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    1. , laxatives are the third best selling drug store item

    2. It harkened back to an era of romantic lawlessness, the drug wars, probably generations before his time

    3. The fantastic creatures in Maya carvings that could only have come from serious drug abuse ate you in the wilds on this planet

    4. But Tdeshi had attempted to drive herself two months without sleep and too deep into the drug that erased her

    5. It was a drug

    6. Neither Ava nor Tahlmute were listed under the drug

    7. But Tahlmute had been involved with that drug twenty decades in the past, and he had positive accomplishments since

    8. he's lifted evidence from the station, init? Taken home some confiscated drug money

    9. Every penny in confiscated drug money that comes into this station would go to you

    10. This latter was a convicted pimp, an ex or perhaps still current member of the notorious C-Block gang of Bethnal Green, a suspected pedophile, rapist and drug peddler

    11. The Brazilians maintained that the horrors were real: genetically modified people; eternal mortal youth without hope of, or belief in, the afterlife; rampant drug abuse and promiscuity; all ruled by a secret cabal of ancient evil scientists called the Kassikan

    12. He wondered if they could tell whether he really came from Earth or his memories are really from a drug overdose

    13. It seems that within their society there is often no way to tell what is reality and what is drug dream

    14. Vyinga now wished she paid close attention to every word Alan ever uttered about his drug dream

    15. "If Alan is still alive he won't be wondering if Earth, his parents and his expedition was only a drug dream

    16. If those girls stayed with him, they won't try to convince him Earth was a drug dream any more

    17. That's something that would prove his memories were real and not a drug dream

    18. including but not exclusive to pornographers, drug barons

    19. She represented the good and the bad: the politicians, street-players, gypsies, police, drug dealers, prostitutes and priests - all in equal measure - and in between, the cafe owners and their ten-piece bouzouki orchestras

    20. Consider the usual state of men at that age: career focused, womanizers, drug users, different sexual orientation, and

    21. new gang of vicious, drug crazed thugs had obviously taken their

    22. of various types of house and small factory unit, the young drug

    23. when the drug wears off, the symptoms often return,

    24. They are very often drug abusers who had at an

    25. She was afraid the next step might be drug

    26. Doctor coming tomorrow – hope new drug helps

    27. This is not said to encourage drug use

    28. They drift through chemically enhanced conversations until their drug of choice carries them away

    29. He started using condoms, but then he arranged for the nurse to inject me with a long lasting birth control drug

    30. They look vaguely familiar, but Shaun can see that they are way too young for the drug squad

    31. Jorma felt stupid, he had imagined some drug that would extract his mind or knock him out til he came to in a stew pot

    32. Salamander was still weak from the drug and easily

    33. This rugged Northlander had a hard time absorbing just how deadly a drug his old girlfriend had been involved with

    34. It was said that Yorthops could be privy to Tdeshi’s drug habits

    35. The radio said there was a new drug

    36. The two central tables have been cleared of the drug sachets, which are in their tubs on the floor in front of the cells

    37. The third floor was the dockhands circular, it could get rowdy up here and there were a lot of drug sellers, but she walked briskly along here til she was at the dock of her ship

    38. drug lord in their backyard

    39. Ironic was the fact that drug dealers weren’t the most

    40. I am very sorry to Tdeshi that I sold her immature soul more drug than she could handle

    41. A moment later, she was drug backwards from the thin ice area

    42. He says the planet’s lousy with drinking and drug abuse

    43. “That yaag stuff is a drug?” he asked

    44. But this was different from the drug in that the information and experience was something new and not just boosted memory retrieval

    45. The small town offered little in the way of a real department store, so it seemed the drug store would be the best place to start

    46. I understand that Sue ‘was charged but not convicted of forcible confinement when she used GBH, known as the date rape drug, to nobble the competition!’ Apparently the model competition went to you as the number one contestant had fallen

    47. Jim caught her up and carried her into the drug store, to sit her on the stool she’d occupied earlier

    48. The booth with the glowing butterflies was a really nice effect, Alan couldn't detect that they weren't real, but Desa warned him off the drug they sold

    49. isolated, have drug and alcohol problems, have unrealistic expectations, are under

    50. Drug and Alcohol

    1. Most of the teacher, except for John and Russ, gaze up with vacuous eyes and gaping expressions, giving one the impression that they could possibly be drugged mental patients who have wandered off from an institution

    2. He seems to be heavily drugged and can hardly stand

    3. But as she lay there, drugged and dreaming, she gradually began to perceive the inside of Thom’s experimental chamber

    4. He took a breath, “So we are on notice that the possibility that one or more of the boat crew drugged her in hopes of future gain has crossed your mind?”

