the country is to survive? Is this something we can talk about? Not in the public schools if the educrats and the teacher unions have anything to say about it

    14. It carries all the list of the curses, some cures, and most importantly, the name of the Vangel—the Cursed Angel

    15. reading some of the old cures

    16. for Ashi and Raphe to create miracle cures where they could

    17. all the cures for diseases and the salvation of all souls rested

    18. Yazadril and Hilsith cast hangover cures on their loved ones, then took them home and tucked them into bed

    19. He repeated chants, and recited the recipes for cures, and I prayed with him to learn the prayers

    20. Religion cures man’s sense of isolation and spiritual loneliness because man joins an eternal family with God as Father and all of mankind as his brothers

    21. Lovern and I used it when mixing our cures

    22. She had in her memory many cures from the old times

    23. It was a time to exchange the legends of each clan during the evening fires, different cures for illnesses and injuries that worked, and mock battles among the warriors who had come as protectors of their leaders

    24. In her view, the only apparent cures were the product of the healing properties inherent in the plant itself

    25. Ebola and AIDS are not the diseases; they are the cures

    26. understand that there are cures for many of the diseases that your suffering from today

    27. And such cases of mental healing these ignorant and simple-minded people regarded as physical healing, miraculous cures

    28. 2 Many of the cures effected by Jesus in connection with his ministry in behalf of Elman's patients did, indeed, appear to resemble the working of miracles, but we were instructed that they were only just such transformations of mind and spirit as may occur in the experience of expectant and faith-dominated persons who are under the immediate and inspirational influence of a strong, positive, and beneficent personality whose ministry banishes fear and destroys anxiety

    29. But it was the physical cures that made the most direct and immediate appeal to the common people

    30. And this case is a good illustration of many apparently miraculous cures which attended upon Jesus' earth career, but which he in no sense consciously willed

    31. 2 When the seventy related how "even the devils were subject" to them, they referred to the wonderful cures they had wrought in the cases of victims of nervous disorders

    32. Suppose the cures that we seek are all within ourselves? It would make sense as nature seems to have provided everything we need to live

    33. "We seem to be finding cures for all sorts of things lately

    34. It has a great deal of information, including recipes, book recommendations, cancer cures and reviews of my books

    35. Doctors know a great deal – they spend a great deal of time and money studying – but it surprises me when I mention certain non-drug cures, of which they are not aware

    36. of prayer, a positive outlook, hope and laughter as cures for what ails us, even cancer

    37. It’s great to find cures for diseases, but it’s better and much more economical to eliminate the causes, specifically stuff in the environment

    38. There are a number of other cures that I discovered during

    39. researching cures for those plagues that suddenly pop up from

    40. Booted out of medical school before he could even crack a book, Nostradamus went on the road, like a carnival doctor, traveling from town to town, seeking out medical cures, learning about plants and remedies, and hoping to make money curing the strangers that he met on his way

    41. It is difficult to know whether these cures in fact occurred, and, if they did, whether Nostradamus‘ cures were accidental, but whichever the case, his reputation as a healer began to spread through southern France

    42. And those proclaimed cures in a bottle are ridiculously expensive

    43. He cures those bitten by animals

    44. That cures all our sins

    45. You said The Pill cures both, you ain’t kiddin’

    46. It is well-known and widely employed by native healers for “incurable” diseases such as Cancer and AIDS, and many miraculous cures have been ascribed to it

    47. This Kumbhaka cures all diseases, bestows longevity of life and awakens the Kundalini-Sakti, which passes through the hollow Sushumna-Nadi to the crown of the head, after piercing one Chakra after another

    48. We can become GOD when a medical doctor cures a newcomer beggar in the hospital, with continuous beats on the heart

    49. He is also the remedy that cures the malady of worldly misery

    50. They share their honey with us and it makes us healthy, cures infections, heals burns or wounds, soothes inflamed throats, stops coughs

    1. From the selection of the best tonkin specimens for splitting, to the temperatures for the curing oven

    2. It was the old Scotch duty upon a bushel of salt, the quantity which, at a low estimation, had been supposed necessary for curing a barrel of herrings

    3. In Scotland, foreign salt is very little used for any other purpose but the curing of fish

    4. and duration of curing for different conditions:

    5. Unlike ordinary concrete, silicate concrete is produced on the basis of lime-sand binders of autoclave curing

    6. Slag and fly ash materials with different intensity harden in normal conditions and at steam curing depending on their mineralogical composition, chemical composition and active phases content, fineness, type and concentration of activator

    7. Comparatively high quality of these materials is obtained at steam curing

    8. as before £ 0 12 3¾ From which the shilling a barrel is to be deducted 0 1 0 £ 0 11 3¾ But to that there is to be added again, the duty of the foreign salt used curing a barrel of herring viz 0 12 6 So that the premium allowed for each barrel of her- rings entered for home consumption is £ 1 3 9¾

