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    1. There was a dizzyingly wide divergence of beliefs and practices in those far-off days

    2. That your Divergence is weaker

    3. Divergence is just another problem for her to solve, and that is what makes her so terrifying—because she is smart enough to solve anything, even the problem of our existence

    4. I want to scream at her that of course, of course I would rather know about Tobias than about my Divergence, but I don’t

    5. Finding none, she says, “So when Edith Prior said we were supposed to determine the cause of Divergence and come out and help you, that was

    6. In a way, it feels like we are leaving each other to our grief, his over the loss of his Divergence and whatever hopes he had for Marcus’s trial, and mine, finally, over the loss of my parents

    7. After billions of years of evolutionary divergence, we were going to begin the process of evolutionary convergence

    8. The other popular indicators such as the Relative Index Indicator and the Stochastics are set at 14 periods for the best results whilst the Moving Average Convergence Divergence

    9. ) In addition to these signals, the oscillator-currency price divergence generates significant signals

    10. Convergence – Divergence of Moving Averages

    11. Final divergence of personality will from the trend of the universes terminates in intellectual isolation, personality segregation

    12. This divergence implies a

    13. Witnessing the divergence resolve in the preacher’s mind, Feltus thought it interesting for a holy man to have such strong emotions and powerful opposition from within his own body, as if there were two minds at work simultaneously

    14. coupled with a strong negative divergence present in the stock chart

    15. there was a negative divergence present in the stock chart

    16. supported be a strong negative divergence present in the stock chart

    17. I took this trade because the negative divergence was very strong

    18. There was a strong negative divergence shown on the MACD

    19. This divergence between the great amount of financial data

    20. combine information about this divergence with the standard deviation of both income and

    21. This divergence allowed the researcher to observe

    22. following example shows this divergence: X and Y are two different stocks

    23. The point of divergence comes at the point that Charlie made her go away

    24. came after the divergence

    25. There was another divergence in the path

    26. The divergence was glaring, and in the final analysis, would prove decisive

    27. divergence and population history that is consistent with climatic, paleo-

    28. Crowd accelerated survival of the only arms race cultural practices, like shaming, hating, mocking and voting off, increases the expertise of torturers, the incidence of hate crimes, and divergence of classes

    29. million years ago in the Jurassic, this divergence must have

    30. with recent studies indicating that the divergence of some

    31. As with any system, there are numerous, oft times infinite, intersections of feedback and interference, divergence and convergence, cancellation and magnification

    32. His only slight divergence from his religious obligations was because he always slept late at night he was unable to perform the dawn prayer at the appointed hour, so he did so a little later just after sunrise

    33. I have also here another glass plate in which the lines diverge each at a very slightly different angle--a typewriting protractor for measuring the slant of divergence of various letters that have become twisted, so to speak

    34. circumstances necessitate divergence of opinion and action

    35. For a time, Jonas, Jesse, Madeleine and I were a team, sharing the responsibility in standing guard over these strange things, never pausing to consider the strangeness of the situation—the unlikelihood of such a divergence

    36. Every time that he returned hither he was conscious of this divergence, and since he had last shared in the Vicarage life it had grown even more distinctly foreign to his own than usual

    37. Could it be possible, he continued, that eyes which as they gazed never expressed any divergence from what the tongue was telling, were yet ever seeing another world behind her ostensible one, discordant and contrasting?

    38. He gets that the sheer implausibility of his story, coupled with the blackout, has required some divergence from plan, but he wasn’t expecting to actually be the one to go in, alone, at what must be getting on toward T-minus zero

    39. All that is required is that the divergence between price and fair value created by the crowd’s activities attracts enough value investors with an opposite view that the movement of price away from fair value is halted

    40. This will happen as a natural consequence of the significant divergence of the market price from fair value that has resulted from the crowd’s investment activities

    41. home prices during the 1996-2006 period moved them to levels at least 30 percent above construction costs, a divergence that in the long run was unsustainable

    42. This is a momentum divergence (more on that in the next subsection) and suggests that long trades should not be entered on the next pullback

    43. At D, the new high in the market is accompanied by a momentum divergence, so a trader would be well advised to avoid buying the following pullback

    44. A corollary to the preceding is that the best pullback trades will not come after a momentum divergence

    45. For instance, a strong enough divergence could warn you not to increase risk or not to initiate new positions into the next pullback, but you might still be justified in holding a partial position that was initiated earlier at better prices

    46. Any of the factors that can suggest an end of a trend on one time frame (overextension, momentum divergence, specific terminating formations, etc

    47. We have already examined the patterns associated with failed pullbacks in some detail in Chapter 3, and we will look at further refinements in Chapter 6, but, in most cases, failed pullbacks are preceded by some form of a momentum divergence

    48. This momentum divergence, by itself, is not sufficient reason to take a position against the trend, but it is an initial warning that the trend is losing some conviction

    49. For instance, imagine that a trading time frame trend terminates into a trading range, the higher time frame has shown multiple trend legs in the same direction, and the higher time frame is now overextended and is showing a momentum divergence

    50. The best examples of this trade occur in mature, extended trends, and will usually be accompanied by momentum divergence on the trading time frame

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    divergence divergency disagreement discrepancy variance departure deviation difference aberration anomaly mutation alteration split division branch ramification offshoot separation