    5. “All the drinks are drugged?”

    6. The Killer in the side of the neck with a drugged mini-arrow

    7. drugged, but I cannot say that this would

    8. “This Professor has drugged us both, then while the two of us were insensible, he and his monkey-faced daughter loaded us into the back of van and drove us out here into the middle of nowhere

    9. Perhaps he had got used to the idea that she would always keep on a nightgown regardless of how warm it was in this cell of a room, and given up on the hope that she'd be so drugged out of her mind she wouldn't care about covering up

    10. Right? After all those months of being drugged, of hallucinating, and perhaps the delusional

    11. after I'd been sectioned and was drugged up

    12. He drifted into a drugged sleep to be woken by Peter staring

    13. Not only was Sespian being drugged, but his very life was at stake

    14. Crimpen’s case, I merely gave him his powders and, as he dropped off to a drugged slumber, I suggested that he killed Crimpen

    15. Feeling betrayed that his body should want the drugged tea, he struggled to mask his expression

    16. What if Sicarius had found a breach in Myll’s house defenses and gone inside? What if he had been caught? What if, even now, under the influence of some magical torture, Akstyr and Sicarius were spilling kegs full of information on the emperor’s drugged state and Amaranthe’s plans? What if—

    17. She drugged him

    18. As drugged up as I was, I was only capable of assimilating minor information at the time

    19. Since he had been drugged the few times he’d met her, he could hardly trust his judgment, but he so badly wanted to hear that Hollowcrest’s words were lies

    20. The creature had eaten Jason’s small toe right down to the joint before his screams stopped and he collapsed back, drugged into unconsciousness

    21. But she was already in a drugged stupor, beyond focus or control

    22. I drifted slowly from a dreamless sleep, my mind relaxed, no thoughts, drugged almost

    23. To save me, I realized slowly, dumbly in my drugged mind

    24. When he was psyched up and drugged up he was so out of control it scared the living daylights out of AJ, he was a nutter

    25. Chris held Harry’s arm to comfort him, “Don’t worry Harry, they’ve drugged the big lump

    26. Not even to mention having to raise me - the belligerent, drugged

    27. During the four years that I was confined I was continuously drugged, and through a series of injections, was gradually exposed to increasingly radioactive isotopes, until my tolerance of them was very strong

    28. Each of these girls were paid a fee plus free accommodation and use of the facilities, but were virtually jailed within their designated area There were others in separate wards who like Natalie were kidnapped and brought to the clinic in a drugged state

    29. Initially they were impregnated without their knowledge while drugged and often kept in a mildly sedated state until they gave birth to their parasitic bundles of joy

    30. ” Through her fogged half asleep mind she realised that she had been drugged

    31. They had literally caught him in the act with a drugged girl spreadeagled on the bed unconscious

    32. The surrogates that were found in a drugged state had to be cared for so emergency teams of medical personnel were brought in to assess them and care for them until they were off the drugs and able to tell their stories

    33. The other group were in a drugged state locked in their rooms and could not provide any information to the raiding party

    34. Those that weren’t drugged confirmed Natalie’s story which was on the file

    35. Her voice, sounding drugged by recent sleep, was barely

    36. They clapped in drugged dissatisfaction

    37. then the sudden sense clarity faded back to the dull, drugged

    38. ’ They were drugged and bundled into the secret compartment, of the next “Newlands Stadium”-bound “Ubisi” Milk Tanker

    39. Mixed and mingled in that melee, the buccaneers could not use their superior agility to the best advantage, and many were too stupid from their drugged sleep to avoid blows aimed at them

    40. So supersensitive were her drugged senses, that the light touch was like a dislocating impact, jolting her rudely into full wakefulness

    41. Drugged and a puppet, poisoned with silver nitrate and warded with the most powerful spells I know

    42. He nearly killed the overseer and it took more power than either Agenor or his son together to stop him, even chained and drugged

    43. 'I drugged his wine,' she whispered, swerving to avoid the recumbent figure

    44. The slaves said that Xaltotun slept as he often sleeps, drugged by the lotus of Stygia, but Tarascus is in the palace

