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    1. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack

    2. Argos suffered no such deficiency

    3. If the reward should at any time be less than what was requisite for this purpose, the deficiency of hands would soon raise it ; and if it should at any time be more, their excessive multiplication would soon lower it to this necessary rate

    4. to supply the deficiency, and to provide them with all the capital which they wanted to trade with

    5. But if forty-four guineas and a-half, containing their full standard weight, a pound weight of gold, could purchase very little more than a pound weight of uncoined gold; forty-four guineas and a-half, wanting a part of their weight, could not purchase a pound weight, and something was to be added, in order to make up the deficiency

    6. They have a constant demand, therefore, for more capital than they have of their own ; and, in order to supply the deficiency of their own, they endeavour to borrow as much as they can of the mother country, to whom they are, therefore, always in debt

    7. He expects his profit, not so much from the price of the fleece, as from that of the carcase; and the average or ordinary price of the latter must even, in many cases, make up to him whatever deficiency there may be in the average or ordinary price of the former

    8. If there is a deficiency, which there always is, it is provided for in the supplies of the ensuing year

    9. In the following year, the deficiency was made good, by borrowing upon annuities for lives, at fourteen per cent

    10. example poverty, because of his Karmic deficiency

    11. That situation overloads the other sectors as the organizations with profit or non-profit that hug the social responsibility to minimize the social drama that annihilates the world as consequence of enormous and proven state-owned deficiency

    12. Besides, the new operational systematics gives total opportunity of democratic participation in thousands of activities for the child, adult, senior or person with physical deficiency, without discriminating anybody

    13. These include the size of the bird, dehydration, decreased illumination, predator intrusion, exposure, phosphorus deficiency, calcium deficiency, to name some

    14. Given your newness to this community, your ignorance of the master plan, and your genetic deficiency, we are inclined to be lenient

    15. A murder of that deficiency should not be taken lightly

    16. If the cause of some new environmental scare cannot be proved scientifically the deficiency of proof must be disregarded

    17. The second fallacy Scruton sees at the root of educational deficiency is the philosophy of John Dewey, an American psychologist, philosopher, and educator of late nineteenth and early twentieth century

    18. Roger promised Professor Luis Carlos that some day he was going to correct such deficiency by writing something special about his mother, without knowing at the time what form the fulfillment of that promise would assume

    19. correlations between magnesium deficiency and the

    20. Roy verbally accused his son for whatever deficiency had been reported in the letter he intercepted, regardless of whether it was valid or not, inferring that it might have gone unremedied had his vigilance not brought it to light

    21. Mass is a deficiency in an otherwise full space… what we think of as empty space is actually full

    22. However, the second deficiency is even more

    23. protein list if you had to, without developing a protein deficiency

    24. A sudden loss of vision could be caused by vitamin deficiency

    25. Discoloration of the hair, hair fall, dry hair, and abnormal hair growth rate can be caused by iron deficiency

    26. On the other hand, if something is amiss such as an undefined field, then the program will try to run and pause because of that deficiency

    27. I had to include it because it relates to a temporary brain deficiency

    28. One thing I didn’t receive was an apology for the sender’s temporary brain deficiency

    29. It has been that way for quite a while and levees were constructed to cover this deficiency

    30. Its main deficiency was however its maximum speed, which was inferior by about 150 kilometers per hour to that of the Japanese ZERO and was barely equal to that of most Japanese bombers

    31. Through this further deficiency of character, she could confirm that her suspicions about Faye were to some extent accurate in that her behaviour the previous day had been partially attributed to her relations with her husband

    32. Faye studied her face curiously, even though her eyes were concealed by the dark glasses she wore to cover her deficiency, and felt as though the blank recesses were watching her closely

    33. deficiency in worldly wisdom

    34. As for the feared lack of women qualified on explosives and ordnance handling, the visit in the Chicago area, with candidates also streaming in from Detroit, had alleviated much that deficiency

    35. Note that the requirement of mental deficiency is not about what the person understands generally, but what they understand about what they own

    36. In their ignorance they claimed as a well-established fact that due to a deficiency of vitamin C the Japanese lacked good vision; hence, they would make poor air pilots and their naval personnel would be no match for their Western adversaries, particularly after sunset

    37. He had full knowledge of the deficiency in aircraft at Singapore

    38. The major American deficiency going into Normandy was their tanks

    39. Her left leg was deformed with a condition called proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD)

    40. price stocks “efficiently”, it will do so by creating implicit benchmarks in these areas; once a firm improves on a deficiency, it is rewarded by a higher stock price

    41. cause a deficiency in the relationship between earnings and the target proportion of debt to

    42. Vidich’s concerns were purely monetary and the deficiency of funds

    43. If one can read questions from a symptom chart, perform simple indicated tests for infection or deficiency, and prescribe the recommended treatment for the indicated condition, then one can carry out the typical duties of physicians

    44. "The scientific consensus is that cruciferous vegetables could only be detrimental to thyroid function in cases of iodine deficiency or insufficient iodine intake

    45. Ask yourself this: if BV's can only be detrimental to thyroid function in cases of iodine deficiency, why should BV's not be detrimental in cases of no iodine deficiency? If BV's have no detrimental effect on the thyroid, why should BV's somehow only be detrimental in the face of iodine deficiency?

    46. Therefore to say that the goitrogens in brassica vegetables "could only be detrimental to thyroid function in cases of iodine deficiency" cannot be correct

    47. Although poorly designed veg*n diets have produced reports of nutritional deficiency, particularly in children (47), the notion that vegans are more likely than omnivores to suffer nutrient deficiencies is not supported by the literature (48)

    48. The ability to write, sharing vast wealth of knowledge, is what raised the human IQ higher than the dolphin’s IQ, not a deficiency in dolphin intellect

    49. A detailed inspection has revealed to me a major operational deficiency

    50. is more likely to be a result of digestive enzyme deficiency

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