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Frasi con decide (in inglese)

  1. I decide to go in.
  2. We had time to decide.
  3. But you need to decide.
  4. We decide to take a poll.
  5. It is for him to decide.

  6. Only YOU can decide this.
  7. Decide who you want to be.
  8. Decide where you want to.
  9. You may decide what to do.
  10. For example, I can decide.
  11. I decide to wait and see.
  12. We had to decide fast –.
  13. It is up to you to decide.
  14. Decide to empty your mind.
  15. I would decide their fates.

  16. I decide not to mention it.
  17. At all costs I must decide.
  18. We have to decide whether.
  19. We will study and decide.
  20. IF we decide it's a problem.
  21. Imagine you decide to invest.
  22. This is your hour to decide.
  23. Decide what it is you want.
  24. You'll have to help me decide.
  25. You listen, but don't decide.

  26. Decide on a frequency based.
  27. It wasn’t for you to decide.
  28. You can decide not to listen.
  29. You have to decide about the.
  30. You will have to decide which.
  31. Decide on the terms of payment.
  32. Mother and I will decide that.
  33. I decide not to argue with her.
  34. I will leave you two to decide.
  35. He was trying to decide which.
  36. If you decide that spending $2.
  37. You’ll have to decide which.
  38. I decide honesty is the policy.
  39. Decide what it is you want to.
  40. She’d probably decide I was.
  41. I couldn’t decide what to do.
  42. No parent should have to decide.
  43. What would you decide and why?
  44. Now they decide to tell us!.
  45. He couldn’t decide what to do.
  46. At that moment it decide to try.
  47. Then he could decide what to do.
  48. It’s up to you to decide which.
  49. We will decide that in the car.
  50. If you decide that you have not.
  51. All we need to do is decide bail.
  52. He wants us to decide instead.
  53. It is not for mankind to decide.
  54. She got to decide how she looked.
  55. She resolves to help them decide.
  56. I could not decide which was best.
  57. Decide on the things you have to.
  58. Then we will decide what to do.
  59. I couldn’t decide which of the.
  60. Can you decide those things?②.
  61. Decide where we will go from here.
  62. It's your decision will decide it.
  63. One must first decide what is life.
  64. The next play will decide the game.
  65. I had to decide quickly what to do.
  66. They can decide her fate, he said.
  67. To decide what it all means to you.
  68. The second reaction is to decide to.
  69. You will have to decide on your own.
  70. They couldn’t decide which to use.
  71. Christ will decide the intensity of.
  72. Decide what concepts for the e-book.
  73. Decide on the format of your chapters.
  74. She had to decide quickly what to do.
  75. Now I had only a few hours to decide.
  76. There we shall decide what is to be.
  77. You can get together and decide what.
  78. I was trying to decide if it was real.
  79. It’s up to the mayor to decide that.
  80. How the absurd can decide over absurd.
  81. I have to decide what to do about.
  82. They see and decide, and that is that.
  83. YOU have to decide that you want peace.
  84. If you decide on moss, choose sphagnum.
  85. He couldn't decide where he should go.
  86. There is much to hear and decide today.
  87. He said that he did not have to decide.
  88. A moment later I decide I don’t care.
  89. I can’t decide which one is the best.
  91. We’re trying to decide if we care.
  92. But in the end, Homer would decide to.
  93. It took only a moment for him to decide.
  94. BEFORE I enter a trade, I decide that.
  95. What made you decide to come here?’.
  96. It took a few seconds for her to decide.
  97. I will have to end that if I decide to.
  98. You’re the only one who can decide.
  99. He is young, he will decide for himself.
  100. You decide which category you belong to.
  1. He had a deciding look.
  2. In that case, the deciding.
  3. Deciding that they had all.
  4. This is your deciding moment.
  5. Thomas in deciding the buyer.
  6. Deciding how to write the plan.
  7. Alex sighed, deciding in his mind.
  8. Keep this in mind when deciding.
  9. The one-eyed guy stood still, deciding.
  10. The deciding will be done by the Circle.
  11. I cannot be swayed in this deciding hour.
  12. I don’t remember deciding to punch her.
  14. Deciding not to panic, his young charge.
  15. When deciding between two options, it is.
  16. Deciding not to panic is still a decision.
  17. This will assist you in deciding on your.
  18. Having me at the birth was like deciding.