    45. 'He is deep in drugged slumber, but I know not when he may awaken

    46. Knowing also that it was drugged because my strength and ability to fly had frightened him

    47. It did not move, and Conan remembered stories that the priests kept these creatures drugged part of the time

    48. There was considerable sentiment against crucifixion in Jerusalem, and there existed a society of Jewish women who always sent a representative to crucifixions for the purpose of offering drugged wine to the victim in order to lessen his suffering

    49. It was he that drugged

    50. Turns out he drugged it, and

    1. ‘The shepherds have admitted to drugging the

    2. I’d let a misplaced sense of honor stop me from drugging Polyphemus soon enough

    3. What had she expected would happen? That she would talk her way out of a death sentence and get Hollowcrest to stop drugging Sespian while she was at it?

    4. A part of her wanted to tell them about everything: Forge’s assassination threats, Hollowcrest’s drugging of the emperor, and her suspicions about the creature

    5. "Doctor, do you know anything about the State drugging our tapwater?" I ask, while closely studying his face

    6. According to Mike, most of the residents immediately resumed drinking and drugging

    7. Have you accepted part of the blame or excused his/her drinking/ drugging or bad behavior?

    8. He had instructed the nurse at the “Private Sanatorium” (owned by Hu Lyang and used to ‘dry-out” drug addicts) that held Marianne, to stop drugging her for the moment

    9. Her brain reeled with the drugging scent and she sought to crawl from the dais

    10. Instead of drugging yourself with pills to relieve stress, why not give meditation a shot? You really have nothing to lose but everything to gain from this experience

    11. He had been drinking and drugging non-stop

    12. anything about Aaron or how he is drugging you in more ways than

    13. “That’s for drugging me,” she said

    14. This man would endure torture, probing, and drugging until the OWG squeezed all it could out of him, and then it would kill him

    15. He pulled her in, his broad palms skimming up the bare skin of her back as he took her mouth in a slow drugging kiss that blurred the details of the rest of the evening

    16. But three thousand years later do you still think this is the epitome of justice and the highest calling of a penal system that a post-infotech culture can achieve? Has your social ethic of acceptable behavior become one of 'I want them to feel the pain I do!'? Is this really as far as you want to advance spiritually – to be equally inhumane as the perpetrators of inhumanity? Is this what you want to see on Justice TV's i for an Eye: some lucky lotto winner torturing the torturer, killing the killer, raping the rapist, drugging the pusher?

    17. "Oh, he's the doctor who treated you for the drugging

    18. He was the one who stayed by my side through all the difficult times, you know with the drugging and all

    19. Humans have been drugging themselves with anything they can find for thousands of years

    20. This way he knows when he is drugging himself with cookies, or chocolate

    21. To destroy and corrupt and poison all human health and intelligence as quickly and completely as possible, in every way possible; from mass destruction, mass death, mass killing, brainwashing, drugging, poisoning, polluting, mass culture, mass manufacturing, govt control, capitalist advertizing, entertainment propaganda, etc, etc

    22. Vince pulled her close and pressed a kiss to her mouth so slow and drugging, she stopped thinking altogether

    23. I leaned up and kissed his chin, and he bent his head to take my mouth in a slow, drugging kiss that had my legs shaking from more than fatigue

    24. Sex slams me in the face, scorching, drugging, volatile

    25. The kidnapping of the artist, the death of the Comte de Chagny under such exceptional conditions, the disappearance of his brother, the drugging of the gas-man at the Opera and of his two assistants: what tragedies, what passions, what crimes had surrounded the idyll of Raoul and the sweet and charming Christine!

    26. Was I suffering from a guilty conscience? Had the pill called Num protected me from this feeling until now? And what did I feel so guilty about? Uncle Peter had been instrumental in drugging his own family

    27. Meanwhile, as we thus lay entranced, the occasional sudden frantic spectacles in the distance evinced the activity of the other boats, still engaged in drugging the whales on the frontier of the host; or possibly carrying on the war within the first circle, where abundance of room and some convenient retreats were afforded them

    1. · A tremendous increase in the consumption of medical drugs, with and without doctor’s advice, to treat common as well as chronic problems

    2. These are by drugs that are popular and are available over the counter

    3. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    4. One has to highlight the rules of God about what is right and what is wrong in respect of serious problems like drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex etc so that they can have the moral courage to refuse on their own

