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    1. It’s really what made Kevin and I decide on volunteering for the Militia as it was being formed

    2. While he grows physically as per the natural process, to grow emotionally he has to decide through self-will

    3. Once you have found signs of wood damage and you have determined that it’s not just old decaying wood then you have to decide if it’s termites or carpenter ants that you have

    4. "If we decide to enhance the individual, as has been the dominant theme on this planet for twenty centuries now, we will not evolve in that direction

    5. early to decide if the medication

    6. It is our purpose to observe the contrasting values, and to decide for ourselves what is wanted in our physical experience

    7. If you have more than one bed decide which plants will grow where

    8. While the newly born child can experience only love, he has no fear, he is free to decide anything and considers capable of doing whatever he wants

    9. ‘I’m relying on you to let me know what you decide about your accommodation, Mrs Wynell

    10. I’m sure there are some curtains in the roof which would look okay in here … the ones I used to have in the dining room at the old house … I reckon they would be long enough … but it would depend on what colour scheme they decide on

    11. After a thoroughly enjoyable half hour, debating the relative merits of the various plants on offer, I decide to buy a rather nice little Areca palm … small and neat … just right for the middle of the table; I splash out on a pretty pot to stand it in – my reward for having made a good start at The Laurels

    12. In the absence of elders some expedient means must be chosen to decide on matters of

    13. decide on cases of benevolence

    14. "It is that time again," Vincef said, "time to decide who we can trust and who we cannot

    15. Sitting in the kitchen in my dressing gown, I munch on a slice of toast and try to decide what to wear

    16. I am tempted to stick my tongue out at him, but decide it would be too difficult explaining to Rose

    17. Rose has expressed a wish to watch the film which is on TV this afternoon – The Sound of Music - and as it would never cross her menfolk’s minds to suggest otherwise and also as the weather has degenerated into an unpleasant blustery rain, we decide it would be rather nice to curl up in the warm and do just that

    18. " I stop to give her a chance to say what's on her mind and when she doesn't, I make a suggestion to her, "I'll be at the Acropolis when you decide to finish that thought

    19. IF we decide it's a problem

    20. They paddled across to the north one and went under one of those echoing stone buildings, under a couple on a bridge still trying to decide if they would spend the sleep together

    21. The best that might happen is that in the moment, the pastor might decide to speak a little more on this point than he had previously thought to

    22. When Satan is then released and sent out through the nations at the end of the 1000-year reign of Christ, those nations and peoples that decide to be subject under that manipulated again show their loyalty

    23. God has ever and always come down, and this needs to be recognized because we as human decide that we want to go up

    24. One of the tasks on her to-do list while in London was to visit the warehouse where the things had been stored and decide if there was anything she wanted to keep for herself – something Berndt insisted she do

    25. You will decide which directions your life should take and then start creating this life

    26. In the end, they decide that Joris will stay with me while Berndt, as our only Spanish speaker, will go and find the man … and, it is hoped, the boat

    27. They chatted among themselves, and were trying to decide if they should make some kind of sled for the camp to use during the winter months when suddenly Daniel, who was in mid bite of a sandwich, froze

    28. So I sent them dreams, and allowed them to decide for themselves if they wanted to do this thing

    29. Did you then decide never to buy apples again because you disliked the taste of sour ones? There are very many different honeys

    30. When you were old enough, he'd let you decide where you might live

    31. For a moment I debate whether to visit the loo again, decide I don’t need to and turn to give Gilla a hug

    32. They see and decide, and that is that

    33. ‘Why did they decide you should have a child with you?’ Berndt asked, almost to himself

    34. Men who are trying to decide on a Valentine’s Day gift for their girlfriends should first carefully consider the present stage of the relationship

    35. comes through straight to the controller, and it will decide what to do with the request

    36. I hesitate for a moment over whether the red on the blind will match the red on the shelves and decide to take a gamble on it

