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    1. Source of our healing! The smallest deviation from the course can lead a

    2. deviation from these texts, afraid not to change its

    3. with the pendulum, which, after every deviation, comes

    4. The only deviation to this line was that it dropped down to allow the Island of Vancouver to remain with the Canadians

    5. “We cannot outrun them without a major course deviation

    6. It made an abrupt turn and went on its way, on a new course some degrees in deviation from the original

    7. It generates innovative operational process that guarantees the obtaining of proposed results by the agreed organizations through its goals or accomplishment compromises with the investors and its beneficiaries, without there is finality deviation or inadequate utilization of the collected resources

    8. Also, it puts an end immediately to the influence traffic, corruption, parallel accounting, bribery, robbery and political use of the social budget and fraudulent deviation of collected money

    9. The idea of this proposal is to transform this fantastic wealth in autosustainable and self-sufficient with the certainty that the resources received in donation they become social investment with success, without deviation of the resources, wastes or applications in other finalities so that the solution of the problem is in a definitive way with world reaching

    10. “What are you doing here?” she said in deviation

    11. are responsible for the deviation, and forwarding these energy

    12. Any deviation would be considered a hostile act

    13. The project plan is revised whenever there is deviation found from current state and the planned state, also whenever the future state is going to change from what was planned earlier

    14. The concerns are highlighted and any critical deviation identified in quality gate reviews will ensure that it’s resolved before moving to next phase

    15. In Second case where instead of redoing the estimation for subsequent tasks (instead of ETC), the project team may be comfortable to go ahead with the cost for the subsequent tasks, the reasons could be the deviation happened in the past is a rare case

    16. Unlike the years before adulthood, we sometimes form opinions that are set in stone and may not allow any deviation

    17. ” Once in power, they are vicious and will tolerate no deviation from their plan

    18. Swing ship: moving a ship through the points of a compass to check the magnetic compass on different headings and construct or monitor a deviation table

    19. Deviation from God’s will results in isolation and loneliness

    20. One easy way to measure volatility is through the use of Bollinger Bands®, which employ standard deviation to measure variance in price

    21. was not a deviation from the norm, though a hint of a

    22. mythic guise, is true, inasmuch as a deviation of the celestial

    23. standard deviation is 6

    24. We tried to keep the sun at the same angle, but even a slight variation soon adds up to a large deviation and it was well after midday before we hit the forestry road – a rough, gravelled track

    25. superposition of an underlying price chart with the indicator chart gives a visual representation about the grade and direction of the deviation of close prices from the averaged prices during an

    26. She would be on hand as well to help him in the course correction in case of deviation

    27. comparison and measuring the deviation

    28. When we observe deviation in

    29. deviation from the accepted standards

    30. widespread acceptance of this deviation from attractiveness for comfort occur, from the

    31. There can be no deviation

    32. We should be asking ourselves, rather, what caused the deviation from the

    33. scripted life-path? The man did not choose to make such deviation, it was thrust

    34. of the deviation, not the cause of it

    35. “I have lately come to believe that the deviation may be linked to an inter-

    36. In order to prevent a life-path deviation at

    37. The deviation from your path in the first

    38. “…that is a vicious practice…”: it is a deviation from the right path

    39. It is accepted that Russia is far larger than France, and the long distances took a terrible toll on German logistics, but this only reinforces the importance of reaching Moscow as soon as possible without any deviation

    40. We now measure the mean of each flow and use the sample standard deviation as a

    41. preferable based on the coefficient of variation which measures the standard deviation

    42. Note that both mean and standard deviation increase on less income in flow 2 than in flow

    43. that maximizes the mean return while minimizing the standard deviation thereof

    44. return and the standard deviation of the market as measures of risk

    45. is almost zero risk (no standard deviation), but notice that both the return and standard

    46. deviation are less than they are at point A where the greatest return with the smallest

    47. standard deviation is achieved

    48. 1) ∆ Net Income and its standard deviation

    49. 3) ∆ Sales and its standard deviation

    50. 6) ∆ Return on the market and its standard deviation

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    deflection deflexion deviation digression divagation diversion deviance departure difference divergence aberration change alteration branch fork