  19. Surprise is usually the deciding factor.
  20. But he had no choice in deciding what to do.
  21. It was she who cast the deciding those of Mr.
  22. You are deciding what that event means to you.
  23. Deciding that he had earned a short break, he.
  24. Next morning, they started deciding what to buy.
  25. Rudolph was a long while deciding what to think.
  26. They also have a role in deciding the price and.
  27. Jacobi said, Deciding that is the job at hand.
  28. The deciding moment came, and he gagged for air.
  29. He hesitated, deciding what he should say to her.
  30. Deciding to take pity on her, he gently observed.
  31. I waited for ten minutes before deciding to leave.
  32. The deciding factor for these nations is who is.
  33. Deciding a purpose before creating any web site.
  34. They are simply angered by the North deciding it.
  35. I scanned the area, deciding to leave the grounds.
  36. Now their task was deciding where everything went.
  37. I don’t do the deciding, the stock does it for me.
  38. Consider these factors when deciding on a project:.
  39. Introduction to procedures Deciding how to proceed.
  40. They ordered food, deciding to pass the time eating.
  41. I took a moment to answer, deciding how to word this.
  42. They were waiting for test results before deciding.
  43. It’s about deciding whether you should be deported.
  44. Deciding it was only a matter of time before he was.
  45. Deciding to leave it until a more suitable time, the.
  46. Indeed, surprise had been one of the deciding factors.
  47. Tell him why, I interjected, deciding to referee.
  48. The very first step in any sales process is deciding.
  49. I waited for 3 minutes before deciding to see what was.
  50. Deciding that running would be a big part of my future.
  51. This would place banks in a dilemma in deciding which.
  52. You must consider your content when deciding your style.
  53. His safe exit was the deciding factor in choosing this.
  54. Deciding not to hide he walked openly to the front gate.
  55. Who was he? Jamie said deciding she needed an answer.
  56. Fishing conditions will generally be the deciding factor.
  57. Support the coachee in choosing a way ahead and deciding.
  58. We waited a minute before deciding to call it quits; not.
  59. They scratched their heads deciding what to do next when.
  60. I studied my room carefully, deciding to drag one of the.
  61. As I was deciding my next move, a faint series of sounds.
  62. Derek takes a deep breath, then nods to himself, deciding.
  63. His self-hatred led him to deciding to change as a person.
  64. That in turn will be a deciding factor in whether you get.
  65. I think she was deciding whether to bother telling me more.
  66. Coming up empty, she committed to deciding what to do next.
  67. He parked in the gravel lot, deciding to wait outside for.
  68. Deciding to do the unsolicited pregnancies was a tough call.
  69. I didn’t leap onto the counter, deciding instead to wait.
  70. Once again, they’re choosing, not deciding, but they are.
  71. Other factors to consider when deciding what product to use.
  72. After deciding that we wanted a bite to eat, I pulled into a.
  73. He’d wait for the next bus, deciding to compare passengers.
  74. I think the one called Christ was in on deciding where we go.
  75. Alex thought about her request for a moment and, deciding not.
  76. Stoke watched him for a few seconds and, deciding the man was.
  77. My brain was still deciding whether it was in Collingston or.
  78. Colin wiped his face again before deciding, Why the hell not?
  79. Alston was in favor of deciding on the subject at this session.
  80. When he came upon a fork in the road, he had trouble deciding.
  81. Three minutes after deciding that the Nepalese chap likely had.
  82. More couples are deciding to have smal er, simpler cakes these.
  83. They seemed to be deciding who would be the one to speak to me.
  84. She returned to her seat, deciding to allow another ten minutes.
  85. The cheapest price should not necessarily be the deciding factor.
  86. Deciding on Best Depth and Width of Cut Using the Cut Optimizer.
  87. Bev said with a big grin on her face, We’re still deciding.
  88. I really should have done this years ago, he thought, deciding.
  89. Theresa cooked the hare, deciding to save it for the evening meal.
  90. He much preferred deciding on the subject at the present session.
  91. In fact, when it comes to deciding what makes the most sense or.
  92. Dalynara happily claimed one of them, deciding to stay with Aesa.
  93. Deciding that it wasn’t worth fighting, they slipped into Old.