    37. Eventually, the temperature drops too low and I reluctantly decide that I should call it a day

    38. "Yes Ma'am," he said, "How can I help you?" He was trying to decide if this was about the signals or his marriage

    39. brain and we decide the course of action

    40. He thought he would have to decide between vomit and karate but in the next timeslice she was transformed, her hair and figure were suddenly luxurious, her face was flawless and beautiful

    41. We decide to celebrate with a whisky each

    42. We have a fairly subdued but substantial breakfast together and decide that Rob and I should get on the road fairly soon

    43. I decide to take the bull by the horns, ‘Alastair, I was just explaining to Laura how it was Karen who suggested you moved in with me

    44. He makes the point that if I decide to press charges, my anonymity could be maintained … though I don’t see how … Jim accepts this course of action on my behalf, saying that he’ll contact Joan’s next of kin and see if that produces any possible way out of this impasse

    45. But he decided his loyalties lay with Lord Tarak; he would let him decide how to handle such explosive news

    46. their local pub, could they decide on how best to wake the buggers

    47. We must find a way to decide if she telling us the truth

    48. Naturally, just as I decide to go and look there is a knock at the door – the second visitor

    49. Weaving a little as I go, I dump the plate and wine glass in the kitchen sink and decide to go to bed

    50. Halfway round the supermarket, just as I am trying to decide between a special offer on chicken kiev and my usual escalopes, I become aware that I need the loo rather urgently

    1. I remember that day, that was the day we decided to follow Tdeshi to the Yakhan

    2. Me and the guys were always regulars there and they decided to buy it from Jack, the last owner

    3. that the parents of her classmates had obviously decided that the

    4. The morals they decided to teach me were just so I wouldn’t turn out like this guy

    5. It transpired that his mobile phone had decided [over night]

    6. He decided it was one of them that he wanted here to share his breakfast table

    7. But aren’t boyfriends supposed to do those things? Travis didn’t really get it, so he decided to give it up for a while

    8. He decided to open up the copy of Stranger in a Strange Land he had brought for the flight

    9. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such)

    10. On the fourth day, Brandon decided not to leave his room

    11. She decided this was the best time to attack Big Petey

    12. They took to the bed for an hour, just in case Jorma or Venna decided to pop back in on them

    13. She spiced it more green and decided to put it over vedn toasts, so she mixed up some batter for that and started the griddle heating

    14. He decided that this would be his gift to them—he would grant them names and stories of his own making:

    15. Stay away from pointed questions about college or career plans; most sixteen-year-olds have not yet decided and resent pestering

    16. Whilst wielding the loo brush and scrubbing at decades of limescale, I’d decided that I shall deal with this … this setback … come to terms with it and then I will call her

    17. One day, some of the other dragons decided to follow Eddie to the cliff to see what weird things he was up to

    18. They were confused at first, but then they saw his eyepatch and decided he was a toy

    19. ‘I’m glad you decided to come, Mum

    20. "It's not decided yet, but don't expect more than €350 a month at the very most

    21. By the time they decided these girls might really have reasons for being hermits out here and taken their leave, Tahlmute noticed that Estwig was out of their sight and he was nervous

    22. I decided to forget about it and put the phone back down on the sofa

    23. I’ll never forget the time he decided to spray paint the kitchen walls … I’d left a basket of clean washing in there … fortunately there was a fairly substantial towel on the top of the basket which took the brunt of the paint but I could have killed him when I found out

    24. tumour on his stomach, but she decided not to accept the diagnosis of the

    25. I decided to give him a chance

    26. The phone rang and I decided to deal with Will later

    27. Once hostilities ceased, Dad went to visit Bob’s family – his own having been bombed out during the Blitz – and fell in love with Bob’s sister … by this time he had decided that he wanted to train as a teacher – there was a big demand for men to do that after the war, you know