    5. refuse medical treatment and prescription drugs, you should be absolutely

    6. Wanted for human trafficking, prostitution, white slavery and of course, drugs

    7. drugs be considered a result?), I can only help you learn how to take

    8. This new gang specialized in making money from all the trades that even the DMS found taboo; child porn, the use of child 'warriors', organ 'donation' and of course always the latest and hardest drugs

    9. will give you some drugs that

    10. "I think he is, don't forget, he's probably taken lots of other drugs by now

    11. Knume was devastated by that, and blamed himself because of all the drugs he'd done in Zhlindu

    12. "If it's drugs it's all part of the same trip, because that's what the crew that piloted that starship from YingolNeerie are, Angels or ghosts, use whichever word you are more comfortable with

    13. He blamed himself and the drugs in Zhlindu

    14. She hated herself for the fact that Knume had blamed himself for the drugs he did while in Zhlindu

    15. They both needed to party, they both needed sex, though Luray could get by on drugs alone for some time

    16. As the drugs were starting to kick in she relaxed me with a Scientology technique to relax the nerves

    17. For the first time in a long time I had slept through the night and woke up a little tired because of the drugs

    18. They stood over me in their authoritative positions asking my parents if I wanted to press charges and asking if I was on drugs then pressing the question again in disbelief that I wasn't

    19. On top of having to deal with her son being a fucking loon now, my mother was still being bombarded by Scientologist's phone calls telling her not to let me take these drugs or those drugs

    20. Her father smiled serenely without looking up from the business pages of his newspaper, while the lovely young woman's mother made a mental note to check her daughter's bathroom for signs of illegal drugs

    21. shows to know that this was something called a drugs den and if he

    22. drugs that can relieve the symptoms of disease

    23. drugs and add to their aids and vacant-mindedness

    24. We were taking turns sitting with her although she was pretty well out of it most of the time due to the drugs they gave her to counteract the pain

    25. That made her think about drugs, money and other addictions

    26. herself down with drugs and alcohol the track played on in the

    27. She is too thin to be healthy, a sign of the times, of squats, drugs and the occasional meal

    28. I have skills and I sold them, making simple drugs for the other prisoners

    29. They gave me a proper lab, good ingredients, and told me to make fine drugs for the tourists in Croatia, Italy, you know

    30. I had to make drugs or I die, but one day I chose another way

    31. I have keys and I have drugs

    32. On a day-to-day basis the brothers McCoist run errands, supply wholesale drugs, ensure that local coppers turn a blind eye and deal with any unexpected situations

    33. Jim does the same and says, "Look, sorry about this, but we can't afford to buy drinks and drugs

    34. The police are there to keep the local population from looting the onboard drugs cabinet

    35. Kids and booze and drugs

    36. She had been very conscious of her health and very reluctant to take drugs when he knew her

    37. In drugs related cases, where depression of the central nervous system is caused by external factors, there will be a battery of tests to complete before she can be classified

    38. A call is then made to the Community Drugs and Alcohol Team

    39. Sheila was heavy-eyed and heavy of movement - goodness knows what she had been doing with the day; Chrissie gave thought to the concept that the other woman used drugs … she’d seen enough addicts over the years not to be surprised or even shocked at the thought

    40. How could he possibly know about Bex and her use of drugs? They have his contact details

    41. Your daughter has ingested a combination of drugs

    42. A cocktail of drugs and alcohol

    43. "Although there has been no official announcement, early indications from hospital staff suggest that the girls had taken a cocktail of Ecstasy and other drugs together with substantial amounts of alcohol

    44. I don't want a cut or protection or drugs

    45. The television said it was a cocktail of drugs and booze

    46. There’s a story in the news this morning, two girls taking drugs in a club in Bideford, called The Basement

    47. Once upon a time he was into drugs, girls, protection, you name it

    48. In my own country I found out who made the drugs and tracked him down, but he got away

    49. Thoughts spin around inside his head; is Bex going to get better? Will she be a vegetable? Will she ever wake up? Of course he knew there was a drugs scene in the clubs, there had always been a drugs scene in the clubs, but he never believed that Bex would get involved

    50. Bex and drugs and wild stories in a car park, but last night’s urge to hurt, to exact vengeance in blood, has been replaced by a desperate urge to pee

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