  94. It was bad enough deciding whether his oafish prison-mate should.
  95. He also told me that this was the biggest deciding factor to him.
  96. Before deciding definitely where to make for, I conferred with Mr.
  97. The birds split up, deciding they could cover more ground that way.
  98. Deciding it was all or nothing, he hollered: Two thousand!.
  99. Ben was busy pushing buttons and deciding which breakfast he wanted.
  100. Deciding at the start of a year that you want to achieve a certain.
  1. I decided to try it.
  2. I decided to look up.
  3. I decided to eat a.
  4. I decided to lie down.
  5. He decided to opt out.
  6. So I decided to stall.
  7. I decided he must be.
  8. I decided to chance it.
  9. I decided to call in.
  10. I decided to head west.
  11. So I decided to buy a.
  12. He decided it was both.
  13. I decided to play dump.
  14. I decided to trust him.
  15. What if he decided to.
  16. Then he decided not to.
  17. I decided that was fine.
  18. He decided it was time.
  19. She decided to fix the.
  20. Dad decided to needle me.
  21. I then decided to write.
  22. I decided on a compromise.
  23. She finally decided to go.
  24. She decided not to con-.
  25. I decided to be truthful.
  26. He decided on the latter.
  27. He also decided that it.
  28. So I decided to move out.
  29. I decided to keep silent.
  30. He decided he must have.
  31. Then Fred decided to act.
  32. I decided to make the most.
  33. He quickly decided not to.
  34. It was decided that they.
  35. New York, decided in 1905.
  36. I decided to live my life.
  37. But he decided to drop it.
  38. He decided to stand still.
  39. She decided to manage it.
  40. Hunter decided to tell Ms.
  41. I've decided to stay here.
  42. I decided I would try to.
  43. Harry decided to try the.
  44. Nobody had decided for her.
  45. He decided there and then.
  46. He decided then and there.
  47. I decided to call it again.
  49. And I decided to empty her.
  50. We had decided on espionage.
  51. However, I decided to ask.
  52. And there I decided to stay.
  53. She decided to take a bath.
  54. We decided to wait and see.
  55. He decided to circle back.
  56. I decided to celebrate my.
  57. What the hell, they decided.
  58. I decided just to leave it.
  59. Then they decided to send.
  60. I decided to hold off a bit.
  61. He had already decided that.
  62. I decided not to pursue that.
  63. He decided that he liked it.
  64. I decided to try Dave again.
  65. He decided to tell the truth.
  66. They decided to have a BBQ.
  67. I decided to leave for town.
  68. That was what I decided.
  69. As you were not, we decided.
  70. Then we decided to move here.
  71. I decided I had better leave.
  72. He decided to put some in a.
  73. I suddenly decided to shut up.
  74. But no, I decided to be cute.
  75. And they decided that if 44.
  76. We decided to leave, however.
  77. I decided that it was enough.
  78. I decided to stand my ground.
  79. What decided you to stick?
  80. We decided to visit the city.
  81. This court decided that the.
  82. It was decided that, out.
  83. He decided to leave a message.
  84. That is still being decided.
  85. I decided I could now move on.
  86. He decided that he wanted to.
  87. Junya decided the best thing.
  88. I decided the best action to.
  89. Just decided to think of love.
  90. However, it has been decided.
  91. And I decided that I liked it.
  92. He decided to test the waters.
  93. I decided to avoid an argument.
  94. At that point, he decided to.
  95. He decided to test his theory.
  96. I decided to write this book.
  97. Siri eventually decided to act.
  98. I decided it was time to escape.
  99. He also decided that the best.
  100. We decided on this arrangement.
  1. She decides to ask now.
  2. He decides to back off.
  3. Amy decides to say nothing.
  4. She decides not to move it.
  5. He decides to approach her.
  6. What if he decides to come.
  7. Zoe decides he was saying:.
  8. It is your body that decides.
  9. Marques decides to earn his.
  10. Darren decides to make his move.
  11. If they get it, that decides it.
  12. She decides she wants to see it.
  13. He decides again not to wake her.
  14. Who decides how long they live?
  15. And she decides that it is time.
  16. He decides to open the front door.
  17. Bunyan herself decides to move on.
  18. It is God and only God who decides.
  19. Cap decides to take on warmer waters.
  20. She decides to stop by his apartment.
  21. I don’t care what Donna decides.
  22. That decides itself to test the Earth.