    28. clothes and wait it out? He decided that he could not

    29. She was glad when Ava decided that was enough for one day and invited her to her place for dinner

    30. I decided to stand my ground

    31. We heard something in the bushes so we decided to go in and have a look

    32. He awoke early and decided to go for a run to wake himself up before breakfast at the hotel

    33. Since she knew the address, she decided to go play in one of Ava's virtual rooms, one they'd recently spent time in together

    34. light fleece top that she had ultimately decided to bring along sat snugly over her

    35. in the gutters of the metropolis, he woke one morning and decided that the mountain

    36. They had pretty much decided that as soon as his place was ready, he would be brought back

    37. Smith, in the madness of endless conjecture, decided to stick a virtual pin into the

    38. One mind had decided to go back but couldn't say why

    39. She nearly turned on the You again, but decided it wouldn't do any good

    40. Jermaine hadn't reacted to my use of his name so I decided to press it a little further

    41. He had long since decided to abandon all methods that purported to achieve anything, anywhere, at any time at all and he seemed to be getting along just fine

    42. ‘I had a rough time of it when Emma was born and the end result was that, after several years of problems, they decided my best bet was a hysterectomy

    43. Having given the enemy a name I decided on a second step

    44. I was hopeless about the problems mentioned above, but this morning an unexpected solution came up: After years of moving houses, my sister has just decided to return here, at her own house, so that my mother can help her even more with raising her children

    45. And so I decided to die by my own means rather than theirs, and the tears started again

    46. This afternoon my sister and Antony finally decided to take a divorce by mutual consent, after ten years of misery and irresolution

    47. Creditors were furious, they even went so far as to knock on their door and the couple pretended to be absent! So, Alice finally got sick and tired of this all and decided to ask for a divorce

    48. He no longer paid any attention because he could see how little reason entered into the discussions and the council would not even listen to anything the remainder of the crew decided

    49. When he finally decided he couldn’t do any more at this stage from the bridge, he went to finalize the connections on the other end, outside

    50. Yesterday, at 2:00 am, I woke up with extra loud folk music in my ears! The duds across the street were having fun once again, right at that time, so I decided to call the police at once

    1. Instead, Janet decides she’s going to take up the hobby of ironing more

    2. That decides it

    3. The sun is rare in Ireland and usually lifts the spirits when it decides to come out

    4. One ambles a little way towards us but decides we are not worth the effort while still several yards away and we make it to the gate without mishap

    5. out of control when one of the condemned men decides to resist the

    6. He doesn't see the harm anymore, so he decides to soothe the beast that dwells in the pit of his gut, "Can I have that food now?" In moments, a steaming hot plate of fish and vegetables appear on the table, and Apollo doesn't hesitate to gorging himself on the generous helpings

    7. He's not sure how to answer, so he decides to counter her questioning, "Neither did you

    8. He decides to hold out as long as he can

    9. Before answering, he debates with himself, razor in hand, and decides he can’t be bothered

    10. ’ Deris said, ducking behind Adamant quickly just in case Berndt decides to throw something else

    11. Anna decides that it would be sensible for her to move out as soon as they get back from honeymoon saying that they can probably camp with Jane and Peter for a few days if they have to

    12. 'Who decides how to cut this money?' Ish said

    13. As he lands, he looks round as though trying to work out where Sam is but, not seeing the dog anywhere, decides to investigate what there may be to eat

    14. Fortunately for my sanity, he decides that it’s time we started back - we both have work tomorrow - we saunter back to the car, his arm comfortable round my waist

    15. Shelley then starts asking about the public transport … she hasn’t got a car and decides that it just would not be feasible to live out here and have to rely on two lots of buses to get her to the university over the other side of the town

    16. Then, with a moment of reflection, he decides that new clothes will be much better, much safer

    17. She thinks about joining Billy and Bex, but decides that she needs a moment to herself

    18. She listens to the silence outside – not the silence of a town, she decides eventually, but not the silence of the country either … what to call him … the dilemma plagues her