    9. per bushel supposed to be the quantity, at a medium, used in curing each barrel, is added, viz 0 3 0 the premium for each barrel entered for home consumption will be £ 1 14 3¾

    10. Steps to Curing Phobias and Traumas

    11. over the years for treating phobias as well as for curing traumas

    12. “Our struggle against violence and cruelty is only treating the symptoms of a disease, not curing it

    13. I was beginning to think my father’s expertise lay in curing fevers, but was interested to hear that he was able to prevent scarring

    14. Curing a physical disease does not ensure bringing the person to a state of wholeness where the person feels healthy and complete on all levels of its being

    15. When I arrived, everyone except Kellyn was there; apparently she was still in the clinic curing people

    16. Ishvara and Jiva were probably off someplace curing their wounds and they would heal soon afterwards, no doubt searching me out when they were rested and healed

    17. Even with dragging the ladder from window to window he accomplished a great deal, and by the time she arrived home Wednesday afternoon he proudly showed Charly the results, paint still curing on a few sills but the storm sash installed regardless

    18. The air was replete with the smells of cooking food and curing leather

    19. Then you’ll want to see the curing process and then the all-important cupping and roasting

    20. At least this was not a miracle of curing physical disease

    21. And it was this incidental occurrence, in connection with the presence of Jesus and the supposed miraculous curing of the lunatic, that gave origin to the legend that Jesus had cured Amos by casting a legion of devils out of him, and that these devils had entered into the herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush headlong to their destruction in the sea below

    22. He wanted to teach them that they must cease to regard miracles as the only method of curing human diseases

    23. He apparently used the re-introduction of the sedative as a way of curing the volunteer’s withdrawal symptoms

    24. Some of them reported feeling better as a result and praised the drug for curing them of their previous ailment

    25. He wasn’t a doctor, but a sedative curing an anxiety disorder? It was too much for his simple mind to absorb

    26. "I haven't known that curing of grief and guilt goes that way

    27. Or perhaps he was tormented with guilt and thought curing cancer would negate his sin

    28. Later on, thinking that Amaranta Úrsula was continuing with her repairs so that her hands would not be idle, he decided to assemble the handsome bicycle, on which the front wheel was much larger than the rear one, and he dedicated himself to the capture and curing of every native insect he could find in the region, which he sent in jam jars to his former professor of natural history at the University of Liège where he had done advanced work in entomology, although his main voca-tion was that of aviator

    29. In all cases, if I have to choose between the knife and the bottle for curing, I really would like another choice

    30. Information I found indicated that the combination of herbs I was mentioning not only had great potential for healing, but they had some miraculous potential for curing cancer

    31. brief, the physician is charged with curing the patient and must

    32. for use of his curing barn, he could then save the remaining

    33. the curing barn, and at this point, one half going into more cleared

    34. success curing plague victims

    35. Booted out of medical school before he could even crack a book, Nostradamus went on the road, like a carnival doctor, traveling from town to town, seeking out medical cures, learning about plants and remedies, and hoping to make money curing the strangers that he met on his way

    36. From my start at the University of Montpellier Medical School, to my training with Julius Scaliger in Agen, to my curing of the plague in Aix-en-Provence, to my building of the canals of Salon, I have always put the interests of my fellow man before my own

    37. Despite the fact that my only documented skill in life has been the fortuitous curing of le charbon with my home-made herbal remedies, I neglected my wife and children, deciding instead to tromp all over the French countryside, going from house to house, inquiring as to whether any of the inhabitants needed curing

    38. depredations and also peaceful methods of curing them as the

    39. The key to curing a vaginal yeast infection without the aid of over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments is to restore the vagina's natural balance between the lactobacillus acidophilus (the natural bacteria in your vagina) and the yeast

    40. Also, if you feel your stomach becoming upset, take a vial of Curing Pills

    41. Some companies are now dropping the ‘r’ from the word ‘curing’ and replacing it with an “l” because they don’t want to be out of compliance with American regulations by labeling something as curing

    42. Some of the cobra’s scent must have lingered even after curing and it had mixed with my scent

    43. ‘That is, even for curing your ailment, whatever it is

    44. some cases for curing tuberculosis

    45. The spirit in the crystal emerges out of light reflections casting and curing diseases

    46. those men and women divide thing are not as important as curing her!”

    47. But if you insist on your shunning and keep on your error, you will be subject to treatment and curing, and what a great distress and an intense pain there are in treatment and curing

    48. Their appeal will be far from any direction to God and therefore it will not help in curing their spirits of their contents, and that is why they will remain in fire abiding therein forever

    49. Nobody has caused him that agony, but he himself has drawn that pain to himself, and the pain he has suffered when dressing and aid is but for his curing

    50. I wonder! When the doctor set to curing this butcher, shall he try to run away from him? Shall any of his family advance to intercede for him at the doctor asking him to stop his treatment and his trial to save him?

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