  23. The attorney decides to bring company.
  24. He decides this is not the right time.
  25. He decides to retire at 65 years of age.
  26. When Antigone decides to defy Creon's.
  27. He decides to go the place at the table.
  28. He decides to hold out as long as he can.
  29. He decides he cannot tell Kevin about it.
  30. Belief and behavior decides the belonging.
  31. He decides his time in Los Angeles is over.
  32. God decides for himself, when, where, what.
  33. In saying this, Bob decides to run Windows.
  34. He decides on leadership and He sustains it.
  35. When Henry decides to hide, he truly hides.
  36. So who decides what is normal and abnormal?
  37. He looks, he sees, he interprets, he decides.
  38. He thinks about the radio, decides against it.
  39. Thompson decides to show up and I am not here.
  40. We will wait and see what the counsel decides.
  41. Whoever wins, that’s who decides the history.
  42. She is, he decides, worth more than he thought.
  43. He thinks about waving, but decides against it.
  44. When she decides to see logic, she'll come down.
  45. He decides to call up Dana's grandparents' home.
  46. He decides that he will choose what’s on offer.
  47. The next time, he decides to hold for 150 or 200.
  48. Life is easy when the bully decides to give you.
  49. She decides to go up to Mark's apartment with him.
  50. Faith decides who you are in help, mercy and love.
  51. Her owner decides to start working with her a bit.
  52. She is my family now, until she decides otherwise.
  53. If the trader decides that he is willing to pay 6.
  54. No one at one moment generally decides what's best.
  55. He decides instead they’ll walk back to Brooklyn.
  56. The blood decides moods stability and social order.
  57. Where to start? He decides to deal with Dave first.
  58. It is this Thermal conductivity which decides the.
  59. But, he decides to think it is Ava and the children.
  60. One day some executive decides that business would.
  61. He can be amusing and very interesting, she decides.
  62. C = Chairman, also Caesar, as in the one who decides.
  63. Jack looks at his situation and decides to up the ante.
  64. No, Sara decides, he probably doesn’t know all that.
  65. Again frustrated, Rugged decides to keep his mouth shut.
  66. She decides who she spends her time with, he said.
  67. Cap decides to steer closer to shore for a better view.
  69. The evil doctor decides who is spared and who is killed.
  70. I have to call her, he decides, setting the bottle down.
  71. She wonders if Eugene would like it, and decides to try.
  72. They have only one child, a boy, and he decides not to.
  73. He decides that hocking his belongings is a good solution.
  74. However, he decides that it’s best to carry on with it.
  75. The brain decides that the experience was a positive one.
  76. Are they mad at her for taking the body? No, she decides.
  77. One of them decides that the relationship is not for them.
  78. He decides that flipping the cushions over is a good idea.
  79. Do you know who decides what goes there 90% of the time?
  80. He sees a woman sleeping in the bedroom, then decides to.
  81. But who decides that? Who built this thing? asked Mark.
  82. She decides, at that moment, that it is best to move forward.
  83. He quickly tells the pilot who decides to abort the landing.
  84. Dependency on the truth whatever it is decides the situation.
  85. The unconscious mind decides the chaos in the conscious mind.
  86. If the clod decides his or her fishing is more important than.
  87. Everyone who decides to rehab a house has dreams of being the.
  88. The secret of this is that it is not your income that decides.
  89. He sighs as he watches her, then decides to make himself useful.
  90. Trader Molly decides to also trade only daily big-shadow trades.
  91. The object decides whether it should satisfy the request or not.
  92. When one decides on temperance, one, only then, begins to live.
  93. He is now in Broad Street: he decides to go into the newsagents.
  94. Muhammad decides to contemplate this later, but he tells no one.
  95. Think about it this way -- management decides to make labor cuts.
  96. All pianists agree that the ear finally decides the best way to.
  97. L Senior who decides what companies we use and business we take.
  98. I don’t think we’ll see her unless she decides to come back.
  99. After ten more minutes of guilt opening back up, Carmine decides.
  100. The light, he decides, is only as good as the darkness around it.

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