    19. Darren decides to make his move

    20. Where to start? He decides to deal with Dave first

    21. She decides that she needs sugar, so she breaks open a paper tube and adds its contents to her tea, something she has not done for nearly twenty years

    22. He thinks about giving the guy a kick in the nuts but decides that it wouldn’t be professional

    23. Once he is out of the cab in the fresh air, with the bustle of wire baskets under full strain all around him, he pays the driver and decides to walk back to the house

    24. He decides to back off

    25. Alex buys drinks all round, including a half for Ken, and then decides that orange juice is out of place

    26. She is, he decides, worth more than he thought

    27. “And Belle, what if he sees the wider world and decides Tahoe is just too small for him

    28. I'll let you know what happens in the continuing saga and I really pray to God this is the last student, he decides to live in my house, and I start making some money as I really could use it

    29. He decides, like a true lover of all curious cultivation, in favour of the vineyard; and endeavours to shew, by a comparison of the profit and expense, that it was a most advantageous improvement

    30. do that; someone else decides there

    31. that learning is increased when a student decides what questions they

    32. Life is easy when the bully decides to give you

    33. He decides that something should be done to prevent others from having similar accidents


    35. The assembly which deliberates and decides concerning the affairs of every part of the empire, in order to be properly informed, ought certainly to have representatives from every part of it

    36. Carol, waiting in line as twelve of her classmates practice for their flight on Apollo 18, has second thoughts about going on, but decides “What the heck

    37. And she decides that it is time

    38. “But who decides that? Who built this thing?” asked Mark

    39. What decides Roidon's fate will not be to suit you or me, it will be for the benefit of this planet

    40. which it decides that you’re at risk of hurt-

    41. Tony is in the middle of contract negotiations and he decides to get out of town

    42. Tony or Lydia decide to break it off and she murders Tony for dumping her? Or, she decides she doesn’t want to move to Miami? And how does she know he’s arriving that night? He texts or calls her? She writes Alhamdulillah on the top of his car to throw off an investigation

    43. L Senior who decides what companies we use and business we take

    44. You haven’t been training for this since you were a child, have you? It’s not like someone turns ten and decides they want to be an assassin

    45. He does not ―interfere,‖ however, with Man‘s deliberate actions (or Acts of Will) unless He decides to do so

    46. It is however another matter when a wounded or not terrorist decides to keep silent when courteously asked to clarify where his mates were

    47. It troubled me greatly, but when a man decides to take up and AK47 and attack the country of his birth he should not be surprised when the police come after him

    48. Thus all investigators must report to the team leader who decides on the legal value of the investigation and be in charge of the case management aspect

    49. Military dictatorships tend to only give up power by being forced out, and they often still insist on both veto power over what the public decides in elections and immunity from being punished for their atrocities

    50. He confronts his wife and he decides to kill her by using her as a pin-cushion

    1. and that was the deciding

    2. ’ I said starting to frown then deciding it hurts too much and relaxing my brow quickly

    3. I avoided giving her a definitive answer, so she asked me to phone her before deciding

    4. Deciding that, as it is my day off, I shall wear something different, I trawl through the wardrobe, digging out a flattering, mid-calf length woollen skirt in a pretty shade of deep blue that Nick hasn’t seen yet … with a pretty light blue top and my best gold necklace (a present from the school when I left) it would look smart and it would make me feel partyish

    5. be used as the deciding factor if you are thinking about a serious relationship

    6. Deciding that it would be sensible to get there and then get herself a cup of tea rather than hang around in town … there had to be a café in the station, didn’t there? And she’d picked a book off Iain’s bookshelves before leaving

    7. in papers for deciding that the grass

    8. I waived goodbye to them, deciding within a few seconds that I wasn't going to be killed, as we drove towards the road leading out of the facility

