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    1. But the very reason for which it has been thought necessary to grant a bounty, is the supposed insufficiency of the price to do this

    2. It has partly been drawn from those branches of trade, by the attraction of superior profit in the colony trade, in consequence of the continual increase of that trade, and of the continual insufficiency of the capital which had carried it on one year to carry it on the next

    3. Hence the usual insufficiency of such funds

    4. Una, as she sat there in the honey-tinted sunshine of the gracious December afternoon, was acutely and miserably conscious of everything she had on--the faded tam, which was yet her best, the skimpy jacket she had worn for three winters, the holes in her skirt and her boots, the shivering insufficiency of her poor little undergarments

    5. Thus, there is a risk of eventual insufficiency and stock inventory will be exhausted with no parts left to start a new order

    6. They would be, therefore, imperfect, and their insufficiency would affect mankind in both this life and the Afterlife

    7. That frustration man touches is imputed to many factors such as: the arms race and the heated struggle among the great powers for controlling the lands, the horrible scientific progress, and the insufficiency of the laws which fit this great technical rising and the lack of their flexibility

    8. All of your experiences of limitation, incompleteness, contraction, insufficiency, or unworthiness have nothing to do with you! Instead, they are accurate reflections of the limitations, incompleteness, smallness, insufficiency, and unworthiness of your ideas, judgments, beliefs, concepts, fears, doubts, worries, hopes, dreams, and desires

    9. Whence came this insufficiency in life—this instantaneous turning to decay of everything on which she leant? But if there were somewhere a being strong and beautiful, a valiant nature, full at once of exaltation and refinement, a poet's heart in an angel's form, a lyre with sounding chords ringing out elegiac epithalamia to heaven, why, perchance, should she not find him? Ah! how impossible! Besides, nothing was worth the trouble of seeking it; everything was a lie

    10. "We are all unanimous in that wish, I suppose," said Elinor, "in spite of the insufficiency of wealth

    11. more than ever how dear he was to me, from its insufficiency to make

    12. In the years that were gone, most of these men used to take all their money home religiously every Saturday and give it to the `old girl' for the house, and then, lo and behold, in a moment, yea, even in the twinkling of an eye, it was all gone! Melted away like snow in the sun! and nothing to show for it except an insufficiency of the bare necessaries of life! But after a time they had become heartbroken and sick and tired of that sort of thing

    13. As soon, however, as I was mistress of this unexpected fortune, I felt more than ever how dear he was to me, from its insufficiency to make me happy, whilst he was not to share it with me

    14. Their insufficiency will give rise to an entirely different concept of common-stock selection, the so-called “new-era theory,” which beneath its superficial plausibility will hold possibilities of untold mischief in store

    15. This conclusion may perhaps be modified either if there is substantial unanimity of view that inflation must be guarded against or if the insufficiency of income compels search for a higher return

    16. “We are all unanimous in that wish, I suppose,” said Elinor, “in spite of the insufficiency of wealth

    17. The following facts were observed and should be considered in this connection: The insufficiency of life-boats, rafts, etc

    18. He was still more angry at Smolensk, where the army, after all its expectations of rest, found an insufficiency both of quarters and provisions

    19. The chief obstacles are the insufficiency of the means and the impossibility of increasing them

    20. "The people are dying in large numbers, and are used to it; they have acquired modes of living natural to a people who are becoming extinct—the death of children, exhausting toil for women, insufficiency of food for all, especially for the aged—all comes and is received naturally

    21. The necessity for widening the sphere of love is incontestable; but at the same time this very necessity for its widening in reality destroys the possibility of love and proves the insufficiency of the personal, the human love

    22. Many æstheticians have felt the insufficiency and instability of such a definition, and, in order to give it a firm basis, have asked themselves why a thing pleases

    23. And thus the insufficiency of personal human love is made manifest

    24. This tendency on the part of the leading thinkers of the day is nowhere more apparent than in their attitude to the phenomenon in which all the insufficiency of the social conception of life is presented in the most concentrated form—in their attitude, that is, to war, to the general arming of nations, and to universal compulsory service

    25. The insufficiency of the principle of the authoritative definition of evil and resistance to it by force, evident as it was in the early ages of Christianity, becomes still more obvious through the division of the Roman Empire into many states of equal authority, through their hostilities and the internal conflicts that broke out within them

    26. And of the insufficiency of that pretext, ample proof has already been afforded by the British Government itself, and in the most impressive form

    27. With a view to that vigorous prosecution of the war to which our national faculties are adequate, the attention of Congress will be particularly drawn to the insufficiency of existing provisions for filling up the Military Establishment

    28. The same insufficiency has been experienced in the provisions for volunteers made by an act of the last session

    29. "With a view to that vigorous prosecution of the war, to which our national faculties are adequate, the attention of Congress will be particularly drawn to the insufficiency of existing provisions for filling up the Military Establishment

    30. It arrived in America and was rejected by the authority of a single individual; apparently because of the insufficiency of the arrangement about impressment

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