    9. ‘Yes, I think you’re right,’ she said when I had finished expounding my views on the subject, ‘Unfortunately, far too many parents opt out, saying that their children can make a decision regarding religious belief for themselves, but the problem as I see it is that, in order to make a decision, you need to know something about what you are deciding

    10. After deciding to be the guinea pig in the entanglement experiment, Ava’s first order of business when she got back to her own lab was to schedule that backup

    11. Deciding to teach her a lesson, Duncan leaned towards her and under the table ran his hand up her leg

    12. She knew, from her investigations of decades before, that the amount of time between deciding they needed a body that matched her self-image and the arrival of Tdeshi’s body at the Kassikan, was suspiciously short

    13. deciding to leave the matter until morning, when they’d

    14. Great work, Ghazali, deciding to turn off all the power today; you helped the Arcturus Corporation without even knowing it! Thanks for that,” Zeke said

    15. Deciding that he had earned a short break, he

    16. before deciding it was time to get the issue out in the open

    17. The 'Village Players,' the name used for them by the rest of the town to refer to the Village Theatrical Society membership, began deciding in earnest what their first production should be and when they should expect to offer performances

    18. while, before deciding that it was better to be evasive

    19. to gather her emotions before deciding to reply

    20. That was another section, she’d over looked, and who was going to be helping Jim? She hesitated only briefly before deciding none of them were old enough to do it

    21. My brain was still deciding whether it was in Collingston or

    22. the direction of the kitchen before deciding it was safe

    23. six men before him, deciding at last that he was satisfied

    24. before deciding that it was best to just come straight out

    25. deciding to do things different, but it literally means to change the way him

    26. "That's where I was on the dawn of the week we met," she said, "up on that mountain deciding to come here

    27. Deciding it was

    28. The marine decided to stop for the night and looked around for a likely spot, finally deciding on a fallen tree a little way off the beaten track

    29. The scroll said he’d consulted "the elders of Uruk" and "the men of the town" before deciding to war on King Agga of Kish

    30. maybe he wanted a good look at his child in the sunlight, before deciding what to do with

    31. Deciding at last to broach the subject, he asked in a gentle voice, “Helez, I saw you crying at the plain this morning

    32. Deciding against igniting a full scale war with the thief in the middle of the camp - despite how much she wanted to DRAFTChapter 16 389

    33. She may have looked thin and frail but the gun she had trained on Joss was the deciding factor

    34. deciding vote (usually by the chairman) when the votes are otherwise equal

    35. If there is a tie vote, the chairperson will often cast the deciding vote

    36. a deciding vote (usually by the chairman) when the votes are otherwise equal

    37. deciding exactly what it is that they desire to have (in

    38. But not being paid to the judges till the process was determined, they might be some incitement to the diligence of the court in examining and deciding it

    39. Perhaps observing him, deciding the fate of the last remaining b’tari

    40. From this we will then begin to draw some conclusions on deciding whether the Bible can be considered a candidate for supernatural design

    41. dane?” she asked, deciding silence would never solve the

    42. children after deciding he was gay and moved in with the beautiful

    43. be fucking his? Deciding all of this was too complicated for a

    44. Can we avoid the old mind-body dichotomy of Descartes? Are thoughts and memories no more than the electro-chemical interactions between cytoplasmic extrusions of the individual neurons of the cerebrum? And what are the physical processes in the brain that result from deciding to think about one subject rather than another? This entire subject remains something to think about, does it not?

    45. Once again, they’re choosing, not deciding, but they are

    46. up, deciding that midnight was too late to bother a new daddy, and that it could wait until tomorrow

    47. looked me over, then correctly deciding that I was no threat, gestured me inside

    48. They had asked for change for more than forty years before deciding that enough was enough and you really cannot blame them or their cause

    49. At the gate I made a great nuisance of myself by stopping everyone and checking their details in accordance to regulations before deciding whether or not to let them in

    50. Deciding that he wasn’t, Alex drunk a large glass of water and went back to bed

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